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JDs Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles
I meant to say 759 million in stead of 75 million Oops xD
Comment from : JDs Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles

Cindy A
Saya puya koin ini
Comment from : Cindy A

Cindy A
Saya puya koin ini tahun 1916
Comment from : Cindy A

Terry Queen
So let's just say that I found a mason jar full of old coins and there happened to be some gold double eagles in there would I have to give them up? The coin that you are showing in the picture that you were talking about was not a double eagle or at least I didn't see Two Eagles on the coin A little more on the finding of a mason jar full of coins If there were any other kind of gold coins and this jar would I get to keep them? I certainly hope that you answer this question or at least give some type of answer or explanation This is a for instance not necessarily that I found this mason jar full of coins, hint hint Have a great day and stay safe and keep your powder dry and your golden coins hidden! PS if I did find golden coins could I melt them down and then could they take them away?
Comment from : Terry Queen

I know man in my city which im friend with who has this coin
Comment from : God

Comment from : TRZtigerTycen

Gul  F  Majeed
It makes you wonder when I have the 7 ceremonial genuine 1933 British pennies with markings of the designer on the neck and it is questionable that this is sold for £115,000 at heritage auctions fake coin that does not have any markings on the neck like B M July 28th 2016 sold when actually 6 was made for the Irish and six were made for the Scottish and for further was made for 4 Chancellors pattern patriotic demonstration and that brings it to total of 16 coins 1933 British pennies made from copper & Brass shining like orange coins not like yellowish golden like sunshine seven ceremonial British 1933 pennies that I have in my possession You forget that Hitler also was a Chancellor
Comment from : Gul F Majeed

Mohammad Polash Pe
Sal 1933 আমার কাছে আছে কয়েন টা
Comment from : Mohammad Polash Pe

Comment from : cockyhemi

couldn't just mint ourselves and print?
Comment from : Sachin

Dave Welsh
I have one i won at an auction
Comment from : Dave Welsh

🇷🇪🇸🇳🇷🇪🇸🇳unusual name and p
Comment from : 101205jeff

mr im not gay you are
What if you were to have one
Comment from : mr im not gay you are

I have that coin only one but i dont know if its real or a fake cause it has a 24k gold spot with a platinum
Comment from : DANRICH LAPUTAN

lyn Acibes
I have this one1933 double eaglewho is buying this
Comment from : lyn Acibes

Franky Dominguez
I have that gold coin it’s called 1933 gold double eagle replica my uncle gave it to me on my birthday he gives me a lot of old coins I also have the 1892 Morgan dollar
Comment from : Franky Dominguez

Manuel Cucche
does anybody know how much one of these is worth but my coin says copy underneath where the in god we trust thing is in the blank space, is it worth anything?
Comment from : Manuel Cucche

Stephanie Trejo
Thank you for the cool story Did the government ever make 1945 gold coins? I have 2 that were made into a pendant One looks like gold, the other looks gold plated Any thoughts?
Comment from : Stephanie Trejo

Stuart Kline
JD, what a fascinating story, cheers!
Comment from : Stuart Kline

Muslih Mussidi
Hi sir please contact me I got one
Comment from : Muslih Mussidi

I have one is it ilegal
Comment from : Xpossure

Mark Williams
Well done for reading Wikipedia out loud lol
Comment from : Mark Williams

My coin is the same and is in very good conditions
Comment from : Shadow_Doge123

Wow never knew that I have two that are uncirculated
Comment from : theyfearenvii

Brent Hass
the golden rule whoever has the gold makes the rules / govt
Comment from : Brent Hass

اية Aya
Interested in the American double eagle coin speaks to meI am in Egypt
Comment from : اية Aya

Lance Stewart friend has it
Comment from : Abi_

Cameron n Haydens Reviews
Omg 😯😯😯😯I have one of these right now and mines from 1925 oh god I'm freaking out I should hide this so no one robs me
Comment from : Cameron n Haydens Reviews

julio ortiz
I have one of these coins but it says copy but it feels like real gold i dont know how much is worth
Comment from : julio ortiz

OW Dobbins
Melted down value about $1400Street valueabout $7,000,000good luck sucky service
Comment from : OW Dobbins

OW Dobbins
I know of one more 1933 gold eaglebeen in a certain family for decade's
Comment from : OW Dobbins

Butterfly H Marinez
I have one golden coin United America Twenty dollars MCMV11 can you help how much it's value my dad gave to me when I was born 1968 but I did get from him until my 5 birthday in 1973 I'm 52 my grandpa gave to him
Comment from : Butterfly H Marinez

Brian Martinez
What should one do if they had a $20 coin from 1907?
Comment from : Brian Martinez

Komodo Dragon
hi JD, I have a question- why are these called double eagles? I only see one?
Comment from : Komodo Dragon

Duane White
Why is it called a double eagle when I only see one LoL 😜 I Think that I would of melted them down for the gold instead of giving them away
Comment from : Duane White

Why haven't the US Mint not re-designated the surviving 1933 Double Eagle's as commemorative coins thus removing there status as legal tender?? Plus the US has wasted more money in the search and prosecution of there owners than what the coins are actually worth To me that is governmental waste of funds/resources
Comment from : andromedafan

My great uncle is the dude that owned the gold shop, That side of the family is stacked She sold one of them
Comment from : Qaplan

no one should have the right to take a piece of history from you that you paid millions of dollars for
Comment from : ROCKIN ROY

rex carrender
I have a 1979 gold dime, and a 1802 Indian head penny, 1904 Indian head penny, and a 1906 Indian head penny
Comment from : rex carrender

Northern maine off grid
So what can we take from this? Well the us govt is full if a bunch of scum bag thieves Good luck getting anyone today to give this govt their PM
Comment from : Northern maine off grid

Faisal Fz
Comment from : Faisal Fz

Eric Smith
Comment from : Eric Smith

Fdr is a criminal
Comment from : SEM

Like if Rob Ferreti Sent you here
Comment from : Thatrodneydude

Mandy Walker
I have one of those
Comment from : Mandy Walker

Kirks Corner
fdr worst president
Comment from : Kirks Corner

Tom Starks
They get them then destroy them yet they could had auctioned them off, Leave it to the Government to be STUPID! Oh that's the law, what because the government says so! what a bunch of
Comment from : Tom Starks

M- Nice
Fort knox 🤣 yeahhhhhh sure
Comment from : M- Nice

Jason Gall
I have 1 of them!!!
Comment from : Jason Gall

Raymond piper
How ridiculous
Comment from : Raymond piper

Tammy Newman
it isn't worth anything if its illegal,
Comment from : Tammy Newman

Kevin Hunt
Comment from : Kevin Hunt

Mohammed Khirallah
Thank u very much my dear friend I have one 1920-S!br drivegooglecom/file/d/1NBQ74U4BFaavu6gpg7ExbTlbe_6srHVW/view?usp=sharingbrbrCould u help me to sell it ?brbrWaht's App : +20 1098523900brMail : [email protected]
Comment from : Mohammed Khirallah

Station 2
so maybe its possible to find one but it is illegal to own
Comment from : Station 2

Ryan R
The beginning of this video was read directly from the "1933 double eagle" wikipedia page lmao
Comment from : Ryan R

Lance Packman
Is the copy rare and valuable
Comment from : Lance Packman

Lance Packman
I have that coin so will I get lots of money
Comment from : Lance Packman

Emma Lambert
Got one 1933
Comment from : Emma Lambert

Greg Koons
I have 1933 Doule Eagle $2000 Gold PiecebrCan you help me find how much this coin is worth?brThank you
Comment from : Greg Koons

James Reilly
Comment from : James Reilly

Jeanette Sutton
Do you know any info about a Book Dollars
Comment from : Jeanette Sutton

Majin sonic
The fucking government
Comment from : Majin sonic

Comment from : jmy

Let the 10 out at auction or destroy the 2 at the Smithsonian The 3rd one that sold its obvious who bought it since it was displayed at the US treasury ,probably Rothscilds or one of those criminals
Comment from : jmy

Fadey Suleiman
Well damnnnn
Comment from : Fadey Suleiman

if you were a grocery store owner you'd would have lots of these
Comment from : elnonli

Kim Alldredge
These videos have made me want to open up all my coffee buckets&look at all the thousands of pennies I would have to go throughThanks for the video's,i am now a subscriber to your videosKim
Comment from : Kim Alldredge

Wesley McNasty
Gold stolen from the American people once, gold stolen from an American againbrBailing out them banks since 1933!
Comment from : Wesley McNasty

I found one in a coin roll
Comment from : cochiselol1232

Finders keeper!
Comment from : M J

Slappy Chap
hey I had a black quarter about 26 years ago it felt similar to Bakelite eerily smooth and heavy and extremely cold all the time I want to say it had spots in it If I recall it was dated 1970 my grandpa said it was thee rarest coin ever produced on earth I was a young teen then
Comment from : Slappy Chap

Coin Man Dan M
But is it fair to allow one and to take the the other then the family found among a former mint workers homebrRead a great bookbrDouble Eagle, The Epic Story of the World's Most Valuable Coin
Comment from : Coin Man Dan M

Metal Dog Digger
Wow What at story for those coins Thanks for the upload
Comment from : Metal Dog Digger

Wayne Grant
The congress, president and rothchilds screwed America by usurping the Constitution in this matter and as a result we will always pay interest to the fed reserve every time they print $$$
Comment from : Wayne Grant

Richard Palmer
Have a 2013 one dollar bill uncircullated w serial number I 16655555 b and 16655551 16655441 16655111 worth anything
Comment from : Richard Palmer

This surely had my head spinning But of course we are speaking of the Govt here, so what else would one expectbrGreat story!
Comment from : DiggingIntoYesterday

Norma winton
Damnit Roosevelt! Stupid as a stone he was could you imagine THEIR value if he would have never ordered them melted?
Comment from : Norma winton

Mary-Ellen Johnson
I found this very interesting as I love coins Take care Jon, good luck and happy hunting Mary Ellen UK
Comment from : Mary-Ellen Johnson

Marshall Tallant
There were over one cigar box full of gold coins when it was ordered baby turned in for gold certificates or other currency for the property one of the brothers and a family that extended from one who set foot on this continent in 1649 Now there are many more all over this country considered to be a highly reputable and even to this day I have no knowledge of what we came of one cigar box full of gold coins that I played with as a child that was well over 50 years ago
Comment from : Marshall Tallant

Jim Bonito
Very Interesting
Comment from : Jim Bonito

Live w/ Nick
Quite a coincidence somebody moved the coin right before 9-11
Comment from : Live w/ Nick

jeremy deforest
All I want to know is what JD does for a living if all he does is metal detect and make free videos but he still lives like Richie Rich in a house built for a family of 6 all by himself
Comment from : jeremy deforest

D Aiken
Very interesting story about the coins
Comment from : D Aiken

The denial of a Petition for Certiorari (aka Cert Petition) by the Supreme Court in a federal case means the decision of the Court of Appeals stands as the final decision
Comment from : downtonviewer

Josh Hansen
Oh of coarse the government stole it and sold it for 76 million, i bet there gonna slowly sell the rest to
Comment from : Josh Hansen

Josh Hansen
Why would you just destroy cool coins -_-, imagine not knowing you had 1 in your house, the ss shows up and is like, THIS IS THE SECRET SERVICE YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR HAVING A GOLD COIN IN YOUR HOUSE GIVE IT TO US SO WE CAN DESTROY IT brbrOR YOU WILL BE SHOT! brbrXD
Comment from : Josh Hansen

Susan Holmes
Always enjoy your videos 🤓
Comment from : Susan Holmes

Sheila L art
This make a good movie, you should film it!
Comment from : Sheila L art

Lorraine Gomez
Have you ever just ate a mayonnaise sandwich? Or toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Comment from : Lorraine Gomez

James Davidson
That's where government oversteps its bounds Person could have gave them $20 for the coin of the worst at the time even if it was stolen or not but they had to make a federal case out of it for a hundred million years and they sold off the gold coin so who's right who's wrong if I was metal detecting and I found one I think I'd have it melted down just to get the money sad to say
Comment from : James Davidson

Lorraine Gomez
You know there are people like my family who suffer every day to eat And your making a joke about it brYour mean and cruel I dislike you! My even hate you!
Comment from : Lorraine Gomez

You’d think the Secret Service would have better things to docourse it is the US Govt
Comment from : rdjess

William Franz
JD can you give me some information on Federal notes? I have seen a coin like this one for sale Don't remember what year it was, but he was selling it for $1200
Comment from : William Franz

Lorraine Gomez
I'm gonna unsubscribe to you, you have no heart
Comment from : Lorraine Gomez

adventures in dirt fishin
I have a $20 gold double eagle coin that i got from my father after he passed away in june 2017
Comment from : adventures in dirt fishin

Jake Braker
One coin to rule them all I think I would want to send it through an odd coin machine
Comment from : Jake Braker

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