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Buying and Selling Gold Coins - Everything Else You Need to Know

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Information Buying and Selling Gold Coins - Everything Else You Need to Know

Title :  Buying and Selling Gold Coins - Everything Else You Need to Know
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Frames Buying and Selling Gold Coins - Everything Else You Need to Know

Description Buying and Selling Gold Coins - Everything Else You Need to Know

Comments Buying and Selling Gold Coins - Everything Else You Need to Know

Stay Sweaty
Fist of all, thank you for the video it was well done and Very informative My question is all my local coin shops have gone up in price upwards of 11 premium Is shopping on line just good business or should I stay local? Thanks
Comment from : Stay Sweaty

Nothing like stacking Lady Britannia and enjoying the CGT free profit that comes after in the UK
Comment from : K ILLA

Cain K
Where to sell 1oz silver maple leafs? I have 120 coins
Comment from : Cain K

Linn Spencer
The Britannia is a gorgeous coin!
Comment from : Linn Spencer

Registered mail is your friend
Comment from : J T

great videoi have 7 mapleleaf gold coins that i wanna sellwould it be best for me to go to a local goldbuyer to sell them ? first time ever selling this stuffi live in Canada and the rate they offer me is 221500 per coin ( Canadian ) is that good ? thx
Comment from : MySpankster

Paul Sittig
Why didn't you mention the $5 or $10 gold commemorative Low premiums should you stake them?
Comment from : Paul Sittig

Misplaced RQment
Can I buy gold coins on ebay? Is it safe ? Better deal? (Would like to use my credit card but don't want to pay more because of it)
Comment from : Misplaced RQment

What about nationwide coin & bullion? They got special special promotions!
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

Donna F Cox
can private party sell or buy to each other? how do you figure out a price?
Comment from : Donna F Cox

Kimberly Blom-Williams
Anyone want it?
Comment from : Kimberly Blom-Williams

Kimberly Blom-Williams
I am going to buy one soon I might sell it for like 240k
Comment from : Kimberly Blom-Williams

Joe Rock
Jewelry stores will buy 1 oz bars at spot i have not done that but have inquired,they will then use them formaking of jewelry👍
Comment from : Joe Rock

Rene Perez
Were is the best place to buy gold coins
Comment from : Rene Perez

Is there any reason why Britannia has low( lowest) premium? It is a beautiful coin with nice safety features
Comment from : DaddyDab1

karo m
gold is gold just paying more for branding
Comment from : karo m

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Comment from : Shawn McDowell

Kurt S Industries
When they talk about $10,000 purchase being reported when buying gold Does that mean any type of purchase whether it is payed by check or the green stuff? Is paying with a check leaving a paper trail?
Comment from : Kurt S Industries

Master Stacker
11 premium today on purchasing a 2021 Gold Eagle at a leading online dealer That seems high to me
Comment from : Master Stacker

DotaEz Real
where to buy gold in canada?can you suggest online or local?
Comment from : DotaEz Real

Kanrong Yu
Why American eagles 2021 are priced lower than the release price (on US mint) at both apmex and sdbullion? This year version is not popular?
Comment from : Kanrong Yu

javier Enrique
How do you know when you buy that the coin is real gold
Comment from : javier Enrique

Dark Thunder
Any experience with bars- like a 100 or 259 gram valcombi?
Comment from : Dark Thunder

Ian C
Very comprehensive and thorough Thanks!
Comment from : Ian C

I made one emotional decision of buying a gold bar when everything else was literally out of stock As a little boy watching movies, I though the bars were the ultimate way of accumulating gold reserves for whatever reasons Thanks to you, I will stick to Eagles and Buffalos in the future, and I feel comfortable about it
Comment from : Rekord

MG Bros
I’ve been thinking of stacking gold, for investment and all sorts, I’ve been looking at the 1/4 once brittanias do you think I should buy?? Thanks for the vid also
Comment from : MG Bros

Capital G
How is a 1 oz gold coin only worth $50? Thanks for the info!
Comment from : Capital G

Miller Forester
The ONLY way to buy gold is while you are standing in front of the seller with cash in your hand Sell it the same way If you don't have enough for an ounce, save until you do You will pay more for fractionals, but not likely to get more
Comment from : Miller Forester

William Daniel
do you buy copper? if you do i got a recommendation for you
Comment from : William Daniel

Amiel Polidario
Go to an indian jeweler they’ll but anything! Bars, coins and what have you lol gold is part of their culture
Comment from : Amiel Polidario

Daniel McLaughlin
I have ordered Silver online, but I doubt I would ever risk buying Gold over the internet Too risky Your LCS is best, because you walkout with your Gold in your hand
Comment from : Daniel McLaughlin

Norma Burgos
my 9 year old daugther has a lot of gold coins
Comment from : Norma Burgos

Alexandro Art
Please do a similar video on gold bars
Comment from : Alexandro Art

Joel Hurtado
Thanks for these insights I haven’t bought any gold yet (I’m still in the research phase) but definitely considering it as a hedge against inflation/market crashes
Comment from : Joel Hurtado

1 Oz South African Gold Krugerrand Coin are well known?
Comment from : branned

Think for Yourself
I’m new to stacking but I’m really enjoying my new hobby I don’t have a lot of money but my little stack is my little stack It’s easy to waste money on stupid stuff too but the tips in your videos help!
Comment from : Think for Yourself

rather have a maple leaf over the eagle
Comment from : EnRich

tim jones
When selling long distance I use walmart Walmart to walmart is a cash deal And ask the buyer if he wants shipping insurance add that costbrNEVER use paypal Scammers love itthey just say they never received it and paypal returns the money without your knowledge or permission
Comment from : tim jones

tim jones
80 of whats on ebay is fake
Comment from : tim jones

V Squad
New subscriber absolutely love you videos question what do you think about United States gold bureau?
Comment from : V Squad

Sell Bay Area Homes
Probably a dumb question, but here goes: If the coin has a face value ($50 or $100), can you ever get those coins from some source for that cost? Or, is the face value just some arbitrary number printed on it, and the coins will always trade at fair market value (spot price), even when initially created? So you can not pick up these coins at a bank and trade cash for their face value? Thank you for responding
Comment from : Sell Bay Area Homes

Wouldn't the coin shops pay spot MINUS a small premium, not plus? (For Eagles)
Comment from : marioamayaflamenco

Vegan Man
Good info
Comment from : Vegan Man

B 137
How would you apply this video to bars?
Comment from : B 137

Patrick Davan
I see a lot of sites on facebook and their coins look like these Because they're covered in plastic, how do I know whats real?
Comment from : Patrick Davan

kenneth eggerss
Playing with your coins is annoying, but good information
Comment from : kenneth eggerss

Ehren Krause
Great insight I have lots of world gold and plan to hold it for along time Not to say that i Do have bullion that is ready to liquidate I keep the variety to pinpoint buyers when needed Whether its junk or super premium, tjers an outlet at anytime i can dump if i had to Thats diversity at its best 😊👍
Comment from : Ehren Krause

Donald Grant
Folks in other words when a country money is worthless i could deal with gold to feed my family Is it not illegal to melt gold coins? Is it legal to melt gold bars ?
Comment from : Donald Grant

Donald Grant
Im wishing to buy gold for my children what we all are dealing with is gold everyone buys and sells for profitwe are still talking gold for dollars the us dollar might be worth 20 cents i wish to have gold for secure worth
Comment from : Donald Grant

I think you might have an amazing camera I can easily see all the details in this coins, regardless the on the table or in your hand
Comment from : P37

Edward Cochanski
What's the story on buying gold coins in pawn shops?
Comment from : Edward Cochanski

Thanks for the advicesounds like you know your stuff and extremely well voiced! This is my initial consideration into precious metals and you explained it comprehensively in these two videos, thanks!
Comment from : BigRiver

Findbullionpricescom is an awesome resource
Comment from : Will-W

Big TX Bullion
Ditto to comments suggesting online bullion dealers like apmex Yes you can pay a premium buying from them but when selling they are very generous to someone selling multiple oz of gold/plat etc Some LCS places will absolutely rip you off and cant/wont pay anywhere close to melt Some quotes are off greysheet wholesale or even back from wholesale (forget melt) No thanks If you cant get at or over melt for your bullion keep shopping Sounds morbid but prudent stackers do your family a solid In your will tell your loved ones where to sell when you are gone!
Comment from : Big TX Bullion

Jacob Cardinal
Love the video
Comment from : Jacob Cardinal

Thank you sir, you have a new subscriber I started few years ago in purchasing 1 oz britannia per year, avoiding fractional I've always lived in EU and recently changed country for work After few researches in local shops it seems that premium on those coins is floored at circa 85 which feels kinda discouragingwhat's your opinion on those ages in current mkt conditions?
Comment from : AP

Just found your show, great information thanks! I hit subscribe!! Can you do something covering swiss gold?
Comment from : D

Paul d
I finally broke down and spent the money and bought some Buffalo gold I sold 70 of my silver stack and slowly moved it in the gold and cash When you're up 45 50 you got to cash in Silver should have reached $50 long time ago
Comment from : Paul d

Redred Collections
Great info thanks your channel
Comment from : Redred Collections

Bars r so incredibly faked it's rediculous I'd only buy gold bars if I had a sigma
Comment from : Jason

Really wish the US mint would do buffaloes in 1/4 and 1/2 oz coins On a side note, has anyone done the math on inflation and is the gold value outpacing inflation?
Comment from : brentackerman

jj lad
I do well on CLlocal FTF sales exclusively
Comment from : jj lad

saw you on Salivate's channel, stopping by to say hi!!! 😁
Comment from : StorminCA

E Stars
well put
Comment from : E Stars

Silver Heist
I’m still at 101 as a gold buyer only so far But you gotta think ahead for 202
Comment from : Silver Heist

Opportunity to buy the 2016W - 3 Coin Set from LCS - 24k Gold Mercury, Standing Liberty, and Waling Liberty (1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 ozt) at an average 7 premium Thoughts?
Comment from : rcreazzo1

The Blind Silverstacker 47
Good advice always buy gold that you can sell quickly if needed
Comment from : The Blind Silverstacker 47

Great buying and selling tips my friend Well stated
Comment from : SalivateMetal

Abarons Numismatics
Thanks for sharing👍
Comment from : Abarons Numismatics

Froggy 6666
Idk if you know who idubbz is but the intro music gives me Vietnam flashbacks
Comment from : Froggy 6666

Pistol Packing Pilot
Sweet video Can’t wait for part 3
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

Aloha Stacker
I am still just a buyer and sometimes trader! Selling has not started yet!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

J Jason Santilli
Comment from : J Jason Santilli

Unca Reid
SD Bullion is offering $2200 over bid for ASE's I have nothing but praise for them That said, I have been buying mostly from CMI in the past year or two Slightly lower premiums with high minimums I have not sold anything in over 10 years, I am near the end, but an still in the accumulation phase Done with gold, need another monster or two and I will be done with silver Looking for mint sets for my grand kids My bicycle is almost 50 years old I bought it used when I was a teenager I think I should get a new one There is always somethingGod bless you all!
Comment from : Unca Reid

Thanks for the video
Comment from : JBH

Got Boost?
Libertads aren't more than age?
Comment from : Got Boost?

Thé reverse proof Liberty is such a marvel Don’t think I could sell And the Britannia damn !
Comment from : ikust007

Huaitong Wu
My LCS (several of them) offered for like 96 spot for 1oz AGE when I checked on them Is that normal, or should I do some arguing?
Comment from : Huaitong Wu

I N T E N T I O N A L  F R U I T I O N
Excellent conclusion covering arguably the most important part of stacking Cheers
Comment from : I N T E N T I O N A L F R U I T I O N

Bullion Addict
Stacked more foriegn gold this year than I ever had in the past but I'm still much heavier in US goldbrI believe it was the high premiums that influenced my thinking this year Don't get me wrong I actually am happy with my purchases but I'm really considering my exit strategy with the foriegn gold after watching all your videos
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Great stuff!!!
Comment from : Michael

Don’t be like me, I started pre 33 gold, then bullions lol
Comment from : ACE *

Wai Lee
I just bought 2 1/2ounce AE
Comment from : Wai Lee

SilverGold Saver
Good stuff brother! I am doing the same - trying to simplify my stack And I finally got the 2017 American Gold Liberty from my LCS!! 😊 I guess a little patience pays off
Comment from : SilverGold Saver

Silver Ripples
You just gave out valuable info 100 of these other channels have the time and desire to make videos, but 96 of them have never sold a gold coin EVERbrThanks for keeping it Real ✌️
Comment from : Silver Ripples

sparcx86 Channel
I bought my first quarter ounce gold since November but won’t shipped yet I’m starting to be worried wvout
Comment from : sparcx86 Channel

Scullan Bonecrusher
Comment from : Scullan Bonecrusher

Clean Money
Pre 33 are they as good as the copper kruggerands?
Comment from : Clean Money

My favourite coin is the gold Brittania or the maple leaf
Comment from : THE_BILLYGOAT 2008

That Britannia is the most beautiful coin I've ever seen I get mesmerized by it 😍😍😍
Comment from : SLAYER STACKER

Juice Stacker
I love it ! I totally agree that’s why my 2021 resolution is only stack AGE in the gold side
Comment from : Juice Stacker

Robert Keating
Nice 👍
Comment from : Robert Keating

Donald in New Mexico
Comment from : Donald in New Mexico

Cyclops Staxx
I don’t necessarily agree with the AGE’s or the Buffaloes as The best gold to buy I agree that they are the most recognizable I think it all depends on the area you are in and the people who you deal with I’ve made a killing selling foreign gold over the years I have several guys that will snatch them up as soon as I offer them for sale My reasoning for continuing to buy foreign gold is mainly because I have a older local friend that I can regularly buy Sov’s or 20 Franc coins for well under spot I’ve been buying from him for years and have spent several thousands of dollars That, the fact that he was buying gold when gold spot was $300 and the fact that we have forged a great friendship over the years allows me to get great deals I will concede that one of my lcs guys was like yours and did not want to touch the foreign gold Period But over the years, I have converted him It all just goes to show one major point that a lot of stackers overlook Take the time to get to know your local guys, even the hardheaded onesespecially the hardheaded ones!! Positive relationships will eventually pay dividends for both parties Stack on bro!! 👊✌️
Comment from : Cyclops Staxx

Andre Gravel
Gimme the cash! Excellent info and video 👍
Comment from : Andre Gravel

Broke Stacker
I’m getting buried with my gold Preferably in the form of a sick grill!
Comment from : Broke Stacker

Why cant you just sell on APMEX or an online dealer?
Comment from : Stephen

Comment from : Spartan

Nathan R
what should someone pay , when buying gold though?bras in the premium1/2oz to 1ozbrcool vid, super cool coins
Comment from : Nathan R

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