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Learning Disabilities, What Are the Different Types?

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Information Learning Disabilities, What Are the Different Types?

Title :  Learning Disabilities, What Are the Different Types?
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Description Learning Disabilities, What Are the Different Types?

Comments Learning Disabilities, What Are the Different Types?

The National Center for Learning Disabilities
NCLD has developed the LD Checklist: Recognize & Respond tool to help spot the potential signs of LD Take the first step here: ncldco/LDRR #Check4LD
Comment from : The National Center for Learning Disabilities

I want to learn more about myself
Comment from : MidnightWolf

I would pay you but we have to have other things to get that we needed and it's hard to save up to be able to do things that I wanted to do like this type of stuff
Comment from : MidnightWolf

I was wondering if you would be so kind of helping me understand what I have a learn other things I have I haven't heard or discovered that I have yet I can't afford pay you for doing this but it would make me happy if you are willing to help me with this expecting me to pay so much or paying at all
Comment from : MidnightWolf

Ummm hi I have autism but I feel like I have more than autism but I don't have anyone to take me to a specialist neither afford one too I want to learn more about myself and how can I process to learn to control my autism more it'd be better at things I'm not good at I don't know what other conditions I have a very frustrated in clueless or what else I have that haven't discovered yet
Comment from : MidnightWolf

Junior Lewalski
My son has "working brain" with there's not much information out there for it
Comment from : Junior Lewalski

I have a Learning Disability It is Mild My Twin Sister and I have the same disability this does not define us We are all Special in Jesus Eyes We are Diamonds to Him Yes i have been bullied but I made friends now I am Married with 2 kids will be Married for 12 years next year My husband has Adhd this doesn't stop him We live with my Mom and Dad

lynn deatherage
Most people who says this are few blacks family members of the students in k to 12th grade thinks it's is mental cases student's the problem is that it is not a big deal to me because I am a very smart person dyslexia and dysgraphia and math dyscaluaiabrMy IQ 95 ABOVE AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE IS NOT DUMB ENOUGH FOR MENTAL ILLNESS
Comment from : lynn deatherage

☠  Shaheed
Ive got them all and more
Comment from : ☠ Shaheed

Does the state pay people for learning disabilities
Comment from : A B

Kamau Wahome
@6:43 Dr Horowitz said learning disabilities are not related to life disadvantage? I disagree brGrowing up in broken homes is catastrophic to a children's learning Many children are smart but they stop developing and sometimes regress academicbrI have many young cousins who have stagnated academically as they try to navigate life They're well behaved but academically all have stalled totally brI have personal experience with this issue too
Comment from : Kamau Wahome

This video has been very helpful However, i would love to know about how parents can be helped to identify these children with learning disabilities Thank you
Comment from : Tina

Debora Esteves
Loved it!
Comment from : Debora Esteves

Antonella Palma
thanks a lot you are very clear!!! I love u
Comment from : Antonella Palma

Norma Padro
Hello I came across your video, because I looked for it My problem is learning, remembering anything When I was in school I sat all the way in the back so that I wouldn't be called by the teacher I couldn't remember anything she spoke about in class I couldn't learn math I had to write tiny sticks on paper I wasn't fast enough on writing either My teacher would erase everything she wrote, and I couldn't write everything It got to the point where I didn't do homeworks at all Math were just numbers I couldn't remember at all I couldn't read them They were just symbols To this day I don't know the times table I can't read a ruler at all, or measure cups when cooking anything I just read, and compare numbers I can build furniture with instructions Pre drilled furnitures Easy things like that I had a test done where I had to put together a lock Once I put it together it didn't work I asked the test taker what was wrong He said my brain saw it backwards I told him I can't do anything without instructions He gave me the instructions, and I fixed the lock I was at my class, and asked the teacher several times for adding a section including the percent I use to forget before I sat down at my desk I don't know what this is In reading I cannot remember 2 pages at all Things just go blank I write, but can't remember the other symbols I can only remember periods, question marks The way I write here is how I always write It might be a second grade way of writing, but this is how I can do it I cannot write like college writers either, or understand college books I can scheme through books, but have to stop, because I can't remember anything
Comment from : Norma Padro

I had LD and couldn't not get a job for 6 months, until I got a job at a local warehouse😭brbrWhy? because I couldn't pass job interviews 😞😡
Comment from : Erenjeager94

semy t
This makes much more sense now Thank you for unpacking the term specific learning disability The visual aid was fantastic
Comment from : semy t

Nina Imajo
Appreciate the clarity of this presentation At 76, I still get so tired of having to redo what I have written, mainly because I can’t always see my mistakes even when I read things over and over; again and again! It is incredibly frustrating to know you are intelligent, but struggle so much with words and numbers! I felt like I needed emotional support It occurred to me that I might find it here I felt empathy, as I read the stories of other’s struggles!❤
Comment from : Nina Imajo

Jackie C
What's the name of the learning disability that miscues language? Thanks
Comment from : Jackie C

Dr Vimal Kumar S V
Comment from : Dr Vimal Kumar S V

Dr Vimal Kumar S V
Comment from : Dr Vimal Kumar S V

Shelby Cotter
as someone who has a learning disabilaty it sucks bc people just think were stupid like its not my fualt i cant be normal like you i hate having it to and its been getting worse bc of covid
Comment from : Shelby Cotter

tyjackson 9059
I really hate when people make fun of me and balimbing chase me show me fat and I have a learning disability Kakashi discussing in a piece of s***
Comment from : tyjackson 9059

Lipika Rout
Perfect explanation 👍brThanks Sir😊
Comment from : Lipika Rout

Niecy Love
i only remember my mom told me that my teacher told her i wasnt catching on to anything in class i had hard time understanding so i went into Speial Need class room so idk what learning disability is that
Comment from : Niecy Love

Apparatus 101
They were demoralized
Comment from : Apparatus 101

Vandna Sharma
😐that musical note At the beginning of the video😦
Comment from : Vandna Sharma

Zoro Luffy
The most expensive treatment
Comment from : Zoro Luffy

Megan Harding
But everything except the seancrymoater I'd me it explains so mudt
Comment from : Megan Harding

Smooth Brained 4Channer
Always wondered if I have a learning disability, because I've hit my head quite hard a number of times as a child (the earliest of which occured when I was 4 - I crushed my skull as a result of running into a doorframe, head-first, and had to subsequently get it glued back together, quite literally) brbrAnyway I've always sucked at reading and writing, especially as a young kid, ie back in primary/elementary school However I've always really excelled in mathematics and physics, with my mathematical and science abilities ultimately peaking last year, when I finished my last year of high-school I scored in the top 2 for maths, top 10 for physics in my country for that year, overall But performed relatively poorly on my English exam, scoring in the top 40 even though I tried On top of my poor assessed literary skills, I additionally sometimes struggle to communicate some of my more complex thoughts to others, and often make weird slip ups in everyday life, like misreading words for some reason And I also have trouble continuing conversations for prolonged periods of time, though this might be related to my mild social incompetencebrbrAll this makes me wonder if I damaged parts of my brain responsible for linguistic abilities, whilst leaving my non-verbal reasoning region of my brain intact Perhaps my brain even did some re-wiring and helped strengthen other regions, hence making me a wizz at math and science Who knows
Comment from : Smooth Brained 4Channer

Sarah Adams
I have autism and learning disability I am bad at math,spellingreading
Comment from : Sarah Adams

I was told that I have a learning disability and makes me sad and mad cause I didn't know what it means and it offends me when im told that
Comment from : chiseLoh

can someone tell me why the starting music sounded like a bollywood song sung by arijit singh called "tera chehra jab nazar aye"
Comment from : YAYO KILL

NeoN Atary
my younger sister has learning disabilities and she was in school for a couple of years before we understood what that meant she's 12 now and she doesn't want to school anymore I'm heart broken but she suffered a lot in school she was hole schooled for a while too bit refused to continue too my parents can't afford to get her tutors and I'm in another country so I can't help much
Comment from : NeoN Atary

Teresa Baxter
Ok so now I know what it look out for How does one get tested for LD and how are they taught in the classroom
Comment from : Teresa Baxter

Thepicture Reader
This was a great video and you’re absolutely right when you said changing the environment of a person with a learning disability, and how they usually do things can have a great impact It definitely does
Comment from : Thepicture Reader

Amy P
I have a learning disabilities in math, specifically upper maths I also have disabilities in coding But I can read music and play the piano which in its own way is a code I'm not sure how that is possible, but I am able to Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to put us all into the "mentally handicapped' group We're not stupid, we just have trouble learning certain things and sometimes we just can't
Comment from : Amy P

Mike Burke
The Business World TOTALLY needs this information No one in the business world can understand why certain ADULTS can't understand or figure out or learn certain things THIS information absolutely explains this issues, big time Wow Thanks
Comment from : Mike Burke

Jc Rocks
To add to the end portion: They are not the same as mental health disorders, but there is often comorbidity (finding both alongside eachother Also, things like depression or stress can cause symptoms to worsen For example, a high-pressure timed test Lastly, trauma can affect learning disabilities and the effects of trauma can mimic learning disabilities
Comment from : Jc Rocks

I have a learning disability with multiple learning disabilities and sometimes it can be quite a struggle
Comment from : ShAnE

Theo Cormier
Hello sorry for bothering any one I'm trying to get my license but I can't read that well is there away I can record my drivers hand book taking pictures of each page any help would greatly appreciated
Comment from : Theo Cormier

Fergal Oneill
Don't worry I'm stupid and I'm a dunce
Comment from : Fergal Oneill

Nandul A
I am 22 year old learning disability what I want to do some one tell me I want to write I want to read
Comment from : Nandul A

J Campbell
I had "learning difficulties teachers called it" My Mother was totally a Toxic , calling me dumb in her own language I could never memorise my X tables, no matter what I did, I would read, but couldn't really comprehend, until I read a couple of X i would seriously struggle to finish class work and see all my class mates playing, but I couldn't play with them, because I didn't finish the class work and when I did finish, play time was over and I would be so angry in primary I couldn't even read the clock until around 5th & 6th grade, which took so long to pick up, which didn't help when the primary teacher, took me to the front of the class, which was so humiliating and I still couldn't do it High School I just gave up, all together as I was so frustrated I thought "What's the point"! Might as well jig school, have fun with friends in class and do what every
Comment from : J Campbell

Eric A
How can i understand this video when i have a learning disabillity?
Comment from : Eric A

Random Bean
Learning disorder in writing I had a scribe for everything that's actually assessed for the past 3 school years (I am now homeschooling) because I can't write quickly, neatly or what I actually mean sometimes because I can't get the information from my brain to my hand I was below average in writing before I got a scribe and the first time I had one I was in the top 3 of my year in the entrance exam however I can no longer keep up in the school environment due to being unable to write more than 5 sentences of notes from the board and almost nothing straight from my head especially in more emotion based subjects as well as having Autism, Dyspraxia and inattentive type ADHD
Comment from : Random Bean

I have a very poor working memoryI could read a page of information, and then not remember most of what I had just readbrbrWhat type of learning disability would this be?
Comment from : rainbow20112011

Had a learning disability since birth 20 years ago
Comment from : ghostrider56

kripita mody
I think have auditory processing problems I can understand everything in class but forget everything as the class ends
Comment from : kripita mody

💔Emo Doll Girl 💔
I have learning disability But I have a hard time with Math, Spelling, Social Skills, reading I do not know what kind of learning disability I have 😔😞
Comment from : 💔Emo Doll Girl 💔

I struggle to understand hard words and the meaning of them
Comment from : Mantiscular93

Unknown Lol
ugh 😣 i cant remember anything next day in school i cant write i write sloppy & i just cant learn anything in school thats why i been in special ed all my life & they always make fun of me im 27 & still have this problem 😣
Comment from : Unknown Lol

This was incredibly helpful In school, math was absolutely the WORST for me The rules, processes, and overall flow of information being received would always overwhelm me Working with large numbers or small fractions would always give me trouble cuz the scale of values just wouldn’t click I’d have to read a number digit-for-digit in order comprehend the value I was looking at Naturally, my teachers did not like me as a student I always had so many questions, always mixed up rules, put numbers in the wrong place To them, I was just “slow” Thank you for educating people on these learning disorders We’re not stupid, we’re not incompetent, we just don’t receive the information being presented in a way that’s digestible Thank you for shedding light on this topic
Comment from : Markus

Ebony m Jenkins
My son is a 16 dyspaxic, dyslexic and has a genetic problem learning difficult cgh array and does not have a have ehcp he was turned down to be 2 times
Comment from : Ebony m Jenkins

Sashea Kanhai
I think my child has a learning disability, but not sure what it is Like at this moment she can show and draw the basic shapes, she can show you the basic colours and can identify the letters of the alphabetbut if you ask her a few hours later, she mixes them up really dont know how to deal with it Any suggestions?
Comment from : Sashea Kanhai

Christina br
I understand myself now
Comment from : Christina br

Kkrose !
i’ve been dealing with a learning disability in math since elementary and i wish it didn’t get in the way of sm i just wanna be able to do math
Comment from : Kkrose !

how do you tease out learning disabilities from autism? My 3rd grader is "high functioning" hes an above average reader, but can't spell or write how do I know if its just fine motor issues or something else?
Comment from : Jennifer

James Cosgrove
These are not learning disabilities They are in fact learning difficulties 2 different things
Comment from : James Cosgrove

Isadora Moon
I have been diagnosed with pervasive learning disability not otherwise specified I learned to read when I was 5 years old but I had difficulties in other stuff I only learned to read the clock when I was in fifth grade (I remember being very embarrassed by this, since other kids in my school learned it when they were like 6/7 years old) and got my primary school leaving certificate when I was already 19 years old (I had to repeat a couple of my school years, because I just couldn't concentrate at all, couldn't remember anything they tried to teach me and was absent at school because I was severely bullied) I have always felt like I'm different from others and learned early on that I'm stupid and just less important than others Unfortunately I still feel the same at the age of 34 (English isn't my mother language)
Comment from : Isadora Moon

Are they permanent or curable ?
Comment from : no

Pat Smith
One problem today’s teachers don’t use blackboards anymore, my child had a classroom where she complained that the teacher couldn’t be heard because the children never were quiet This particular school believed that the children should discipline themselves and nobody was ever punished for talking out of place and she said the noise level was to high to hear They had a small white board on one wall and I don’t know how much it was used They teach reading by handing out at the beginning of the school year a list of 100 sight words and they never assigned spelling words every week like I had in school for 8 years They had no spelling books and no reading books and no math books only a few printed pieces of paper with simple things but lots of coloring I am so disgusted with today’s teachers and the poor methods they are using The permissive attitude that parents and schools are raising children with is not helping these children learn
Comment from : Pat Smith

Sonia Pizzi
My mom whenever put into a new situation where she has to problem solve (and I don't even mean anything fancy, just usual things around the house like stacking a new dishwasher she's never used) she does everything backwards Meaning, the worst most inefficient way of doing things that is her answer to the problem to something new She needs to be shown otherwise forget about it It's almost like her problem solving skills area is affected by something Is that normal, or does that have to have something to do with her brain or maybe the way she was brought up? This is an old pattern, has been there for as long as I remember
Comment from : Sonia Pizzi

Nicholas Peel
My wife have learned disblitey but she very smart love it
Comment from : Nicholas Peel

Mr Rusty Nuts
I am like this cause my mom did drugs n alcohol while pregnant with me, out of two siblings I am the only one with an intellectual disability
Comment from : Mr Rusty Nuts

Ronald McDonald
In my expedience some LD people are really nasty When I was in hospital a LD man called Luke broke into my room and masturbated all over my clothes at 6 in the morning, I was absolutely DISGUSTED I should have smashed his face in, but I was too caught out to know what to do Just because someone has LD does NOT mean they can't be made to face up to the consequences of their behaviour I don't care if I punched him, what he did was so extreme and disgusting he should have been taken down a dark ally with me so I could have smashed his ugly dirty stupid face in!!!!!! ) :< Yet nothing was done about it, and I didn't get money for a new top! Just because he was LD he got off scot free, if I hade dome that, I would be in jail by now! LD are stupid, clumsy, dirty, ugly and smelly and completely incapable of the simplest of tasks, yet I have hade to spend years living with these apes bring back hanging!!!! ) :<
Comment from : Ronald McDonald

Joanne L
the umbrella covers me
Comment from : Joanne L

Michael Hale
I myself I can't remember what I read Still to this day and I'm almost 50 now Very poor reader I could not get help when I was in school It is very frustrating with my 5 year old because I don't want him to hear how bad I read What ever I do it's a struggle
Comment from : Michael Hale

Karima Echols
I hate when I am called dumb slow because I can’t do something or understand
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
I am the first column
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
I have a learning disability I just want to be normal and smart
Comment from : Karima Echols

Super helpful! I’m almost 40 years old and my learning disability has learned to hide so well that it seems to be hiding even from me! Just had a terrible experience with a class that left me in tears I knew I had accessibility issues with traditional teaching methods but now I understand better I may have a combination of learning disability challenges Thank you for this general overview
Comment from : MsLaBajo

If someone feels emotionally overwhelmed when they make eye contact with the person speaking and can process information better by closing their eyes, or looking elsewhere while they listen is this 'normal'?
Comment from : oldschoolwaverider

Elizabeth A Newberry
I graduated high school
Comment from : Elizabeth A Newberry

Elizabeth A Newberry
I have a mild learning disability I like to supervise and watch people talk I am read lips because I have hearing aides I love reading I hate math and I am not good at math Yeah my brain is slow learning I work for the school district has a kitchen aide helper I went to vocational school for culinary arts for 1 year I was suppose to complete 2 years I do what I do learn all kinds of it I know I get headache but it's life and yes I gotten bullied in high school through school years I ignore them and my brother thinks I am dumb too I don't listen to him
Comment from : Elizabeth A Newberry

Give the right credit for intro song to right owner or I’m reporting this
Comment from : Innosense

Ashley Adam
The spelling
Comment from : Ashley Adam

Ashley Adam
I the math part
Comment from : Ashley Adam

Pallavi Sagar
Thank you for explaining LD's in such a beautiful way, this has to be the best video i found so far :)
Comment from : Pallavi Sagar

random smile
well dam watching brthis when you realise you suffer from all forms of learning disabilities what does that mean?
Comment from : random smile

John Rainsman
So what's my learning disability? I read and write just fine It's just that often times I don't understand information or instructoins I read or hear I often need clarification and get confused easily I'm on the Autism Spectrum and had a speech delay as a preschooler, but I don't think ASD is directly and ultimately the name of my learning disability
Comment from : John Rainsman

Jack Cattaneo
I have a big tip for these disabilities that can help Make a to-do list every day, make sure as soon as you get your day planned you get things done ASAP It will help so much, i’ve always been the person to write things down to remember and study right and it helps
Comment from : Jack Cattaneo

Shameeka Nickens
Thank you for teaching us more about the disabilities
Comment from : Shameeka Nickens

I've problems with social reciprocity
Comment from : Sam

Gnostic Mind Train
I'm 25 high school drop out, failed pre algebra in 8th grade, and I'm convinced I have something wrong, learning or intellectual disability I have no job I'm a loner I'm getting fed up being unrecognized by societyparents just care for me but no one can help me move on with my life
Comment from : Gnostic Mind Train

AP Music
What makes me angry is that when people call us slow just because we are not fast learners makes us feel like were dumb but we are not We were just born that way it’s not our fault, we just have to find a way to depend on ourselves and get away from toxic people who make us feel bad Because they don’t understand our struggles than we do
Comment from : AP Music

Hi therebrMy son have learning disability he is 12 year old We are looking for apps that can help him and others how to communicate and read write If anyone can help please add in the comments Really appreciate for this video too thanks million
Comment from : Ravbhullar

Amos Lowe
Love your viedo Life been hard for me being low iq
Comment from : Amos Lowe

Nia Powell
Hi I have dyspraxia and dyslexia and I use what I have every day to help others
Comment from : Nia Powell

Tammy Schoyen
I was thrown in to speacial Ed fo 12 years so beaver got a real education I am self learned since I went off on my own to learn
Comment from : Tammy Schoyen

Puss Cat
Please can someone tell me what type of learning difficulty this is: I know someone who can't take on board any more than one idea in her head at one time When you message her you have to discuss one idea and after she has inwardly digested that thought then discuss another idea and so on So you can't put more than one concept in a message but otherwise she seems to be an intelligent person and has no problem with academic work
Comment from : Puss Cat

Eric Obispo
I'm tired of being mistreated in this disability adult program living in care home I'm tired of the provider not getting food or making up excuses after excuses or trying to get to close and personal and talk to me to try to cross my mind in doing things I dont want to do I tried getting alot of people involved in knowing what is going on in my situation I'm just looked at like my life doesnt matter and I'm just a game or I'm the one to always blamed when I complain nothing is never heard I dont feel comfortable at all in this program it makes me tell my family and I'm not believen or heard I'm ignored and it's because this program plays games then it builds up anger inside of me to the point I do something when people pick on me in the wrong way so I do wrong too thinking it will make it better i need help with someone to check on this program to make sure the provider does his job
Comment from : Eric Obispo

I had dyslexia growing up and I was put into a class with kids who had intellectual disabilities I was thought at that level and struggled my way to catch up with everyone else after high school It took me a while to figure out my learning style, but I’m succeeding in college now because of it brbrI remember feeling sad, alone, depressed, and quiet going through school, I felt my parents and teachers and the school didn’t know what they were doing or how to teach me My mom and sister would tell me to read book to get better at it, but they didn’t understand the dyslexia; at the time it was impossible for me to read because I didn’t know how or anyone who understands dyslexia to teach me to read But I knew one day I would be able to succeed like everyone else, because I saw my sisters do very well in school and I wanted to be just like them and the older I got the better I understood myself and how I learn, now I’m doing great in school, but I do still struggle so I try to learn from my struggle and mistakes and better my self I hope anyone with a disability finds there way to learn even if it takes them past there high school, never give up!
Comment from : Joe

As! Someone Else
I have 5 under the umbrella
Comment from : As! Someone Else

💥 I grew up with so many memory issues and learning difficulties I've come out of 90 of them and now have a Youtube Channel here offering the BEST STRATEGIES to help those with LEARNING DISABILITIES become SUCCESSFUL in life🌻
Comment from : LEARN ALONG

Tyler Turcotte
It doesn't matter you have disability or not just who you are
Comment from : Tyler Turcotte

Gurveer Singh
So informative, thanks for these videos 👍
Comment from : Gurveer Singh

Cynthia Pinto
A very powerful explanation !!
Comment from : Cynthia Pinto

Nafee Karim
I have never heard of that word discalculim
Comment from : Nafee Karim

I'm 34 years old I have a learning disability in all my life DIffliculty talking, writing, and reading I went to doctor and they tested my brain and they asked me if I wanna know I told them no and they gave the information to social security I moved on Right now I work as warehouse worker and make very good decent pay Equal to BA/MA pays
Comment from : T

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