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Buying Gold Coins - Everything You Need To Know

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Information Buying Gold Coins - Everything You Need To Know

Title :  Buying Gold Coins - Everything You Need To Know
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Frames Buying Gold Coins - Everything You Need To Know

Description Buying Gold Coins - Everything You Need To Know

Comments Buying Gold Coins - Everything You Need To Know

Lets Do It
Is it going to be worth buying silver coins?
Comment from : Lets Do It

Chase Hanscom
Well watching your video made me realize the site I was buying from I could have saved alot of money by paying in a different way
Comment from : Chase Hanscom

Reasonable premium??? That’s A LIE! 😞 Eagles, Maple Leafs and Buffalo Heads have the highest premiums and even higher if you’re talking fractional coins!😱 No fractionals for Buffalos!brLowest premiums are the bullion bars That larger the bar, the lower the premium (normally)👍
Comment from : Karl

Josh The Mediocre
Here's my issue, tomorrow i'm going back to a very respected antique shop that has been in business 30+ years that a bunch of different vendors sell from I found a 1840 $250 gold liberty for $125 and a 1911 $5 gold indian for $95 are these good buys? they are on hold for me until i make my decision but i have to go back tomorrow or they go back out on the floorshould i buyi need help
Comment from : Josh The Mediocre

Kai Pacifica
One thing you didn't go touch on certification How does a buyer know they got an authentic and certified gold coin? My biggest fear is spending a large sum on Apmex (or similar dealer) and get coins that may not be as advertised -- although they "look the part" I keep hearing fraud does exist in the industry How does one navigate this possibility?
Comment from : Kai Pacifica

Боря Дійкин
Very versed in stamps, now onto coins - thank you very much for this introduction!!
Comment from : Боря Дійкин

Jual: Kancing Emas Koin kuno Kerajaan Belanda ,Victory Gratia 4 gr,8 grtahun 1830an ,tahun 1870an , asli nota dari toko eksis bonafide , kirim kontak andathk
Comment from : INDO NESIA RAYA

brian smith
Im wondering why Canadian coins are significantly cheaper
Comment from : brian smith

Damian Alaniz
Do you recommend pre 33 American gold coins?
Comment from : Damian Alaniz

deposit box? Like at a bank? Hell no
Comment from : stacky512a

Asha A
How to buy this send me the link aur phone
Comment from : Asha A

Buying gold seems pretty great You’re able to hard-lock your money into a form that’s got a barrier to selling This would be good for someone trying to save up a large amount of money… to buy a house This is a stable metal Very very nice
Comment from : Brinstar

Sports Unplugged
I will buy it from u for 160
Comment from : Sports Unplugged

wayne parkinson
Gold fever strikes for who ever comes into contact with it ?
Comment from : wayne parkinson

wayne parkinson
why put your gold in a safety deposit box it doesn't corrode tarnish or lose it's luster so just bury it cheaper alternative just make sure you can find it again?
Comment from : wayne parkinson

wayne parkinson
There's one thing you need to know is that gold coin collecting is a expensive pass time
Comment from : wayne parkinson

Talon Hayes
So I can pay for domething with a 1oz coin gold, like say some shipping at the POST OFFICE, then the government can just turn around and sell it for $1,800?brbrf*** the government why would you buy a bullion? I don't get why a face value is printed
Comment from : Talon Hayes

Is there a seller on EBay that you would recommend? With eBay, you can use a credit card, so definitely would like to take advantage of the rewards points for purchases
Comment from : Craig

Will B Nee
what to do about the counterfeit coins in gold and silver
Comment from : Will B Nee

Comment from : AKHILI SV

Nobody Nobody
should i buy gold coins now
Comment from : Nobody Nobody

David Warner
Why do they need to be stored in capsuls? Isn't a plastic envelope suffcient?
Comment from : David Warner

Rahman 06
Saya warga Indonesia Saya punya uang kuno bertuliskan hindie belanda thun 1825ingin Saya jual dng hrga yng pantastic
Comment from : Rahman 06

Jeff Brady
Comment from : Jeff Brady

Nithya Coins Channel
My old coin sales
Comment from : Nithya Coins Channel

Robert JOSAN
How about traveling on air lines, I there a restricted snout you can carry with you, domestically or internationally, both?
Comment from : Robert JOSAN

Iain Mcalle
Very interesting
Comment from : Iain Mcalle

Alamin khan Alex
What's your surprise
Comment from : Alamin khan Alex

Paul Miahky
Great video! Helping my mom purge her house and get her into assisted living Her Aunt gave her a stunning gold mint encased set and she has no clue I’m just learning about these and am going to a local dealer (Cleveland area) to have them graded next week Many are in impeccable/vibrant condition Some big time value it appearsbrbr1923-D $20 Double Eaglebr1876-S $20 Liberty Head ‘Twenty D’ br1932 $10 Indian Headbr1914 $5 Indian Headbr1912 $250 Indian Headbr1871 $1 Indian Headbr1893 $10br1902 $5br1854 $250br1851-O $1br1903 $5
Comment from : Paul Miahky

markus jahn
Greetings from Germany This is very interesting Thank you for this Video
Comment from : markus jahn

Pawan Kumar
Nice video sir ji
Comment from : Pawan Kumar

Gold and silver markets have been flat for 10 years,,, buying gold now is for suckers
Comment from : jodopeg

sachinn sureshharan
Your voice was amazing Very good information
Comment from : sachinn sureshharan

Lord Lucan
did you ever hear of something called a British sovereign? apparently it was around a while?
Comment from : Lord Lucan

Le Argyο
My precious
Comment from : Le Argyο

Ross Galbraith
As somebody who has accumulated gold and silver for decades, here's my take:br1) Save your fiat currency,br2) Buy cryptobrIf I had bought crypto years ago when I first became aware of it using even a tiny fraction of what I've dumped into precious metals, I would be a multi- millionaire Instead I've watched my metals languish in price, failing to even keep up with inflationbrBe smart Don't do what I did Don't fall for the hype Metals are heavily manipulated, the too-big-to-fail banks are in bed with the government to suppress prices
Comment from : Ross Galbraith

Revaak Harripersadh
When you buy any gold coins do you get any documents or like a Authentic certificate so you know its true and not a fake gold thanks in advance
Comment from : Revaak Harripersadh

Juan Garcia
Great Video Professor 😃
Comment from : Juan Garcia

Sandor Varga
Comment from : Sandor Varga

PBS #007
thanks for all the info, have been trying to get into coins for the longest time
Comment from : PBS #007

Petar Z
Why would you care if it gets scratched? The gold gold content will be the same, so it's value won't change
Comment from : Petar Z

Comment from : すぎやまこうすけ

James Campbell
1/10 ounce gold is a lot cheaper if you know where to look and work your self up
Comment from : James Campbell

YHVHSboy LaHiggs
🐢Turtle milk is worth much more then gold and silver I am getting $3,000 an oz for pure turtle milk so buy a turtle and milk it every day and watch the money roll in
Comment from : YHVHSboy LaHiggs

James Campbell
what is 10th ounce worth like a 5dollar coins thanks james from leeds west yorkshire
Comment from : James Campbell

P Mosh
Yeah don't waste your money on something thats clearly backed by the banks and government invest in crypto
Comment from : P Mosh

Jay Ballard
Great information!! Thank you!!
Comment from : Jay Ballard

thanh levan
Comment from : thanh levan

Anthony Gallegos
Can you buy direct from the mint?
Comment from : Anthony Gallegos

Robert JOSAN
Seems to be hard to find silver coins lately, why is that and where is the best place to find silver coins to buy?
Comment from : Robert JOSAN

Be Realistic
Comment from : Be Realistic

“You’ll also see it has a face value of $50 so you can go into a store and buy $50 worth of goods with it, but before you try that let me know, ill buy it from you for $60” 😂😂😂
Comment from : WXavierM

Boost Mobile
Bank ain't taking my gold
Comment from : Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile
No safe deposit box
Comment from : Boost Mobile

Michael Hagans
I’m a newbie to this, but why pay $2000 for a gold coin that’s only worth $50?
Comment from : Michael Hagans

$1600 gold and $18 silver comin up If you have a lot of gold and/or silver you 're about to lose a lot of money, should have sold!
Comment from : Clueless

Sean Covert
What is “government backed” mean? Fake, fraudulent, cheated, stolen? I know I’m not backed by the government
Comment from : Sean Covert

CECIL Murray
I am a novice trying to buy gold coins Thanks for your podcast it is excellent because it answered all of my questions
Comment from : CECIL Murray

DH Henry
The only disaster here is how these crooked coin dealers SCREW YOU? I was told to get a red book for idea of what a coin may be worth, so I buy coins according to that Well coin dealers have a "Grey" sheet they buy off of? It is about 1/3 the value of a red book As an example I bought a small (not official Blue Book) red book with 80 pennies dated 1857 - 1916 And yes ALL the 1909 pennies are in the book with other key ones 1877, 1911, etc The Dealer said it is worth about $750 (for all the coins in the book) which is a freaking joke and even a slap in the face The 1909S VBD even in the poorest shape is $650 It is so very discouraging on what they pull off But now I am believing what I read a while back, it depends on what side of the counter you are on as to the value of the coin If you are selling a coin they tell you it is worthless, if you want to buy the same coin you are buying all the gold in Fort Knox I am now fed up and have had enough experience to say Coin Dealers took over as worst crooks from Auto Salesman????
Comment from : DH Henry

Buy Pre 33 Gold!!!!
Comment from : Takumi

Thomas Laux
Whats difference between face value and actual spot price?
Comment from : Thomas Laux

ridge runner
if your going to spend money on gold why not buy the purer one ?
Comment from : ridge runner

Frenetic Zetetic
I swear I'm not trolling, just very, very new: WHY would I pay $1,800+ for a 1oz gold coin I can only use for $50 of dollar purchase value? Granted that's not my intention, but why not stack a gold bar? Wouldn't that actually be worth more in value for the same investment, granted you couldn't purchase with it? Am I just answering my own question w preference in cost vs spending ability of gold? Cannot wrap head around 1oz gold coin only purchasing $50 worth of goods if a oz of gold is worth $1,800+ USD? HELP ME RECTIFY BEFORE I BUY LOL
Comment from : Frenetic Zetetic

Its my Bike
Buy highand sell low just cos its got a picture on it? its still only worth scrap All Gold real value is scrap! You do know 2000yrs ago Gold was once sold in Talons? Thats 60kg per of gold = 1 talon hence the saying carry your weight in Gold Now look at gold today, your a fool for buying gold thats 1000 times higher in price than its actual value Gold is one of the most common metal on earth Alexander the great paid 140 talons for his horse because the ancients understood gold isnt worth much!! So go and spend your £167 on a coin sell it for £40 and thats going by the UK scrap gold calculator
Comment from : Its my Bike

Comment from : FUNDED TRADER 50

James Chase
While I do have Silver and some Gold I notice that for years the dealers are just hustling us, up then down and back again, I will be very shocked if we ever see a real rise
Comment from : James Chase

Comment from : GERRY SHAFER

Hung Nguyen
American Eagle or Canadian Maple gold coins are best to buy and keep, in my opinion 🙏
Comment from : Hung Nguyen

Kozak Tichar
Great video! Thanks, man, for your expertise I've been generating a collection of silver bullion and junk silver for a while, and wanted to get into gold This helps Also, just so anyone who is interested is aware, Walmart now sells small deposit boxes that look just like books They blend right in to a book shelf Just thought I would mention it in case someone wanted some ideas on where to store their metals
Comment from : Kozak Tichar

MyessYallyah Americus
I don't really like gold much It is good for somethings though Mostly plating over other metals for clean conductivity
Comment from : MyessYallyah Americus

Leroy J
This is quite informative for me, as a first-time prospective buyer Thank you!
Comment from : Leroy J

ernie cozzone
West Chester Coin ClubbrCoin Show Sunday October 3rd=Quality Inn Hotel 9435 High Street West Chester Pa Come out and buy,sell see some of the nicest coins,around-also there will be a 50=50 raffle!!   Free parking-Free admission 2021
Comment from : ernie cozzone

Andrew Norris
Forgive me if it's a stupid question, but why does a 1 Oz gold coin have marked values like $50 when they're obviously worth much more than said value?
Comment from : Andrew Norris

Julio Miranda
We’re is a gd & trust place to by gold thank u 4 ur time
Comment from : Julio Miranda

Hi,from where you buy them?
Comment from : eliulian

Riddle Gunner
I gave this away as gifts
Comment from : Riddle Gunner

Hugo Stiglitz
Anyone know about Liberty Coin? Sd Bullion or Liberty Coin? Any advice would be appreciated
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

Silent Hunger
Storage is more than just capsule selection Storing precious metals in a temperature controlled low humidity environment is critical Keeping some silica gel packs in your safe along side your stack will keep it shiny and new for longer
Comment from : Silent Hunger

Silent Hunger
Several issues here: The Eagle and the Buffalo cannot be and are not the same exact dimensions and weight because of specific gravity Second, the denominations on these coins are not so you can use them as money Of course you can, but what idiot would? It is so that if they are seized by the government like in 1933 you will be compensated at face value Additionally, if you get audited by the IRS and cannot show a basis you will be taxed on any market value above the face value Pre-1933 Gold is a safer investment since it is considered a collectable and not only has precious metal value but also numismatic value and is far less likely to be a Chinese counterfeit
Comment from : Silent Hunger

If the local currency ie the US Dollar, dies like the Zimbabse Dollar did and the Venezualan Bolivar is in the process of doing you should have:brbrYou need cash if the banks close or the power system fails Just as a round number, have sufficient cash to pay 6 months of rent and power bills and buy groceriesbrNext if the money hyperinflated to worthlessness you need gold brIf all the money fails and you have 1/2 ounce of gold you will be better off than 50 of the populationbrIf you have 5 ounces of gold then you will be better off than 90 of the population brAnd if you have 56 ounces you will be better off than 999 of the population That will make you a multi millionaire in Dollar termsbrIf you prefer silver just use the gold/silver price ratio, currently 65 to 1, to get the equivalent amount of silver to have on handbrWatch this video for more details on precious metalbr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=jZ3d415TAas&t=624s
Comment from : goldassayer93555

Daniel Morgan
Peoples buy these Chinese knock offs put them away and when they go to cash in the look on their faces when they find out they have fakes is PRICELESS
Comment from : Daniel Morgan

Kenton Kirkpatrick
Don't understand why I can't purchase at the mint Getting fake gold is biggest concern
Comment from : Kenton Kirkpatrick

James Brown
Are my coins fake they have the word "copy" engraved on the back of the coins
Comment from : James Brown

🐉 Tactical Trucker™️
iIf you convert your currency to gold bars versus coins you can get a higher premium instead of just spot price, bars are more popular in status especially bars that are minted versus casting/i
Comment from : 🐉 Tactical Trucker™️

🐉 Tactical Trucker™️
iPurchasing gold, nope, not for me, I’m not purchasing gold I’m converting my Fiat currency into constitutional real money, The premiums are the price in which I convert my paper dollars or electronic currency into tangible gold and silver bullion/i
Comment from : 🐉 Tactical Trucker™️

🐉 Tactical Trucker™️
iI prefer pure gold, I love the gold tone of the Buffalo Indian/i
Comment from : 🐉 Tactical Trucker™️

Dan Jones
The gold Eagle and the gold Buffalo do not have the same dimensions as stated They both have one ounce of gold and the same diameter But because of the added copper and silver, the gold Eagle is sightly thicker
Comment from : Dan Jones

Melissa L Wynn
Lol! I just realized the deeper meaning of the term “mint condition” just by watching you handle that gold!
Comment from : Melissa L Wynn

Melissa L Wynn
I love the speed in which you speak… makes it very clear and comprehensive
Comment from : Melissa L Wynn

We live in Texas and are considering buying Maple Leaves We want to keep them in Canada for bugout reasons We can afford to buy maybe 100 ounces Could you provide suggestions on how to buy them there, where to store them in Canada, and how to comply with IRS with that is a requirement We would wire transfer the funds if that works best from our brokerage account Thanks
Comment from : R P

Andres Eduardo
Newbie question… why it has printed 50 dollars? If it cost around 2000 usd ?
Comment from : Andres Eduardo

DJ Knox
There is one more beginners question that needs to be answered: How do I verify that I wasn't shipped fakes such as gold plated tungsten or something similar? Can anyone recommend some simple verification techniques??
Comment from : DJ Knox

Thanks! I'm new to the precious metals game
Comment from : ALFAJERK_BFH

Nizar Ghantous
I wonder why you ignoring the British sovereign coin
Comment from : Nizar Ghantous

eternal footman
Get a life
Comment from : eternal footman

Luna Ora - Mother Is Rising
Great video
Comment from : Luna Ora - Mother Is Rising

why is mexican gold coin worth more?
Comment from : OGSpookz

Just grabbed a 1 oz American Eagle from nationwide I’ll make a YouTube video on if their legit or not I’m skeptical I’ll bring it to my local coin dealer to have him use the sigma test Thanks for this detailed video
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

Douglas Weller
Thank you and I hit all your buttons
Comment from : Douglas Weller

Pro Grammer
Thanks for the info
Comment from : Pro Grammer

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