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HOW TO GRADE COINS WITH PCGS OR NGC - Why Should You Grade Your Coins?

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Information HOW TO GRADE COINS WITH PCGS OR NGC - Why Should You Grade Your Coins?

Title :  HOW TO GRADE COINS WITH PCGS OR NGC - Why Should You Grade Your Coins?
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Frames HOW TO GRADE COINS WITH PCGS OR NGC - Why Should You Grade Your Coins?

Description HOW TO GRADE COINS WITH PCGS OR NGC - Why Should You Grade Your Coins?

Comments HOW TO GRADE COINS WITH PCGS OR NGC - Why Should You Grade Your Coins?

Lance Cain
Have two coins and im very new to this hobby my question is who should i use because I don't have a lot of money & being very lost when it comes too doing anything on the internet I'll say im not internet savvy dont even have PayPal account or credit cards so im sorry again i watch or try too catch all of ur videos just starting this hobby because of one-day just browsing caught one of ur videos & been hook ever since ok enough I'm rambling on sorry so here's what ive got i found a 1982 D sm date weight 307 grams im assuming it was struck on a bronze, copper platcaint can I summit a few pics to you either way i need ur help" thank you Shawn sincerely Lance Cain
Comment from : Lance Cain

Ronald Wose
Great presentation
Comment from : Ronald Wose

looks complicated just to have a coin graded
Comment from : StayClassy

It’s kinda long ago video but I’m hoping I can still get a reply from youbrIs there a PCGS or NGC in British Columbia Canada, or Alberta Canada?brI have US coins that according to what I am watching in YouTube have a lot of valuebrHowever, how to sell them again after (hopefully) getting certified or graded is another thing I’m not sure to dobrI am new to this coin selling… But I am hoping to learn and most of informations I am using are from watching your postbrThank you for posting and hoping for your help
Comment from : oliveambros9887

William doszpay
I have a 1963 proof nickel FS PR 63 graded by ANACS yet they don’t put full steps on there graded coins It’s truly amazing with the full steps yet I can’t sell it I called ANACS they told me they don’t put full steps on there coins from my understanding full steps sell yet I haven’t been able to do so and it’s truly a shame because it’s a great coin and I’m not able to sell it and I’m just about giving it away what would a coin be worth graded in 63 with full steps?
Comment from : William doszpay

Sixto Cruz
VERY Helpfull Thank You Bluridge Many Blessings
Comment from : Sixto Cruz

New Silver Stacker
Wow awesome video Wish I would of seen this before I sent my first coin in I actually just got it back today
Comment from : New Silver Stacker

johnnie evans
i have a 1944 s penny in fair condition that not steel but it weight is ( 275grams )
Comment from : johnnie evans

Warly Gaid
Hi I have half dollar Kennedy coins that I both from the bank in 1974, kept them and want to sell them now can you help I live in the Philippines now any suggestion?
Comment from : Warly Gaid

Berlin Booth
Thank you so very much this pop up right when I needed it That's amazing I am preparing to send in my first coins to be graded Thank you again
Comment from : Berlin Booth

Patricia Rutledge
I know this is an older videobut Thank youI have had no idea how or where to beginThank you
Comment from : Patricia Rutledge

Dennis Mcavoy
As always blue excellent video thanks again👍
Comment from : Dennis Mcavoy

Tamika Frison
The RFID implant is the Mark of the Beast Revelation 13,12:9 Got it? Take it out!!!! Toxic JESUS IS COMING Wormwood is coming too Revelation 8 it is a star that will hit the Ocean covering mountains like in the Day of Noah when every mountain was covered Research Isaiah 30:23-24, Isaiah 28:16, Revelation 8 and 16:20
Comment from : Tamika Frison

Glen Stultz
I have quite a few 1984 DDO with obvious doubling +2 1968s one red one brown
Comment from : Glen Stultz

charles adkins
i say grade any coins that mean something to you i grade mine just because i want my collection graded
Comment from : charles adkins

Ernesto Gacosr
I watched all the TimebrI'm from PH How can my Coins Graded tybr?
Comment from : Ernesto Gacosr

I'm going to use this info for my die clashed 1996 W dime!
Comment from : JMEJNOVOTNEY

Thomas Buckley
Thank you for your time and patience with the video awesome
Comment from : Thomas Buckley

Vida en California Life in California
Hey bro I watch all your videos I appreciate all your knowledge and infobrI just found an oversized 2000 p penny and I want to know if they are pretty common and if it is worth having gradedbrThanks in advance
Comment from : Vida en California Life in California

really great vid, thanks man
Comment from : T

Connor Monnery
I am now subscribed to your channel 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😀❤️🙏
Comment from : Connor Monnery

Keith Sparling
Again, I'm fairly new to all of this, but I have to say the grading is probably the most confusing, and scary Ive seen dealers, profesdionals, get a lower grade than anticipated, and sometimes the difference is devastating It seems like they can make you or break you just like that
Comment from : Keith Sparling

Mark Davis
I have a misprint I would like to have checked who or how would i get in done?
Comment from : Mark Davis

Southern Illinois POTA
I have a 1943 steel penny that personally I would grade at a MS 65 or higher, is it worth it to have it graded?
Comment from : Southern Illinois POTA

Rodolfo Grafil
Hey Blue Id tell you something,I want to donate this coin,can you tell me who can handle this Great Coin?
Comment from : Rodolfo Grafil

Christian Hidalgo
What do you think are the best prospective coins for 2020
Comment from : Christian Hidalgo

Ethan Guidry
This is a great video but what if someone fakes a slab?
Comment from : Ethan Guidry

Comment from : JASON Blake

Karl Presler
Stop moving the coins around so much, give us a chance to see them
Comment from : Karl Presler

richard c
When you said people, do you mean chinese are doing it? Thanks very informative
Comment from : richard c

Does Anyone know how Littletons plastic / cello sealed coins grade from the 70's and 80's? br I bought a collection that was collected by a guy in the 70's and 80's after he passed away from his family (back in 98) and still have them to this dayI kept the OGH PCGS Morgans of course but want to grade the cello packaged ones nowI am scared to send them out unless Littleton has a good Reputation for being accurate on their grades printed on the cello packaging
Comment from : wildbillo68

Marc Koplin
1963 D Cent *Did you SEND in from proof sets? NO MS68!? Why?brWE Are Interested Reluctant Graders 😉 THANKS for Your Inspiring Interests
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Jim Tandy
where do i get the clear plastic Mylar that i can put my coins in and send it to PCGS to be graded
Comment from : Jim Tandy

Brave Monster
I Love Your Video’s BLUE Thank you so much for ALL you do!!!!🤟
Comment from : Brave Monster

The Xkaliber
Just get a grip Bring it You matter to those of us you have drone in Thanks
Comment from : The Xkaliber

Thank you for good information
Comment from : RichK

Barry Barney
Hey Shawn; Thank you so much for your time that youve spent making these informative videos I have learned a whole lot about coins from your U tube videos And thanks goes out to U tube especially for if it werent for ypu tube all I would have is books And that would take me years longer to develop my mind the way that watching videos does Any way, I am recovering from a t b i that I sustained years ago Its been a long drawn out proceedure (A hard road to take) but I had no choice All of your book work and all of the book work of everyone who took the time to learn about coins is gathered and put into a collective thought and I thank you for your knowlege and I thank U tube for making it all into a collective thought I really do appreciate the whole thing from the hard work to putting it all together so Thank You all
Comment from : Barry Barney

Ricky Snodgress
I have three 1971 new penny who should i send them too to get graded
Comment from : Ricky Snodgress

Jose Paulino
Hi,I have a lot of coins that I would like to check their valuethe thing is,that I want to do it in personplease hel methanks kindlyrey
Comment from : Jose Paulino

Erwin Jose
I have 2pcs 1963d double die one cent lincoln penny im selling please help me
Comment from : Erwin Jose

Al Stovall
I have a 1999 Connecticut State quarter in really good shape Should I send it to PCGS to get it graded or should I send it somewhere else?
Comment from : Al Stovall

Patriot Ed
So what do you do when they under grade your coins while over-grading others same coins evident by photos PCGS didn't even get the right mint on one I sent them They say it goes through 4 professional graders? I am doubting that
Comment from : Patriot Ed

Thank you for this video Great info Thanks for all you do!👊
Comment from : Monte

Hey look I think I have a proof 1909-VDB I watched one of these youtube video's and it seemed to me that my coin had all of the marks in all the right places! I think the only reason it was not graded is that it has this big fat fingerprint on Lincoln's head perfect coin other than that the rim is wide & sharp the color is more bright orange than a red it was posted to be graded at NGC on the 11th of last month right it is in quality control if they take off the proof I submitted it as and put mint state I am going to resubmit it as a walkthrough I should have the coin back from them any day now I only submitted 5 cions and I live like 50 miles from them I have noticed that there is not much difference between PF & MS in the 1909-VDB, in fact, I have looked at the ones that NGC has that went up for auction there are 54 of them and to me, it looked like a few of them got a pass!? I don't know I was wondering if you could enlighten me a little about all of this?
Comment from : Darlene

Collector Guy
I have stopped collecting as sick and tired of fake shit being sold Even damn slabs are being faked now ffs - coin collecting has gone to shit due to fcking scum lowlife bastards!
Comment from : Collector Guy

Comment from : JASON Blake

John Griffiths
1938-D, 1939-S, 1940-D nickel absolutely mint in sleeve would you?
Comment from : John Griffiths

Since your videos/ learning toolsI reopened my Heritage Auctions profile/account back up an having some of my coins gradedthanks to you Silverhound an J&BCOINS I've continued collectingpersonal thanks Silverhound(Sean)more than you know
Comment from : Txcoinman69

Ben Dahlager
Would you grade a 2019 w Lowell quarter?
Comment from : Ben Dahlager

Original Intent
Your wedding ring looks like it's going to pop your chubby little finger off!!!! 😁😂
Comment from : Original Intent

Comment from : JASON Blake

Mid Bando
Where do I get the little storage for the coins before I send them
Comment from : Mid Bando

Once they are in counterfeit PCGS, NGC, etc slabs, it is harder to tell if the coin is also counterfeit Another video on counterfeit holders would be helpful too! Do the grading companies keep forensic photographic evidence that can be used to verify the exact coin and holder?
Comment from : P L

Country Roads Coin Roll Hunting
Great video BlueRidge! I thing grading is pretty shady, but it is what we have to deal with
Comment from : Country Roads Coin Roll Hunting

Metal Bum
Thanks for the video bro I am learningmainly a stacker now
Comment from : Metal Bum

jonthan1985 howell
Not worth the wait for me no dang way im waiting 2 weeks
Comment from : jonthan1985 howell

Lisa Crowe
I have a 1964 fefferson Nickel D over D my 8704842717
Comment from : Lisa Crowe

myles mccullough
always send your coins to pcgs all the other grading morons
Comment from : myles mccullough

Lilia Espino
I have 4 1969 S I am having the hardest to determine if it is a double coin I do not want to submit the coins, if they are not the real thing brI 'm am new at coin collecting, so I getting very confused I viewed a lit of different video's and still not sure brAny suggestions?
Comment from : Lilia Espino

Hendry Kurniawan
I have coin LIBERTY 1979 from Indonesia 🇵🇱 081322916924
Comment from : Hendry Kurniawan

I have some high end coins according to the "Red Book" what do I check?
Comment from : HedgeHog

If you are hiding your voice? Why?
Comment from : HedgeHog

You should pay more attention to the volume coming to us I CAN'T HEAR YOU
Comment from : HedgeHog

alex Gourdine
Again Sir, Thank you for the education! Much luck to you!
Comment from : alex Gourdine

The Rainmaker
Is PCGS legit ? I have a 1908 coin I wish they could grade and authenticate the coin
Comment from : The Rainmaker

Peggy Pirtle
It would be nice if you bothered to answer questions asked of you after watching your videos
Comment from : Peggy Pirtle

Mark Rossman
This was a very helpful video, sir I have never sent anything off to 3PG services yet, but watching this makes me feel a little bit more at ease if I was to do so
Comment from : Mark Rossman

Thank you for your informative video It is interesting to learn about coin grading  I wish I had known more about this before selling off the coin collection I inherited
Comment from : Dakiniwoman

They make it like a homework sheet
Comment from : Chris

Very informativeDo you need to become a "member" first before submitting coins to PCGS or NGC?Do you need to be an official Dealer?What is the cost of the various levels of membership and practically how do they differ?  I see advertised in NN and CW all the time like 10-10-10 deals 10 coins for 10 dollars in 10 daysIs NCGS reputable at all?  I know that they are not as money-hungry and political BS savvy as the big 2, but does the industry put any credence into NCGS and for that matter ICI?
Comment from : BSD

Peggy Pirtle
When PCGS ships your coins back to you, does PCGS cover the cost of insuring your coins and do they mail your coins back registered or certified mail?
Comment from : Peggy Pirtle

Peggy Pirtle
If I send my coins out to be graded by PCGS, how can I be sure I will get back the exact coins I sent them? Mailing out valuable Gold Coins to be graded is very risking is it not? Can you guarantee PCGS or other 3rd Party Grading Companies are 100 up and up in grading your coins and will never switch your coin out for another of the same of lesser quality, etc What can one do should PCGS not ship back the exact coins you had sent for grading? Kind of foolish isn't it mailing valuable Gold Coins or any valuable coin to a 3rd Party Grading Company through the mail, what if they claim they never received it? Besides the $30/$35 paying per coin to grade, you would also have to insure your coins given their high value and this too can be costly, correct? When mailing your coins out to PCGS mailing it Registered or Certified w/Signature upon receiving is added expense as well, correct?
Comment from : Peggy Pirtle

carla charrier
Blue ridge where do I go to get the dates of all the nickels dimes Money period I’m I’m just starting
Comment from : carla charrier

Michael Dillon
I found a 1984 P Quarter with 1920's buffalo nickel obverse struck on the obverse of the quarter Help me please
Comment from : Michael Dillon

patricia allicocok-alshabazz
good job
Comment from : patricia allicocok-alshabazz

Great video you told me everything i need to know cause im new to this
Comment from : scottioso6

Memory Rinehart
PCGS= "Please come give some"
Comment from : Memory Rinehart

Sheheryar Khan
Just a Wheat penny
Comment from : Sheheryar Khan

Sheheryar Khan
I have 1943 copper penny Is it valuable because I don’t think so
Comment from : Sheheryar Khan

Tommy Dye
I had one of them coins in my pocket ain't that something that is tripped out amazing
Comment from : Tommy Dye

Lee Lee
Love your videos you are awesomelm a newbie and your videos helps a lot!!! Please continuethanks!
Comment from : Lee Lee

Hamid Khan
Thanks for pcgs information
Comment from : Hamid Khan

I got 1 coin that I really do think is big bucks 5 to 6 grand I think And it's only a 1943 s steel penny I know I sound crazy but look it up the higher the grade the big bucks they are I made a video the other day on here check it out But I'm a father of 2 girls Broke can someone check it out then I'll pay them once it's sold?
Comment from : 4208jason

Robert Martinez
Great video glad you are doing this for all of us
Comment from : Robert Martinez

Jeff Johnston
I went to a coin dealer today and I told him I was looking for PCGS Morgan dollars and he got really rude He said We don't like those holders, they just take up room
Comment from : Jeff Johnston

Tony Todd
Sorry I have to be right there get my coins graded because they could switch out on you
Comment from : Tony Todd

Annie Jackson
Comment from : Annie Jackson

Michael Elledge
Nice video
Comment from : Michael Elledge

Amy King
Where can I find the things you put the individual coins in before sending them out to be graded?
Comment from : Amy King

Scott Cartwright
I need my coins graded to
Comment from : Scott Cartwright

Ines Sandbergen
I have a 1964 D Red Lincoln Memorial circulated penny It has a beautiful color I wish I can show you Anyway, the beginning of the word Liberty was too close to the edge as a result the L is missing But if you look closely you can see part of the L on the bottom Should I have it graded?
Comment from : Ines Sandbergen

Rodney Blake
please send me acopy of the foarm thanks 7402 cathdale rd spikeville md aptB 21208
Comment from : Rodney Blake

Rodney Blake
ok you send me on a search I found some the 1959 D the 1970 25cents 1943 copper 1943 steelpenny now How do I sell them for what they worth
Comment from : Rodney Blake

Great to join PCGS, NGC, or ANACS should you have numerous eligible coins I joined NGC and have sent in coins in batches of over 10 Sent my world silver and most came back worth over $400 Better yet to buy slabbed coins after you do research on them I bought a 1960-D NGC MS 67 RD 5 years ago for a little over $200 and a third grader stated now worth is $950 Sent in a raw 1961-D nickel to NGC that I purchased in 1998 at a coin show for $1 Came back as NGC MS-66 now worth $1,200 Good luck to all!
Comment from : LUIS RANGEL

Steve Roush
Where the form asks for you to estimate the worth of your submission how do you get that price? Use the red book or what?
Comment from : Steve Roush

craig Eisenhauer
how do i join pcgs
Comment from : craig Eisenhauer

So first they tell you the value of your coin then you decide if you want to grade it ???

Andy Z
I have a sealed tube of 2015 Silver Eagle W graded by NGC as Gem BU NGC, is it worth to pay to have them sent in to PSGC to have them graded individually?
Comment from : Andy Z

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