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1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle - My First Ever Gold Coin Purchase and Unboxing!

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Information 1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle - My First Ever Gold Coin Purchase and Unboxing!

Title :  1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle - My First Ever Gold Coin Purchase and Unboxing!
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Frames 1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle - My First Ever Gold Coin Purchase and Unboxing!

Description 1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle - My First Ever Gold Coin Purchase and Unboxing!

Comments 1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle - My First Ever Gold Coin Purchase and Unboxing!

John Adams
Nice $13500 I’m waiting on 4 each for $21000 and that’s a great deal here in 2022
Comment from : John Adams

Today there was one at a LCS for $23500
Comment from : 1R3VOLUTION

Daniel Adam Platt
Comment from : Daniel Adam Platt

Daniel Adam Platt
Comment from : Daniel Adam Platt

Today i just bought my first 10th oz gold eagle, im 17 and have been stacking a lought of silver, and desided to buy some gold
Comment from : Taz

Milk Mans Milkzs
Just got my first ever gold coin its a 1/10th oz gold 10 yuan coin My gold stack has begun!!!
Comment from : Milk Mans Milkzs

Almost Literally
I bought a 2010 AGE 1/10 oz in excellent condition, hardly any marks or scratches, for $238 It would have been only $225 but i didnt have cash, only debit card It was still cheaper than the same thing on SD bullion 1/10’s are great because of how liquid they are
Comment from : Almost Literally

Almost Literally
The premium on this coin isnt that bad when you consider the $5 face value and you’ll always get what you paid for it The most liquid gold coin in the USA
Comment from : Almost Literally

I'll give you 160 for it today lol
Comment from : TurninRight

michelle perkins
I can’t decide, in our present climate, whether to buy more gold or stick with silver Prices are low again
Comment from : michelle perkins

James Campbell
should change your name to sliver and gold drangons instead
Comment from : James Campbell

My first gold is a $5 Indian head gold 1909D pre 33 gold coin Love it
Comment from : ApplezToOranges

David cawrowl
Interesting to think how this coin could have had (most likely) several different iterations of gold coin in the past--due to the finite amount of gold available Maybe in a another country, another time and place And you have it now--bright and shiny--here
Comment from : David cawrowl

Nothing rhymes with Silver
just got my first one today
Comment from : Nothing rhymes with Silver

matt mince
What year?
Comment from : matt mince

Graham Conquer
The royal mint is selling empty 1/10th Oz tubes hold 25 I'm gonna try fill one out with 25different coins
Comment from : Graham Conquer

Shoot, I wish I picked up more at $135 LOL today the 2020 ones are going for $220-$250 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m still buying but still stacking cash for the future dipshopefully! Nice addition 👍🏼
Comment from : Ticktology

Comment from : heidigib01

Jacob Parker
My first gold coin was a 1914 $2 1/2 gold piece
Comment from : Jacob Parker

Track pack GT
I remember a year ago buying 1/10 ounce gold eagles for 140 bucks each at my local coin shop now there selling for 220 bucks!
Comment from : Track pack GT

I buy 1/10oz gold coins then trade for bigger then start the stack over with 1/10 coins gold
Comment from : BC

It’s weird for me to say this because I buy gold off eBay, but I would never buy off instagram Lol
Comment from : The177Hunter

Edward Koch
2k gold today!
Comment from : Edward Koch

Chris Summerfield
Gold is the way,
Comment from : Chris Summerfield

Ricky Spanish clips
Watching this video on 6/28/2020 at all I can say is wow! What a difference one year later we will never see that price again
Comment from : Ricky Spanish clips

Jeff Holden
This is 2020 , after the coranaviris today 1 oz Gold rose $1746 Wow! Just made over $35 today NICE
Comment from : Jeff Holden

Jeff Holden
I just purchased 2 , 1oz American gold eagles, looking forward to getting my coins any day now
Comment from : Jeff Holden

Ernest Allen
I got my first gold coin a couple days ago and just paid for my first platinum coin today both 1/10 eagles not planning on adding much platinum but will buy alot more gold fractional coins
Comment from : Ernest Allen

Carl Jackson
Hey man a great video my 1st coin was one g Maple leaf
Comment from : Carl Jackson

Mr G
You got a really good deal
Comment from : Mr G

Nice! 🤤
Comment from : 808

Pappa Bear
It’s kind of puny The half ounce is nicer
Comment from : Pappa Bear

robert feinberg
Hate the hand gestures
Comment from : robert feinberg

I love the 1/4 gold american eagles Very affordable :-)my first gold coin was a 2009 gold american eagle
Comment from : MrCaboose83

Making my first #golddime purchase Waiting on it now to be delivered
Comment from : tonygreene67

Southern Stacker
Great pickup I love the American Gold Eagle coins Thanks for sharing The fractionals are easier to move around when needed I meant Copper not Bronze*
Comment from : Southern Stacker

SpockMcoy Issmart
If anyone is interested in gold, check out SD bullion deals today you can get random country, 1/4oz coins on sale For example, if you buy 4, it is either cheaper OR within a few dollars of buying a 1 oz coin (depending on 1oz country coin) Plus, you have the benefit of 'fractional' gold Usually, you have high premiums on buying fractional coins
Comment from : SpockMcoy Issmart

Daddy Daughter Dive Adventures
Hell yea bro!! I’m saving for mine now but I wanna go for a qtr to start
Comment from : Daddy Daughter Dive Adventures

Doak Masarik
I love the 100 year old gold coins I try to buy one every month They go for around 400
Comment from : Doak Masarik

Tony Napoli
Thanks for sharing sharing 👍
Comment from : Tony Napoli

Charles Mosley
*About a year ago, I bought ten 1/10 ounce American Gold Eagles for $1,500 ($150 each); along with a canister of 20 each, one ounce Silver Eagles for $350 ($1750 each)br I bought it for my bug out bag---which I have yet to buy So for the past year, I've been hiding my stash from my burgling neighbors behind the hot water tank, under the bed, in the laundry room exhaust pipe I'm relieved to have given the metals to family br The 1/10 ounce gold eagles are now $170 each and the silver eagle is now worth $20 I have a Precious Medal Roth IRA at New Direction Trust with 1,107 one ounce Silver Eagles, and ten one ounce Gold American Buffalo*
Comment from : Charles Mosley

Dennis Sicher
Great price!!!
Comment from : Dennis Sicher

عاشق العملات
Comment from : عاشق العملات

Paper Box
I find it hilarious that they put a scuffed gold coin in a capsulelol!
Comment from : Paper Box

Good purchase my friend
Comment from : SilverArc

They are a great shop to buy from
Comment from : JR13

1/10 are being collected everywhere now They are beautiful coins I love the Britannia 2019 1/10
Comment from : W KB

Matthew ferrari
are these gold eagles exempt from state/federal tax and capital gains? the original testimony before the Senate was basically dependent on being tax exempt
Comment from : Matthew ferrari

CONGRATULATION!! That's a beautiful coin Glad you were able to purchase it I recently invested in a 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce gold eagle Today I'm picking up a gold Buffalo
Comment from : GadgetGuy357

Worst video on a gold coin You didn't even remove it from the casing American Eagle gold coin is hardy and you should've handled it directly
Comment from : ThreeCube

ray bon
they look giagantic on the web
Comment from : ray bon

Gold is definitely the winner when it comes to stacking, brother! brbrSilver will protect your purchasing power, and allow you to survive, and barter and what not, but Gold protects your wealth and allows you to thrive!
Comment from : fungas4201

Get some Pamp 1 gram bars for 50 bucks from Provident Metalsvery affordable if you want to get into gold and can't afford 1 ounce coins or barsJohn
Comment from : johnwilliams40

Ed evil
Comment from : Ed evil

Value Hunter
congrats on your first gold SB! br1/10 AGEs were also my first gold purchase - they had not minted that one yet in 1993 when I got them
Comment from : Value Hunter

Silver Wheels PATRIOT♀️
#freebaggins dragons
Comment from : Silver Wheels PATRIOT♀️

Silver Wheels PATRIOT♀️
That's how much gold I have 1/10 gold Mexican coin
Comment from : Silver Wheels PATRIOT♀️

Ricky Sanchez
Comment from : Ricky Sanchez

Nice purchase
Comment from : 18661873

The Awakening
How do you know if it is real gold, out of curiosity? Is it a test to where it would mess up the coin?
Comment from : The Awakening

The Awakening
That is awesome I cannot wait to get my order, had another family emergency which sent me back to Ohio Good advice too
Comment from : The Awakening

Minir Monedha Relaks
Like Gold coin 👍
Comment from : Minir Monedha Relaks

Whizzy Crafts -By Naina
Lovely gold coins 👍👍
Comment from : Whizzy Crafts -By Naina

Lev Kris Coins
Congratulations on the gold Get rich buy gold 👍👍
Comment from : Lev Kris Coins

I just got the same deal as you last week from a local coin shop My gold eagle is a 1999 as well The coin I got only has one minor scratch on the obverse above the rays, other than that it's perfect $135 is the best deal around One day I would like to purchase more and bigger sizes This was MY first gold purchase too but I did inherit the $50 gold eagle proof coin before this I would also like to purchase more platinum and maybe palladium if I can As of now, I only have the 1/10 oz platinum bullion coin and of course lots of silver
Comment from : misterTVman

kelem Dz
eagles are not 999 they are 9217 I wouldnt buy them would prefer a Maple or a Buffalo
Comment from : kelem Dz

Silver Mac
Sweet add brother Gotta fill up a tube of those bad boys now
Comment from : Silver Mac

Frank Garcia
That's cool, I'll be getting my 1st oz of gold through 1/10 Eaglesi started with bars & fractionals, but its time to up it to 1/10ersim just getting started though
Comment from : Frank Garcia

Sweet, keep going I am trying to fill a tube a 1/10 oz gold coins The tube I have holds 20, I have 11 10 1999 Eagles ( most common eagle ) and a philharmonic
Comment from : C172Pilotdude

Nice job Congrats
Comment from : belangp

Justin Curry
You FOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!brAmerican Gold Eagles don't have the 999 gold contentbrbrYou should have just saved for a 1 troy ounce Gold Buffalo, the coin that is 999 and has a lower premium than the AGE
Comment from : Justin Curry

I buy Gold in 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce sizes anything smaller I would probably lose Those smaller sizes are just to small for me Thanks for sharing your Excellent purchase on your 1st Gold purchase Out
Comment from : TIOMKIN1

silver watcher
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh your all grown up now My lil dragon 🐉 Handsome eagle 🦅
Comment from : silver watcher

Dennis Janda
If it's damaged, is that why they sold it ??Good Luck, I know how you feel !!
Comment from : Dennis Janda

I Instinct
So how do you check if it's real genie gold?
Comment from : I Instinct

phil unbekant
I like the gold eagle So pretty
Comment from : phil unbekant

Gov backed bullion coins are where its at if you want to be able to freely travel with your wealth Instagramers will usually have a higher premium than apmex, JM or MMX Nice pick up!
Comment from : rsnerd008

Vins World
I totally love the 1/10oz That my bread and butter I dont care about the premiumI dont care because I will simply wait for prices rise to overcome the spread
Comment from : Vins World

stackn and packn
It is easy to buy silver because it is "cheap" Gold is harder because of the lack of "mass" vs price Keep buying the fractional, hope to see you pick up another one soon
Comment from : stackn and packn

Eddies Little Stack
Good job Mr Dragons! I got my 1st gold coin this year too, 1/4oz eagle
Comment from : Eddies Little Stack

Josef Smith
The quarter's are my favorite I've got halves and 10ths no full ounces yet but I'm working on it
Comment from : Josef Smith

Clayton County History Hound
Very nice! Thanks for sharing and take care
Comment from : Clayton County History Hound

Big Bomber Stacker
Great pickup for gold, Congrats
Comment from : Big Bomber Stacker

Not buying gold with the ratio as is 90 to 1 isn't worth it but i want some gold for sure Nice pickup man
Comment from : venictos

Andre G
Great pickup, it's always good to diversify
Comment from : Andre G

Backyard Scrapping
I knew Yankee would get you sooner or later 😊 Now you're gonna have to change your name again, Silver/Gold Dragons??? Congrats on your 1st Gold coin!
Comment from : Backyard Scrapping

Author Unknown
The price of the gold is 13054 right nowbrVery good deal
Comment from : Author Unknown

J Parker Silver Stacker
Awesome purchase my friend, really great deal! That’s about what I pay for them! I just received my hexagon 18 today I’m going to be doing an unboxing soon! Thanks for sharing
Comment from : J Parker Silver Stacker

Louies Silver
Diversification is always a good idea Congratulations!
Comment from : Louies Silver

Congratulations on your first gold coin Very nice that it came in a capsule!
Comment from : TheStackingNerd

Sterling Cannabis
Comment from : Sterling Cannabis

Julian Collects
I don't have any gold in my collection
Comment from : Julian Collects

Nothing like gold in the hand Congrats on poppin your golden cherry
Comment from : E R I K

Jonathan Harrison
yesterday I ordered a 1/10 0unce gold age it's my first gold coin
Comment from : Jonathan Harrison

V Yes its me
WOW!! You have a Double Eagle! My favorite because they are tiny coins & gold on top of that they are very different! My first purchase Ever was a tiny Double Eagle & the rest Silver!! Congratulations! 🎈👍🎈👍👍👍👍 V
Comment from : V Yes its me

Michael Bajorek
Well done Mr Dragons Am new stacker trying to get to 100 ASE I will then begin to purchase some gold in the 1/10th ounce size in addition to still stcking silver bullion Excellent channel you have I really like the poured silver of yours How about some silver tees to go with the golf balls
Comment from : Michael Bajorek

Cool pick up What’s their shipping ?
Comment from : Eli

TX Stacker
Now your screwed my friend, you'll just want more! I just got 2 yesterday so that I'd have 10 for a full oz Thx for vid!
Comment from : TX Stacker

Nice Value Welcome to Gold! lol 😃
Comment from : Ontario100

Great deal for a 1/10 oz! Congrats!
Comment from : JustAnotherAverageStacker

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