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How to clean coins in less than a minute

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Information How to clean coins in less than a minute

Title :  How to clean coins in less than a minute
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Description How to clean coins in less than a minute

Comments How to clean coins in less than a minute

Mr Benj @ Amazing Boracay
To those who do not know how to read the description here it reads: Cleaning coins dug up from the beach using a toilet bowl cleaner These are modern coins with face value only and no value if dirty These are Philippine 5- piso coins
Comment from : Mr Benj @ Amazing Boracay

Sean Caul
God no wtf
Comment from : Sean Caul

Keirs Nathaniel Cortuna
Muriatic toothpaste and surf try
Comment from : Keirs Nathaniel Cortuna

Nita Benedicto
Anong pangalan ng panlinis na yan po
Comment from : Nita Benedicto

Is that just general bleach ????
Comment from : ACCADACAstkr

Esther Lenake
How much is 1978 R1 in Rands today
Comment from : Esther Lenake

qwerty qwerty
sir?goodpm kasi pm na dto sa amin magkano po bili nyo sa ginamit nyo boss na pang cleaning?
Comment from : qwerty qwerty

kendra Miel
Hi i put muruatic acid and it turned pink what to do??
Comment from : kendra Miel

Daniel Bull Runner Lamb
Don't do this with your silver coins 😆
Comment from : Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

Coin BankNotes TV
Thanks for sharing my friend new friend 😊
Comment from : Coin BankNotes TV

jay Sabio
Hello po Any toilet cleaner ba pwede?bat d nagwork sakon domex gamit ko Thank you po!
Comment from : jay Sabio

Clean coins cheaper using coca-cola It works!
Comment from : Aco747lyte

Sabinas Kitchen & Anything
Tnx for sharing i hve pisonet lots of stained coins
Comment from : Sabinas Kitchen & Anything

Since laughter is the Best Medicine, I just stored up 6 months worth of health just reading these comments:) Literally tears coming out of my eyes if you see how many people have a case of the dumb ass and how patient and sometimes funny @Mr Benj @ Amazing Borcay replies to each person are
Comment from : 2biggirlz

Does it wotk for all the coins?
Comment from : 0w

Joan Lee
If you don't mind we can talk on WhatsApp for me to explain for you how to start earning money from the investment company on cryptocurrency
Comment from : Joan Lee

Joan Lee
Hello everyone, i'm Joan by name and I'm from Canada, I Just Eran 550,000 dollar on cryptocurrency investment company and the investment company is on promo each refer you will get 100 from the investment company
Comment from : Joan Lee

marvel James
Hello I'm new to cryptocurrency trade and I'vebrbeen making huge losses but recently I seebra lot of people earning from it Please canbrSomeone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Comment from : marvel James

Looks like cleaning coins is much easier than i thought 🪙🪙🪙
Comment from : NEOKOIN

Estelita Ondevilla
hinde pobaumiitim ulit
Comment from : Estelita Ondevilla

Godwin Mamporte
I see 5 peso coin 🤔
Comment from : Godwin Mamporte

Thank god!
Comment from : Kiril40

It's funny how some of the comments are angry about these "old coins" even though these coins are probably still in circulation 😂
Comment from : Promer90

Mr D
does this method also work on stamps?
Comment from : Mr D

Mr D
i have never seen so many angry comments on a youtube video and about something so trivial lol who would have thought that cleaning a handful of coins would make a thousand people start shouting at someone?
Comment from : Mr D

Paranoid Genius
Mmmmmmmmn🧐🤔 those coins cleaned up remarkably wella little too well!brI think you soaked the coins in a made up solutions to make the appearance of well used, or long abandoned weathered coins & then it can be cleaned off easily
Comment from : Paranoid Genius

marvel James
If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to make your money work for you, prevent inflation from eroding your savings, build generational wealth, and cultivate good habits and financial knowledge, you must be in the market
Comment from : marvel James

Billy Olson
All you need as a beginner to makebrgood profitbrfrom cryptocurrency is a professionalbrtrader whobrwill trade on your behalf else you maybrmakebrlosses
Comment from : Billy Olson

Shaun Corless
Should be called how to destroy your coin collection in mins 🥴
Comment from : Shaun Corless

You Need help
Now there half the price
Comment from : You Need help

Vennette Gloud
I don’t want to shine the coins, I just want to get the yuckiness off of them from other people’s dirty hands Can’t I just soak for a minute in alcohol or some kinda dish water?
Comment from : Vennette Gloud

Luzon Visayas Mindanao
This time we used Coke and Baking Soda for those cleaning the old and new Philippine coins then are back to normal life as a rounding circulation coins it's been 2 years of Pandemic lockdown now is the time will start the new life thank you so much Sir
Comment from : Luzon Visayas Mindanao

ayaw pagsulay sa tinuod nga daan nga mga sensilyo
Comment from : Auuuggghhh

Mr Benj @ Amazing Boracay
Samsung TV wont turn on One of my best tricks shared around the world youtube/Uvr1J0Iwjm0
Comment from : Mr Benj @ Amazing Boracay

graham walton
Thats crazy! You are bashing more dents and marks into the coins
Comment from : graham walton

William Marsh
You turned your coins into faceless blanks Good job Maybe the mint will buy them back and repress the newer designs on them Recycling is a good idea LOL
Comment from : William Marsh

mr Uten
Kinis😎kintab🤩binggo🤑tca family❤️
Comment from : mr Uten

Sebastian Alex
Que produto é esse
Comment from : Sebastian Alex

Julian Brown
I put toilet cleaner and it turned pink Please help me restore
Comment from : Julian Brown

Someone told me to use bleach water on my old coins i said I DON'T THINK SO
Comment from : TadD68

It works I had a 1955 coin which was green I tried this and it became Bronze
Comment from : zye3011

Lee Oriver
Send me any amount of money to my bank account and I will return you 4 times the amount back Gjk
Comment from : Lee Oriver

y lel
Kinda make sense
Comment from : y lel

Tonya Mosig
Damages coins Don't do this!
Comment from : Tonya Mosig

Kamalapur Venkatesh
Feel Vedo hii bogas vdohi
Comment from : Kamalapur Venkatesh

Bastakay TV
Boss, saan mo nabili yang cleaner mo? Lazada? Kasi ting ina yung mga tindahan sa bayan namin, ayaw na tanggapin yung maduming singko
Comment from : Bastakay TV

Graham Wells
The worst thing you could do to old coin is clean it
Comment from : Graham Wells

Adelaida Rambaud
H!, Sir, gndang araw sainyo, nkita k s youtube nyo ang pgdedemo nyo kng papaano linisin ung mga coins n my mga kalawangbat marurumi, puede ho bng mlaman kng ano ang pangalan ng gnamit nyong pinang halo s png hugas n sabong liquid n pinang tangal nyo ng kalawang s mga coins nyo, pls sir, ishare nuo nman skin ung gnawa nyo, pls sir, khit s msenger nyo ichat sjin,
Comment from : Adelaida Rambaud

Adelaida Rambaud
Sir, puede ho makiusap? Puede ho bng malaman ang pangalan ng ginamit nyong pang linis ng mga coins? Pls s msenger knalang ho nyo brichat ang pangalan nito, pls, pls sir, pls
Comment from : Adelaida Rambaud

Chris Leigh
What's the active ingredient in that toilet bowl cleaner po ? Many products here but one might work if we know the active ingredient
Comment from : Chris Leigh

Irma Muñoz muy linda hermosa
Como compran monedas colombianas
Comment from : Irma Muñoz muy linda hermosa

Angel of mine
I thought by cleaning the coins it will affect on the value
Comment from : Angel of mine

Beaky Twitch
Very polluting :-/
Comment from : Beaky Twitch

wayne parkinson
Them rare coins are nothing but gutter trash now?
Comment from : wayne parkinson

wayne parkinson
Don't do this to your rare coins silly?
Comment from : wayne parkinson

Lorraine Becchetti
It tells you to never clean your COINS brWhy is this different than all the PEOPLE brOn YouTube says never clean your COINS and then I watched your video and at least you can see the dates on them So please tell me if this is SAFE Thank you for taking time to read my COMMENT and could you please help me
Comment from : Lorraine Becchetti

ferd burphel
You're a patient man🤝I understand why you cleaned the dirty MODERN coins with NO NUMISMATIC VALUE you found in the dirty groundso you could spend clean coins a store will accept Next time before you clean them and "ruin" the "numismatic" value offer them for sale and then see if they are willing to pay more than face value🙃🍻
Comment from : ferd burphel

Just found out he has a coin worth a million dollars un cleaned
Comment from : Cookinitmax

Jim Troupes
Great content !
Comment from : Jim Troupes

Sourabh Raokhande
This procedure damaged my coins
Comment from : Sourabh Raokhande

Roberto Bellini
Solo monete di nessun valore si possono trattare così
Comment from : Roberto Bellini

freeman edeh
Not sure why the coins changed from Pennies to quarters quick
Comment from : freeman edeh

eric townsend
if you have coins of value I would certainly think twice before putting them in a jar and beating the crap out of them just saying improperly cleaned coins loose value
Comment from : eric townsend

amazingbrof course I'm going to try this!

Christ Follower
Repent Believe and have faith in Jesus Christ He is your ONLY way to true salvation ❣
Comment from : Christ Follower

Never do this with valuable coins, leave them as is and let a professional decide whether they should be cleaned, you will absolutely destroy the value of your coins if you do this
Comment from : TactiKs

Miguelangel Nunezmacias
this cleaning is gor those who collect coins as a hobie banging and scratching coin in a container i dont think is s good idea but gheu do clean real good
Comment from : Miguelangel Nunezmacias

Bhoooom!!! the coins are clean again 🥇🥇🥇
Comment from : NEOKOIN

Grace Madej
Wow ,unbelievable what a smart idea 💡!
Comment from : Grace Madej

Old coins notes company Call whatsapp me
Comment from : Old coins notes company Call whatsapp me

Darrin Smith
I want to know what freaking toilet bowl cleaner he's using! It didn't say! I want to use it because I've got some coins that I dug that don't have any real numismatic value but I want them cleaned I found some cleaner for some other coins but I'm concerned about the Jefferson and Buffalo nickels along with the Liberty nickels I have found that to me are worth cleaning and I don't care about harming the numismatic value They're just not worth that much What toilet bowl cleaner do you recommend?
Comment from : Darrin Smith

I respect you MR Benj these people commenting have a COMPLETELY different view of coins than us Mine are dirty modern coins that are worth NOTHING beyond face value Hence this video if very helpful for me (someone who DOESN'T collect coins) :)
Comment from : Wert3000

Terri Jerome
Comment from : Terri Jerome

Kelum Aravinda Wanninayake
I have 2000 lot old coini wont sale itsome one tell me plase 👍
Comment from : Kelum Aravinda Wanninayake

इससे सिक्के की धातु का क्षय नहीं होता ?
Comment from : PARAS MEHTA

Jetski Kopetski
people stuck in their mindset yelling at this guy you don't know that the eurocoins we dig up from the beach are useless because they are brown and shops and even some parking automats won't take them That's why we need to clean them
Comment from : Jetski Kopetski

Martin Law
Very dangerous Don't try this
Comment from : Martin Law

Your coins are now worth less than the amount of toilet bowl cleaner you used bravo
Comment from : Ryan_Greenwalt

Never clean coins it reduces the valuecongratulations now your coins are not worth anything but face value
Comment from : Les-Likes-Coins

Jimmy the Expat
improper cleaning can hurt the value of coins a lot
Comment from : Jimmy the Expat

Grace Rodriguez
Bad taste to be talking in a language we can't follow, Facebook is like a book of friends, come on!
Comment from : Grace Rodriguez

i am doing this method
Comment from : MY TRAVELLS INDIA

Comment from : callmeryan

Chevy Nomad
Less then a minute? Yes this is why the video is 2 min19 seconds
Comment from : Chevy Nomad

John Trojan
I do the identical thing by simply using Coca-Cola and Baking SodabrComes out GREAT ✔️ 👍 ✔️
Comment from : John Trojan

old sell you Coll me 9SO9OS2Ol6
Comment from : old sell you Coll me 9SO9OS2Ol6

old sell you Coll me 9SO9OS2Ol6
Comment from : old sell you Coll me 9SO9OS2Ol6

old sell you Coll me 9SO9OS2Ol6
Comment from : old sell you Coll me 9SO9OS2Ol6

yes this is how you clean your coins and remove out there value
Comment from : DOCTORAS

Mark Osterman
It’s nice to have clean coins for spending but they’ll buy things just as easily even if not clean I guess it keeps your hands clean I don’t know if anyone collects those particular coins but remember that modern coins do become old … and scarce … and then maybe collectable The toilet clean is just acid Tomato catsup also does the same thing just not so aggressively I use that to clean old carburetors
Comment from : Mark Osterman

David Bishop
Never do this to your coins let the professionals check them they could be worth big money you would really hate to destroy your opportunity to hit the jackpot you never know
Comment from : David Bishop

wow amazing
Comment from : THE COIN MAN

Cowboy Patriot
👆How to damage a bunch of coins in less then a minute 😂
Comment from : Cowboy Patriot

Melissa Sinclair
Does this work for jamaican 20$ coin???? Cuz I tried n it doesn't seems to do anythingr maybe I am useing the wrong toilet bowl cleaner
Comment from : Melissa Sinclair

Call me 952I4IOII8 Sonu sharma old coin company
Comment from : Call me 952I4IOII8 Sonu sharma old coin company

Mr Monkey
I don’t get why people cry about this, ok fair enough if it’s a mega rare coin but if it’s just a common penny then clean it if u want I have tons of penny’s that need cleaning since they are corroded and I cannot give them into a bank in the state they are in currently I need to clean them first before I give them to the bank I don’t give a dam if I’m scratching the coins I just want em clean 😂😂
Comment from : Mr Monkey

Joshua Tadle
San po nkakabili Ng ganyang panlinis?
Comment from : Joshua Tadle

Coins & Stamps to Watch
Nice one!
Comment from : Coins & Stamps to Watch

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