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LOOK AT THE COURT EVIDENCE ... Cops Called On Landlord / Landlord vs Tenant

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Information LOOK AT THE COURT EVIDENCE ... Cops Called On Landlord / Landlord vs Tenant

Title :  LOOK AT THE COURT EVIDENCE ... Cops Called On Landlord / Landlord vs Tenant
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Frames LOOK AT THE COURT EVIDENCE ... Cops Called On Landlord / Landlord vs Tenant

Description LOOK AT THE COURT EVIDENCE ... Cops Called On Landlord / Landlord vs Tenant

Comments LOOK AT THE COURT EVIDENCE ... Cops Called On Landlord / Landlord vs Tenant

What The Hales
Do YOU think Jeremy will get reimbursed for all the stolen and damaged goods? Hale$ YES or Hale$ NO? brIf you liked this video, you'll LOVE this entire Binge Video List: wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=aZj9gO1XNJs&list=PL3JQnaFZGoSb0Em7TEkkGknj1c-40-EH3
Comment from : What The Hales

Only here for the popcorn ❤
Comment from : Only here for the popcorn ❤

Llnda Discher
This is definetly a personal vendetta against you
Comment from : Llnda Discher

Kimberly McConnell
Hale$ yes
Comment from : Kimberly McConnell

Craigs Philippines
I watch a lot od auditor videos on YouTube and the police go out of their way to harass someone with a camera and they are so many, I mean in some episodes there are 20 cops, they way over employ , there is noting for them to do esxcept harass the public for revenue, now I see Jeremy having all his stuff stolen and a real crime committed, but the police do nothing
Comment from : Craigs Philippines

Linda Denneypu6
I can't understand how these scum bags r getting away with this
Comment from : Linda Denneypu6

Linda Denneypu6
Sue marlyn and her family and the cops the tow company get then all they r all scum
Comment from : Linda Denneypu6

Proud Mary
Jeremy, have you been checked for COVID, STAI's in both your eyes could be caused by Covid-19 Looking out for youStai's are painful
Comment from : Proud Mary

Pouring Through Life By Shannon Pritchard
What a bunch of scumbags! I’m so sorry that this has happened to you
Comment from : Pouring Through Life By Shannon Pritchard

Tammy Black
Jeremy, I love watching all y'all videos & I wish you luck in court! She is so wrong to do you guys like that! I hope y'all sink her Ass for what she did! Also I hope u find your truck & trailer! Good Luck From Toledo, OH!
Comment from : Tammy Black

Gunny D
Maybe rent a bulldozer and return the favor? On second thought using that on the warehouse would actually help Marilyn Maybe drop it off at her house?
Comment from : Gunny D

Bryan Pettit
hey there I live in ohio I have a 1 acres of property with a trailer for a house on it I fallow you and have been watching alot of your videos I was wondering if you can give me some advice on repairing a trailer home
Comment from : Bryan Pettit

Denise Bailey
Hales No I really don't think you will, but I m putting in a good word to God that you do or they get reprimanding for what they've done to both of you I want both to come true but I didn't want to jinks the other or be greedy One will work two would awesome tho Lolol Feel better Love I'm praying for you both
Comment from : Denise Bailey

Craig and Katie king
She’s acting like a 4 year old with a grown as man
Comment from : Craig and Katie king

Why isnt Marilyn in Jail for GRAND THEFT AUTO? This is CRAZY!! The police need to be investigated and u need to call the Sheriff or the Hway patrol to start an Investigation into the corrupt police dept and the thief Marilyn and her relatives!!!!!!
Comment from : America

Surf Ninjas! 😂
Comment from : Wittipedia

John Keller
That so called family is just pure evil They will be answering to God Next step for them is hell
Comment from : John Keller

It's funny how this is all adults doing this to Jeremy I believe we were all taught from a young age IF IT IS NOT YOURS, DON'T TOUCH IT! if I behaved that way towards anyone my family would be so ashamed of me To bad the theory of you broke it you bought doesn't apply here
Comment from : MamaAng

Jack Yandell
Guys, the way people treat each other has always been a great mystery to me I was raised to treat people with respect Have I been lied to, cheated etc YES But I do not lose who i'am Keep the faith and know we do care about you guys I pray all will turn out positive for youGod Bless Jeremy
Comment from : Jack Yandell

Denise Johnson
did you look inside the other building that are sitting around there
Comment from : Denise Johnson

Wow just wow hope court went well today and she just cost herself a ton of money if there is any justice she will have to pay market price for everything missing
Comment from : Granny

Linda Harrington
She needs to go to prison and be made to pay you for your losses; and her family too
Comment from : Linda Harrington

Steven Whiting
I don't live in America I am an Australian but if I were you I would salvage what you can and the money you make go out of your way to make her life a living hell and publicly destroy her in Australia I know a lot of people that would go out of there way to help you out and just ruin her in every way she wouldn't even be able to go to the local shops, people like her don't deserve to be able to live a normal life I think she should be locked up for life, going out of her way do destroy what you do is wrong especially when you donate and help as many people as you can we need more people like you in this world please don't be discouraged by this b#$ch
Comment from : Steven Whiting

Patrick McKeegan
probably obvious, but does Marilyn own any other buildings she could stash the trailer in?
Comment from : Patrick McKeegan

Make a Thrift Pile Gal
Dude this pisses me off to no end I am a vintage hunter The vintage items are not replaceable Depending on what it is and how rare it is, it can be worth a lot of money What an awful person!!!
Comment from : Make a Thrift Pile Gal

omg surf ninjas is one of my fav movies as a kid!!!!!
Comment from : Cronix

“Soapdish” had Robert Downey Jr in it 🤩
Comment from : doctord2791

Theresa OKeefe
This woman is awful !! I hope you take her for every last dollar and she does time for what she’s done as well as those who helped her !!!
Comment from : Theresa OKeefe

Comment from : Lulu

Stephen Browne
JEREMY- You need to TRY the “teabag trick” I shared with you to help the styes in your eyes go away!! I promise it works, I do it every single time I get a stye and it makes it heal/disappear within a day, two max!! br#JeremyHales #Whatthehales #StyeInEye #WhatTheHalesArmy #GeorgeWhatTheHales #JeremyWhatTheHales #LockerNut #IHateStyes #ReadMe!
Comment from : Stephen Browne

Sammie Vazquez
I love surf ninjas ❤️ I'm sorry y'all are going through this people now a days just hate to hate and at the end of the day is going to pay for the damage they had put on y'all
Comment from : Sammie Vazquez

If you get reimbursed probably depends on your inventory list or video of the warehouse before they ransacked it or anything you have that can proof what was in there I do not expect you to get half the value back of what you could have gotten for it even if you have proof of what was in there I guess I am a glass is half empty kind of person, sorry That does not mean that I do not HOPE that you get compensation for what you lost Good luck
Comment from : Secret

Greta Lopez
She probably rented a storage unit and put it in it
Comment from : Greta Lopez

Raising Ash
It looks like you have an a stye on your eye
Comment from : Raising Ash

Sharon Huff
That pioneer set looks like the one my ex-husband had many years ago
Comment from : Sharon Huff

Dianne Raif
I see orbs against your shirt at the very end
Comment from : Dianne Raif

Karen Dady
Wish you would get reimbursed, but Hale$ no 😡 🥰❤️
Comment from : Karen Dady

Karen Dady
Hey Guys, 👋🏼 Were the posters saved? They’re popular for framing for art now Big money on antique road show! Ask your dr if your sty’s could be from stress 👍🏼🥰❤️
Comment from : Karen Dady

Vicky Engelman
maybe it might be on the inside of that other building, or on one of her other properties with big storage warehouses
Comment from : Vicky Engelman

Vicky Engelman
Try doing a google search for local tow companies that can haul a 20' trailer and box truck Does Marolan own a tow truck?
Comment from : Vicky Engelman

Time to give the ohio bar a call and file an ethics complaint and have them open a criminal investigation If you have an email or audio of him saying "you might find your trailer at X location" he's an accessory Bye bye ohio bar license You DON'T get that backever Wooster PD can be put in a sling too for dereliction of duty among other things Maryln NEEDS to be in prison, not jail prison - Grand Larceny, B n E, selling and receiving stolen property among a slew of charges The other businesses can be held accountable as well for accessory to felonies brThe time to be nice and civil is loooooooonnngg gone Jeremy; This is the time to be cutthroat, curt,and 8 different shades of pissed
Comment from : Icebaron2015

E of OZ
Fans of cult classic movies go crazy for all that kind of memorabilia, Raising Arizona & Soap Dish are huge Unfortunately you can win a reimbursement but it will be for the value paid for the material not for the potential value at sale brThe whole thing sucks dry gravy
Comment from : E of OZ

I’ve just watched like 10 of your videos I’m very interested But I still don’t like you want basically kids to help you In some of the vids I watched they could easily of been arrested I understand you aren’t breaking the law But yourself many times Many many times say that the cops don’t care So why push them? A good employer would say just forget it we will sort it out in court Seems like you just want views I hope they earn a large percentage of these vids
Comment from : OzzyAssassinGaming

Joe Gino
hey Jeremy do you have a drone go by all tow yards and fly over
Comment from : Joe Gino

Dwayne Lenderman
I hope they don't come back and steal more of your items cause I see thousands of $$$ sitting in there! I have a feeling your trailer is going to pop back up when you don't expect it,that's what I'm hoping for!
Comment from : Dwayne Lenderman

Jean Jackson
Do you think your dealing with a cunning liar and as sly as a fox story telling old bag I still don't know why has not been handcuffed by nowi hope all the people that live in your town have binoculars on the old witch watching her every move from Jean in shellharbour Australia
Comment from : Jean Jackson

Rhonda L Lyons
It makes me sad that Marylin treated you like that I'm so sorry and I applaud you trying to hold her accountable so she doesn't treat others the same I hope she wakes up and comes to her senses She would be a much happier person
Comment from : Rhonda L Lyons

Kathy Thompson
Maybe just go look at the places to see if it's there people lie all the time
Comment from : Kathy Thompson

Eric Mathiesen
I hope everybody that was involved in the destruction, and theft of your property are thrown in jail and fined up the yeing yang!
Comment from : Eric Mathiesen

Terri VG
Comment from : Terri VG

Nancy Carson
No MrHale$ won't get hi$ money back Better to claim it on insurance and give all proof to them they will get the money
Comment from : Nancy Carson

Apeyo5 Believes
You have video proof and written proof from the beginning A legit judge will find her guilty and arrest all their tails for grand theft,fraud and for being just frigging nasty slum lords Made me a nervous wreck seeing all your hard work stolen Just ridiculous
Comment from : Apeyo5 Believes

Russ Stallard
As a Christian myself ,I’m proud that Jeremy hasn’t said one cuss word on a video about marylyn
Comment from : Russ Stallard

Judy Marais
George ??????Miss her soooo !!!!!
Comment from : Judy Marais

Bob Gaskill
Omgall those vinyl recordsdudehook a brotha upI live in Lutz (Tampa)I've got 71 albums currently and I'm growing it(80s/90s to current) I dig Elvis too
Comment from : Bob Gaskill

Holley Jo Martinez
I feel so bad for you What a horrendous situation I hope and pray that justice is served 😢
Comment from : Holley Jo Martinez

Hons Lierman
I used to enjoy your videos Now it seems like nothing but drama with you and anyone you do any sort of business or transactions with I wish you the best of luck, but I'm out
Comment from : Hons Lierman

Yvonne Gilmore
It's a got damn shame what she did but karma comes back don't worry Jeremy she will get hers
Comment from : Yvonne Gilmore

Kendall Pelletier
I can not believe all the stuff that those loonies did to your revenue that you had in the warehouse #HALE$YES to you getting major compensation for the stolen stuff
Comment from : Kendall Pelletier

Heidi Gomes
I myself would love to see Jeremy get reimbursed for all his property that was stolen
Comment from : Heidi Gomes

Angelo Ramos
How are you going to prove and itemize prices for alleged million dollars in the warehouse Per unit you must have receiptsbut itemizing what you maybe could have gotten on line is bout impossible Can you prove who took itor stole itremember it's not what you know its what you can provehe said she said cases personally I'd be working on thatmore and calm down on the videos Most folks don't really care Jeremyyou have mega buckswe know
Comment from : Angelo Ramos

Ray M
Jeremy, I was in Wooster today 7/26 at RKObrGoing back into town on Old Lincoln way I spied a black trailer like yours with several others parked where Waste Management previously had parked trucks and dumpsters I'm sure you know the area good luck
Comment from : Ray M

what the hales
Comment from : BootHillCemetery

Terese Duffy
Have you checked any of the scrap yards in the area? To me, that would be the fastest way to get rid of it without having any record of it Anybody with a tow hitch could have towed it to one of them
Comment from : Terese Duffy

Pamela Magdanz
Have you checked Google earth for specific dates? You can catch whoever's took your trailer and other properties
Comment from : Pamela Magdanz

Dani James
Those doll man comics are selling for $25 each on Amazon 😳
Comment from : Dani James

gennie jefferson
You should’ve taken before pictures Are you sure she didn’t sell them So sorry for you losses That’s what trusting people get you😩😩😩😩
Comment from : gennie jefferson

Jill Hoskins
Sounds to me like it's time to "get physical" with Marilyn!
Comment from : Jill Hoskins

Mildred Laware
I can't believe what those people did to your property!!!😤🤬 Oh my GOODNESS! Aaaaaaaa!!! Sorry y'all, but y'all will get them in the long run❣ Love y'all bunches GOD BLESS YA'LL 🙏🙏🙏💞🤗
Comment from : Mildred Laware

d t
Comment from : d t

I read some of the court materials and she says she had no clue "B & M Storage" even existed Does that mean she never filed taxes on this entity? I'd do discovery on her past taxes and see if she ever claimed this income If not, then I'd file discovery on her bank statements and see if she deposited any monies from what she may have received from B&M Storage The IRS would be very interested if she was making rental income and never claimed it
Comment from : PatTheRat75078

Maria Seixas
Makes me seek !!!!!!Just not fair PLEASE !!! Evidence on in front your eyes!!!!Not need think twice!Only for ignorant peoples!!I love you guys Cannot wait till court day You need back your normal life note dil with this third mines people’s Be Strong Lots Love
Comment from : Maria Seixas

Kevin Stroud
Those were umpire shirts! Wear em to the trial and tell her she'sssss out!!!!!
Comment from : Kevin Stroud

Lisa Gardner
Omg so sorry to hear to what happened to all of your stuff and hopefully you get it all back safe and also in good shape to the way it was, like she had no right doing that to your stuff, she is one crazy lady and I hope you get reimbursed for all of the stolen and damaged goods Jeremy and this lady deserve to be in JAIL big time So I would have to say a Hale$ Yes
Comment from : Lisa Gardner

Tammie Cortez
I hope everything works out for you and they nail that horrible woman
Comment from : Tammie Cortez

Comment from : D GOMOORE

Doctor Death
What is the odd the Maryland lawyer is going to try and claim that she has Alzheimer's
Comment from : Doctor Death

Doctor Death
Those are really cool old vinyl LP records
Comment from : Doctor Death

Doctor Death
I am not sure how many facebook accounts you have brother, but i messaged you about a play station 4 game to see if you might have it or have come across it, the game is called Back to the Future, i am having truble trying to get that game, and gamestop has been out of stock on it, they are selling it for 2000 dollars, i have already looked on Amazon and the people that are selling the game are out of there minds for the price they're asking for PlayStation 4 Back to the Future, I refuse to pay $400 for a PlayStation 4 game that is ridiculous read do Back to the Future was a $60 game for PS4 I understand you're busy and everything and i was wondering if you'd be able to help me find that PlayStation 4 video game brothet, and thank you for your time
Comment from : Doctor Death

Doctor Death
I would say the original Jurassic Park static sticker you pulled out you coulf get at least six hundred bucks for it, from time to time i see stuff like that go for high prices
Comment from : Doctor Death

Doctor Death
I remember having a mr Magoo coloring book I was a kid but it was stolen
Comment from : Doctor Death

Doctor Death
For some reason I remember the movie surf ninjas just not completely what the movie is about
Comment from : Doctor Death

Barbara Alday
if she pays the water billforget nd leave it on
Comment from : Barbara Alday

Thee Sean Goodman
Comment from : Thee Sean Goodman

Marie Medina
So sorry JEREMY When Marilyn dies she cannit take it with HER , she is such a Witch
Comment from : Marie Medina

Debbie Bull
no I think he will win but when Marilyn has to pay she will declare bankruptcy
Comment from : Debbie Bull

Graeme Smith
I hope she and family are held responsible for the damage they’ve done and the person who gave away your Pepsi machine should be charge with stealing and disposing of stollen goods l hope u follow thru and have her guts for garters and send the hag and family broke
Comment from : Graeme Smith

Katherine Orfield
I wonder if the court will do something about the cops not doing there job I feel that what the Heals should sue the police for not doing their job
Comment from : Katherine Orfield

Janice L Holland
Hay check eBay or market place see if she is trying to see any of it
Comment from : Janice L Holland

Janice L Holland
Soap dish is a funny movie I'll take 1 of the key chains and a Magoo I grew up watching him or i should say the Bozo show would show it or the Ray Rayner show
Comment from : Janice L Holland

Pamela Sowinski
I'm afraid that she has planned all of this & doesn't care how much you sue her for, she will go completely bankrupt & you won't get 1centor whatever the criminals do to be able to do what they want but NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES!!! You can even see how the police are not protecting your rights, otherwise if the tables were the tables were turned YOU WOULD BE SPENDING TIME IN JAIL UNTIL THIS Was all worked out what does your fans think???
Comment from : Pamela Sowinski

Governor Drago
What's even worse is the people who received any items can be charged with Theft by Receiving which is a really high misdemeanor in most states The problem with it is employers will just see the word THEFT and either fire or refuse to hire what may have been a very hard working individual They would be forced to live on welfare or work at temp agencies for a minimum of 10 years
Comment from : Governor Drago

Governor Drago
The standee for my favorite movie from my childhood is ontop of one of those stacks My parents gave me a love for movies in general but my mother gave me a love for quirky movies and old old ones from the good old days of Mitchum, Wayne, Cooper and the rest of the greats
Comment from : Governor Drago

George Guidas
Get a rental truck or trailer and load the crap out!
Comment from : George Guidas

Jerrad Allen
This Marolyn lady is a grade A dummy! Incant WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN COURT
Comment from : Jerrad Allen

Yvonne Etheridge
Check the Joe Schmoe Towing has your trailer They towed it along with white truck
Comment from : Yvonne Etheridge

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