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Top Ten Worst Universities in UK New Ranking | UK Worst University Ranking 2021

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Information Top Ten Worst Universities in UK New Ranking | UK Worst University Ranking 2021

Title :  Top Ten Worst Universities in UK New Ranking | UK Worst University Ranking 2021
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Frames Top Ten Worst Universities in UK New Ranking | UK Worst University Ranking 2021

Description Top Ten Worst Universities in UK New Ranking | UK Worst University Ranking 2021

Comments Top Ten Worst Universities in UK New Ranking | UK Worst University Ranking 2021

Elara Miller
Someone from UK can tell me if London met is any good?
Comment from : Elara Miller

Manu Harshith24
I am planning to Study in University of Greenwich and this shows its the 5 th worst University 😣😣 is it okay????
Comment from : Manu Harshith24

But worst ranking in terms of what some one should specify this , in terms of teaching or what ?
Comment from : Sheno

WTF Im planning to study at LSBU this year! Dont discourage students like this without any reasons!
Comment from : LoveKookie4ever

monika swami
What is the difference between public and private universities
Comment from : monika swami

Husen Omar
Is London met really bad university
Comment from : Husen Omar

London Metropolitan unireally,🙄
Comment from : MOVIE hUB

Mary Kigongo
This is an untrue representation both Greenwich and Southbank university are excellent universities especially for nursing and a few others
Comment from : Mary Kigongo

Ana Khorasani
University of Greenwich!!! Really 😅😅😅😅
Comment from : Ana Khorasani

Well so far, South Banks seems pretty good to me, just saying
Comment from : Darthjidious

On the move
Um City is a good school and is usually ranked in one of the best schools sooo
Comment from : On the move

mohamed tippu mastan
How about Westminster
Comment from : mohamed tippu mastan

Карина Ангелина
Gua pengen ke Universitas OXFORD lah 😀
Comment from : Карина Ангелина

Harini Sengathir
Wait this is the ranking for 2021 but you have posted it in May 2019? HOW? On what basis??
Comment from : Harini Sengathir

Yousef Bouzenada
bro southbank was founded in 1892 what did u smoke before making the video?
Comment from : Yousef Bouzenada

Dominik Komar
Yo LSBU is there, that's my uni I can confirm it's a shitshow here
Comment from : Dominik Komar

Anil Mathew
Is University of bolton a good one?
Comment from : Anil Mathew

izzie taylor
Dude you obvs got rejected to these schools so you're just trashing them without even having actual reasons Don't even try to tell us this was just your constructive criticism And also the music sucks lmao
Comment from : izzie taylor

Anusha Sidheart
It would be helpful if the reasons are specified and on what basis they have ranked these uni?
Comment from : Anusha Sidheart

Alex Moreton
3:19 for list!
Comment from : Alex Moreton

So clickbait
Comment from : Natrix

Imagine using a powerpoint instead of editing it XD
Comment from : Natrix

- Anene -
I love MDX so much I would go there again :-)
Comment from : - Anene -

Doing my undergrad at no 2 and hoping to do a postgrad at no 1 Joys lol
Comment from : whatisthis

Oh uni of Greenwich is horrid beautiful but horrendous the staff is clueless
Comment from : Simsationelle

Kira Rückemann
In a 2021 smaller University gives you a better chances: Companies prefer to hire people from smaller places, due to the fact that too high ranked uni graduates have too high expectations for the start That is a proven information Second of all: I am studying my MA degree related to the script writing at the University of Westminster I have consultations, additional workshops, online lectures mostly (we had few times stationary ones and few things organized as well), so this is not bad They have hight expectations when it comes to writings, so they don't try to favorize people, but fairly judge all works being send over the systembrbrIf someone is focused on creative industry and writings, Westminster is not a bad choice Besides: Vivienne Westwood was doing her degree both at Goldsmiths and Westminster, and look where she is nowbrbrIt is not just the uni, but what you gonna do with the stuff you learn Simple as that
Comment from : Kira Rückemann

Dream Abroad
Why Greenwich is worst university
Comment from : Dream Abroad

I got an offer letter from university of Westminster and University of Greenwich for Bachelor’s in Cyber Security Can someone for London/UK tell me which one is better?
Comment from : Akrsht

Think and act wisely
I do agree with you from 1st to 8th position but not with the last twobrbrCity University - Cass Business School is one of the prestigious Business schools in the entire world, not only in the UK as well as their Law degree and University of Westminster Business School degrees and Science and Engineering degrees are one of the best in the country 💯✅☑️brbrHence, you are extremely wrong for those two places 👈🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Think and act wisely

Frank Duca
London Met is worst
Comment from : Frank Duca

John G
It depends on your course guys a lot of these insitutions are specialists in certain areas, they might not be academic but nonethtless really good insititutions University of the west of Scotland is really good for journalism, business & criminal studies just overall other courses arent the best
Comment from : John G

Simon Chukwu
Who else noticed that windows notification Added some sense to the music😁
Comment from : Simon Chukwu

D Singh
fuck you the worst thing is your youtube channel and your data Go fuck yourself dude
Comment from : D Singh

This video aims to attract the view and the info are all unjustified
Comment from : Sdefu

Kurt Rogers-Day
What are the ratings based on?
Comment from : Kurt Rogers-Day

Rhea Sudesan
To anyone thinking about applying to The University of Hertfordshire I would strongly suggest that u don't You will not have a good experience here and u will not come out a good person, cos u will be surrounded by nasty evil staff and students I've been to a rough secondary school and I've never come across people like I have done in Hertfordshire They just don't have any empathy or morals whatsoever The university staff have gotten away with hacking my phone and laptop using my phone number, my email address and my studynet account The evil Smirks on the students and the way the staff have responded to the situation have scarred me for life and they've destroyed my life and have zero remorse for it I was warned not to go to this uni by someone from my college and I chose to ignore it cos I didn't know people could be so evil Dont make the same mistake I made cos people say certain things for a reason Its been a few months since I wrote a couple of comments about this university on a load of this Universities Youtube videos and this stinking crooked university had to remove my comments about their criminal activities because they don't want the university looking shit as it is, and because of the shitty responses I got from some of the people in Hertfordshire pretending like nothings happening inspired by the evil narcissistic staff members, which again makes this university look really really bad Full of evil vile people If you wanna learn how to be a nazi this is a great university for you Also they've identified me as schizophrenic referring me a psychiatrist and the people in this university think its acceptable to carry on with their disgusting vile behavior when there was no good reason for it Also from all the gangstalking, phone and laptop hacking and all sorts of other stuff I dont want to go to much into but they were aware of, I developed severe anxiety which didn't make them stop to think that what they were doing was inhumane They've specifically left one comment as it is, because it hasn't had any replies or likes, unlike the others And they wanna make look like nothings going on They don't want the attention, so why did they give me the attention And even with that one comment they did something dodgy where I could only see the comment from my account, but from another persons youtube account you wouldn't be able to see the comment, to prevent attention towards it I feel like people are scared shitless of this university for many reasons, they're run by a bunch of insane, dangerous power freaks Added a few new comments see if you can find them, date: 19/12/2020
Comment from : Rhea Sudesan

Nuwan Mataraarachchi
False information
Comment from : Nuwan Mataraarachchi

Moosa Ramzan
Whats wrong with university of Westminster?
Comment from : Moosa Ramzan

I am not so sure about the others but city uni is definitely not a ‘worst’ university Difficult to believe without any plausible reason
Comment from : SerialDubs

Zamar Ashraf
These universities are top ranked
Comment from : Zamar Ashraf

Aastha chandok
Westminster university is one of the top unis in london The data in this video is fake!
Comment from : Aastha chandok

Completely bias, each one of those unis are top in there specialised courses
Comment from : KAGUYAS NETWORK

Engr Waleed Zia
please mention your source
Comment from : Engr Waleed Zia

Sonia Varghese
Don't spread negative thoughts about this universities🙏
Comment from : Sonia Varghese

Oh common how could you mention university of Greenwich and City university as worste are you out of your mind ??? Don't spread negative things these are top and world class study place dude
Comment from : MsSurekha360

I know someone went to do PhD at Oxford after graduating from Westminster, this video is pure bs
Comment from : XERP

Its My World
Tell me the reasons tooo
Comment from : Its My World

🔱k bachhal🔱
Wolverhampton ??????
Comment from : 🔱k bachhal🔱

Zayden Fox
Is Teeside university (middlesbrough) really that bad? It's the only university in England offering the course I want
Comment from : Zayden Fox

Christa Titus
Is Greenwich University worst??????😳
Comment from : Christa Titus

Karan Seth
This list is irrelevant
Comment from : Karan Seth

Joybrath Singh Rawat
Westminster Business School is quite good
Comment from : Joybrath Singh Rawat

i got a uws clearing advert just before this video started
Comment from : goha

The YouTuber claims those universities are bad but offers no reason This YouTuber probably had terrible education
Comment from : letter4321

Bee Tin Lim
City uni is good !! My daughter did her BPTC there Highly recommended to go there for law !!
Comment from : Bee Tin Lim

suresh khatri
this is ridiculous
Comment from : suresh khatri

juyel ahmed
Bruh city is a good one And check latest ranking for London south bank They are doing good in engineering
Comment from : juyel ahmed

kabali da
You fuck
Comment from : kabali da

Ja Con
I applied for half of these unis and ended up going to the university of Westminster! What's wrong with it???
Comment from : Ja Con

Ray A E Parker
Is this video meant to be as bad as the universities featured in it?
Comment from : Ray A E Parker

Pranjal Parmar
Report this video
Comment from : Pranjal Parmar

Do you know what "tongue in cheek" means?!
Comment from : TheSphinx

Except for London metropolitan university, which was stripped off it's Tier4 license many years ago (not sure if they got it back), all universities listed in this video are good The YouTuber must educate us why they are the worst Otherwise it is a defamation case
Comment from : V S

Really nice content, I also make videos on UK universities, if anyone wants to know more about UK universities please take a look on my channel

Luke Carlin
Man lyk low disc space
Comment from : Luke Carlin

Shifa B
Just finishing from City uni there’s nothing wrong with it and it is actually known as a good uni Wonder what the source for these rankings are 😂
Comment from : Shifa B

Jason Islam
He is right apart from City University of London
Comment from : Jason Islam

I'm confused why isn't that 1096 university Oxford not on the list
Comment from : BrickStop

Filippo Iguera
the last one you mean London Metropolitan and not Westminster looking at data you gave
Comment from : Filippo Iguera

Don't know how Hertfordshire university ain't in this That uni not only has the most inept and worst vice-Chancellor of all time but it's full of illiterate students, poor low-quality lecturers & poor facilities They purport to help those with mental health difficulties & they are a racist & discriminatory organisation It's run and regulated by a bunch of racist, uneducated individuals that don't deserve an unfettered life 🦠
Comment from : Rafael-Mäthéus

Terry Crew
Anyone reading this city uni is good its prestigious London uni with high grad prospects and low acceptance rate so don't be put of by this person who has no idea about anything because it is ranked 36th in the UK out of 150 Can't speak for the others but I know about city my cousin who got an ABB for law went there its good
Comment from : Terry Crew

Bibin Moongz
fake fake fake
Comment from : Bibin Moongz

Gillian Ula
City uni definelty does not deserve to belong on here
Comment from : Gillian Ula

Rajvir Dulai
City uni is good
Comment from : Rajvir Dulai

Claire Johnson
You know city is a good uni when everyone is commenting
Comment from : Claire Johnson

Carlos Hendez
City uni is very good don't know why its on here probs just got rejected
Comment from : Carlos Hendez

Gillian Ula
False city uni is really good
Comment from : Gillian Ula

Claire Johnson
City is really good that was my insurance I got in too LSE but if I didn't I would happily of went there for law Its a prestigious uni in the UK and world Can't speak for the others cus I've never visited them but cus you put city on here I know this is lies anyway Probs just got rejected from these unis but if your gonna do this video do it properly cuz your giving false info to future student at uni which isn't helpful
Comment from : Claire Johnson

Terrance Lawrence
I got rejected from City uni of London but 2 of my friends with ABB went there it is a prestigious London uni its 6th in london and is really good for journalism business and law With top graduate prospectsbrbrBtw: this is coming from someone who goes Brunel brSo this video is lies
Comment from : Terrance Lawrence

Tom Smith
City uni is good bro its a top 30 unibrDon't lie
Comment from : Tom Smith

Richard Blake
I don't even go to city uni and I know its a good uni where are you getting this info from
Comment from : Richard Blake

I dropped out of the WORST university in 2019, a new one in London Doesn’t have accommodation and societies or extra learning for the course Students pay £14K a year alone at the closest accommodation brbrA year later I’m accepted early at the university of the year Loughborough University
Comment from : Iskandarthepanda

I think the reason is the large number of indians and pakistanis in these universities!
Comment from : ZETA 4

THE king
Its not true
Comment from : THE king

IM Kakerot
I think so he have been rejected from this all
Comment from : IM Kakerot

Ramana’s Uk Vlogs
Who the hell is this bloody idiot said those are bad,,,
Comment from : Ramana’s Uk Vlogs

S Chaudhary
Comment from : S Chaudhary

Who told u these are worst
Comment from : TANYA CHOUHAN

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