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The Best Silver Bar Size for Silver Stacking or Silver Investing

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Information The Best Silver Bar Size for Silver Stacking or Silver Investing

Title :  The Best Silver Bar Size for Silver Stacking or Silver Investing
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Frames The Best Silver Bar Size for Silver Stacking or Silver Investing

Description The Best Silver Bar Size for Silver Stacking or Silver Investing

Comments The Best Silver Bar Size for Silver Stacking or Silver Investing

Ebay Account
Are Valcambi Combibars worth it?
Comment from : Ebay Account

Ebay Account
What about the valcambi bars of 100 1g bars? Is that easy to fake, or a better investment? Why are they so much more than regular silver?
Comment from : Ebay Account

yaro grigoriev
What is spot ?
Comment from : yaro grigoriev

I bought a 10 oz Mint ID Buffalo silver bar encrypted When scanned it tells the details about it There’s a smartphone app NFC that even shows a pic of it It’s amazing $17893
Comment from : Go4it

Doug McKernan
A nice video, I think it would be better if you gave the premium as a percentage over spot, as it would carry over roughly to any spot
Comment from : Doug McKernan

Alex Berukoff
Comment from : Alex Berukoff

David Canary
What I learned is that you lose money when you purchase it and you also lose money when you sell it Bad investment!
Comment from : David Canary

Tyler Fortin
Im about to order a 100 gram cast bar from germania and I think im gonna start stacking 100 gram scottsdale silver bars! And ounce bars are cool too!
Comment from : Tyler Fortin

I don't know why, but I prefer the look of cast silver when it comes to bars I know you don't typically get the cool designs and whatnot, but there's something pleasing about them to me
Comment from : Rubycon99

Matt Savoff
New to silver, but correct me if I am wrong here: purchase of something valued in excess of $500 won't be taxed right? So if you buy a bunch of 1 oz bars, even if the total is over $500, you'll still be taxed because each individual bar us under $500 So wouldn't the best idea be to buy kilos or higher?
Comment from : Matt Savoff

you want to check the premium price in the UK at the moment its almost like they don't want you to buy!!!!!!!
Comment from : RELENTLESS RIDER 89

Sunny View
The 100oz Royal Mint Britannia Silver Bar is beautiful if you can find one They are rare!
Comment from : Sunny View

US silver dimes
Comment from : xyzct

Back in 2015, I bought a bunch of 1 gram bars for far below spot Keep looking There are deals out there if you try
Comment from : noblelies

Crimson Vulpes
For me, It's 1s and 10sbrThey're easy to handle, and make perfect gifts
Comment from : Crimson Vulpes

greener ell
your premiums are so low the best prices i can find her on 1kg bars are $80 over spot
Comment from : greener ell

Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​
Meanwhile in 2022 I literally just paid $1860 for a 100 oz engelhard bar when spot price is $19/oz
Comment from : Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​

Joost van Herpen
I am in Thailand and i bought 500gram silver bars of Bangkok Silver Is it as good as other silver bars and also as easy to sell in the future?
Comment from : Joost van Herpen

David Coursey
Kilo silver is bought and sold by most of the world's population brEveryone to the south and north of the USA are familiar with it; Europe the Middle East, Russia, China brMost home hobby inventories have for long time included both Geiger fractional kilo products and kilos besides mint maples, eagles and libertads brjust in case the world ever gets really interesting
Comment from : David Coursey

Where can i buy the 1Oz bar?
Comment from : Levent

Borninspain Van
I just started stacking I'm still super new to my research But I started out with my first purchase beingbr10 1ozbr1 3ozbr1 5ozbrThenbr1 gram goldbrbrIdk if thats a good start on stacking but I really didn't know, just bought then did my research I now know I shoulda just bought 1 kilo bar lol
Comment from : Borninspain Van

Jonas Albert
8:07 SUS!!!
Comment from : Jonas Albert

John Wolford
$22 for an ounce of silver That was a year ago silver is selling for 19 an ounce
Comment from : John Wolford

Domenic N
Thanks for the video How do you store the bars? I have a few 1 kilo bars that I want to protect from tarnish I was thinking to wrap them silversmith's cloth and seal them in Ziploc food grade bags Feedback is much appreciated Thanks
Comment from : Domenic N

End Of Existence
I'm late to this video but I bought 3 one ounce silver bars on my first purchase But I will be buying 10oz bars from now on
Comment from : End Of Existence

David Garcia
How about the 20 ounce bars?
Comment from : David Garcia

C Land
For somebody who seems to be hung up on premiums it’s interesting how you reference SD bullion as they are not the most reasonably priced
Comment from : C Land

Nicci Dee
Thank you for clarifying all of this I like to buy from SD bullion, and am new to this Could you please do a video on what is the price differences they mention, or point me to a video you've already done explaining this? brWhat I mean is, why do they charge one price for "check wire," another for bitcoin, etc And what is "Check wire?" How do I get that? (I've been using PayPal)brAgain, thanks for all you do to help educate the masses :)
Comment from : Nicci Dee

Wil Morales
Thanks for the info I just got into stacking silver 1oz bars
Comment from : Wil Morales

Beth SeeksTruth
Corchette a little glove for the that 100 oz bar and use it as a door stop No thief will ever know 😈
Comment from : Beth SeeksTruth

X95 23
She's still not impressed
Comment from : X95 23

Shawn Cypret
I got a guy in my area selling them for about 2 to 250 a gram
Comment from : Shawn Cypret

Elizabeth Kahn
Does this apply to gold too? Don't go smaller than 1 oz?
Comment from : Elizabeth Kahn

Art Vandelay
It's 1,000 grams 😎
Comment from : Art Vandelay

so glad i bought 100's already getting killed with silver but it hurts less than paying 60 premiums like some people
Comment from : IN_THE_POCKET

marc brunson
i started with 1oz ASE then went into 5&10oz bars because i didn't want to pay the ASE premiumsi did recently pickup some 1/2oz rounds just to give me smaller units for bartering or gifting
Comment from : marc brunson

Daniel Rogers
When you sell silver back, do you recoup your premium?
Comment from : Daniel Rogers

Jay P
PLEASE HELP!!!!brI live in Canada and want to buy some silver I appreciate your videos to help ppl like me understand a little bit more on how to stack Currently today spot is $24 CAD for 1 oz The site I was gonna buy from has 1oz generic coins for $31 or $7 over spot I can get britanias for $33 or $9 over spot and maples for $34 or $10 over spot That seems to be very high for a premium so was just asking your opinion if you think that's a reasonable price over spot Thanks and see you next video
Comment from : Jay P

Tyrone Deas Brailsford
1 kg = 3527 oz, not 3215
Comment from : Tyrone Deas Brailsford

Ptica Nebeska
coins are best! what you gona do with those large bars ? ? ?
Comment from : Ptica Nebeska

Viper Racing
Why is the "premium" so high on silver compared to gold? A 100 gram PAMP gold bar has a 4 premium while the premium on a 1000 gram silver bar is probably closer to 34 🤔
Comment from : Viper Racing

Mike Barrett
Very easy to find kilo worth Spot price x 3215oz
Comment from : Mike Barrett

David Maxey
I'm a new to all this Can someone please recommend a reputable/honest silver seller I don't want to get scammed
Comment from : David Maxey

Lehi Silver
Bigger is always better!!! What kind of question is that ???? LOL HA HA HA 😂
Comment from : Lehi Silver

"Other countries might prefer dealing with grams" yeah, like every other one on this planet besides US lol We do however love your 1 oz
Comment from : Necris

I'm a chunky lover (10 oz poured loaf)
Comment from : Mike

dream on
My silver bar stack (from small to big) consists of 3oz (yes three oz), 5 oz, 250 gram (approx 75 oz) , 10 oz, 500 gram (approx 15 oz), 20 oz (another weird size) and 1 kilo We have more options in the sizes of bar in Asia My favorite bar is 500 gram bar
Comment from : dream on

Glockman 155
Pamp Suisse Kilos for me! Beautiful and rare
Comment from : Glockman 155

Jesse Dawg
More videos like this please I like this comparsion type video
Comment from : Jesse Dawg

Mickey Brown
Any size bar in large quantities is the best size to have (:
Comment from : Mickey Brown

sold a bit of my silver over a yr ago and my LCS paying more for 10 oz bars than 1 oz rounds got $3 over spot for those 10 oz bars
Comment from : D T

Roy Th
Is the price advertised on S D bullion the price you pay or do they add a tax?In the UK 🇬🇧 they add VAT ( value added tax ) It is 18 at the moment
Comment from : Roy Th

James Way
Great video Thank you for comparing the different sizes
Comment from : James Way

Roman Synovle
I’ve never seen a more inspirational channel name It’s a bit intimidating, but thankfully the video was great
Comment from : Roman Synovle

ranthony bab
1 oz bars are for the peasants
Comment from : ranthony bab

Kai Baird
Just placed an order for five kilo bars They were at a great price from SD $76969 a bar
Comment from : Kai Baird

Kelly Harbeson
The 10troz is a convenient size for me I have some 2troz rounds but the premium is definitely less on the 10's
Comment from : Kelly Harbeson

Emil Ferlicchi
Thought your presentation was clear and concise I much enjoyed it and learned a bit too Never a waste if you come away with more than you knew before hand thanksbrelobone70
Comment from : Emil Ferlicchi

I like the kilo and the 50br50s are getting rare
Comment from : invisibleman!

harryzero 156
10oz over 1 kg, for 5 x 1kg you get an extra 10oz barbr5 x 32oz = 160oz = 16 x 10oz
Comment from : harryzero 156

Why does every video on YouTube have to tell you what they're about to tell you?brbrbrThe best bang for buck bars to buy are 1kg vintage direct from exchangesbrbrThey carry a premium (collectability factor) often very low mintage, hand poured, hand stamped and are sold at the same price as new 1kg bars YET can be sold privately often for 20+ mark upbrbrI have been buying these and seeking out vintage for nearly a decade I flip them for 20 to 200 profit (depending on how rare the bar is) then reinvest brbr They are closer to spot than 1s 10s or 20s yet the 100oz or 5kg bar carries minimal to no price advantage with all the disadvantages of larger weight brbrIf you want to stack for weight 1kg bars are the sweet spot brbrIf you know what to look for you can trade and grow your stack significantly You just need tobrbr1 Know what you are doing put in the time to research and learn brbr2 Develop contact to sell to world wide International stackers pay top $ for your Local vintage brbr3 Find and befriend bullion exchanges and become an authority in the market, become a preferred customer and chase vintage brbrDoing this over the years has grown me a large and rewarding stack yet cost me about half what it is worth because of clever trading, flipping and reinvesting
Comment from : ZoneTwelve

Mike P
I buy/look for 9999 bars before 999, surprised at the DEALS I find
Comment from : Mike P

Jim Ross
Why buy online? The shipping cost should be factored in Find a long-term local dealer
Comment from : Jim Ross

Brandon Goss
I prefer the 5 Oz and the 10 Oz These are not too expensive and if it weren't for that Stacking 5 or 10 ounces are a good stackable bar
Comment from : Brandon Goss

Jay Dubau
5 kilo
Comment from : Jay Dubau

Carp Runner
I like stacking 5oz bars because I can buy just the bar and choose a couple 1oz rounds to get past the $199 free shipping minimum on most sites I also like to look at the various designs available on 1oz rounds
Comment from : Carp Runner

Track pack GT
My LCS use to sell 1 gram bars for $1 each but that was when silver was $13 an ounce so that was high at the time but I bought a 50 gram valcombi breakable bar for 30 bucks they gave me a deal because it was more than 1 gram i was buying and I over paid at the time but other than that gram silver is pointless! I understand gram gold more value there but silver grams completely useless lol
Comment from : Track pack GT

Silent Bliss
I could now buy a 1 kilo Heraeus Bar at USD$786 This may be the last good opportunity to stack silvers
Comment from : Silent Bliss

I like the 10's for a stack and 1oz rounds for a sack
Comment from : SilentQ

ro jo
For stamped bars 10s zee best, poured I like kilos 100oz Fk no buy Gold dodo (unless your gonna melt it of course)
Comment from : ro jo

The Real Hawkeye II
I like 10 oz and Kilo bars
Comment from : The Real Hawkeye II

one Oz & Constitutional are my go to's
Comment from : 66Block

10:00 br* Places 100oz bar on table * br* Earthquake ensues *
Comment from : Owen

Randy Walker
We’re can I buy the dragon bars? 5,10 oz thank you for the best information to help us stack R
Comment from : Randy Walker

I would never discuss your holdings with your kids And I am surprised at the number of people willing to discuss their holdings on a public forum Loose Lips, Sink Ships
Comment from : DaDaDit

Storage of big bars is a problem Even deposit boxes are not 100 secure and many have been burgled 1 oz bars or coins are probably the best size They can be hidden more easily in times of war and can be used to buy passage and food You can't easily hack off pieces of a kilo bar to buy some potatoes or water
Comment from : Persimon

Boarbot 78
I like 100 grams So just over 3 ounces
Comment from : Boarbot 78

Comment from : dan8t6

Greg Anweiler
If spot price goes up 10x the 100 0z is fine Buy a car 🚗 or a piece of land
Comment from : Greg Anweiler

Anthony Peters
iDK you could get a few 1g bars encase them and chain them together for some bling bling!brHolly mother you could lose a 1g bar in a couchbrbrbtw on THE 31ST OF MARCH 2022 SILVER WAS $080 A GRAM + RETAIL MARKUP
Comment from : Anthony Peters

This video has convinced me to stack chocolate
Comment from : S D

I love how the metric is the one that isn't the "even" number I get how these metals are rated to the troy ounce but it is still funny
Comment from : FUN JAM

Luke Lints
Interested in the 10 oz way more than the 1 ounce bars now I feel 30, 1oz bars is enough for barter, best start making big stacks soon
Comment from : Luke Lints

Ahhh, the age old question I've always been told different strokes for different folks
Comment from : TheIosif

10 oz bars
Comment from : fasteddie4145

I started watching and quickly realized this is no longer applicable lol
Comment from : TelFiRE

Vincent Victory
As far as bars go, I won't go above 10 oz Now coins ought to be more popular than bars In which case I would not go above one ounce
Comment from : Vincent Victory

Eva Mandri
Excellent stuff! Thank you for sharing
Comment from : Eva Mandri

all i care is weight
Comment from : calical26

Josh Oconnor
I like the 73 oz bar because when they cut your bar in half to see if it's real they gotta buy it
Comment from : Josh Oconnor

Bre Xit
So size does matter?
Comment from : Bre Xit

Size doesnt matter, it is the motion in the ocean Oh wait, wrong video ><
Comment from : NotSoFluffy93

Tracy Liichow
Honest in a SHTF event, fractional silver will be what is used to buy, sell, barter What your kilo bar is going to be used to buy a dozen eggs or a can of spam, lol? Heck, stick up on silver halves, quarters and dimes as well
Comment from : Tracy Liichow

Rumple Stiltskin
You just showed a one ounce bar saying that the premium is around $4 per each, which amounts to about 15 premium, with the 10 ounce bar coming in at a 13 premium, WHICH IS OUTRAGEOUS My premium average for my silver collection is just slightly over 4 Obviously, the sellers you are quoting are gouging the market Today is 03-08-22 Of course the last addition to my silver collections was in 2012, but a percentage is still a percentage, and it doesn't make any difference how expensive a bar or coin becomes at spot When they hear that silver is in short supply they gouge the market, knowing full well that no one is going to call them on it and will pay whatever is asked
Comment from : Rumple Stiltskin

Zayne Underwood
10 ounce all day long
Comment from : Zayne Underwood

So So
"Other countries prefer things to be measured in grams" ??? LIKE ALLL OTHER COUNTRIES!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : So So

Brandon M
Just started my investment into silver bars and I have to say I really love collecting the 1oz silver bars
Comment from : Brandon M

Gary Gwinn
Guys, you pay a much lower premium for larger bars, But, if you can get a good deals on 1oz and 10oz bars, you can get over spot for them!
Comment from : Gary Gwinn

Dylan Taylor
Silver worth nothing gold wear it at silver=dirt
Comment from : Dylan Taylor

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