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All words are made up. Including "Dinosaur".

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Information All words are made up. Including "Dinosaur".

Title :  All words are made up. Including "Dinosaur".
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Frames All words are made up. Including "Dinosaur".

Description All words are made up. Including "Dinosaur".

Comments All words are made up. Including "Dinosaur".

burnbabyburn 2026
reserch the 1890s worlds fairs amd take a look at real pics of big cities around 1859 all the big cities are empty then the worlds fair showed up with millions of people to repopulate look into italso check out lost history of earth ,it will help you out ,it would help everyone
Comment from : burnbabyburn 2026

Max Miller
this is so good
Comment from : Max Miller

Retro Action! UK
Dragons, Minotaurs, Cyclops probably all emerged from Dinosaur fossils: hence why we have never found fossils or evidence of those Really interesting topic, and I love dinosaurs too and it’s just an incredible part of history in the world The most known part of the Prehistoric era are Dinosaurs
Comment from : Retro Action! UK

Retro Action! UK
In 1841 Dinosaurs were believed to be giant lizards, in 1987 Dinosaurs were equipped with weapons, armour, and riders
Comment from : Retro Action! UK

Retro Action! UK
Dino-Riders! Harness the power of Dinosaurs
Comment from : Retro Action! UK

Dinosaur actually means terrible lizard or terrible reptile Brontosaurus means thunder lizard :)
Comment from : Rockhammer

jeremy mullens
Lots of mythological creatures are based on existing creatures A baboon would be a dog faced man Lots of mythological creatures were made from giraffes People didn’t travel much outside of pilgrimages so second hand accounts is what was used Long snake like neck, horns, hoofs like a horse and spots like a leopard The Greeks made centaurs based on stories of men who rode on the backs of horses Most people rode in chariots way backbrbrSome were just made up or used describe things around them Things like thunder birds and giants Geological features usually had a myth to go with them and their creation was usually attributed to larger than life beasts If you find a cave that has steam spewing from it because it’s belching gases from the earth there’s usually said to be a dragon in there Often the gases are lethal and anyone going to face the dragon doesn’t returnbrbrRoc’s were a mythological creature that was popularized by cinnamon stick traders They sticks were said to be from nests of the giant birds The danger of collecting them was used to increase the pricebrbrLots of mythological creatures fall under the boogie man or fairy category Old grave sites would be attributed to them and spirits were thought to linger brbrTommy knockers or kobolds were said to inhabit mines They knocked on the wall and lead miners deep into the mine Sometimes making them lost or trapped other times they would lead you to a metal vain Some said they gave warnings of an impending collapsebrbrPilots and crews in World War II created grimlins to explain frequent malfunctions that could not be explained brbrThe other issue is lots of dinosaurs bones weren’t discovered until people actively looked for them and secondly knew where to look It took knowledge of geology to find dinosaur bones Today most of the dinosaurs found have been in america and Western Europe There are dinosaur bones world wide but people don’t come across them often unless they’re being soughtbrbrPeople surely saw the bones of ancient dinosaurs as some great beast of legend but it’s not required for them to exist I think the elephant skull is a likely source for the cyclops Most mythological creatures fill a cultural role Sometimes they made geological features, sometimes they are a holy creature that take the dead to the afterlife, and sometimes they’re made so World War II machanics don’t feel responsible for unavoidable mechanical failurebrbrI was a dinosaur kid growing up The motivation I had was curiosity about things that didn’t exist anymore I know kids can still be afraid of dinosaur bones Dead lions or elephants don’t have quite the awe brbrAlso birds are dinosaurs Dinosaurs are still alive Birds are descended from dinosaurs but they fit very neatly on the theropod family tree A chicken is more genetically similar to a T-Rex than a T-Rex is to a stegosaurus The time separating a T-Rex and chicken is less then the time separating a T-Rex and a stegosaurus
Comment from : jeremy mullens

I own a dinosaur! they are very small now
Comment from : Necrodead

Wretched The
This was a recurring question in my mind back then when i was 8 yrs old,like the existence of dragons up to now there is no animal that can breath fire,but maybe a fire intense bite like burning sensation like bites of a komodo dragon or a venom from a snake, and as for bibilical forms they were all just described but never named as dinosaurs
Comment from : Wretched The

Samuel R Barrera
Thank you for that morning inspiration
Comment from : Samuel R Barrera

There are many papers and articles discussing this very topic! brbr biologosorg/articles/dragons-and-dinosaurs-the-surprising-link-between-folklore-and-fossils
Comment from : Carlo

Rob M
So you're saying they made up dinosaurs back then to hide the existence of mythological beasts like cyclops, griffins and dragons finally the truth is getting out there ;)
Comment from : Rob M

Rob M
The Leviathan went on to star in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise, as well as other films
Comment from : Rob M

"Go together like Arbor Day and fireworks" - good one, dude! 😄👍
Comment from : Brushstroke

You may find artist/paleontologist Dr Mark Witton's blog on this interesting I'm not sure if my previous posts disappeared because of link - sorry if repeated
Comment from : lucasbachmann

Aarón Tyranus
That's why I use my Spinosauri when play St George and the Dragon
Comment from : Aarón Tyranus

Andrew Grant
There was a great mind who thought dinosaur bones were the remains from alien picnics i remember hearing tales from the southwest growing up that Native Americans encountered the last of the flying lizards, which was supposed to be where 'thunderbird' came from
Comment from : Andrew Grant

Joshua H
Hahahaha!! A Futurama reference from the big brains’ episode “The Day The Earth Stood Stupid”! Awesome!! 👏
Comment from : Joshua H

Dinosaurs are made up no such thing All SCIENCE FICTION!!
Comment from : Pimpdaddysatan

Kimberley Hill
All these facts are in a children’s book from the 1970’s about mythical creatures including centaurs were men on horseback as the Ancient Greece people who saw them had never seen a man riding a horse before
Comment from : Kimberley Hill

Jake E
Moreover, not only did the word dinosaur not exist, but the further back in human history you go, the less access to scientific methods for accurately identifying what were dinosaurs didn't exist Ancient Greeks for example didn't have the means to date dinosaur bones as being millions of years old, they would have probably assumed those bones came from some type of creature that lived closer to their times, and would have to interpret these creatures based on what they had in their word to identify a creature who might have bones like that
Comment from : Jake E

Pep Roni
I need to know why the Manticore at the very end of the video looks like Clark Gable
Comment from : Pep Roni

Also I do wish filmation and mattel did the powers of greyskull season of motu
Comment from : Brollicon

I always believed power rangers became a hit because saban used the dinosaur theme series from Japan Instead of the other series like birds or cars
Comment from : Brollicon

ganesh arumugam
One day it's He - Man, some days it's Microeconomicstoday its Paleontology 😊 You're a rare breed Scott "Toy Guru" You'd make an excellent lecturer at Harvard or anywhere for that matter ☕ Absolutely loving the content here, always something fresh to learn Thank you 🙌🏿 Oh, ps what did you think about the new Master's trailer on Netflix, we'd love to hear your perspectives and thoughts ☕
Comment from : ganesh arumugam

Actually unicorns where thought to be real and exist in Asia They were basically the Indian Rhino But in time they turned into the pristine mythical white unicorns of Legend(1985) - god I hate that movie
Comment from : AlucardNoir

knut hamsun
“(dinosaurs are)more descended from birds than reptiles”brbrthats definitely a big NO dinosaurs, both extinct (terrestrial & avian) and contemporarily extant (avian dinos & their descendants), are all reptiles it’s that simple
Comment from : knut hamsun

Vernon Wilmer Video
Dude You're all about everything I'm about Star Wars & Dinosaurs Enjoying all your videos, kudos and thanks!
Comment from : Vernon Wilmer Video

Allen Weaver
The concept of "all words are made up" really resonates with me I haven't watched any of this video, but there's a song by The Voidz (called "All Wordz are Made Up"), one of Julian Casablancas's projects, and that song, the concept that all words are made up, has made me a much more mellow person as far as spelling and grammar goes If it's not in a professional setting, as long as I largely understand someone, I don't care how they pronounce or spell things, or what grammatical structure they use It's all made up, and it wastes time for me to care And in the event I don't understand, I can ask for clarification
Comment from : Allen Weaver

Exotic Car Facts Official Channel
"Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of" br🤣🤣🤣👍 brHave you seen the Adventure Force Dinosaur line offered by Walmart? I challenge you to find a line of Dinosaurs that are better looking, with more detail and better paint application at their price point If you don't already have them, do yourself a favor and pick them upyou won't regret it 😎👍💯
Comment from : Exotic Car Facts Official Channel

Trust Your Senses Lead Yourself
WHOA WHOA Did I just see a Savage Dragon :) An episode on that figure please Thank You
Comment from : Trust Your Senses Lead Yourself

Richard Romanyshyn
Yeah, all words are made up Made up of atoms Then you rearranged em all into a dinosaur video which shoots photons into our eyes that our brains read as moving pictures Because new science Just being silly, you are doing a great job Scott
Comment from : Richard Romanyshyn

Yeah when I was a kid I wanted to become a palentlogist I read a TON of books on the subject and was obsessed with dinosaurs Good times
Comment from : baldmetalnerd

08:41 The Griffith? Like Andy Griffith?
Comment from : mrcydonia

Colonialisma made up word that all races didbut because there were people named the colonialwho gets the blame for it from the woke crowd?
Comment from : toasteee252

@3:40 I'm sure you meant preceding, or ancestor to birds, not descendant from brbrI think claiming mythological creatures are all depictions of dinosaurs does a huge disservice to paleontologists that spend years restoring bone fragments to make a partial skeleton and cross referencing hundreds of other fossils with modern understanding of biology, and thinking ancient people would be finding fully intact skeletons or would even have known what they were looking at from fragmentsbrbrmost of the early bones we have were from mining and excavation on large scale not possible by ancient people, and the more recent (50 years) by using data, research and equipment like ground penetrating radar and stripping rock layer by layer and using finer and finer tools not to destroy the specimen brbrusing the bible to try to act as an historical document is like using marvel comics to make the claim that half men half spider hybrids once lived in new york, myths and fables are full of perverse exaggerations and tall tails (look at 'the elephant bird' from madigascar that weighed in at around 1000lbs but when it was recorded it was claimed it was large enough to carry off a full grown elephant)brbrwhales to middle easterners that had never seen a fish larger than a barracuda, becomes a monstrous leviathan, in the west to people having no understanding what a 'trunk' is an elephant can easily become a 'behemoth' with a large 'tail'brbrthe engraving of a "stegosaurus' you choose to show, has not even been dated, and the site was open to foot traffic before ever being documented, many other people try to pass off as "dinosaurs" choose 1 or 2 specific images of an animal, but not the dozens of others showing the same animal, some in different settings without stylized patterns people try to make out spikes/frills etc, but are a background pattern used in many other engravings to fill space and hide blemishes on the rock, and some depiction more clearly in scale as small lizards, or deer, or buffalo etc etc etcbrbrwe also have myths of winged horses, snake women with snakes for hair (gorgons, AKA medusa), people that can turn lead into gold, talking animals, angry giants that are trapped in the earth and shake it trying to get free (earthquakes), bogymen that steel children who don't listen to their parents, horses that can turn into humans and drag you into the water to drown you (kelpies) and a host of other 'monsters to tell children to do what their parents tell them, and stay away from rivers and animals you don't knowbrbrif you think your friend returning from a fishing trip telling you about 'the one that got away' is full of shit, you're probably right, but the same bullshit story repeated by more gullible people for hundreds of years, embellishing more and more with each iteration before writing it down and in the year 3500 people will be citing that story as evidence sea monsters once existed
Comment from : Carver6661313

Comment from : MrHemanclix

Oliver Sutton
Dinosaurs are nothing more than a myth
Comment from : Oliver Sutton

Eddy Lex
Often found some of the ancient depictions of them with flesh on them particularly the pottery from South America very accurate Really makes you think were men of the ancient past and Dinosaurs contemporaries
Comment from : Eddy Lex

But what about the Dinosaucers?
Comment from : MrColuber

Black Dragon
I totally agree with you here
Comment from : Black Dragon

Cool, really cool My theory is that someone bmay/b have found gigantopithecus fossils and assumed it was He-Man In a nearby incomplete deposit a lightlier-built fellow was unearthed, along with vertebrae from several relatives Thus was born the legend of Mekaneck, which we all learned of in our junior high earth sciences course
Comment from : TitularHeroine

Joey Chalom
Comment from : Joey Chalom

FillerBunny NinjaShark
Speaking about made up thingsbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrI don't know what you were expecting
Comment from : FillerBunny NinjaShark

Chris Vellner
Agreed When Early Man found fossilized bones, they 'imagined' what the living creature might have looked like I have often asked the rhetorical question, "When was fiction invented?" Are we supposed to believe, before a certain date, everything recorded either by written word or pictogram is a factual account? (No, really) one day, someone decided, 'this is boring lets start making stuff up!"
Comment from : Chris Vellner

Alec Jones
This was an excellent video very much more on the lines of anthropology and my cup of tea thank you so much
Comment from : Alec Jones

Aric Hutfles
No feathers allowed on my dinosaurs! lol
Comment from : Aric Hutfles

Michael Micheli
Fun fact: Owen also played the Tall Man in the Phantasm movies
Comment from : Michael Micheli

Just a slight correction, dinosaur means "terrible lizard" Brontosaurus means "thunder lizard"brEither way, the whole lizard thing is highly outdated since it's been known for a long time that dinosaurs were not lizards, nor were they closely related to them, but the name(s) have just stuck
Comment from : gwfb5

Different than usual is always good, sure it's not toy related but it still was a bunch of interesting facts and theories to hear, quite a good video there my friend ^^
Comment from : K9_K1N6

Jayson Wild
Oh, Scott, you had me worried for a second when you mentioned Job I was like "is my toy guru a creationist? Noooo!" Good video
Comment from : Jayson Wild

Mario Covone
I always theorised that dragons were conceived by ancient man discovering dinosaur bones Great video I agree completely
Comment from : Mario Covone

The biggest problem I have with The idea that mammoth or extinct elephant species skulls being the origin of the cyclops myth, is that the human race has been interacting with these animals longer than we had any sort of esoteric ideas, that go beyond our basic animal instincts I do however agree with you on the dragons are inspired by dinosaur fossils If you haven't check out Trey the explainer he has some more in-depth looks at how fossils could have inspired our mythology
Comment from : awesomeatronik

Kitten Heaven
So fascinating 🥰👍
Comment from : Kitten Heaven

The Theropods (T-Rex, Allosaurus, Raptors) are the ancestors of Birbs
Comment from : BadAssXerx3

That is a way to look at things that makes a ton of sense Fantastic theory!
Comment from : CrimsonXellos

Roland Katsuragi
3:43 "Descended from birds?" You mean bird-like given dinosaurs are arguably bancestors/b to modern birds
Comment from : Roland Katsuragi

Beedo Sookcool
Love that Zallinger mural! Dated as all get-out, now, but danged if it didn't fire the imagination when I was a kid!brbrAnd I have many fond memories of the British Museum of Natural History, before they took out many of the exhibits to install loads more cafés, gift shops, and interactive flashy noisemakers "to engage the children" The hotel my wife and I stay at when we visit London (the Holiday Inn, Cromwell Road, Kensington) is a very short walk from the BMNH (and other fascinating museums), and surrounded by great restaurants
Comment from : Beedo Sookcool

John Morey
Here's a fun one There is a Hebrew word, re'em, that basically just means "horned animal" We're not 100 sure which horned animal is the re'em in Job (or a few other places, such as the Psalms), but it was probably an auroch, or an ox, or a rhino, or whatever The problem is that some Bible translations said "unicorn" - most famously the 1611 King James Authorized Version, but also some earlier pre-english translations used the vernacular for "unicorn" This created somewhat of an odd art motif, where unicorns popped up in sacred art - sometimes representing the Virgin Mary, or the Holy Spirit, or whatnot But there was also a verse in the Psalms about "save me from being gored by the re'em," and when THAT was translated as "unicorn," you had Unicorns showing up in art representing Satan (or just Satan with one horn)brbrNow, a theological idea that no longer really exists but used to be very popular was the Harrowing of Hell, the concept that Jesus had to go into hell to free the righteous (who would have ben unable to go to Heaven before his death and resurrection) Blah blah, nobody believes that anymore, the righteous always went to the good place, etc But this was really big for a time in the early and pre-medieval church And one part of the Harrowing of Hell story as told in the apocryphal books of Nicodemus and Bartholomew is that Jesus met the angel of death on the road, and the angel of death was terrified to learn that he no longer had any power over Jesus, and thus fled So, why am I discussing this?brbrBecause there is an AD 600 Coptic Christian document, essentially a magical spell to be read during an Easter church service (it protects everyone within a 150 mile radius) that quotes the Harrowing of Hell story, but instead of the Angel of Death, Jesus encounters and scares away an evil unicorn!brbrIt's kind of crazy how that happens, isn't it?
Comment from : John Morey

There is actually proof that ancient man not only saw Dino bones, but collected as well In one of the Ancient Greek structures the found Dino fossil within the temple So it’s believed that these bones may have been worshiping over
Comment from : Kmation

I got a Masters Degree in Art History from 20 years ago before these weirdos infected academia one thing I LOATHE are these smart asses trying to “outwit” the Bible or use 2021 Progressive talking points to “critique” art
Comment from : alejandromolinac

John Morey
Elephant skulls as the base of the cyclops was something I heard about when I was a little kid!
Comment from : John Morey

John Morey
I mean, Job is pretty much the oldest written book, though Behemoth also has some root word similarities to the Mesopotamian Bahamut (who wasn't a dragon, more like a whale monster)brbrBut yeah Job is really ancient near-eastern philosophical poetry, and they talk about gigantic monsters and such
Comment from : John Morey

Interesting 🤔
Comment from : DanyTV

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