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Coin Shop Owner Says THESE Three Types Of Gold Coins Are Best To Buy!

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Information Coin Shop Owner Says THESE Three Types Of Gold Coins Are Best To Buy!

Title :  Coin Shop Owner Says THESE Three Types Of Gold Coins Are Best To Buy!
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Frames Coin Shop Owner Says THESE Three Types Of Gold Coins Are Best To Buy!

Description Coin Shop Owner Says THESE Three Types Of Gold Coins Are Best To Buy!

Comments Coin Shop Owner Says THESE Three Types Of Gold Coins Are Best To Buy!

Empire Precious Metals
🚨 When will we hit all time highs with gold and silver? youtube/PYSfEbKAmVc
Comment from : Empire Precious Metals

John Susco
Ok thanks
Comment from : John Susco

First Choice Auto NB
What are your thoughts on the Canadian maple leaf 1oz coins?
Comment from : First Choice Auto NB

Bud Scott
This is why I only buy bars now I do have some Gold Krugerrands from 1976 if I remember correctly I paid 300 per coin
Comment from : Bud Scott

Art Vandelay
Philharmonics and Brits are nice too 😎
Comment from : Art Vandelay

nick phillips
I like to gift fractional to people The premium doesn't matter at that point
Comment from : nick phillips

Anthony Galliart
Too bad you didn't look at gold Britannias, Kangaroos and Philharmonics Also good coins to hold Thanks for your video
Comment from : Anthony Galliart

that’s not a 1/4 gram and it’s not worth 20$ it’s a 1:4 GRAIN!!!!!!! It’s like 3-5$
Comment from : Youknoit710

Andy B
Didn't know about the 50 pesos coin, pretty cool!
Comment from : Andy B

Jeff Larson
Would Eagles be less expensive in South Africa? Like the Krugerrand is compared to Eagles here in America?
Comment from : Jeff Larson

Dan Aldrich
We all have our opinions of course My view is that as of today, 06/06/2022, things are getting bad economically with Biden's damaging policies With gas and diesel doubling under Biden, rest assured we are in deep trouble I guarantee inflation will get worse as the costs of fuel affects the cost of EVERYTHING Precious metals are important to own Logic would dictate that the coin of the country that you reside in will be more recognizable at first As things get worse, the other coins of different origins will fall into place
Comment from : Dan Aldrich

jack Osullivan
Steve’s a great dude I just drove up to him last week of may in 2022 after speaking to him on insta before I found your page Bought a ton of sunshines He was an absolute wealth of info and couldn’t be more helpful He’s now my guy
Comment from : jack Osullivan

I’m not getting this, why buy gold if you’re not going to put it way for the long term? Buying a one once Buffalo just to sell it a year later for a minor profit makes no sense I delve in antique cars and those things stay in the garage until their value has gone up a bunch
Comment from : vikotto

Very informative for a new buyer!
Comment from : MrSig

Bobby P
you make your money on the buy not the sell
Comment from : Bobby P

Double Jump 65
If a coin dealer does not offer spot leave just say thank u and go your way
Comment from : Double Jump 65

New password Chengher 1975
Comment from : New password Chengher 1975

Bear Jones
If you're not paying at least spot you can forget it Lost my business forever
Comment from : Bear Jones

So I don't have any gold coins but I got into buying Australian gold nuggets, mostly quality bigger ones between 5g and 20g I was curious if coin shops will even buy them? Do you think they are a bad buy vs gold coinage?
Comment from : greeneking77

Hank Woodruff
There is no way I would sell gold to someone for less then spot price No way
Comment from : Hank Woodruff

Ismael Calderon
How many carats is an eagle and buffalo???
Comment from : Ismael Calderon

Scrapper Stacker
Great video!!
Comment from : Scrapper Stacker

Rick C
I wouldn't entertain a LCS paying less than spot! what a joke!
Comment from : Rick C

So funny because here in Jan 22 quarter eagle and 250 Indian head are exact same price
Comment from : heidigib01

Tim Gibson
They were $160 not $104 10 years ago You probably meant $140 in 2015 You're welcome
Comment from : Tim Gibson

Ron Jeremy
Below spot? 😂😂 I wouldn’t take less than spot in any of my gold Most coin shops around me will pay you spot exactly, maybe a little over but spot generallybrbrLess than spot on high premium items like eagles sounds terrible
Comment from : Ron Jeremy

Don't base your selling price on someone else's inventory
Comment from : Kevin

less than spot, no thanks You will always find, at least where I am from to find a buyer offering spot Don't get ripped off people
Comment from : Kevin

Marques Cameron
My LCS said the same thing when it came to buying and selling 1 oz gold
Comment from : Marques Cameron

Company Owner
Lol What about the Kangaroos Just like a Maple 9999 Purity, Low premium, Backed by Perth I stopped buying Eagles because of these two coins Biggest bang for your buck
Comment from : Company Owner

Patch Meister
Don't the eagles have as much gold as maples? Is that not why they are slightly heavier wit the other metals to solidify it?
Comment from : Patch Meister

Kyle Hines
New sub here great vid keep em rollin
Comment from : Kyle Hines

Tony G
What about Britannia?
Comment from : Tony G

Buy the BARS, not covered at all here!
Comment from : Karl

I agree with other posters here run away from any dealer who won't pay over spot for Eagles! Also, what is good for the dealer isn't always the best for the seller
Comment from : Dadsview

For coins it's all about the premium Before you buy a coin, check what you can sell it at Minimize that loss and you'll be good
Comment from : Dadsview

Nothing beats pre-1933 US gold coins!
Comment from : thesailjunkie

Paul Harris
If you're buying gold and worried about covering a 5-10 premium you're stacking with the wrong mindset Stacking gold is for wealthy preservation if a real economic collapse occurs and if that happens we're looking a gold prices that have doubled or tripled Stackers aren't concerned with gold going from $1900 to $1700 to $1800 over a few weeks or months We're stacking in advance of the 5 or 10 year tread that's moving us closer and closer to a serious devaluation of the dollar A 5 or 10 premium isn't concern in the overall equation That said I still look to buy the lowest price over spot I can find while avoiding being scammed Convertability is ultimately based on the assurance that the metal you're selling is what it's supposed to be and any serious buyer will have the means to test it
Comment from : Paul Harris

Richard Beee
Mining your own gold is the best!
Comment from : Richard Beee

Lots of good info here, thanks
Comment from : Angelgutter

Vinz Clortho
10:30 mark That's a 1/4 grain, not a 1/4 gram Without a doubt the smallest piece of gold I've ever seen for sale It's about 1/60 of a gram, so its basically worth about a $1 at melt Curious to see what kind of ridiculous markup they charge for that
Comment from : Vinz Clortho

Street Thrifter
Thanks, enjoyed the video 👍
Comment from : Street Thrifter

edwin cameron
Why nothing said about 'Perth Mint' gold? I find your credibility tarnished if not biased, personally, I like all of the 9999 gold coins, they are all very beautiful and collectable, so, please curb your bias and stop being a typical 'Septic Tank'
Comment from : edwin cameron

Brad Foster
That's 1/4 grain or 016 grams or about $1 of gold If you'd rather have that then a $20 bill stop by my place
Comment from : Brad Foster

clickbait! the dealer never smiled in the video!
Comment from : ComteDeGracey

Purchase a 1 oz American gold eagle for spot + free silver It’s legit!
Comment from : ApplezToOranges

Ken DeRosa
So dealer charges $90-$200 of 1oz AGE premium and pays $0 on buy back Only a sucker would do that deal
Comment from : Ken DeRosa

I would never sell any pre-33 for spot to an LCS Rip off
Comment from : Exmarine268

Outside of the US, the Canadian Maple is the only coin of consideration
Comment from : GorgeGeorg

I like the cheap gold like the Francs, the 50 Peso and if I got Bullion it would be a Maple or a Krug I can't justify the ASEs premiums
Comment from : Dave

Kevin W
Hummmm, my LCD has never turned down any silver or gold to buy
Comment from : Kevin W

That was a 1/4 grain not gram, much less gold
Comment from : MétéoMan

Goldcic Vibefel
I'm into xray spectrographed nuggets Mostly Aussies and Calis and a few Alaskan or BCs Most are not Placer and have the quartz burned out with Cyanide leaving a very cool shape half to an oz Aussies 95- 97 Au 29 Ag Calis less Aubrbr I melt bars to make jewelry Combis to stack And a periodic serious numi Gemologist but not in these economic times Also beach Spanish American Shipwreck coins from metal detecting FL beaches after hurricanes They are free but can't take from water Water claims are owned by Mel Fischer family but you can buy a seasonal permit on a site from his kids for cheap but 3 way split with state and them if you find anything Know the law at each site Ask the cops the rules firstbrbrA new site was found in deep water from the 1715 plate fleet off Cape Canaveral a few years back Huge gold hoard and a one of a kind coin for King Phillip 5 who's new wife would not consumate marriage until she got her dowry of gold, silver & emeralds King said sail now Hurricane smashed all the ship, 11, close to shore, except the CC one Tonnage To this day
Comment from : Goldcic Vibefel

abir barua
I want to sell anjtique coins
Comment from : abir barua

Jemaat Mujassimah Wangabi
I have seller AU Bullion Indonesia origin min order 200Kg, CIF to Buyer airport, payment TT/Block fundbrbrNo long chain to seller
Comment from : Jemaat Mujassimah Wangabi

Michael Blackwell
Recently I was able to locate a flawless late 19th century French "Lucky Angel" and a Dillion Gage 9999 24k bracelet I admit they are beautiful; but I don't dare wear the bracelet except on special occasions because it is so soft I owned a Centenaro and a Krugerrand but they are not as appealing to me due to several issues One is their high copper content The French and Swiss 10 and 20 franc can get away with it due to their small size The other is that the Krugerrand's design was developed during Apartheid On the 24k gold front, as much as I like the design of the Indian head nickel I can't own the $50 Buffalo coin Considering everything that is happening in today's society, celebrating the near near extinction of the American Buffalo and the forced relocation of Native Americans is unpalatable All you have to due is look at what happened to the Washington Redskins They were forced to change their name and mascot After all, the mascot of the design of the Washington Redskins was based on the Indian head nickel Due to those issues, I believe that Krug and the buffalo won't command a higher premium than their precious metal content and in the future may cost less
Comment from : Michael Blackwell

thousandaire radio
Oh nice you got your own Tim
Comment from : thousandaire radio

Nell Robinson
I have some coins to sale I have a lot but I have know idea what they are worth My grandparents left them to me One is a pound from queen elizabeth I googled it and it was valued at 10000$
Comment from : Nell Robinson

Tom Berge
Terrific video 👍 Very informativebrAny chance you could do a video explaining some of the vocabulary used in gold purchasing and selling?brThank youbrTombrAlbuquerque
Comment from : Tom Berge

Richard Froste
I like the Mexico 50 peso Seems very liquid I am in Texas, that may have something to do with it For smaller coins I like sovereigns I know many like even measurements in ounces, but it is not a factor to me Everyone has a calculator on their phone so it’s not really a problem in the real world
Comment from : Richard Froste

Value Is Everything
he is paying below spot so hopefully he is selling for spot Lol
Comment from : Value Is Everything

The big consumer of gold are china and India, less weddings now in India
Comment from : canadamovie

TSE Delivery
Just bought my first piece A beautiful Centenario
Comment from : TSE Delivery

John Green
I'm trying to up my gold holdings This was a very informative video Budget is what dictates my purchase I got good information and will adjust my purchases
Comment from : John Green

Congratulations on the CoinWorld Mule article
Comment from : AtPro411

James Joyce
Buying AGEs for less than spot? F that, hard pass
Comment from : James Joyce

Amazing how you get some of the premium back when you sell there That doesn't happen with my LCS you loss the premium when you sell back They only pay spot or less
Comment from : Zonk

Mark Nordgård
I llke krugerrands pre 33 and 50 pesos but I only buy 9999 gold coins and silver
Comment from : Mark Nordgård

Can't go wrong w/a stack of sovereigns IMO Instantly recognizable worldwide since 1817 and the perfect balance of size and portability
Comment from : RJ

Patrick Francis
Wow I actually learned something great Stuff Brother Keep it coming ! Happy 4 th !
Comment from : Patrick Francis

That small gold "bar" is 1/4 igrain/i - not gram 1/4 grain is approx 0016 gram so roughly 1 dollar Really not worth messing with - not even for giftsbrbrIMHO at current prices 1 gram to 1/10 oz for gifts 1/4 - 1/1 oz is for "paycheck stacking" There are some exceptions and especially outside US where many local/semi local vintage coins has lower presmiums and better buy backs than modern bullion - that's right - please note this video is very US and which coins is the best coins and which has lowest premiums and best buy backs doesn't really apply to anywhere else than the US
Comment from : HifiCentret

What shop is that?
Comment from : GGG

buy under spot, I dont think so
Comment from : feelnrite

I love to collect Placier gold nuggets they are beautiful highly collectable and are less than 1 of all gold mined Also not assayed and wont be confiscated by government They can be tested with a Kee gold tester
Comment from : HeartofTexas

Morgan Karno
passing negative sentiment towards the KrugbrI am sure this does not help your coin guy
Comment from : Morgan Karno

This was some very good information My question is what about gold engelhard do they make them and if so what about the premium
Comment from : lilrockfromga

William Burkenroad
i'm so lucky to have made good business relationship with my top LCS "San Diego Coin" in Kearny Mesa CA with two brothers Chad & Jeff carrying on their dad's longtime gold & silver coin shop -
Comment from : William Burkenroad

Joe Tow
I would never sell unless I get at least spot When I sell to my bullion dealer I get over spot on eagles and maples leaf
Comment from : Joe Tow

I stack both Silver and Gold bullion I tend to purchase the "cheapest" gold coins that I find on sale like the ones they sale as random coins I usally get the best deals Also I brought 2 ozs of gold 1/10 American Gold Eagles at Spot! Find those American Gold Eagles at spot is one of the best deals I ever had
Comment from : P WHALES

if spot is up or down my LCS guy will always buy eagles 25+ over spot
Comment from : Shilver101

Hi pretty good video I ,am a trained NUmismatist and have worked for one of the Largest Bullion and Coin companies in the USA One warning I would give In hard times OR coming hard times stay away from "collectible" Gold! A Government is not going to care if a piece is collectible or rare when it is hungry for hard assets! Secondly when people are starving those who buy will be trading from a position of Strength, in other words they will be buying for WEIGHT NOT COLLECTIBILITY! Also Pieces that can be recognized commonly are what You should be looking for
Comment from : red9man2130

Ed Kua
Dude great video EXCEPT <17:11> "Here, we got a nugget" AND???? Please address THIS It's very much outside the 'coins' realm but STILL GOLD PS I inherited my Mother's Prospecting Nuggetsneed info
Comment from : Ed Kua

sunshine stacker
Quarter grain not gram its about $4 in there
Comment from : sunshine stacker

sunshine stacker
My coin dealer pays way better than that guy my guy pays spot plus 2 why would you go sell at under spot these days guys come on find a guy that is not going to screw u
Comment from : sunshine stacker

Florida Stacker
Great vid, Stormtrooper
Comment from : Florida Stacker

Think For Yourself
Great video for the newbie stacker I personally already knew what he was going to say, but I did find the video entertaining
Comment from : Think For Yourself

Nice video and some great info from Steve
Comment from : JPlifts

So a question for your LCS when he talks about confiscation and pre-33 stuff… if a state charges sales tax on gold bullion, they’re claiming it is a collectible vs currency So if they confiscate how would they justify it in a state that taxes gold eagles and buffalos since they use that excuse to tax us
Comment from : jeeper999999

King Magpie
Felt vindicated hearing Steve talk nice bout my Krugers 😂 brNice video man
Comment from : King Magpie

Bullion Addict
What kind of price did he have on the 50 Pesos?brEvertime I see them online they're way over priced brOne of my coins on my bucket list 👍
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Bullion Addict
Great insight 👍
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Joseph Michael
Under spot for Maples? Lol This is why people should never sell to shops
Comment from : Joseph Michael

Coin Bros
This video came out just in time for me, I am looking to buy more gold!!!
Comment from : Coin Bros

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