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Cleaning coins: My favorite technique

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Title :  Cleaning coins: My favorite technique
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fixation station
Toms non flourinated tooth paste and goo gone citrus oil mixed 50 50 and hit it with a tooth brush, the microscopic silicone beads in the tooth paste will help grind the crud off and the citrus oil will help pull the residue off Once you have removed all of the crud you need to degrease the coin in 91 percent isopropyl alcohol Once it has been decreased you need to remove the oxidation on the copper Quickly dip the coin in 50 percent muriatic acid and distilled water Dip in and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds Then drop the coin in a 50 50 mix of baking soda and distilled water to neutralize the acid It will look shiny and brand new
Comment from : fixation station

László József Nagy
Hello I found a presumably Roman coin yesterday, but nothing is visible from it because the gravel is dry on it, how would you clean it?brThanks in advance
Comment from : László József Nagy

Silh S
I clean my coins with broccoli ! Its super fresh
Comment from : Silh S

leynaux D
I use Colgate toothpaste sometimes when I want my coin to be as shiny as a mirror Takes a while but does the job Usually use a cotton stick thingy with it
Comment from : leynaux D

Koi Fishie
This guy must brush his teeth so fast
Comment from : Koi Fishie

henry stickmin
1 down 700 billion to go
Comment from : henry stickmin

John Q
Mouthwash soak and then toothpaste scrub
Comment from : John Q

Wolves rock
WOOOOOW TYSM FOR THIS IDEA I've been researching of how to clean them rlly good and this work so good
Comment from : Wolves rock

Isaac Talley
Using an eraser works pretty well but it’s kinda hard It works well too because it won’t wear on the penny much
Comment from : Isaac Talley

I have I 1915 penny
Comment from : Dualkingofnoobs

Anonymous Anonymous
I use my blood to clean it, works like a charm
Comment from : Anonymous Anonymous

Veronica Ramirez
As ur brushing to clean ur damaging the coin against the metal
Comment from : Veronica Ramirez

Can fast orange clean quarters and nickels?
Comment from : rockero

mark reyes
For pennies try hot sauce soak it for 1 minute or 2 and rinse off
Comment from : mark reyes

isnt this illegal
Comment from : Jovani

I have some coins that were burnt, in my grandparents house fire 33 years ago A giant change jar I would like to clean them Wonder if this would work for that Just curious about what’s in there, even if it isn’t worth any more then the coin

Wd40 with a dremmel buff wheel works good also
Comment from : Spencer

Joel Keeton Jr
I used my mom's spit That takes EVERYTHING off!
Comment from : Joel Keeton Jr

Crime Bad
I found a 1941 nickel so I need to watch this video
Comment from : Crime Bad

Janeth Daohog
I have that coin
Comment from : Janeth Daohog

Turtle Wax scratch and swirl remover worked wonders on my collection It does take a few repetitions to get the coin shiny but it looks amazing afterwards
Comment from : Lord_Beethoven

Police 4life
FYI using abrasives on ANY copper coins leaves brush marks and any professional coin dealer will tell you that you damaged the strike plate of the coin brNever use abrasives on any coin It’s liquid sand paper and it DOES damage the coin and reduces the value Yes it looks nice and shiny and clean but under a microscope, it will show the abrasive lines and damage to the strike plate brI have been collecting coins since 1975, and I never “polish” them However, on some coins ( not copper ) I use a professional cleaner and a cotton swab This removes just the dirt and does not damage the coin Abrasives leave swirl marks I have over 5,000 wheat pennies that have patina A coin dealer will give you a better appraisal on non cleaned coins vs cleaned coins
Comment from : Police 4life

Another thing to try is CLR, works fasta nd gets rid of a lot of blemishes if you want to make it look nice Can however decrease value!
Comment from : Heroxddmp

Chad Pukaite
Melt them down for the copper, worth more $ now that Joe Biden is ruining the dollar and the country
Comment from : Chad Pukaite

Duane White
Not supposed to clean your coins
Comment from : Duane White

Karbazagar SON of Zadnaôn
I just recently discovered that using an eraser works pretty good
Comment from : Karbazagar SON of Zadnaôn

invisible bullet
Does W-40 works?
Comment from : invisible bullet

Diamond paste is often used for the most effective restorations
Comment from : LaserGryph

I have a 1911 1p coin I found yesterday and Im looking for ways to clean it It's not rare, but it is massive to the 1p coins we have today and I think it looks nice so I'm trying to clean it
Comment from : Ezra

Awesome Jonas 10
Comment from : Awesome Jonas 10

Rhett Hamilton
Dude I'm literally working on polishing a wheat penny from 1944 what the crap I wish I could share a picture lol
Comment from : Rhett Hamilton

my grandma just gave me bunch of pennies but they're silver and from 1943
Comment from : NBA Guy

I had a bunch of coins in my center console in my car I spilled soda on it I was just cleaning them with water I enjoyed it, now I want to start actually making them shiny
Comment from : LoneJalapeno

Boonedock Journeyman
This destroys any value a coin may hold See PCGS webinar Coin Grading 103: No Grade Coins They spot abrasive cleaning instantly and give your coin “No Grade” That means you throw it in the scrap metal pile
Comment from : Boonedock Journeyman

JJ MoneyMaker
I'm getting ready to do some 1800s pennies Restored to original finish I'm going to see the first one in a 110 years to get to see what they originally looked like
Comment from : JJ MoneyMaker

The community could try some BKF (Bar Keeper's Friend) abluent cleanser, baking soda, Brillo pads, and some elbow grease This will probably speed up the time of restoration
Comment from : eddyvideostar

Peggy’s Paws
I have a 1914 coin!!
Comment from : Peggy’s Paws

Gul Majeed
great video well done
Comment from : Gul Majeed

Matthew Williams
use blue magic cream it removes tarnish, gunk, oxidation, and rust really quickly blue magic is what i use on my coins
Comment from : Matthew Williams

Dharshan Anandaraman
Just soak it in water for some time Wash the coin and rub using rubber/eraser (Stationery) It will be glossy
Comment from : Dharshan Anandaraman

Treasure Hunters Illyria
Hello hunter from Albania illyria
Comment from : Treasure Hunters Illyria

Braydens Banknotes
Pls don’t do this with valuable coins it will loose its value because of scrubbing it just use proper coin cleaner or just don’t clean it
Comment from : Braydens Banknotes

Jess R Baria
How much?
Comment from : Jess R Baria

The pink stufff is very good
Comment from : WorldBanknotesCollecter

Jai S
Your crazy that 1944 (was)worth money idk about now
Comment from : Jai S

Gidc Coins Channel
Wow amazing
Comment from : Gidc Coins Channel

Reality discovery
Try mixing vinegar and salt creates a weak acid and dissolves the coin making it shiny again
Comment from : Reality discovery

Ty Zhulev
Thank you so much for this valuable information! Are there any other chemicals that will also work as well?
Comment from : Ty Zhulev

Criss Criss
That 1944 coin is very valuable
Comment from : Criss Criss

Criss Criss
Aren’t they going to worth less if you cleaning them?
Comment from : Criss Criss

My little brother washed his coins thinking they would get shinier, but bad things happened, that's why I am here
Comment from : Me

Hello does it have to fast orange product or any will do ?
Comment from : DANIELSOLOBOY Leon

수빈Choi Soobin Is handsome ya know
Comment from : 수빈Choi Soobin Is handsome ya know

Murshida Akhter
1944, wow!!!!!!!! 😯😯😯
Comment from : Murshida Akhter

Look up videos online of, "Why you should NOT! clean your coins"
Comment from : TheQuackAttack

Btw for the people that clean their coins You lost all its value good luck with all the money you hoped on selling
Comment from : TheQuackAttack

The way some of the major coin authentication experts professionals grading companies preserve coins Is a special process where there is no absolutely no abrasive instruments compounds tools or techniques used oilss and steam is about it how do Jewelers clean jewelry in a steamer?
Comment from : DR SOLO

ShanDale Butler
Does it hurt the value when you use the stuff and does it leave a chemical residue?
Comment from : ShanDale Butler

tina mckeage
I have old coins I want to cleando u know anything to clean them w and want to sell themI love this stuff I have to get for my penniesty
Comment from : tina mckeage

Sherman Shecapio
Well I'll be damned
Comment from : Sherman Shecapio

Aida Cintron
I have one from 1917
Comment from : Aida Cintron

Oliver Lazaroo
I use tamberine pastebrIt does the job
Comment from : Oliver Lazaroo

Gibs Ogden
Remember, don’t do this with valuable coins, please
Comment from : Gibs Ogden

Michael G
just put them in your pocket and walk around for a while lol
Comment from : Michael G

Mitsu* Zelestials*
The tooth brush won’t scratch?
Comment from : Mitsu* Zelestials*

Vishal Erriah
hello need your help bri put cleaning solutions ( pro saniter) in a contener to wash all my coin copper & silver but i forget to wash next day went going to wash all my silver coin change colour please help what to do
Comment from : Vishal Erriah

living is overrated
I have an old German coin from 1969 and I'm not sure to clean it or just leave the old look please some tell me what to do with it
Comment from : living is overrated

Peter Parker
There are many tips on how to clean silver coins and a few things that you should know about these tips before you begin the cleaning process The first thing to know is that cleaning silver coins can get very expensive, especially if you do not have some of your own supplies or equipment on hand, so be sure that you know what you are doing and then have a friend help you if need beMore: www99alternativescom/article/how-to-clean-silver-coinshtml
Comment from : Peter Parker

Abdellatif Elkissi
tengo una moneda de 1944 para vender
Comment from : Abdellatif Elkissi

Ta Say Ta Bay
I thought coin cleaning is not good,, and it devalues the coin by a few times??
Comment from : Ta Say Ta Bay

That car was really awsome
Comment from : SAMUEL AASISH

John Barboza
bruh this guy has no clue that the copper 1944 copper penny is worth like 200k 😂😂 i hope he sees this
Comment from : John Barboza

Wild Cats Life
Can I do it with acetone?
Comment from : Wild Cats Life

John J Rambo
Bar keepers friend is the best to clean copper
Comment from : John J Rambo

I usually swallow them then sh*t them right out and they come out perfectly clean after washing them :)brbrbrbrbrCalm down its a joke
Comment from : #1LamboFan

Ketut Yuda
bos saya punya coins Elizabeth ll th 1981 mau saya jual Bali bos
Comment from : Ketut Yuda

Monda View
Yes vinegar and salt does both side you can add s bit of lemon
Comment from : Monda View

bagus khalid
I have so many but I want selling my old's coins
Comment from : bagus khalid

Brian I
What about nickels dimes and quarters
Comment from : Brian I

If you just take an old penny and rub it with your fingers to remove the oxidation is that considered cleaning the coin? Coins are touched by thousands of fingers every day, so it's just considered circulated The oils in my fingers do wonders for dirty coins if I rub them with just my fingers
Comment from : Scrapman50

The Collector Of Coins
You’re basically destroying the numismatic value
Comment from : The Collector Of Coins

cool intro
Comment from : Genesis

Sr Pastor Joshua Pichardo Mejia
I found a 1943 and it stick to magnet Is it worth anything?brInteresting
Comment from : Sr Pastor Joshua Pichardo Mejia

Timkeiser Keiser
I was told never to clean a coin! It takes away from the value!
Comment from : Timkeiser Keiser

Just use Ajax or commet! Cheaper and takes less time!
Comment from : 123dij

Farzan Sahragard
I have a 1902 penny How do I clean it without damaging it ?
Comment from : Farzan Sahragard

Tammy Johns
Comment from : Tammy Johns

Nelson Aguilera
Lemon and salt is better
Comment from : Nelson Aguilera

Rare Coin & Cryptocurrency Analyst
awesome video 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐
Comment from : Rare Coin & Cryptocurrency Analyst

Md Kamruzzaman Razu
What paste did u use?
Comment from : Md Kamruzzaman Razu

flagcity parts
vinegar takes about 2 minutes and you can do a few thousandbut if use your method and you do it to a 1992 closed am coin you just removed 20k$ from the coin there's coins in your pocket that can buy you a new car
Comment from : flagcity parts

Dinosaur Hub
I found that using an eraser on copper can clean it up real nice
Comment from : Dinosaur Hub

I use Ajax or commit and scrub they come out good as new Or hot sauce
Comment from : 123dij

Lalin D
You need an ultrasonic parts cleaner mate :) It's just a viberating tub filled with soapy water
Comment from : Lalin D

He He
How on earth is he ruining the coins he is cleaning it
Comment from : He He

Metal detecting Michigan
For pennies and relics only, I sometimes use a wire brush works like a charm!
Comment from : Metal detecting Michigan

Beat 1
I have one from 1906
Comment from : Beat 1

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