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Bubbling Springs Colonial Coppers Clean Up: How I Clean Copper Coins

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Information Bubbling Springs Colonial Coppers Clean Up: How I Clean Copper Coins

Title :  Bubbling Springs Colonial Coppers Clean Up: How I Clean Copper Coins
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Frames Bubbling Springs Colonial Coppers Clean Up: How I Clean Copper Coins

Description Bubbling Springs Colonial Coppers Clean Up: How I Clean Copper Coins

Comments Bubbling Springs Colonial Coppers Clean Up: How I Clean Copper Coins

Rene Gingras
Great Video! Being a newbie to coin collecting, I just cleaned my copper pennies in a rock tumbler for 3 hours (Water & dish soap), every day copper & I'm very pleased Keep up the great video, were watchin'! Thanks!
Comment from : Rene Gingras

Eli Percival
Sorry i am all out of face oil "THANKS NUTROGENA" GURRRRR!!!!
Comment from : Eli Percival

Michael Gentry
Thanks for the tip Chigg Keep the great videos coming
Comment from : Michael Gentry

J Boomer
I recently found a 1837 large cent I attempted to clean it up and really messed it up!! Dammit
Comment from : J Boomer

Joshua Taft
Chigg you ever think about fake patinaI know it's not real but some green spray paint and dirt and rub the design might look better than one that has been cleaned to muchjst a thought 🤔🤔
Comment from : Joshua Taft

Sean Harris
I was sweating just watching this video Lol
Comment from : Sean Harris

I found a perfect gun powder flask four a colt pistol it’s actually beautiful but I’m wondering if it would be better if I tried to clean it? Any advice on cleaning relics?
Comment from : MrTruth1253

Michael Leeper
I use a product like ren wax on a few of my old coins I bake the coins at a low temperature to remove water, low enough to avoid discoloration, before applying the product I am trying to avoid sealing in any water I have done a quick soak in white vinegar on a few with verdigris before baking My coins were old Kreutzers and Italian States coins, part of a lot considered cull
Comment from : Michael Leeper

Andy Slingblade
Ridiculous Soak in acetone, use a loosened Qtip to brush over the coin, NEVER rub Then blot dry Do the same with olive oil Using chiggers technique of rubbing, you use the vertigris as a cutting/rubbing compound that can remove metal and further damage the coin It is more time consuming but you protect the coin betterwith a brushing technique rather than rubbing
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

JJ MoneyMaker
I prefer to molest the coin with automotive valve grinding compound Life is to short for toothpicks
Comment from : JJ MoneyMaker

Gil R
Good video! The toothpick can leave small scratches at the coin (when the coin is in really good condition its even more noticeble)
Comment from : Gil R

Vossie at Treasure & Treats!
Yep I'm going out to play now! 😁😁
Comment from : Vossie at Treasure & Treats!

Brian Fitzpatrick
Comment from : Brian Fitzpatrick

Lee Helle
I find cleaning off the loose dirt and then soaking the coins in olive oil for about a day, then wiping the coins dry with a old tshirt will leave a copper coin with a not objectionable dark patina
Comment from : Lee Helle

Old Chig Ross! Loved this one Would really like to see a fresh look at your museum!
Comment from : 828biggs

Hi Rusty
Comment from : itsFloatie

Amanda Pittar
Have you tried Heinz tomato ketchup - British recipe - cleans copper coins beautifullybrOil de Chigg, dying
Comment from : Amanda Pittar

How about those fancy ultrasonic cleaning machines? Those are only good for coins and jewelry that haven't been centuries underground?
Comment from : Reub4n

tino van der zwan phono cave!
about the hole in a coin that one was a mystery for me for years but the answer is rather simplebrwhen in the past well, to really far back (the middle ages) when a coin type was decommissioned in a lot of cases to make it clear to people that this coin no longer had value they would make a hole in it yup! that's it! I said it was simple! so most coins with a hole are decommissioned coins and what do you do with a worthless coin? well, you toss it! you throw it in the trash and that's why so many coins you find in Europe and most likely the USA have holes
Comment from : tino van der zwan phono cave!

What about a soft toothbrush, no water?
Comment from : TreadwellJay

"my fingernail, which I already have out" LOL
Comment from : TreadwellJay

NorCal Hobbyist
Chiggg I seem to remember watching you use some kind of electrolysis on some items before will this work for coins? Also what about a small sonic jewelry cleaner?
Comment from : NorCal Hobbyist

Travis Roby
Can you call me or text me so I can send you a couple pics of a round ball 440-218-1140
Comment from : Travis Roby

Bryan Reinhart
The only one's I can identify at the end are as follows:br13:20 -- 1780's Connecticut Copper br13:23 -- 1780's Vermont Copper br13:40 -- 1780's Vermont Copper
Comment from : Bryan Reinhart

Chris M
Watching you run your face cheese on those coins is making me gag
Comment from : Chris M

Great video Beau and very informative I need to clean some finds LOL Happy Fossicking mate! Warren
Comment from : NQExplorers

Eric Woodard
Beau you should watch time team a british archeology show they clean coins and relics 1000s of years okd
Comment from : Eric Woodard

Ancient Adventures
Kool Video! Im glad you were desperate and made another one on cleaning coins! Now u can do one on buttons since it didnt record lol
Comment from : Ancient Adventures

Hey Beau, whats your thoughts on mineral spirits on copper coins I use it on my personal collection not as a cleaner but more presentation as it brings out the details and consistent patina/finish Ive never attempted to do it with coins right out of the ground, say you?
Comment from : bgelardi

David Gaylord
what about using an ultrasonic cleaner
Comment from : David Gaylord

John Daut
Chigg noticed the bottles on the wall If you break up a denture tablet inside of the bottle and fill with water it will look like new inside
Comment from : John Daut

Great info Beau! Merci!

Ammo Dog
I learned the hard way about water and a toothbrush on an Indian cent I thought I could clean it up and I brushed most of the detail off
Comment from : Ammo Dog

Roger Dempsey
👍 Good day guy I enjoy the information all the information about you guys up there binding metals and stuff it's good information I enjoyed it see you on your next
Comment from : Roger Dempsey

Sweet cleanup bud👍
Comment from : i FIND

HISTORY HUNTER / صائد التاريخ
Thank you, big expérienced man, proud to be a subscriber, 👌💪💪💪👍👍👍
Comment from : HISTORY HUNTER / صائد التاريخ

Shawn Resor
15:40 the Chigg sounds like Bob Ross for a few seconds
Comment from : Shawn Resor

Hey Chigg could you maybe make an update video on your critters?
Comment from : Jai

Garry Eversult
Damn I love that music son ! And of course all the diggin and findin you do ! Happy New Year !
Comment from : Garry Eversult

Shauna Call
Great video! Do a pet update if you need more vids We want to see Bobby Wobbles ;)
Comment from : Shauna Call

Lesa Hanners
ha ha hawiping your face oil like that also gives the added bomus of smearing your face with dirt so you can go out deer hunting All the natural makeup just shouldn't go to waste ha ha ha This was very fun as well as instructive Thanks Chigg! You are definitely a son of the soil!
Comment from : Lesa Hanners

Margaret Phipps
Fascinating x 🇮🇲
Comment from : Margaret Phipps

Next time try the coins in fire 5min fireburner
Comment from : CRUISER242

Hey, man! Thanks for this bonus video and wrap up from your last diggingsbrI really appreciate the education!brHope you have a safe and blessed time away
Comment from : LOA

Badgerrr Lattin
Good idea for a Vid
Comment from : Badgerrr Lattin

Canadian Relic Hunters
Well done Beau, im still looking for my first thimble;)
Comment from : Canadian Relic Hunters

Steve Brettell
What's damaging about spraying mud off with water in the field?
Comment from : Steve Brettell

Kenneth Simmons
I use a US Army laundry bag to use as a back drop for my cartridges when I take a picture of themlol Also to catch dirt and not mess up my table Semper Fi
Comment from : Kenneth Simmons

fingernails already out lol
Comment from : Hunter2323

RandomJ Adventures
Comment from : RandomJ Adventures

I always like seeing what happens with your finds I don't care if I've seen you clean coins several times before
Comment from : godsponge

Central PA Metal Detectorist
Lol sound like Bob Ross
Comment from : Central PA Metal Detectorist

Mike Rowland
If you think about itfingers are weird
Comment from : Mike Rowland

Black Sheep
The nose actually produces squalene which is a very durable natural lubricant so it makes sense to rub your nose before rubbing the coins
Comment from : Black Sheep

Big Haynez
Chigg sticks fingers in ear to get Chigg oil for coins, haha
Comment from : Big Haynez

I'm on the fence with this one Human skin oil is corrosive, like corrosive enough to make lead paint bubble up with time So putting human skin oil on a coin, especially softer metals, not really ok
Comment from : aserta

Daniel E
Enjoy your vacation chig!
Comment from : Daniel E

Jason Scott
I see the work you do on those coins and that is a lot of tedious work keep it up it’s a good idea video man out
Comment from : Jason Scott

Jason Scott
I listen to you all the time you’ve got great videosThis is the video man have a nice day and good hunting hold your breath✌️
Comment from : Jason Scott

Lynne Perg
Thank you for an informative video
Comment from : Lynne Perg

15:46 anyone else see a guy with mustache and a hat?
Comment from : Queeenslandaaarrr

D Stanley
That "Chigg Oil" is actually called squalene oil, a natural substance the body produces Printed products like magazines are generally printed with squalene resistant inks to prevent the ink from smearing from handling Take some "Chigg Oil" with your finger and smear it on a magazine cover and you'll readily see just how resistant the inks may be Those that smear the worst are printed with less expensive inks
Comment from : D Stanley

Doreen Hubble
I seen people using lemon juice to clean their coins or even CLR
Comment from : Doreen Hubble

Guess Who
Chigg oiljust a dab will do
Comment from : Guess Who

john langston
chigg looks like you have a black eye
Comment from : john langston

John Robertson
Isn't it bril cream a little dab will do you?
Comment from : John Robertson

Creepy finger puppet 😆
Comment from : TheHobbyCollector

11:25 looks like a horse with rider the horses tail is right next to your right thumbnail brif the state you found the coin in wasnt connecticut ill bet the spouse was from connecticut brno no i cant come out and play, weirdo lol!
Comment from : milcoll73

Allen Bozarth
Ol Chigg sounding like Bob Ross cleaning them coins up lol
Comment from : Allen Bozarth

Love the tammy reference lol
Comment from : JD JD

Norma winton
Nice Connecticut copper chigg! Bet that one thin coin is a kg1
Comment from : Norma winton

Sorry Beau your method is not a good idea For the same reason that you don’t touch mint coins, rare weapons with your bear hands The salts and oils on your skin will corrode them Up to you if you agree or not
Comment from : vilsiran

Another great video Thank you for sharing with us
Comment from : adveNZures

Linda NWFirefighter
Stealth Diggers put the really worn ones in their pockets for 6 to 12 months and some of the detail comes back
Comment from : Linda NWFirefighter

"Chig oil" 2020
Comment from : Noxxyy

Melissa Love
You need to bottle & sell some of that Chigg oil! 😂
Comment from : Melissa Love

bones&stones 65
"I'm a digger" - wait, what'd he say!? LOL
Comment from : bones&stones 65

Melissa Love
If only your relics could talk, what a story they would tell! 💕🤗💕
Comment from : Melissa Love

Carolina Diggers
I clean my coins with Monkey Milk It works great Just soak it for a couple hours Then wash away with mineral water
Comment from : Carolina Diggers

jaquan mclendon
Love the channel and videos like this is cool too 👌👍
Comment from : jaquan mclendon

fredy_69mw f12
Comment from : fredy_69mw f12

Scott T
Hey man thank you for the video I enjoyed it great information and have a safe trip when you leave I need you to return and make some more good videos for all of us to watch
Comment from : Scott T

Nice long thorns (from those nasty pricker bushes, not roses) can be used to clean detailed, patinated surfaces without ruining the detail
Comment from : QuivaRPG

Where can I pick up some Chigg oil?
Comment from : Interwebber

Outdoorsygal O
You are so right! You just can’t UNCLEAN a coinbrI love it when you share your personal helpful hints!brI would like to see MOAR videos like thisbrYour take on things like this are interesting and helpfulbrThat is what being a Mentor/Teacher is all about 😉brThanks! 😊
Comment from : Outdoorsygal O

What do you think about using museum wax stuff?
Comment from : Bri

You should do a storytime type of video when you don't have a relic video, that would be awesome! I also want to say thanks for all the videos you make and knowledge you share, I always look forward to seeing them
Comment from : Jason

Robert Tannahill
14:17 I can come out to play!
Comment from : Robert Tannahill

Tip Young
I’ve used the Same process on brass buttons that you showed in a previous video Works great!
Comment from : Tip Young

Danny L
Thanks chigg, I have used your method every sense the first video, it works great
Comment from : Danny L

Jewelers call that nose oil, brings the luster back to Pearls
Comment from : 🖕 Ill SAY THEFUCK I WANT🖕

Chris Jordan
Chigg oil LMAO 😂 Thanks Chigg for the video Farmers field coppers are the worst!!! The fertilizer destroys em! You need to get back to that site and find MORE 👍👍👍
Comment from : Chris Jordan

If you can’t get enough oil from your own face just go to the nearest teenager, you’ll get gallons of the stuff!
Comment from : Coinucopia

Kris Gasteiger
Thanks Chigg Apparently I've been doing my coins no favors, and should let them dry before I try to clean them Got it! Now, is that Chigg Oil available by the Ml? Never mind I've got plenty of Gast Oil Thanks for the education on cleaning/saving toast!
Comment from : Kris Gasteiger

Susan Smith
How is Bobby Wobbles?
Comment from : Susan Smith

The Bob Ross of coin cleaning
Comment from : Fulthrotle73

Metal Detecting SC
Comment from : Metal Detecting SC

Chigg Lube will have salt in it
Comment from : bearfoot100

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