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Useless dollar coins!

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Information Useless dollar coins!

Title :  Useless dollar coins!
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Description Useless dollar coins!

Comments Useless dollar coins!

Banks are going to give bills instead since it's cheaper to ship the paper bills instead of coins
Comment from : aloe

In production until 2016brbrIf only they knew
Comment from : Mr1611

I wish people would use them, it would save our government so much money
Comment from : muzhikforchaplin

Like others have mentioned, why not pull production on the $1 bill and gradually transition to the $1 coin?
Comment from : GNNASCARFAN 24

Frauds R Not Friends
Not useless, We went through a coin shortage during the pandemic cause we are using quarters when we should be using dollars Retailers really need to start using the dollar coins more
Comment from : Frauds R Not Friends

John Hancock
I personally really like the dollar coins and I hope to convert some cash into coin for spending and saving
Comment from : John Hancock

I wish we'd go back to coins if they made bigger denominations like the 2 5 10 20 50 100 and put them into circulation people would use them but for some reason they only make and put out 1 dollar coins and even those are rare to come across
Comment from : Kenneth

Blake Anderson
I actually really like these but you have to go out of your way to get them
Comment from : Blake Anderson

New gta heist
Comment from : WillBGM

Ocelotl Chimalpahin
Just give those coins to me, I'll spread em around ;)
Comment from : Ocelotl Chimalpahin

TONethy mcbuttox
ironically congress passed the dollar coin program in order to save money in the long run!brthe reason is that dollar coins would last nearly 30 years in circulation while dollar bills last around 6, so 10 cents to make a bill vs 30 cents to make a coin but every 6 years for 30 years a bill is printed to match the circulation time of the coin, 5 new bills for 1 new coin, therefore 50 cents for 30 years or 30 cents for 30 years
Comment from : TONethy mcbuttox

You know I would use dollar coins if I could ever find the damn things instead I am cursed with these flimsy annoying bills
Comment from : Jake

Jacob E
biggest mafia in the country
Comment from : Jacob E

American space Dreamer USA
When paper money is dead
Comment from : American space Dreamer USA

kid rock
I Like call it the history coin I just started collecting them it's a nice thing to get into with the kids
Comment from : kid rock

Jeffery Lawrence
I collect them! I think there really cool
Comment from : Jeffery Lawrence

Revolutionary Prepper
Why would any city, build an additional vault, to hold $1 coins; that nobody wants? Why not just melt them all down and use the metal for something else? Americans don't want to part with their $1 paper bills I don't blame them Keep printing the $1 bill and get rid of these useless coins!
Comment from : Revolutionary Prepper

These people are dumb If they actually gave out more of these coins people would have no choice but to use them and would use them frequently You know how many of us would have been fairly rich if we just had these in our pockets? They are each worth a dollar! A million of them is a million dollars!
Comment from : ♡CartoonClimax♡

Tengo Trax
Where can I get one?
Comment from : Tengo Trax

Rufus from Johto
STOP PRINTING DOLLAR BILLS then people will be forced to use them
Comment from : Rufus from Johto

sapphire story109
I Got 12 dollar coins and I'm saving them until i know what to do with them and the harry s Truman coin i got that one too
Comment from : sapphire story109

Stoney Angel
I’ll take them if no one else wants them💰🤑
Comment from : Stoney Angel

Spice me up
Comment from : Colby

They give them out at my train station
Comment from : Blackbbc

Pash Hunter
Government efficiency everyone
Comment from : Pash Hunter

Adam Croes
Well, these will last longer than paper money
Comment from : Adam Croes

brutallyHonest !
2019 still dont see any in circulation
Comment from : brutallyHonest !

silver watcher
President Bush jr pushed this through because it's cheaper to make then the paper 1 bill And also he was a fucking moron Now we spent how much on more money that we the people could actually use but alas that would prefer them sitting in vaults not helping flush out economy but helping tank it wow thanks merica
Comment from : silver watcher

Kevin Papac
Nobody:brbrMe if I get a billion dollars: I'll take the lot!
Comment from : Kevin Papac

Tenzack YOGI
Comment from : Tenzack YOGI

They should be used as chucky cheese tokens since they are the same size as a quarter and are basically useless to people 😂
Comment from : Nex

Simple, stop making 1 dollar bills and once all the bills corrode away, it will leave no other option than using the dollar coins, simple!
Comment from : SomeEntityHere

Christian Kluge
To all people that suggest getting rid of the one dollar bill I just remember something from my childhoodbrbrbrThe German mark had both a 5 Mark coin and bill However in opposite to what you might expect the coin was far more widespread in usage In fact I’ve never even had a five mark note in my hands brbrbrbrSome German were really upset that the highest euro coin is 2 € and would have liked a 5 € too
Comment from : Christian Kluge

lol every one on the world has value coins, stop printing bills and please make a 2 and 5 dollar coin
Comment from : Maarten

Jason Harnois
I didn’t even know about the coins I’ll be getting some
Comment from : Jason Harnois

Bryan Solano
You can get those coins in ecuador
Comment from : Bryan Solano

Mop Head
2:28 A billion? Bruh no wonder people don't want them You pressed to many which lead them to have little raritybrbrWait you started in 2005 Kept going till 2016 At the same pressing rate?!? Genie fucking Mac
Comment from : Mop Head

Jean Pierre
Here on Ecuador this coins are well used
Comment from : Jean Pierre

B Positive
someone is washing money through this service
Comment from : B Positive

Sergio Ramirez
I have a 1 dollar coin for real and the coin that I have is the Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809 dollar coin
Comment from : Sergio Ramirez

These dollar coins are like the Star Trek episode: The Trouble with Tribbles!brCongress keeps them stacking up and warehousing these base metal tokens that no one wants to carry or use!
Comment from : promiskept

I will take them, how much?
Comment from : Luke

Adam Granum
I think dollar coins are awesome
Comment from : Adam Granum

99 Cent
1 bills are worthless
Comment from : 99 Cent

Huge Bigbanana
Coins actually make more sense because they last much longer than bills Canadians are very used to them The trick is to remove the bills from circulation
Comment from : Huge Bigbanana

Dzul Fahmy
In order to increase the usage of the $1 coin, the government should stop printing and circulate the $1 bill They also should stop minting the pennies since it costs more than its face value to produce the coin All transactions will be rounded up/down to the nearest 5 or 10 cents Love from Malaysia 💓
Comment from : Dzul Fahmy

I only have one of these coins after getting one in my change at the local McDonalds a couple of years agobrbrWe still use paper dollars around these parts
Comment from : D P

I would like all of those coins give them to me!!!
Comment from : TheDoReMiFaSolLaTiDo

Don't worry, they got sold to us, here in Ecuador, because we also use the dollar Our government likes them a lot because they last longer than bills and their peculiar size makes it easier to differentiate, especially for the blind
Comment from : FranziskusX

Tomek Nguyen
How does it come that Ecuador folks are wiser than Americans? They use exactly the same currency, yet they prefer dollar coins
Comment from : Tomek Nguyen

Baroque Obama
Dollar coins should be anything but useless From now on, we should use; Dollar coins, quarters, nickels, and dimes
Comment from : Baroque Obama

Chris Arjona
Lol, everyone gives me ten dollars worth of quarters but its hard to get a dollar coin
Comment from : Chris Arjona

Damian Saldana
Comment from : Damian Saldana

killuminate peacefulness
I save these coins
Comment from : killuminate peacefulness

Halston Robbins
How to bring demand for dollar coins into the economy, STOP PRINTING DOLLAR BILLS!!!
Comment from : Halston Robbins

finao o
The problem with demand is, they keep printing dollar bills Stop printing paper dollars and everyone will quickly get used to using the dollar coin While you're at it, stop making pennies, too
Comment from : finao o

I want that
Comment from : SKY7

Eric Mesias
I used them I pay 💰 with the dollar coins
Comment from : Eric Mesias

fuck the Federal reserve
Comment from : Tbut155

i have these coins, so they useless? Send them to ABC (always broadcasting crap)
Comment from : ONLIESVAN

Coins should be used they last longer than dollar bills
Comment from : --

Damian Saldana
Can I have some
Comment from : Damian Saldana

Lord of Lard
i want them
Comment from : Lord of Lard

Chris F
how do i get them for a dollar each or around that?
Comment from : Chris F

100 subscribers with video
I got some i only got 3 of them its like in the 19s i keep till i die srry for my grammar
Comment from : 100 subscribers with video

Don Desnoo
Send to purto Rico drop em with helicopters !!😎
Comment from : Don Desnoo

Joe Money
I just stopped collecting coins Seriously I just did I'm not joking
Comment from : Joe Money

Joe Money
I just stopped collecting coins Seriously I just did I'm not joking
Comment from : Joe Money

Lonnie Boudreaux
Well it's not our fault they took silver out of the money Nobody wants to collect brass Seriously stupid, they should have pointed that out in this video
Comment from : Lonnie Boudreaux

Comment from : memespig

The US can handle 600K They just need to cut the following coins/dollars and addbrbTHINGS TO CUT/bbrDimesbrLenny'sbrNickelsbr1$ Billsbr5 Dollar BillsbrBTW DON'T EVER CUT 10$ BILLS, I LOVE ALEXANDER HAMILTONbrCut the 50brCut the 100brbTHINGS TO ADD/bbrAdd a 25$ Bill (Abraham Lincoln)brAdd a 30$ Bill (George Washington)brAdd a 70$ Bill (Harriet Tubman)brRe-Design Hamilton's BillbrAdd 1000$ Bill (Statue Of Liberty)brAdd a 10 Dollar Coin (Thomas Jefferson)brAdd the 50$ Bill again ( Franklin D Roosevelt)brWe don't need low currency coins, it would save money Cash is a better way to go
Comment from : memespig

Why did they remove these 😫
Comment from : memespig

Chuck Thompson
The US Treasury makes the coins, (real money), the Federal Reserve makes fake monopoly paper money not backed by anything Of course the Fed is going to hoard the dollar coins Cuts into their profit
Comment from : Chuck Thompson

I hadn't even heard of thosebr Where can I get my hands on some?
Comment from : airmacful

George Padilla
the Federal Reserve dont care as if the country and the tax payers loss money the federal reserve is private bank they get pay no matter what they do with the coins i have a good place were they can put all those coins in my bank is private to so way not help a citizen in need
Comment from : George Padilla

Daniel Hackman
I'm going to buy 100 bucks a week worth
Comment from : Daniel Hackman

Wow they never made a trump one
Comment from : Bando

John Earl
It's not like you get it as change at the store
Comment from : John Earl

Marc Crawford
Lose the paper dollar
Comment from : Marc Crawford

Slice Gaming
How stupid are they ? Can't they just melt it down and instead make 2$ coins much better couse no one gives a f*ck about the 2$ bills !!
Comment from : Slice Gaming

Mark Krause
Trillions in paper line debt and you idiots are worried about $600,000 A trillion is 1,000,000,000,000 Get it ?
Comment from : Mark Krause

Noah Drake
stop it destroy what's left it's stupid its not worth the alloy it's made of make a real 1 something that could have value outside are country the silver eagles are only one dollar face when they should be 10$ or hell 5$ them president dollars are planks of shit
Comment from : Noah Drake

james stufflebean
its 2016 lol that's alot of coins yet my bank is always out there holding back
Comment from : james stufflebean

Useless? Anyone who thinks they are useless is more than welcome to send them to me I'll gladly take as many off your hands as you want to give me
Comment from : melinuxf00l

Dan R
They (we?) did that with Morgan and Peace silver dollars too We actually melted stored silver dollars to make new silver dollars Only when the value of silver exceeded $1 per coin did they come let of storage
Comment from : Dan R

Captain Howdy
There are people that I actually think that there is gold in these coins ! Lol
Comment from : Captain Howdy

HM Dickson
Have you thought that the Federal Reserve itself has an issue with coins Why? Well they are US Mint not Federal Reserve!!!!!!! There is no money to be made on a mint issued coin, so they store them far away from the public They do not want them to circulate! If they print a $1 note it costs about 4 cents to make They sell them to the government for $1 which makes a tidy 96 cent profit right out of the gate and they get to charge interest on it!!!! Not so with a US mint issue so the Federal Reserve will continue to set on them and kill them :) Talk about the fox in charge of the hen house
Comment from : HM Dickson

The Jorden
I'll take them damn
Comment from : The Jorden

Leggo My Ego
They need to remove the $1 bill from circulation!
Comment from : Leggo My Ego

Spicy Flavor Tide Pods
I have a few of them that I use in vending machines But I ask, why do US $1 coins look like Chuck E Cheese tokens? I'm sure if you look close at the $1 coins, it might say 'No Cash Value' on the reverse
Comment from : Spicy Flavor Tide Pods

wwwchangeorg/p/we-the-people-must-put-pressure-on-us-congress-and-us-mint-replace-us-1-dollar-bill-with-us-1-dollar-coinbrSign my petition and share it
Comment from : InugamiTheHound

Štefan Danko
Im sorry people but this is the highest form of stupidity
Comment from : Štefan Danko

They knew these coins weren't going to be popular, Susan B Anthony and Sacagawea would've told them that And to make 2 billion?
Comment from : IOU

The Pokemon Pro
Love dem
Comment from : The Pokemon Pro

The Pokemon Pro
I love doller coins can you ship me a few hundred there my favorite I own one
Comment from : The Pokemon Pro

Jack Bus076
I do my part Every two weeks when I get paid, I get 1 or 2 rolls of dollar coins ($25 each) They get spent like everything else Also PLEASE PLEASE discontinue the Fed Reserve single note (bill) This is really really getting old!
Comment from : Jack Bus076

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