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Look What PCGS Did To My Coin! Crossing Coins From NGC And ANACS Risk Cost

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Information Look What PCGS Did To My Coin! Crossing Coins From NGC And ANACS Risk Cost

Title :  Look What PCGS Did To My Coin! Crossing Coins From NGC And ANACS Risk Cost
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Frames Look What PCGS Did To My Coin! Crossing Coins From NGC And ANACS Risk Cost

Description Look What PCGS Did To My Coin! Crossing Coins From NGC And ANACS Risk Cost

Comments Look What PCGS Did To My Coin! Crossing Coins From NGC And ANACS Risk Cost

Todd Merrell
I just looked up this coin in the PCGS Certification Verification database and it doesn't exist Why?
Comment from : Todd Merrell

k s
Good job turd 🤡💩karma is a b1tch aye
Comment from : k s

Vendetta Prospecting
how do you feel about the grading companies right now?
Comment from : Vendetta Prospecting

Paul Drechsler
How do you clean coin’s without destroying them And what microscope would you recommend to use to examining coins ? Please let me know I’m new to coin collecting I’ve been collecting all my life Now I have to see what I’ve collected
Comment from : Paul Drechsler

Backstage Guitar Tech
NGC Would Have Gave A 68
Comment from : Backstage Guitar Tech

Conrad Pons
And did you sell it?
Comment from : Conrad Pons

Conrad Pons
They bumped it down DAMN it man!!
Comment from : Conrad Pons

Kayamanan Hunter
Didn't know you can do that
Comment from : Kayamanan Hunter

I want to buy coins not holders I think ANACS is the only grading service that is reasonably priced PCGS is out of control for what it charges I wouldn't send anything there to be graded, and I still examine the coin, no matter what holder says NGC, PCGS and ANACS do have strict guidelines for there holders, but ANACS is much more affordable for the same service
Comment from : marc

Silver Freak
very helpful information great job sir
Comment from : Silver Freak

seems like the high prices will deter people from collecting and having coins graded
Comment from : StayClassy

Lucy Barrionuevo
PCGS is the worse when talking about customer service They are ver slappy
Comment from : Lucy Barrionuevo

David Beckerich
Great find and you deserve the find because you work hard and proved an earlier video of yours on dipping I recently saw a video sponsored by a popular grading company where the message was "friends don't let friends clean coins" This is all done because the grading companies want us submitters to pay for restoration, what a joke You exposed this fallacy as you displayed you simple method for "restoring" high grade coins It seems like the professionals are afraid to let the truth me known on cleaning, except for you of course Due to ANACS's rise in popularity it would not surprise me if the top two graders most always drop the ANACS grades a point to make it look like they are not competent My favorite Peace dollar is a MS65 graded by ANACS that you sold me at a discounted price As always great video and hopefully your dad is still feeling fine, may you and yours be blessed with good health
Comment from : David Beckerich

Barry Lell
I have a 66 SMS that has a Roosevelt double dye reverse dime I have been pondering to send it in for grading but these prices for grading have become criminal
Comment from : Barry Lell

Alfredo Cortez
I have been wondering on how much it cost for grading and other fees that are applied , thank you Sir
Comment from : Alfredo Cortez

Very Interesting That 1966 Kennedy is just gorgeous 😍🥰😍🥰
Comment from : GodMode1981

Harry Drury
Comment from : Harry Drury

Chester A Ellenwood
Does pcgs tell you coins are real
Comment from : Chester A Ellenwood

kayhan zandieh
Dont do business with PCGSim still waiting to receive my submission send MARCH 8NGC had my submission returned in 3 weekscoin grading unfortunately has become a racket
Comment from : kayhan zandieh

Scottie B
LOL "handling?" That term has bothered me since I was a kid I ordered stuff from the back pages of comic books and my all time favorite magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland and there it was: handling Talk about a vague term, eh? I pictured some pretty funny things! Anyway, I don't think I ever got a straight answer until this world wide web thing came along
Comment from : Scottie B

Zephryn K
PCGS is a racket By their own admission the average grader evaluates 1 coin every 36 seconds How accurate could they possibly be Don't believe me? Don't take my word for it, take theirs: go to 18:12brbr youtube/cuSk3Mrb1uA
Comment from : Zephryn K

You still did good, now it’s in a top tier holder Congratulations!
Comment from : billb89

Andrew Watkins
Why isn’t that a 70 It looks perfect 🤩
Comment from : Andrew Watkins

tom_morgandealer _pgh
38 dollars on shipping on 1 coin
Comment from : tom_morgandealer _pgh

Mike Hernandez
Wow wee that was nice to hear from you thanks again for your advice Colorado Silverback777 Stay Healthy
Comment from : Mike Hernandez

Ingrid P
Can you please tell me ,if the eagel on the 1964 Kennedy coin is upside down?
Comment from : Ingrid P

XD- Metal
That 1 they take out of the value of the coin should be more than enough for people to stop sending their coins to this company If this is not STEALING, then nothing else is!
Comment from : XD- Metal

WUMA WattsUp!
I simply don't believe in coing-grading A real coin is as real as it getstake it or leave it
Comment from : WUMA WattsUp!

Steven Waldman
Great video, the 67 SMS is a knockout
Comment from : Steven Waldman

Ready Oar Knot
Daniel, for someone like me just about to embark on coin gradingwhy should I go with PCGS over NGC?
Comment from : Ready Oar Knot

your audio clipped from time to time
Comment from : Fornever

The grading companies make their money by grading every trash The worst idea is grading bullions If you want to sell them in Europe, no coin dealer will pay more than the silver or gold is worth If I buy a coin which is graded, I only pay the "normal" price for them in Europe Afterwards I hammer them out of the plastic One time I asked an US-dealer for a special year of a coronet head Then he offered me two graded ones and one ungraded one for the same price! If there is a severe financial crisis, you will only receive the price for the precious metal!
Comment from : Blackjack

GhostCity Shelton
Every time I come to your chanel I learn new things Thank you so much!!!
Comment from : GhostCity Shelton

jeffreys finds
If you would have cracked it out of the holder and sent it in no matter what you would have saved that 1 am I correct
Comment from : jeffreys finds

Larry Muir
PCGS has nice, slim and crystal clear slabs than blurry hard plastic ANACS cases Moreover, ANACS charge lesser fees than PCGS and once a while $10 for each USA coin grading promotion PCGS in Orange County California where ANACS at Colorado The turn around time and shipping base on your return address and research time But for the cost and not super rare coins I have I choose ANACS, and this company has conservation service professionally clean some of your dirty old US 1912 and Indian pennies with Abt $30 fees But the grade will not print "cleaned" to devalue the coins
Comment from : Larry Muir

That's a really beautiful coin! 😮 👍🇺🇸
Comment from : joed596

David Ho
$28 for shipping, and notice that doesn't include handling, which is charged separately! That's ridiculous If you did that on feebay they would be all over you, even if it is clearly stated up front
Comment from : David Ho

Master Shorts
I have made a lot of money just taking a coin out of a graded coin holders and sell them raw
Comment from : Master Shorts

Aaron Greenwood
I feel like it's a total conflict of interest sort of like how Dr's get a commissions check from the pharmaceutical companies or how the police departments get a percentage of the tickets revenue split with the state I think that it has a very high probability of being corrupt and I believe all 3 examples are I've never sent anything into get graded myself because of that reason, but I think it's about time for me to send some stuff in finally I just need to know how am I supposed to know how to price the coin if I'm unsure of what they are going to grade it as I need them to determine if it is what I'm claiming If it is what I believe it to be, then it's a very rare coin If it isn't, then it's nowhere in the same ballpark So my question is how does that process work in my situation?
Comment from : Aaron Greenwood

Ridiculous! This can ruin collecting
Comment from : jcbacongrease

I always thought they can tell if coin cleaners were used Pretty cool info 👍🏼
Comment from : MP

Tom Gore
I've had very good "luck" with NGC PCGC not so much Had an NGC MS66 walker in one hand and a pcgs MS66 walker in the otherNGC was the better coin all around without a doubt
Comment from : Tom Gore

PCGS and the other grading services are nothing but SCAMS!! They charge you to grade a coin you are perfectly capable of grading yourself All the grading and cleaning services are BS,,,,don't fall for the scams!!!!
Comment from : masterofce

Johna Rohde
How can I get my coins graded from PCGS or NGC?
Comment from : Johna Rohde

Mike P Panucci
I am glad I watched this video before I crossover a TOP POP with a DD reverse from ANACS to PCGS
Comment from : Mike P Panucci

Good for you it is a nice one still haven't found mine in silver anyway but I do have an 1985 I believe that is a DCAM
Comment from : IM CIR GOLD

Kevin Paulsen
Now I am wishing I stashed my school lunch money, but don't we all
Comment from : Kevin Paulsen

Douglas Cooper
'One coin did not come back' Did not come back?? What do you mean it did not come back? Stolen? Not graded? Not returned at all? WTF!?
Comment from : Douglas Cooper

Salvador Alvarez
Good day i still have SMS of 1966 until today its in my position, can i sell it
Comment from : Salvador Alvarez

RD Milsurps
Can you send a pcgs graded coin in ms66 in a older case holder back to pcgs for the new gold shield holder? Thank you
Comment from : RD Milsurps

Your top 1 in the coin world cause your one of the best and treat coin rookies with respect
Comment from : yboohcs

Gabriel Itc
Dear Daniel I am Gabriel Anthony I am in India Bangalore I have this old coins that is American Lincoln one cent French Germany Kuwait coins I want sell please let me know were or to your address if you agree thank you Daniel
Comment from : Gabriel Itc

Fred Zoidburg
Not a bad investment honestly
Comment from : Fred Zoidburg

Jores Baghoomian
PCGS have habit of ripping off peopleI stop working with them last year
Comment from : Jores Baghoomian

green Belskels
Thats what separates you from the rest of us! Nice find!
Comment from : green Belskels

Todd Andrews
Is the coin even worth what you spent to have down graded?
Comment from : Todd Andrews

Chris Johnson
No one respects Anacs or NGC in the Bullion company community
Comment from : Chris Johnson

Emanuel McCauley
Comment from : Emanuel McCauley

Collectibles  Coins And Paydirt
Dang it brBut that's the risk you take brStill a beautiful coin 😍
Comment from : Collectibles Coins And Paydirt

Values arent surprising, theyre simply dependent on market one month buyers pay high, next month, things go lower Overall this is very informative video, Im not sure anyone of us would make same choices from armchairsI dont see same number of ANACs as PCGS or NGC, Ive wondered if its a regional choice, price difference, or like this, a questionable return grade(imho they ALL can have those)Congrats on a beauty SMScoin Ive searched more SMS sets than I care to admit without as fortunate find, Id be excited
Comment from : Hualani

It would have been nice if they would have given you a 67+ still a good find I have a question for you Can you get the entire set graded if you had a whole set without cracking them open? Have a great day
Comment from : 69S DDO

Conrad Pons
That has to be very disappointing DAMN!!!😩
Comment from : Conrad Pons

Ron Schneider
Awesome coin!
Comment from : Ron Schneider

Jeff Linehan
What's this 1 percent bull snit That seems like robbery,
Comment from : Jeff Linehan

COINTABLE ChrisTisdale
If this coin is available for sale I would jump all over it Let me know if so THANK YOU!
Comment from : COINTABLE ChrisTisdale

COINTABLE ChrisTisdale
1965-1967 SMS KENS are at the top of my "favorite coin" list I made the 5th known 1966 SMS Ken PCGS SP68DCAM and it sold for $15K at auction I thought it would command 10K-12K and dealers called me crazy, im talking the dealers who are dealing in modern coins I knew better But I had no idea it would fetch $15K I bought off Ebay in a set for $13 dollars
Comment from : COINTABLE ChrisTisdale

Kozmic Karma Koala
I find it so amusing that people pay thousands of dollars for a Kennedy half It makes no sense to me b:)<333/b
Comment from : Kozmic Karma Koala

Question: how do proof coins from the us mint get a 69 grading and not a 70???
Comment from : R D

William Walker
Thank You
Comment from : William Walker

gary perry
Sir, not so much a comment as this is a queation Ive found a one of a kind error coin and finding it hard to get this attributed/graded as my trust in third party grading companies is slim thinking they might loose my coin My question, is there a place where I can walk in and they grade my coin
Comment from : gary perry

William Walker
Thanks I Sent A 2004 -D Peace Medal Nickel To PCGS For Grading I Thought The Coin Looked Pretty Good They Gave Me A MS 63
Comment from : William Walker

wayne c brown
So now that you cleaned yr coin did it drop it 1 grade lower???and what did you use to clean it like that????
Comment from : wayne c brown

Dyna Akin
And this is why I have not sent in my SMS 67 quarter, my partial collar nickel or any of several BU/AU/UNC coins I've picked up They aren't worth that kind of investment
Comment from : Dyna Akin

Rick Templeton
I actually think anacs was correct on this one One thing I don't like about crossovers is now the population reports are not accurate Just curious did you send it in the anacs holder or was it open and sent in raw
Comment from : Rick Templeton

Scott Baldwin
Thanks for sharing the video That's a nice coin!
Comment from : Scott Baldwin

Dick OPolka
Daniel-what’s your opinion on “Sight White” coins?
Comment from : Dick OPolka

Dan Scarbrough
The way I see it is it depends on what kind they have in stock and how many are graded so what are you gonna do if you got these coins in and graded and you got more coming in at the grade or higher got give them a grade and you have the higher grades You want to sell yours to maximize your profits what do you do ? Hmmm
Comment from : Dan Scarbrough

Oliver Rodriguez
Very beautuful coin!
Comment from : Oliver Rodriguez

Fishers Fritz
A traditional crossover would be to send it in with the holder, do you think its better to crack and give the coin a fresh new chance ?
Comment from : Fishers Fritz

Madden Credit Champ
I've gotten offers from Great Collections to put my 1979 s dime PCGS PR 69 DCAM so will see
Comment from : Madden Credit Champ

Brumels Parakeet
The $3k kennedy has electric blue haze/toning Also seems some of the stars within the rays on the reverse are doubled
Comment from : Brumels Parakeet

Douglas Stotler
Hi my name is Doug I really enjoy your videos But I have a very nice 1988 penny with NO FG on the back Are there any others like this??
Comment from : Douglas Stotler

Paul Keinrath
I dont even agree with cac alot of times in think they over grade alot
Comment from : Paul Keinrath

Margaret Stoner
I am a lover of all ENTHUSIASTS Have you ever talked to Blue Ridge Silverhound His name is SHAUN We all want to help each otherHe does a MONDAY MARKET Report and I know and believe in my heart we all can get our coins to the collection they deserve to be inBOYFRIENDYOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL KENNEDY THERE AND OF COURSE YOU KNOW""STALKER TRULY IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU( I ALWAYS will) just thinkin I would love to see that OHIO gentleman "Mr DANIEL Malone" see you get the dollars they are bringing at auction? Thank you And MAY you PLEASEkeep bringing us great videos THANK YOU BOYFRIEND ❤×1000005
Comment from : Margaret Stoner

I don't like the concept of the grading fee being tied to the estimated price of the coin after grading It's one thing if the customer says not to slab an item if the coin doesn't reach a certain grade That's fine, because it's the customer's decision But to charge a percentage of the final estimated value introduces a conflict of interest The higher they grade the coin, the higher their fee They should just establish a flat rate for the grading service, depending on what the customer orders The rate could vary by type of coin, but there should be no extra incentive to grade a coin higher in order to increase their fee
Comment from : mjanovec

Comment from : ECTOGEOS ZETHIP

Asking what does it take to place a coin or a coin collection up for auction, either having brthe coins graded first! or consigned at the coin expo! Any advice is appreciated!
Comment from : BJSilverman21plus

Don Dressel
Coins are following the way of baseball cards and classic carsbrThe rich are taking over the hobby
Comment from : Don Dressel

Bee Williams
Thank you for sharing your experience with crossing your coin to another coin grading service I'm just curiouswhat did ANACS charge you to grade the coin originally? It's like PCGS took over the coin grading business from the other 2 and people are only trusting them for a grade that will make them more money Seems that everyone is having their coins re-graded by them because of their grading scale and reputation Why do you think this has happened and can you do a video about the differences in these 3 companies Great informative video of your personal experience
Comment from : Bee Williams

Amran Ackerman
Well then -----brI have a 1799 that is in a old ANA holder straight graded AU 50 brIm just thinking of getting it crossed over and not only that-- im expecting it to return as a AU55
Comment from : Amran Ackerman

John Wachter
I wish NGC would do crossovers of ANACS in holderbut they said no
Comment from : John Wachter

John Wachter
scarlet and gray !!
Comment from : John Wachter

PCGS Perception of Coins Godlike Surrender your coins to our perceptions that change so often Send that same coin back next year under a different name in a plain slab it might very well get an upgrade by a different Grader
Comment from : ParadoxFossils

alan birk
Wait are u saying ur coins are trans?
Comment from : alan birk

Nickel Nation Coins & More
What did you do to get the haze off?
Comment from : Nickel Nation Coins & More

Gerard Miller
Daniel: question? What is a silver 1927 wheat penny worth?
Comment from : Gerard Miller

This is a good lesson for everyone to make sure they know what they have before getting scammed, I mean graded
Comment from : JRW3

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