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The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing

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Information The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing

Title :  The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing
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Frames The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing

Description The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing

Comments The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing

Phillip Khong
Watching this video now its showing how much things have changedbr$100 premium on gold is the average for like a mapleleaf and give higher for an eagle
Comment from : Phillip Khong

Fred Appleyard
Good informative video Your opinion of Perth Mint Australian gold coins? They have a lower premium, and are pure gold
Comment from : Fred Appleyard

i buy 2 to 5 grams of gold a month
Comment from : Matt

Almost Literally
The only fractional gold that is really a good buy IMO is in fact GOLD EAGLES They are the most liquid
Comment from : Almost Literally

DAMN I was gonna get grams but after this am focus only on silver Maybe I get goldbacks for bartering and as a gift for someone but when it comes to the future am a silver stacker
Comment from : hollowlighter

Any opinion on the commemorative gold coins minted by central banks? Like the coins minted by the Bank of Mexico in centennials, bicentennials, etc? Would those be a good/bad investment?
Comment from : HUITXO

Andrew S
Nobody in Asia will buy 22k gold coin UK Britannia coins are 24k, they are the best investment
Comment from : Andrew S

Erik Meza
okay so you were promoting the worst fractional gold with the gold backs & say all fractional is bad?😂 ok now take down the video promoting gold backs you're a hypocrite at its finest
Comment from : Erik Meza

Ian Unlimited
I prefer to stack queens beasts over everything …gold and the chunky 2oz silver …… I live in the USA 🇺🇸
Comment from : Ian Unlimited

Double Bee
Premium wise sure Not everyone can afford ounces at a time Horrible advice
Comment from : Double Bee

great video, Im very new to gold and silver investing I noticed that Nationwide as a new client special where you can get an eagle for spot price I think more people need to be aware of this offer, iff they want to start investing Also found a listing on Ebay from an estate sale, selling Silver eagle for cheap spot price is $22 they had it listed as buy now option of $32, but when you buy 4 or more the price dropped to $27 Like i said im new, but it seem to good of a deal to pass up
Comment from : Craig

Curtis Davenport
What about the bulion bracelet?
Comment from : Curtis Davenport

Dariusz Kaszuba
Gold is Gold
Comment from : Dariusz Kaszuba

Andrew Derksen
So I think there is an alternative to your list brAnd this is getting to buy from your coin shop melt bin brI know this doesn't change the order brHowever if you can get the gold or silver at spot 🤷 and skip the premium brThen it comes down to how hard it is to resell
Comment from : Andrew Derksen

James Lucas
Mrs Maureen is legit and her method works like magic I keep earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : James Lucas

bigyin 1854
I don’t get the number 3 in gold coins the coins you mentioned have less gold purity than say a 1/4 coin , that should be 9995 or 9999 and these in my county cost about the same So a sovereign in the uk is around £333 and 1/4 Britannia is around £375
Comment from : bigyin 1854

Kay Anthony
I know this video is old but I really, really hate that you say that fractional gold is a bad investment because it absolutely is not You sell the gold when you need to with the same premium or even higher privately You don't lose any money on the premium unless you go to a coin shop or a thrift store, which is a horrifying idea Sure it takes a little bit more time to sell privately but come on dude, definitely should not be on the top of the list for worst investment That's ridiculous I don't like that your telling investors false information Not cool!
Comment from : Kay Anthony

Is a 100$ 2002 British VI 2/10 twin towers worth? I have one but noticed they hard to find and I bought mines for 412$ with 14k bezell; thinking of selling it
Comment from : rhumba2004

Robert Richards
I think you're pretty close to right on about everything that you've talked about, but the one ounce American Gold Eagle that is 0916 purity is really not that great of an investment because a Canadian maple leaf is 9999 fine and plus it cost less than the 916 American Eagle
Comment from : Robert Richards

Gold eagles and Krugerrands are only 91 gold Very very important distinction to make I wouldn’t trade my buffalos for eagles No way
Comment from : Platinum

Dan Kryling
Are you a car dealer in Canada?
Comment from : Dan Kryling

Hi, new to the game very informative Now I live in the Phoenix area where and whom can I trust when buying gold One last add what does stacking mean? Thanks!
Comment from : Backroadsxplorer

Shark Tooth Stacker
Comment from : Shark Tooth Stacker

Robert Blanck
Do you pay consumption tax on gold coins in the US? I am in Japan and need to pay the premium + consumption tax / import tax and in the end that is about 2100 USD per ounce
Comment from : Robert Blanck

I got a 1 ounce Royal Mint Royal Arms from the UK Was on offer at the time and was just as good a price as Britanias Also got a quarter ounce Royal Mint with some weighing scales on the coin Was also discounted The rest of my stack is just 1 ounce Britanias
Comment from : MonsterHunterVideos

Cloudier Monk
you should mint your own coin and sell it you can get custom ones from a mint relatively easy
Comment from : Cloudier Monk

How is fractiona "worse" than jewelry, the premiums are freaking brutal on jewelry, besides fractional makes MUCH more sense in a SHTF situation You certainly don't wanna be stuck in a situation where your smallest exchange unit is the current worth of 1800 usd 1 gram at about 60 usd makes more sense imho
Comment from : Jp

Whew! I’ve only ever bought Maple Leafs! The 9999 pure is definitely a thing
Comment from : Ckom

Joel Bouman
Play 2x speed Yur welcome
Comment from : Joel Bouman

Hugo Stiglitz
You should do a video about how gold will be useful if a dollar collapse happens or if we go to a national cryptocurrency Gold pieces have a ridiculous low dollar value such as the Buffalo only being worth 50 US dollars If the dollar is no more, does that make the gold valueless in the marketplace? How will the black market establish itself? That's what you should talk about in one of your videos
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

William Imhof
Thank you for the video (I know this is an older one) Personally I like the buffalo and maple leaf but that's me But it was very good to learn about bars and sovereigns
Comment from : William Imhof

Len Hua
sell back on ebay or the dealer?
Comment from : Len Hua

Nationwide coin has the promo deal of getting “spot value” 1 oz and get a free silver for free I brought to my coin dealer and they said legit Great way to getting into gold
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

James Brown
My coins have the word "copy" on the back of the coin
Comment from : James Brown

What about 100 canadian dollars? 1/2 ounce, bought it 100 bucks cheaper than a 1/2 kangaroo this week Premium on eagles are even higher
Comment from : ImpulzeConnection1

joh yuujin
I only buy gold or hard to get coins because when I was a kid I always wanted them and now that I can I do end of story no logic, no reason, just because I want to and that's the only reason I think you need I do not overpay if I can help it - pay at about metal value I don't worry about the store making a profit, that's why they are in business the rest of the stuff is nonsense, unless your a middleman and don't care about anything but making a quick profit
Comment from : joh yuujin

King Of Media
My granddaddy was a scrap gold buyer and he used to send it to a refiner to turn them into mini bars or he’d melt the gold himself and turned them into rounds with our family crest on it But he always told me collect gold no matter what shape it is
Comment from : King Of Media

Like Father Like Son
Should i buy 100 Gram bar?
Comment from : Like Father Like Son

scott williams
A lot of people miss the point of buying gold eagles or US gold and silver Government doesn't care what you counterfeit they will lock you up just the same If it comes from the mint and someone counterfeits it they will bury them under the prison How ever gold and silver bullion isn't their concerns At most a state may charge them with some kind of fraud charge
Comment from : scott williams

What about Spanish Dabloons from a sunken ship recovery?
Comment from : Foxrock321

Premiums are so high right now for Eagles that I am buying mostly Phiharmonics and Maple Leafs As you mentioned, I can't really afford to buy 1 once, so I am buying 1/4 coins Again, the premiums are even more nuts for these fractional coins So, I am slowing my purchases of both gold and silver until we have a significant dip in prices I think, in the long run, it will still be worth it
Comment from : J L

Neeraj Bindal
How can I buy these bullion coins in India
Comment from : Neeraj Bindal

Matt Deckard
Gold tooth
Comment from : Matt Deckard

Aidan McGale
Going to buy a lot of gold decided on Britannia coin because no ccg tax looking at royal mint bullion by post and Dublin Madison what you think should I check out any other dealer looking for buy coins and
Comment from : Aidan McGale

Seymore Hynee
I can only afford fractional I buy the 5 gram igr It does pretty good
Comment from : Seymore Hynee

Jack McGee
I 'do not think "numismatic value" means what you think it means'
Comment from : Jack McGee

Jimmy Roman
Who you buy your gold from?
Comment from : Jimmy Roman

Jimmy Roman
Very good thank you very much
Comment from : Jimmy Roman

Word of warning Check your state laws and regs Some states (florida) require businesses to register sellers who sell things other than coins with the police dept They also require the shop to hold onto these items for 30 days So you will not get spot price if you try to sell Bullion coins with a face value are exempt
Comment from : gurgy3

William Johnson
I have Australian mint
Comment from : William Johnson

Lethal Wolf
I’m hunting Krugs at the moment, I absolutely love them Resilient due to the bronze content but still holding a full oz of gold I’ve got one 1980, but I left the shop my contact info and told them if they get more to call me and they did I’m picking up 3 more tomorrow and they are cheap and beautiful I’m debating buying a 30gram Panda proof they got from the same seller, idk They said if I buy all 3 Krugs they’ll be $20 over spot apiece, hell yes! Already had them remove them from display and put in safe with my name on them Dates on the 3 are all in the 1970s, no BU but their numismatist said they’re in great shape and I’ll want them Can’t wait for my addition!
Comment from : Lethal Wolf

Clyde Pace
I like the old Indian Head gold coins
Comment from : Clyde Pace

I'm confused , You say don't buy fractional but then you say buy 1/4 oz rounds What's the difference ? thx
Comment from : driftyviper

What do you consider just a hair over spot ?
Comment from : 96tears

MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands
Buy scrap gold is the bestbrOld necklaces bracelets
Comment from : MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands

Aris Pagalias
Hi Guys!brReal awesome video This helped me a lot in my `` buying gold strategy ´´ But it leaves me with one question brbrWhat about gold nuggets for an investment?
Comment from : Aris Pagalias

A welsh UK Dragon is worst; US based person buys UK based product and says it's bad without looking at future value compared to grams rolls eyes nationalism is best awesome
Comment from : AEG2020

Robert Spear
This was a waste of time
Comment from : Robert Spear

Сергей Масленников
Ты бы хоть коллекционными золотыми монетами интересовался!?
Comment from : Сергей Масленников

Stuart Hollingsead
I detest impure gold coinsbrbuffalo's are the only way imo
Comment from : Stuart Hollingsead

I intend to be well prepared for the inevitable apocalypse I've been quietly hoarding Gold Bond Powder for years now The profit potential here is incredible I recently found a great deal on e-Bay for a small foundry and crucible I hope to begin melting and pouring when it arrives
Comment from : swillswill

Anthony Sciabarrasi
"40-60$ premium" blaughs in over 6 premiums in 2021/b
Comment from : Anthony Sciabarrasi

1 oz bars are not bad if gold prices go high
Comment from : joewger

Keenan Xipher
Hmm do i wanna get some sweet gold
Comment from : Keenan Xipher

Adrian Wosniak
You don’t seem to know much about coinsbrVreneli, which you referred to as Helvetia, is mostly close to the gold price That’s correct, apart from the name Sovereign, 20 Francs and 20 Reichsmark play in the same league And are one of the best investments you actually can do Why? Plenty of those are currently on the market
Comment from : Adrian Wosniak

I like the Austrian phillies beautiful coin
Comment from : Juan88

Eliot Kerz
Gold Britannia's are the ones for me 😊😍👌
Comment from : Eliot Kerz

dragan djordjevic
Coins are much better than bars
Comment from : dragan djordjevic

Soton 62
I would have thought coins have higher premium over gold bars so the latter should the first option over coins no?
Comment from : Soton 62

John Rodriguez
Buy anything gold with the queen's face on it and you wont lose
Comment from : John Rodriguez

David Peden
I like 1oz gold Brittanias because in the UK they are exempt for capital gains tax
Comment from : David Peden

Dr Gazza
Some other channels say that buying second-hand jewellery and gold collectables is the way to go (especially in the US) in case the government confiscates gold again I am in Australia which has never confiscated gold before and like the Perth Mint 1 oz gold kangaroos (9999 gold), which have lower premiums than the US gold eagle
Comment from : Dr Gazza

Henry Santiago
Fractional 1/4 Eagles sells for a high premium and are easier to sell because they are very popular among stackers
Comment from : Henry Santiago

Wild Man
I prefer the Canadian Maple leaf coins
Comment from : Wild Man

Jade Hadfield
yes but the kruger and eagle weigh more than 1 troy ounce hence still containing 1 troy ounce of fine gold , come on mate give people the facts
Comment from : Jade Hadfield

Jade Hadfield
breath mate lol
Comment from : Jade Hadfield

Luke D
You are not going to lose moneybecause class, everybody repeat together BECAUSE GOLD IS MONEY!!!!!!
Comment from : Luke D

Michael Chater
I have a gold 1 oz Krugerrand
Comment from : Michael Chater

Pedro Paulo Guilhardi
How about gold nuggets, dust and ore? what is your opinion on the subject?
Comment from : Pedro Paulo Guilhardi

Good advice You might want to look into platinum It is red hot
Comment from : T H

I've bought mostly 1ounce gold eagles (just a few, I'm not rich, but it's fun) but recently bought a gold 1oz buffalowhat do you think of the buffalos?
Comment from : manongahela

Fractional depends I avoid smaller then 1/10 oz The extra premium is recovered at the sale They are also way more liquid Also avoid proof coins unless that is your thing
Comment from : maroman556

Where to buy gold coins besides eBay and major online retailers, like from individual sellers where you can pay spot prices? This would be a good video
Comment from : Romanlove11

Joel Scott
Thoughts on fake bars? YouTube likes suggesting the videos Is it that common?
Comment from : Joel Scott

Peter Bergeris
I can only buy 1/10 oz gold Couldn't I get rid of this faster than 1 oz?
Comment from : Peter Bergeris

Peter Bergeris
Where would you recommend selling silver or gold other than ebay? Sites like bgasc have a minimum quantity rule n will only accept certain coins I've heard some bad things regarding getting your money through PayPal
Comment from : Peter Bergeris

Ken Kaufman
At the end of the day you are buying an ounce of gold The Queen's Beast is the far better deal American gold should be avoided unless you want to lose money Don't buy them Gold is Gold English Gold, Austrian Gold, South African Gold, Mexican Gold, Canadian Gold are all BETTER options than American Gold A gold eagle has near zero coin value and never will Skip the huge premium you will never get back
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

Kofi Ofosu
In Canada where I live, less than 4 9s gold coins have a 13 tax so should be avoided
Comment from : Kofi Ofosu

What about goldbars?
Comment from : A G

Alex Cheng
Gold coins are for fun to look at, not for investment Bit coin is for gambling and investment
Comment from : Alex Cheng

A retail jeweller can put a 300 markup on the price of the gold jewellry they source from a manufacturing jeweller which obviously has added prices for fabrication and overheads On the other hand, your fabricated item has artistic value which could be long lasting depending on the design/type and also practical value in being able to be used as jewellery, again depending on the design/type with changing tastes
Comment from : Catubrannos

If you are buying gold coins listed in carrots, you are essentially buying jewelry If the price does not reflect scrap gold prices, avoid at all costs
Comment from : Manabozo

Bienvenido Yangco
Excellent presentation on Gold I learned a lot !! Thank you very much!
Comment from : Bienvenido Yangco

david gonzales
I just bought 1/10 gold eagle normally I buy 10 silver eagles but not in these silver premiums muy Loco
Comment from : david gonzales

Death by Fitness
$100 premium on 1/4 oz lol I was looking at multiple that was only $20 premium on $450 1/4 oz price Those only have a high premium after the minting is up, thats why you had to get them on sale on prelease with a low premium, cost as much as maples
Comment from : Death by Fitness

Betty Hahn
I’m new to this channel and am interested in learning more about gold and silver Can someone recommend where I can purchase online? Thank you!
Comment from : Betty Hahn

Buying say 10/th ounce gold numismatics is not too bad a strategy over time If you need to raise some cash in a hurry and don't need to sell an ounce you have that option, been there done that The silver queens beasts have done really well here in the UK, early gold releases have nearly over 50 gain
Comment from : thebubster0312

Hi got a questionbrafter buy a gold bar Can I open it?bror should I not open it ? ( incase I have to sell it later)brand is there way to check it is real gold with out opening the package?brthanks
Comment from : GBlove

hola hola #_#
Comment from : hola hola #_#

Wes Doobner
Current prices $500 US commemorative 244 over spot, best 1 ounce bar price 247 over spot
Comment from : Wes Doobner

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