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1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins - Good for Gold Investing?

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Information 1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins - Good for Gold Investing?

Title :  1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins - Good for Gold Investing?
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Frames 1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins - Good for Gold Investing?

Description 1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins - Good for Gold Investing?

Comments 1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins - Good for Gold Investing?

john smith
gold is nice but noting will ever beat ammo and gun if you have less than a millions to store particularly whit the government turning into dictatorship
Comment from : john smith

Great videobrDo you know anything about 50 pesos centenario from Mexico?? I want to get some golden eagles and centenarios also for investment brthanks !!
Comment from : HIDALOKO69

There’s a deal with nation wide right now to buy a 1 oz gold coin for spot value I may grab it
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

Alexander Lee
it's insane how they're still legal tender at face value XD I wonder if any chump has actually spent it as $50
Comment from : Alexander Lee

I love that US and UK still use Ounces instead of grammes brMainly because it annoys the hell out of the French!
Comment from : 2msvalkyrie

Diameter and thickness please?
Comment from : zekal23

Chanel J
Hi! I bought my first gold eagle and I was wondering what is the best way to storage Should I buy a capsule?
Comment from : Chanel J

I'm about to get a buffalo coin gold It something I been looking at
Comment from : BC

Jason Hall
Are these a coin that we should go for this week? Will they be good to hold and or flip?brThanks!!!
Comment from : Jason Hall

Fuck Trump
I got a question I have a One Ounce Liberty coin it's been in my penny barrel for a long time and I decided to look through my coins today but I can't seem to find any match to the one I have online The one I have also doesn't have a date and it's pretty aged and it seems as it has stars around the eagle in the back of the coin The liberty statue also isn't holding a branch on her left hand she has her arm as if she was hugging a flower base like item with her shoulder and arm Does anyone know what type of Liberty coin I have ?
Comment from : Fuck Trump

Steven Means
What did it cost you
Comment from : Steven Means

Christian Cryptic // Wrap Tonic
Yo ho yo ho
Comment from : Christian Cryptic // Wrap Tonic

Great video, I’d add the British sovereign coin to the list of well known coins that are trusted and easily liquidated as well They typically go for less than 50 of the premium on the eagles del$15-$25 over spot/del so you’re pretty much only paying for the precious metal content Still prefer the looks of the eagle tho
Comment from : Mahmoud

What about the 100 oz?
Comment from : TorontoOpal

Jacob Parker
I haven’t got much gold but I have a 1914 quarter eagle and a 2014w 1/10 oz eagle
Comment from : Jacob Parker

Sam Smith
Late next year gold is suppose to drop to it's lowest point in and next 10 years
Comment from : Sam Smith

Dam those eagles are beauts
Comment from : Charon

Kurt Wendler
Just paid 1,91670 for 10???
Comment from : Kurt Wendler

It is a gorgeous coin
Comment from : Jason

I prefer Australian coin
Comment from : Bugsy

So cool to own one! 😎

The only reason I buy eagles over buffalos is because they come in fractionals and Buffs do not
Comment from : Charon

Jeremy B
If you're in the US, the bullion coins (not proof coins) are the only sound investment for gold They buy/sell close to spot Most importantly, any bullion sales over 1 kilo total gold or 1000 oz total silver are taxed, UNLESS they are the US mint silver/gold bullion coins
Comment from : Jeremy B

Do you consider Gold American Eagles as fractional gold/sovereigns or do you consider them bullion? How does this play into your strategy?
Comment from : SilverDentist

Dee Hendon
Maybe they’re two males who adopted or womenjust being PC lol
Comment from : Dee Hendon

Dee Hendon
Eaglets are baby Eagles
Comment from : Dee Hendon

Prepared Survivalist
This is critically important to anyone buying gold and silver right now I just bought a gold eagle and a 10 oz silver bar today The premium on the gold was only 8, compared to silver which was 20! That means silver has TWICE the premium as gold, and even higher if you get only a 1oz round The ratio or dollar amount donesnt matter, you simply get less buying power if you invest in silver compared to gold Only reason it would make sense to buy silver is if you think its price will rise more percentage-wise in comparison to gold This may seem like some analytical mathy stuff, but its extremely important to a savvy investor Where will your money do better?
Comment from : Prepared Survivalist

Doors of Success Foundation
Why is it only worth $50?
Comment from : Doors of Success Foundation

I prefer the gold buffalo since it is 999 pure gold
Comment from : ALEX

Marcus Aurelius
The american gold eagle is a gorgeous coin however, for investing, i still think the 9999 gold buffalo coin is better the reason being is that there will be more buyers of the pure gold coin keep in mind that there is another version of the gold eagle coin that is pure gold this will confuse buyers who are not experts i wish they made all the eagles as pure gold
Comment from : Marcus Aurelius

Wedge Pressure
I just bought 10 of these
Comment from : Wedge Pressure

Darrell USA
I don’t have any GOLD yet my friend, right now I am concentrating on buying Patriotic Silver Thanks for sharing Brother COIN COMMUNITY FOREVER 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Comment from : Darrell USA

Kendall Russell
How do you find how many coins the government minted of a certain coin/year?
Comment from : Kendall Russell

Nice Video!! brWhat you think about platinum coins?
Comment from : Bitcoin

Silver Gobbler
Beautiful coin! I am getting one in a few days I don't like how high the premiums are now It used to be around 4000 to 8000 over spot Now it's around 16000 over spot Don't like that but gold is going up, a lot
Comment from : Silver Gobbler

gold maple
Hey Silver Dragons a new v75 1 Oz proof American Eagle is going to be released by the US mint You might want to save up for this It is going to be issued for the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII It is going to be the lowest minted American proof gold eagle at 2,000 coins The price is yet to be released by the US mint
Comment from : gold maple

yo is it cool if i promote my channel
Comment from : Shayaninja

Dissident Aggressor
It interesting to see so many Silver channels start buying gold
Comment from : Dissident Aggressor

I understand you are and most of your audience are likely Americans
Comment from : Human

I like the RCM Canadian Gold coin as it looks so much better to me I saw the American Buffalo and it sure lacks that gold shinebrFor Silver I like the Australian Silver Kookaburra such as the 2017 in 10 oz I saw a real one
Comment from : Human

nadia loredo
Silver Dragon i purchased 2 2020 kookaburra from APMEX , one weights 310g the other one is 309 is that normal?
Comment from : nadia loredo

Silver Dragons dude, I just purchased a 1 oz gold maple leaf The 1 oz gold Eagle is next
Comment from : husky500cr

Joey Boedeker
How much??
Comment from : Joey Boedeker

Blue Collar Stacker
AGE monster box next?
Comment from : Blue Collar Stacker

gold maple
Gold Eagles are expensive Your best option is you are buying gold are Maple Leafs Eagles are 20 to 30 dollars higher than Maple Leafs So the question is why would you pay higher for a 22 carat coin when you are getting a 24 carat gold coin for 20 to 30 dollars less
Comment from : gold maple

Spot on purchase 😁😁🔥🇺🇸
Comment from : Snowzeus

Scrapper Stacker
Awesome video I love the gold eagles
Comment from : Scrapper Stacker

Investing for Kids
Looks incredible sd
Comment from : Investing for Kids

Do They Have Tubes To Stack The Gold Eagles Like They Do For American Silver Eagles ?
Comment from : steelersjourney11111

Route 66
Comment from : Route 66

SilverGold Saver
Nice pickup Silver Dragons!! 👍 that’s a beautiful classic design!
Comment from : SilverGold Saver

Olaf The Mighty
Are the proof coins worth less or harder to liquidate? I've been seeing pretty good deals online for proof eagles and I was wondering they they appear to be cheaper than the BU or random year circulated Eagles on offer Please advise
Comment from : Olaf The Mighty

Glen H
I am not really crazy about the side with the eagles But, I will buy a gold eagle any time I am in the market for a gold coin If you are a young man and you invested in nothing else for your entire working career you would not be sorry Buy these gold coins with confidance In these crazy times you cannot beat the Gold eagle I do Buy em Put em away Forget about em Those gold coins will take care of you later
Comment from : Glen H

Septimius Severus
I'm Canadian and love our noble Royal Canadian Mint Bringing the best and purest products to the table I prefer maples than eagles I got my first silver eagle and found the letters soft, and the edges of the features dull
Comment from : Septimius Severus

Septimius Severus
It looks very pretty
Comment from : Septimius Severus

4nines Fine silver
silver dragons, this was a Very entertaining video and congratulations on the beautiful big gold coin you have just added to your stack🎉🎉👍
Comment from : 4nines Fine silver

Thomass7878 78
I’m looking into adding gold to my stack And on a very tight budget Idk if I could afford one oz of gold in a reasonable amount of time So I was thinking of getting 1/10 to 1/4ozs once I got some founds saved up
Comment from : Thomass7878 78

The Platinum Beast
Beautiful Eagle Dragons! Still need to pick one of those up!
Comment from : The Platinum Beast

I would rather go with the rustic look of the gold buffalo and the 4 nines I believe the 2020 buffaloes will be lower in mintage than the 2020 eagles
Comment from : Abraham

Daniel Diaz
Good for you man I just started stacking gold in April and I’m at 3oz and 1/10 of AGE’s Focusing on gold for a bit Only AGE’s
Comment from : Daniel Diaz

Jk James
Buying gold with that YouTube money
Comment from : Jk James

Congrats on the new gold!! I personally like the gold buffalos but can never go wrong with AGE 😁
Comment from : Silva_Silver20

Had a question? I noticed a local coin shop was paying more for silver rounds over Canadian maples? Buy like a dollar
Comment from : nesalino

Great looking coin! I am in the market for one but finding the premiums to be much higher for american gov't backed gold bullion vs foreign gov't backed gold bullion If you don't mind me asking, what was the premium your LCS charged?
Comment from : Darin

Nicolaas Eltrut
Gold eagles are not affordable in my countryI checked on line that the price for 1oz gold eagle (2020) at my local coin shop is about $1943 USD Forget gold eagles in Canada I am buying gold maple insteadMy wife bought a 1 oz gold maple (2016) through a Canadian major bank at $1708 USD in end of March 2020 It seems like there is more than $100 USD difference in premiums for Canadians Same for gold buffalo My wife locked the gold in safe box in a bank and I don't have a chance to feel them
Comment from : Nicolaas Eltrut

AGE's have a $25-30 higher premium than other coins (Maples, Kangaroos, Brits) yet if you go to the "sell to us" section of online dealers the buyback price is same/almost same What are you paying extra for? Liquidity/brand value?
Comment from : Liar

I was under the impression there's actually 1 oz of pure plus the bit of extra metal I'd like to know Thanks
Comment from : Enrico

Fiat Destroyer
Wow, huge congrats! I am getting close to getting my first one, as well🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

Steve Woods
Very NICE!!!
Comment from : Steve Woods

Red Pill Lense
That's a beautiful coin! 😍brbrI'm still stacking silver but I do have gold stacking in my future Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Red Pill Lense

Longbeard Silver
Nice pickup, I’m so jealous, But I am sticking to my strategy of playing the silver to gold ratio Beautiful coin 🏴‍☠️😊
Comment from : Longbeard Silver

Stuart Cogan
Gold/Silver ratio in physical is 75 silver to gold
Comment from : Stuart Cogan

hopefully mid valley coin show is going to still go end month in albany and I can find a deal on another piece of gold Right know on my 1/4 ounce eagle at LCS they want 65 premium on 1 ounce 180 over spot maybe silver I can find few dollars over spot vs 4 over be nice beautiful 2020 AGE!! very nice to add to your stack!
Comment from : OREGON STACKER

May the Schwarz be with you
Nothing about gold deals with investing, it is not backed by any instrument which makes money It's a conversion of one monetary form into another
Comment from : May the Schwarz be with you

Florida Stacker
Very Nice Grab, SilverDragons!
Comment from : Florida Stacker

Roger S
That is my favorite eagle design of all of our coinage!! Thanks for showing off buddy!!
Comment from : Roger S

Chuck Gentles
Thanks for sharing the information on the beautiful coin As you know I dig my gold so it is raw Arizona gold varies from 88 to 90 out of the ground I think I may do some of the coins for ease of its liquidity😎👍👍👌👌⛏⛏
Comment from : Chuck Gentles

Although I have picked up some silver pieces lately I have been stacking gold I still think any Silver Dragons channel round is worth as much as an ounce of gold
Comment from : proslice56

For the holder, a 32mm holder w membrane would work, too I just put a platinum eagle (327mm) in one of those a week or two ago
Comment from : Jack

To bad its only 22k Gold buffalos are way better Nothing beats 24k
Comment from : K Z

gold hunter silver finder
Love the gold
Comment from : gold hunter silver finder

Nilly Nush
I believe the silver and copper in the AGEs is to increase its durability Pure gold is fragile and may chip or can break
Comment from : Nilly Nush

Rich Stevens
Speaking of assaydo you have any videos on that? Being new i keep seeing that word and have a loose understanding but would be nice to see a vid on it Unless its not worth a video
Comment from : Rich Stevens

Linda Sheffer
That is so beautiful!! I would love one of those!! Stay safe!!
Comment from : Linda Sheffer

Ehren Krause
Love the weight to size gold gives you in hand😊👍
Comment from : Ehren Krause

I'm jelly! My biggest gold coin is still the half-oz Eagle Are your coin shops open? My go-to shop is still closed until the 12th but the other coin shop (technically a pawn shop) is still open because they sell guns Go figure!
Comment from : murp61

Rich Stevens
Congoldulations my friend!
Comment from : Rich Stevens

JClikes pam
I like to get some gold again but I wanted some more info This helped and enjoyed this information I will have to do some shopping
Comment from : JClikes pam

Silver Lumberjack
Trying to catch up to the yankee cannon?
Comment from : Silver Lumberjack

Dude, that's not real I'll give you $5 for it it will be nice to have such a great counterfeit in my collection
Comment from : JCA ELITE SCUBA

Sterling Cannabis
I believe there has been a shift, everyone is on the gold train
Comment from : Sterling Cannabis

Great video! I’d love to see you make a video on what would be fair premiums to look for when it comes to the one ounce and fractional American Gold Eagles!
Comment from : JasonGstp

Nice video and very nice coins GREAT investments!!!
Comment from : GERALD SUMMERS

Silver Wheels PATRIOT
Bits and pcs of gold here
Comment from : Silver Wheels PATRIOT

Wyatt Bauguess
Just received my stackaholic round, it’s really cool!
Comment from : Wyatt Bauguess

Georgey’s Silver Stack
Will take one in Christhmas time :)
Comment from : Georgey’s Silver Stack

Local Vietnamese gold stores only take 9999 gold, and their private gold bar in 1 tael weight is at very competitive price
Comment from : CeliceDS

The Lucky James Eller
Baby eagles are eaglets
Comment from : The Lucky James Eller

Dan Wolfrath
What’s up YouTube Gold dragons 🐉 here lol 😂😂😂
Comment from : Dan Wolfrath

Silver Wolverine
They already passed the 2019 totals be a lot currently 281,500 in May
Comment from : Silver Wolverine

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