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12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens

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Title :  12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens
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Description 12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens

Comments 12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens

TIMESTAMPSbrDo household chores 1:04brMow lawns 1:37brRake leaves 2:06brRun a lemonade stand 2:32brSell baked goods 3:04brHave a garage sale 3:34brSell your stuff to thrift stores 4:06brSell homemade crafts 4:35brStart your own tutoring services 5:09brUpload and edit pictures for others 5:43brSet up a Facebook profile for people 6:16brCreate mobile games 6:55brDos and Don’ts 7:37
Comment from : BRIGHT SIDE

Szonja Tatár
My mom told me that she won't pay me for chores Because it's not something that you get rewarded for, it's a thing you need to do, it's not a choice
Comment from : Szonja Tatár

Thx so much
Comment from : [email protected]

Suhani Deshmukh
I have only permission of lemonade stand in home because I am indian and indians not do this all work
Comment from : Suhani Deshmukh

Already subscribed
Comment from : sha🌺

Well, I think I’m gonna make a woodwork business
Comment from : FaidoPlays

They tell u to charge people for setting up Facebook accounts but they don’t have shoveling🤣
Comment from : Misters

100 IQ mr feast
, the first the first one and second one did not work
Comment from : 100 IQ mr feast

have fun with areena eshaal
my mom used to give money for house chores but now she just says its ur responsiblity to clean around the house
Comment from : have fun with areena eshaal

The Anonymous YouTuber
I do people homework and made 5$ per day
Comment from : The Anonymous YouTuber

Anything Possible with Tanu
If you want money so study hard I day you will get million dollar
Comment from : Anything Possible with Tanu

jask0601 k
Comment from : jask0601 k

10xyz Coder
Bruh, I am a Pro coder under the age of 18 and I still don't get money
Comment from : 10xyz Coder

Miranda and fluffy plays
I was ganna make my cotten candy shop and is only 5 dollar
Comment from : Miranda and fluffy plays

Ava Sophia
Mrs Charlotte's is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : Ava Sophia

Aaden Greene
I'm 78 I can finally get a job
Comment from : Aaden Greene

Not gonna lie the lawn mowing and leaf raking are the best Just try and target older people who are a little less mobile
Comment from : rayymanchester

I tried to do chores so I asked and my mom just yelled at me :( she said ItS My MoNeY ThOuGh
Comment from : Madmax

My dad thinks kids can’t make money I 10 and I will get to my goal to get 300 dollars so I can get me dream phone He says that he won’t get me one but I will get my own He will be so mad and suprised when he sees me with 300 dollars
Comment from : kawaiijadeviiXD

Bro I'm just trying to get a pair of Jordans
Comment from : 21Polurrex

Kid Nabi
Children should be expected to do chores for free
Comment from : Kid Nabi

bro not all of us are in the America
Comment from : jaja

It’s true
Comment from : ✨Lemonxade✨#roadto200

POV: your not allowed to make money
Comment from : Sonicsped

I got a Rainbow Loom a few weeks ago, and the kids in my class will make chokers, etc and sell them at recess Should I sell mine?
Comment from : sqnshine

Age is actually a word
Comment from : Noobda

Sell lemonade and children and get money
Comment from : howdoname?

Malik Husnain
Comment from : Malik Husnain

Retro Vibxs
I asked my mum and she said byou have to pay me because i do everything in this house/b but i knew she was just joking LOL anyways now i have an allowance for each time i do a chores
Comment from : Retro Vibxs

Surachai Ketnarai / KEN THAILAND
Hello my friend
Comment from : Surachai Ketnarai / KEN THAILAND

Muhammad Naufal Allaam
Me: Do choresbrMy parents: We have no money
Comment from : Muhammad Naufal Allaam

Do i need permit to sell lemonade or cakes?
Comment from : NOHRRESDAILYGAMING Roblox

Tysm i needed this, my parents kicked me out cuz i was too noisy so i went out to look for an apartment i needed a job to live but no company's accept me cuz im only 15
Comment from : °AxstheticallyPolly°

If I asked to get money if I cleaned my mom would say “ I don’t get payed to clean “
Comment from : mckb

Do parents pay for chores? Last time I checked we all live in this house, and we all have the responsibility to take care of it
Comment from : L C

Anime okuyo
This helped out alot I mange to get 10'000 in a day
Comment from : Anime okuyo

Jacob Stevenson
This helped me a ton I made 3000 dollars off on month and I am ten
Comment from : Jacob Stevenson

Aidens Channel
I earn $20 a week for doing chores
Comment from : Aidens Channel

i think im the only one saving up for a touhou fumo-
Comment from : vix

Pushkar Mishra
I get mt first income of 50 rupees by doing my friend pending work brI can bet you its the best money earning job under 18😂😂
Comment from : Pushkar Mishra

Computer smart
start a channel
Comment from : Computer smart

It’s the season of fall I can do raking leaves
Comment from : Orbit2010_

Why parents paying there own children, parents they have to pay the bill and they buy cloths and shoes and food and etc
Comment from : Sub-Zeros

Victor 86
I make money 💰
Comment from : Victor 86

Thank you that should help I’m trying to save up for an Apple Watch
Comment from : Aubrey-Roblox

Liz Zhao
I just wanna help my parents with our money and I want a horse so we wanna move
Comment from : Liz Zhao

mohsin rasheed
My mom never pays when I do chores
Comment from : mohsin rasheed

Grayam Delaney
Comment from : Grayam Delaney

TikTok bxmbd
You don’t get payed for chores
Comment from : TikTok bxmbd

M Saboune
UMM I the youngest child so i dont clean
Comment from : M Saboune

Manny Bautista
If i ask my parents for poket money they say "oh so whos gona pay me for the cookig"
Comment from : Manny Bautista

Bruh parents are like for chores you live in this house you contribute 💀
Comment from : Hexer

The thing that works for me is getting money for my grades
Comment from : ZOMBS_YT

"Ask your parents to give you money is you do house chore"brbrmy parents: "its YOUR job to do the chores, why should we pay you to do your own thing?"
Comment from : TheReal_Fury

Fred Moss
But my parents say that chores are something you have to do not get paid to do
Comment from : Fred Moss

Random Guy With an Anime Picture
Age is just a number and money is just paper
Comment from : Random Guy With an Anime Picture

Malcolm MacAulay
Nobody him if you have any other ways to make money is a kid say it in the commentsbrbrbrMe sell drugs kids👍
Comment from : Malcolm MacAulay

Apollo AV
If there were lons in india
Comment from : Apollo AV

Jesse Pinkman
i just need 40$ i dont have talents or whatevers
Comment from : Jesse Pinkman

What if you don't have a theft store and you live in an apartment
Comment from : freespirit2008

I have 6€ and ²⁰£
Comment from : LEGEND OF WAR 2020

Mary Jolly
I just want enough money for a ipad pro 129 In my country its very expensive It's about 200,000 or something
Comment from : Mary Jolly

Grace Adamsons
When I saw that monster house clip I lost it
Comment from : Grace Adamsons

i really think that the world and that the 1 million people needed to see this so that there kids could make so much money, i will try to use some of these stratagies and make some money, im also intrested in makeing money off of youtube so how many subscribers do you need to get monitization?
Comment from : Milo

tnank you so much for making this wonderfull video for everyone
Comment from : Milo

My mom will ask that we are giving you food is that not enough 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : MRDAEMON 444

Stella George
I am on my moms account, I wanna get an easy gig and save up for something
Comment from : Stella George

Anisha Selvakumar
You really made my day! I would want to start a business you know how? Because you my friend is how! You really inspire me!
Comment from : Anisha Selvakumar

John K
i started doing household chores and my dad gave me 2 dollars for washing 6 dishes and 4 silverware items, one of them was a knife, and i cut myself it was a small cut and it only bled for about 27 seconds
Comment from : John K

the first half of this list is like the type of stuff kids would do back in the summer of 1983
Comment from : TheBasicPurood

sherly portillo
I like to buy pixy sticks for one dollar and sell five for one dollar I actually made like thirty dollars doing that and selling candy for more money
Comment from : sherly portillo

The thing is that I'm 15 and my mom is so so so so strict that she won't let me go outside and I'm a guy and she thinks I'm going to get kidnapped
Comment from : VontayStrikes

Harry Newbury
Mom:im going to the club and im going to spend $100 me: can i get $5 no Im not made of money
Comment from : Harry Newbury

My parents dosen't give me money for doing chores
Comment from : BrokenNoodle_

Blahblahblah BlahBlah
I do cleaning house and yard, selling toys and clothes, babysitting, and it's only give me like $4,915? I think
Comment from : Blahblahblah BlahBlah

Lemonade, come getcha fresh hand squeezed cooled lemonades! (Wow my word for advertising my lemonades were REALLY long)
Comment from : LeoLovesContent

I do all that but i don't get payed :(
Comment from : kingcrab

Charlotte _ Yes
them: own a buisnessbrme: man, i just want a guitar
Comment from : Charlotte _ Yes

My mum took all my 200 pounds so I need to make it back
Comment from : Konflix

David Knezovich
I'm 4 years old and I got $1583
Comment from : David Knezovich

Vasek CZ
nobody understands that it is not possible to earn with my parents, I have my responsibilities and that is most of what someone says how to earn, I can do the rest but I will not get anything for it
Comment from : Vasek CZ

Totally not Prussia
Fun fact: please never say age is just a number brNeverbrNeverbrEVER
Comment from : Totally not Prussia

Austin Todeson
Become a ceo at a young age Me realizing all of them are just chores that don’t actually work
Comment from : Austin Todeson

Arunima Kandpal
What if we are kids on the age of 11
Comment from : Arunima Kandpal

Radha Reddy
Me: mom I need a new dressbrMom: use your own moneybrMe: uses my moneybrMom: stop wasting money
Comment from : Radha Reddy

Krišjānis Stirāns
There are flaws with all of these ideas
Comment from : Krišjānis Stirāns

Comment from : Abbey

Amtus Sami Saleha
I love it so much
Comment from : Amtus Sami Saleha

The only way to make a lot now is by using social media Search for btasks4cash/b on google and see for yourself
Comment from : Violeesky

Da lamon
Hahah I don’t get money if I do chores Cos we have to learn to do things without being payed cause no one gonna pay you to clean your house
Comment from : Da lamon

Nolan Fitzpatrick
the video is callled "12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens" but in the video he said kids
Comment from : Nolan Fitzpatrick

Eather Panda
"you can be a CEO even before you have a drivers license"brListen I just wanna buy a new computer and a phone
Comment from : Eather Panda

Maquez Elizabeth
Thechinahacks helped me financially when i was broke They are super awesome
Comment from : Maquez Elizabeth

Immanuel John
I make money buy selling guppy fishes and betta fishes and more 😎😎
Comment from : Immanuel John

Evan Fuller
Comment from : Evan Fuller

Hintel Gamerz
7:12 are all three websites free??/
Comment from : Hintel Gamerz

Pubg Rocky
Successfully job from bubbyjoo onTELEGRAM within 30 minutes thank you
Comment from : Pubg Rocky

Meet bubbyjoo onTELEGRAM they got me 21btc
Comment from : Mizer

I recommended bubbyjoo onTELEGRAM they are accurate
Comment from : KanalOyuncusu

Many thanks using bubbyjoo onTELEGRAM
Comment from : MEHMET MISTIK

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