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What gives a dollar bill its value? - Doug Levinson

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Information What gives a dollar bill its value? - Doug Levinson

Title :  What gives a dollar bill its value? - Doug Levinson
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Frames What gives a dollar bill its value? - Doug Levinson

Description What gives a dollar bill its value? - Doug Levinson

Comments What gives a dollar bill its value? - Doug Levinson

pola behr
if money kept deflating, wouldn't it mean resources would become cheaper, and people with less money would be able to afford everything they needed for basically nothing? why is this a bad thing? everyone gets what they require for cheap wouldn't this decrease incentives for crime as well?
Comment from : pola behr

Hank Locklear
Let's end the Federal Reserve, abolition central banks
Comment from : Hank Locklear

Hank Locklear
Came here to learn how this Monopoly money known as Fiat has value I'm still waiting
Comment from : Hank Locklear

What gives any currency its value is whether or not the issuing government will allow that same currency to be used for the payment of taxes That is where value is derived Beyond that, all the other theories may or may not come into play
Comment from : mrackerm

3:09, yes, the Fed used vast amounts of data to determine they need to 10x the total M1 supply of USD in 2021
Comment from : Srbelj

Abhishek M Biju
The animation is so cute>_<
Comment from : Abhishek M Biju

Ryan Smith
Money is an Information TechnologybrAn economy doesn't need to Grow unless it is providing 'goods and services' for a growing population The soylent yellow gold standard was no longer sufficient Solvency has always been People; yellow, green, or crypto Every dollar in 'existence' - in storage, savings, reserves, investments, inheritance - derives its value from real People, who need to spend it, in order to live
Comment from : Ryan Smith

What they don't tell you Not all other country get the priviledge of their currency bills not linked to gold reserve At least most of the contry , they used to, have to formally being obligated to have their gold reserve being checked or such procedures to be allowed to print bills
Comment from : L_z

Lol the piggy bank Hahahahhaha
Comment from : L_z

Alex aXy
3:22 Why? Why should economy grow every year?
Comment from : Alex aXy

Mamat Razzi
This is unfair They should make money based on gold
Comment from : Mamat Razzi

Michael Nielsen
Loved the spending annimation :)
Comment from : Michael Nielsen

Comment from : 4T7xADITYA GAMING

Khushbu Adwani
Comment from : Khushbu Adwani

Guillermo Rocha
The value of money comes from society saying it's willing to back up what it stands for The law is an instrument to give society the formality to enforce this agreement
Comment from : Guillermo Rocha

Matt Crouch
Your representation of the "day-to-day vicissitudes of politics" is the best I've ever seen
Comment from : Matt Crouch

Money has value because everyone wants money Why does everyone want money? Because everyone has to pay taxes It’s simple
Comment from : ゾンマーフェルト

Lets Doodle Something HOME
Wait a sec- brDoesn’t it cost money to bmake money??/b
Comment from : Lets Doodle Something HOME

I just realized people are conflating the value of money and inflationbrbrFiat money in is always worth zero It's valuable because the government uses violence to make it so It doesn't matter how money is created as long as we have the productive capacity to handle it
Comment from : teddybruscie

Ibn e Badr
well now money doesn’t grow on trees it’s printed in printing press! lmao
Comment from : Ibn e Badr

Peter Dobeš
I don't buy the economic theories about inflation and deflation People wouldn't hold on to their money during deflation, nor do they want to spend as much as they can during inflation They will always spend what they want and need to spend Economic theories never take into account human nature and human behavior, they are nutsbrbrLike in the thought experiemnt where I give you $100 and you have to split it with some random person You propose how you split the money and if they refuse then none of you get anything An economist would say that you should take $99 and give the $1 to the other person, because why should they refuse? $1 is better than nothing But people don't work this way If the split isn't close to 50-50, then the other person doesn't accept and you both get nothing Those damned economists can't wrap their heads around human behavior and reality, they are damned lunatics
Comment from : Peter Dobeš

Ching_cheng Hanji
So thats why the meme of "Venezuela's inflation" was about
Comment from : Ching_cheng Hanji

Just a Social Outcast
i love the animation style
Comment from : Just a Social Outcast

Adnan Syed
As soon as people lose faith in government, dollar will collapse Fiat currency is based on trust alone
Comment from : Adnan Syed

Comment from : Shadowlurker4897

Dr Robert
Crypto investment has really changed my financially status positively, I got my first house the year I started investing and today network is over £12m😊
Comment from : Dr Robert

Bryan Edako
If gold was like sand on a beach, well it won’t have any value now would it?
Comment from : Bryan Edako

Still slaves to $ at the end of the day
Comment from : MustardCat

OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
whenever you have a 100 bill you're in debt?
Comment from : OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

César Adrián Quiroga Herrera-Carrasco
"Economic grow" Capital profitbrbrThis was a like a tour through the bible
Comment from : César Adrián Quiroga Herrera-Carrasco

This keeps getting in ny recom wtf
Comment from : lukeyfn

"without letting inflation reach desruptive levels" how can inflation get out of control if the fed basically controls the amount of money printed? I mean, they do the calculations, they see that they need an X amount of money to keep the economy balanced and then they print only and only this X amount of money, and there is only this amount of money around
Comment from : CoundM

Scott G
Wrong, the American worker gives the dollar it’s value
Comment from : Scott G

Phoenix Mister Two
This is strange as this balance, of goods, demands, and available money, is a moving foundation In the end, it's seems that the production of goods, must never stop, and that means all have to keep working and buying so the machine keeps moving So what if the machine parts didn't know anything except the value of money didn't change, could the days just continue anyways while the system resets Of course it's all global now so that adds more confusion 😕
Comment from : Phoenix Mister Two

ken kivuva
That slap at the beginning😁
Comment from : ken kivuva

If you do believe that the money has no value, please give it to me
Comment from : climaxjump69

Crazy gaming kidz
The government
Comment from : Crazy gaming kidz

Alex Meseck
What about today though where most of our economy is digital, not printed?
Comment from : Alex Meseck

Romile Westra
Its actually pretty insane and sus that the federal reserve enforces a slight inflation property to currency It incentivizes spending and completely takes away the choice for a consumer A consumer has to be actively spending because their money continuously loses value as time goes on Ingenious, sus, but i also understand why its necessary Lesser of 2 other evils
Comment from : Romile Westra

tyler perez
1:49 "If everyone's rich, no one will be"
Comment from : tyler perez

But can you tell what decidesthe value of money in other countries
Comment from : DRAGON RIDER

are you traumatized?
hehe we use plastic here in canada brbreh
Comment from : are you traumatized?

If I were to loan the first dollar ever made, then I'd have to take another loan to pay back the interest of the first one
Comment from : 《SHEREKHAN》

Ramiro Lasala ®
Always and in all places, inflation is a monetary phenomenon
Comment from : Ramiro Lasala ®

Aradhya Gupta
But I live in India so what in the world is a dollar billbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbredit - I know what it is
Comment from : Aradhya Gupta

Fed in 2020: people are staying at home now Let’s fill the streets with money
Comment from : JWalk TV PH

They could print a trillion dollars and no one would notice
Comment from : DSZ119

Sayed Elghairb
Allah destroys interest and gives increase for charities And Allah does not like every sinning disbeliever
Comment from : Sayed Elghairb

phillip mayalla
That Big slap he received was life changing
Comment from : phillip mayalla

Just A Guy Production
This is the most valuable Ted Talk Most are just random facts about history you won't need But this will actually help everyone
Comment from : Just A Guy Production

Currency is a societal control device brWith that in mind, do you finds its use ethical?
Comment from : AJpieman

Entropo Octo
Every nation has its own currency For a country to be called a economic giant , it needs to offer something physical in return to bolster its currency I think to simply say that a currency gains its credibilty because of its percieved value is foolish
Comment from : Entropo Octo

Awesome explanation
Comment from : Metamorphosis

ulven crow
We have printed a 3rd of our money the money that's in circulation right now within the past year think about that and that inflation still is on it way slowly bubbling you can smell it and see it
Comment from : ulven crow

Muhammad Asad Shaheen
Well i m not convinced yet
Comment from : Muhammad Asad Shaheen

Time Traveller
The value of a $100 note has NOTHING to do with its rarety
Comment from : Time Traveller

What gives dollar its value? brGuns
Comment from : WK

Let's say something cost 10bucks but exchange that in my country it is 40 (10=40) because dollar is much lower people are now gonna think 10 bucks is really expensive Why can't there just be 1 currency that everyone uses
Comment from : Flipidy_Arif

Lt Hestilow
If you don't find a means of multiplying money, you will wake up one day to realise that the money you thought you had, has finished Investment is key
Comment from : Lt Hestilow

Hamza Tahir
Germany in a nutshell
Comment from : Hamza Tahir

Brian ODonoghue
I generally agree with this, there is one clarification that I think is legitimate The video explains that the number of dollars should not exceed GDP, ie, the number of goods and services available in the economy To that, it should have been added that we have historically not done this Since 1971, every percentage point of unemployment, or every time we elected austerity over a fiscal response, we lost potential economic growth In the fiat world that we live in today, it is a government's responsibility to spend as much as it takes to maintain its economy at full capacity at all times, no more, no less The amount of money in the system should always be equal to the number of goods and services that are available at a given time This is the crux of Modern Monetary Theory
Comment from : Brian ODonoghue

Top Text Bottom Text
I felt my nose getting bigger, and my hair getting curlier by watching this video
Comment from : Top Text Bottom Text

The Fascifist
I can summerize it in one emoji: ✡️
Comment from : The Fascifist

Jupreme Jucifier
The number gives it the value
Comment from : Jupreme Jucifier

0000 0000
fiat is fake money, #buybitcoin
Comment from : 0000 0000

Murshida Najnin
Comment from : Murshida Najnin

Saya setuju,
Dont believe The Fed
Comment from : Saya setuju,

Francis Estillore
I heard it's the faith of the people that the bill has value to used in transaction I'm convinced pretty sure
Comment from : Francis Estillore

thomas aquinas
The measures of monetary value have not matched prediction for some time With the gigantic debt increase from Obama thru Biden, we should have had an inflation of 50 at least Inflation is mitigated, at times, by the power of the lead nation Should it have concordance with the other leading nations, such as the G7, and all agree basically on spending, then there is no major disruption The covid crisis has once again reformed our concept of debt and monetary policy This is absolutely new territory and no one knows where it's going It would be nice if we were monetarily cautious in light of this subject, but politics is politics
Comment from : thomas aquinas

Chawa Kumwenda
Lesson: Value is directly related to scarcity The more rare something is the higher the value
Comment from : Chawa Kumwenda

Zedan Khan
Lets not forget that the inflation arguement is still a mere conjecture brSo we can just simply say the amount in circulation simply doesn't matter and that would do the trickbrI feel like the only reason we don't do that is feelings of worth of ourselves , our work and individualisationbrEdit : Oh i forgot to mention the problems with the inflations stuff : just educate people not to be to total bastards
Comment from : Zedan Khan

Emile Bichelberger
Comment from : Emile Bichelberger

Rozina Farheen
The more you make,the less you have
Comment from : Rozina Farheen

Nathaniel Campbell
President Biden duh 🙄
Comment from : Nathaniel Campbell

Comment from : 한종환

Enderboy 64
💰 ⌛💤
Comment from : Enderboy 64

Thomas Byka
Then comes Jerome Powell with his money-printing machines going Brrrr!
Comment from : Thomas Byka

Alventura De la Cruz
So the 100 dollar bill I burned was illegal? Cool!
Comment from : Alventura De la Cruz

Comment from : Rivet

Erik Scott
2014, Wow this is old
Comment from : Erik Scott

Gabriel Gibby
It's cloth, not paper
Comment from : Gabriel Gibby

Ah yesgive the power to decide how much money is worth to the bankersand they will get rid of the gold part, just for them to be able to decide how much money is worth and so they can play around however they want Cool As if we needed more of that
Comment from : LiqqiT

Ayrat Khalikov
US economy and military give dollar it's valuebrIt fluctuates around it's fair value due to supply and demandbrAs simple as that
Comment from : Ayrat Khalikov

Boogies Fikrah
7 years later youtube decides that im worthy of being recommended this video
Comment from : Boogies Fikrah

Jibran Lateef
Crypto is the future
Comment from : Jibran Lateef

I’m getting sick and tired of so called geniuses who state that inflation means money being worth less Inflation means a rise in the overall price levels A consequence is that buying power can decrease However, if inflation takes place, it doesn’t mean you’re limited in how much foreign currency you can buy
Comment from : Beebol

Gabriel Jordan
I still can't figure out how bitcoin works I'm starting to think I'll never truly understand cyrptocurrency
Comment from : Gabriel Jordan

Akash Todkar
That was history!brbrNow fed is just a money printing machine going brrr
Comment from : Akash Todkar

Meyro (aka Big Rem)
Is Bitcoin money? My thoughts here … youtube/l8jaRYjHdMw
Comment from : Meyro (aka Big Rem)

Wot Wot
It is us the people that allows this terrible system to continue We can do better than this , think about it for yourself
Comment from : Wot Wot

Yufeng yan
Comment from : Yufeng yan

starlin valdez
Excelente explicación
Comment from : starlin valdez

Aaron E
Regardless of what it is; it is worth something; Where-as bit coin is worth nothing! because it is; NOTHING!
Comment from : Aaron E

But Zimbabwe had a whole different approach
Comment from : KING

David Rosa
Probably want to remake this video Money is getting printed at such a rate it’s astounding
Comment from : David Rosa

David Rosa
But you CAN build things with it…
Comment from : David Rosa

Deen Mohamed
Hold up this isn't Kendrick Lamar
Comment from : Deen Mohamed

"The fed uses vast amounts of data to determine how much money to print" lol omg, i wish people knew what actually happens in thag building 😂
Comment from : mustafa8988

Mithun Rts
It's simple maths:brbrPurchasing_Power_of_Currency = Total_Amount_of_Currency_in_Circulation / Total_Value_of_Goods_and_ServicesbrbrIf Purchasing_Power_of_Currency > 0, then it is "Inflation"; else it is "Deflation"
Comment from : Mithun Rts

Applicable Apple
I do
Comment from : Applicable Apple

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