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Which mint makes the BEST u0026 WORST Silver coins?

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Information Which mint makes the BEST u0026 WORST Silver coins?

Title :  Which mint makes the BEST u0026 WORST Silver coins?
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Frames Which mint makes the BEST u0026 WORST Silver coins?

Description Which mint makes the BEST u0026 WORST Silver coins?

Comments Which mint makes the BEST u0026 WORST Silver coins?

Val Taylor
Where does one go in California to get coins custom minted? Silver rounds from bars
Comment from : Val Taylor

Captain Mowerblower
Nautical oz series look great and are clean as a whistle and are proper looking pirate treasure they held their value against inflation Collectibles rule but I should have got at least one of those owls at those pricesbrAlgo brought me back in time :)
Comment from : Captain Mowerblower

Sergio Notarpippo
Iam a stacker and these coins are so expensive with premiums and vat and delivery in the uk and iam realy going off buying most are double spot price just not worth it its a shame unless you live in America you get some cracking deals welcome packs and just over spot price which is really good only this counrty you get ripped of thats what I think sad realy they should bring the prices down if anyone knows were to get realy cheap coins in the uk i would appreciate if u can let us know so I can keep stacking otherwise its not worth it any more never get your money back you wont even break even so come on uk get dose prices down keep on stacking 💯
Comment from : Sergio Notarpippo

HD Dyna lowrider
Royal mint has nice designs but some questionable quality with milk spots and finishbrbrPerth mint has some nice designs and good finishbrbrUS mint has had some good design in past but recent ones have dropped the ballbrbrCANADIAN MINT has great designs but low quality finish due to milk spotsbrbrMexican mint has the same designs but high premiums but good qualitybrbrPerth mint is my favorite ATMbrbrFavorite over all
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

Bify Gif
Perth Mint is leagues ahead of any other, by a huge margin
Comment from : Bify Gif

John Carmelo
Which is the best mint for the 1oz silver Indian/buffalo?
Comment from : John Carmelo

The Perth Mint really does make the best looking coins
Comment from : mrmunkster1

David Curtis
I always liked the Mexican Peso Great eagle with snake ,but I am talking about circulated coins I love the Americans like the Walking Liberty Peace Dollar and Morgan What about a First Majestic one ounce ,beautiful private press If you are stacking you care more about weight than aesthetics For me I will mix up 20 of this 20 of that and some halves as well
Comment from : David Curtis

InJ Airgun
I have been collecting Canadian 1 ox and half oz silver coins since 1987 and NONE of them have milk spots on them! NONE OF THEM!
Comment from : InJ Airgun

I'd say Perth Mint, then RCM from 2018, then RM
Comment from : gooney0

Royal Australian Mint for me, beautiful designs, great quality no matter whether its bullion quality or proof, they really don't get enough exposure The Perth is a close second on quality but some of their designs are duds Royal Mint fails more than it succeeds, won't get anywhere near top close for me until it starts improving its quality Apparently dings, dents, unknown foreign objects, scratches and milking is perfectly acceptable on their bullion coins even though every other mint out there seems to disagree Also their whole lunar series is rubbish
Comment from : aliciacb8284747274

stuart mcmahon
ive just bought 3, 2021 britannia 1oz coins, as they have the new security features, i thought theyd be a better choice than previous years was I right??
Comment from : stuart mcmahon

Sir Rather Splendid
Many of the worst designs look like they’ve been made in a hurry using a CAD programme in low res mode
Comment from : Sir Rather Splendid

Sir Rather Splendid
Mint guard — LoL Sounds like a toothpaste commercial product
Comment from : Sir Rather Splendid

Sir Rather Splendid
Just out of interest, why would you cut up and melt your milky maples? Surely, being coins they still have some premium over metal ingots?
Comment from : Sir Rather Splendid

Parker King
Comment from : Parker King

Fervent Reminder
As much as I hate to say it (as an Australian) I can't stand the design of the kangaroo, those points extending from the outer ring are just horrible
Comment from : Fervent Reminder

Scottsdale mint They have a cool lion logo
Comment from : reddegree75

John Toth
My favorite mint is the one with the lowest premium
Comment from : John Toth

Jonathan George
Comment from : Jonathan George

Glutamate Sulphate
This is why you must handle coins with great care: 1) not too hold them with bare hands and always wear gloves 2) reduce its exposure to air 3) make sure it does not hit any surface because the shock can cause a dent
Comment from : Glutamate Sulphate

Chorse Hode
Besides premiums and whatnot, is there any disadvantage to buying generic brand silver? Will pawn shops (for example) only accept JM, Asahi, etc? Or do they buy whatever brand, like Silver Towne and others?
Comment from : Chorse Hode

In my opinion Silvertown makes the worst flawed rounds
Comment from : SILVER WISKERS

Thomas clavin jr
Comment from : Thomas clavin jr

Savoy Truffle
I really love the Queen's Breast series (you read that correctly)brIf you want to be bored to death, then the American Silver Eagle is the best
Comment from : Savoy Truffle

Arthur Prikhodko
boil your silver in baking soda and it will be like new!
Comment from : Arthur Prikhodko

Bullion Trading Philippines
Very informative :)
Comment from : Bullion Trading Philippines

Salvador Dalinian
Casa de Moneda de Mexico
Comment from : Salvador Dalinian

ShaneO 4285
Perth Mint, Canadian Mint then US mint In that orderbrI only recently moved Canadian mint up in my top 3 Since milk spotting has been fixed And they are relatively liquid and easy to sell
Comment from : ShaneO 4285

In my (biased) opinion the 2021 Britannia is the nicest coin Next I would say the Canadian Maple I’m not a fan of the Aussie coins though
Comment from : tom360063

Black n White
Some of the coins produced in Sweden are horrible I would never own one BTW wear golves when handling the coins It will help avoid those milk spots
Comment from : Black n White

Corey Smith
As An Aussie I am Choosing The Perth MintGet That Up Ya, Ya Dog! 😅
Comment from : Corey Smith

Silver Tortoise
Canadians 2018 on are shielded
Comment from : Silver Tortoise

nenabetashun is bun
My personal favorite are the libertads, then the new zealand turtles, then Perth, them maples
Comment from : nenabetashun is bun

Where is the best place in the UK to purchase foreign silver coins Must I buy directly from foreign Mints
Comment from : C K O

Hatsi Kidee
13:36 This didn't age well ;)
Comment from : Hatsi Kidee

Learning Silver & Gold
I have noticed the Philh & even Kangaroos at my LCS all had discoloration on the edges So, I have avoided those so far
Comment from : Learning Silver & Gold

Alisturk Eric MacNanty
Although I basically stack Maple Leafs, I personally think the Perth Mint is the best mint in the world
Comment from : Alisturk Eric MacNanty

Perth mint hands down is the best kangaroos, kookaburra, koala, swans, lunar series, Dragon bar coins, perthmint cast bars, sealed bars So much options and the quality is good on all of them
Comment from : 1mperi4l

Perth Mint all the way!!! 😍😍😍
Comment from : SiLVeRaTi

Nonja Ninja
The Mint Shield seems to work My newer Canadian coins are fine I just wish they'd put a crown on the queen on the Canadian coins It's like she's slumming it for Canada or something lol
Comment from : Nonja Ninja

James Rizzuti
Perth Mint going away No doubt about it
Comment from : James Rizzuti

Philip Oulton
The five dollar face value of the 1 ounce Maple leafs and their 9999 purity put the RCM bullion above all the rest for the serious silver stacker Looking pretty isn't really the point, is it?
Comment from : Philip Oulton

Pudenda Johnson
I think the Perth mint makes some of the best coins Having said that, my favorite gold bullion is the Britannia
Comment from : Pudenda Johnson

Just kinda want to get a few from each mint if I can brbrBut man, milking on my maples have been an issue (Luckily it’s mostly for liquidation in long term) I really want commonwealth stuff to collect, but walking liberties are best for my savings to get most of
Comment from : Colonizer-Chan

My first silver purchase was from the Perth Mint I have to admit they make a very beautiful Bullion Silver Coins I recently purchased the 2 Ounce “75th Anniversary Iwo Jima Coins” But they marketed as an “American Battle Theme Coin” made by the “Perth Mint” as a American Australia partnership Anyway I think for a first timer, I made a good choice Thank You for showing us your collection I made other purchases from other mints around the world But it is to hard to the find a Mexican Mint Bullion Silver Coins and the Scottsdale Bullion Mint Silver Coins
Comment from : ReelX4U

A German Coin Collector
RAM has the best capsules for sure! For the silver I like Scottsdale a lot Especially their Fiji and Egyptian Series in 2oz & 5oz are fantastic!
Comment from : A German Coin Collector

After seeing a wide variety myself, I have to say it’s a tie with Perth mint and Royal mint
Comment from : Chrisinsocal

Nuie is an island nation The NewZealand mint produces coins for Nuie
Comment from : Boolag01

Dean Oldfield
Why didn't you even mention the US eagles?
Comment from : Dean Oldfield

Kapitan Curtis
American Eagles and lots of Canadian Maples =)
Comment from : Kapitan Curtis

JM Bullion and Apmex ships free on orders over $99 So, good mints for small investors Silver is silver, gold is gold, 999 is 999, sets and collections look nice but at the end of the day they are only worth spot value
Comment from : ToughAncientSpark

Jithin Jose
I will vote for Canadian mint, with new deign no milk spots
Comment from : Jithin Jose

Shawn Murrin
I think South Korea makes some of the nicest coinage around Check it out! Or rounds i should say
Comment from : Shawn Murrin

Shawn Murrin
WHAT no korean coins
Comment from : Shawn Murrin

alan mair
hi great video just asking really these silver train coins i see on ebay are they worth anything regards alan
Comment from : alan mair

Johnny boy
Perth mint
Comment from : Johnny boy

That Niue Owl is a representation of the very first minted coin from Greece It's a little ugly by today's standards, but that was the first coin design in history apparently I may be wrong, but I've seen a couple of articles on it, so I'm 99 sure
Comment from : Don

Robert B321
It still amazes me there is no program at all with the Royal Canadian Mint to allow for an exchange due to the milk spot issues of the past I am not saying they should pay a premium but I would think some people would be willing to exchange old milk spotted coins with newer versions where it appears they have figured out how to deal with the problem
Comment from : Robert B321

Grandad Lion
Can milk spots be cleaned off the coins?
Comment from : Grandad Lion

Cedrexic Moseley
Aussie, Perth mint, Royal Mint, US Mint, RCM, and Sunshine mint
Comment from : Cedrexic Moseley

Affirmed _78
I've picked up a little of everything (whatever is on sale) Of course nothing is really on sale at the moment
Comment from : Affirmed _78

RCM is putting out some impressive rounds and bars post 2015
Comment from : Italrish

Adam Barrett
Have you seen the franklin mint have had the genius of Michelangelo coin and it is stunning beats most gov minted coins
Comment from : Adam Barrett

Eddies Bra-att-ha-grejer
I prefer the Perth Mint since their 9999-purity 1 ounce coins are just a bit cheaper than the only other mint that makes coins of that purity, which is the Royal Canadian Mint
Comment from : Eddies Bra-att-ha-grejer

Glenn Endrina
@ Backyard Bullion,brbr I do agree with your Opinions The Private Own Mints are the Most Highly Detailed Ones that are molded into the Antique Finishes I Personally do not have one on hand brbrI do have a Specific Question about which Coin Capsule that you Utilize for your Silver Coin Collection What is the Manufacture's Name and is it Available upon the Internet? Thanks againbrbr GCE known as 150Spoke9
Comment from : Glenn Endrina

The Truth Is Right
I buy RCM and Republik Osterreich I find the US eagles and Perth mint are overpriced in Canada I am ultimately buying for the melt value more than anything else, so some milk spots here and there aren't a big deal to me But if there are Royal mint or US coins that run good deals, I might pick some up
Comment from : The Truth Is Right

Canadian Goose 2 oz silver is great I got one cause I just couldn't resist
Comment from : PSPKriz

I love Britannias and the one offs The Royal Mint releases But I do struggle with their current fascination with East Asia but if they keep up with their surprise hits like 2019's silver Valiant I do not think The Royal Mint will be on my s**tlist anytime soon
Comment from : krillarbran

Baron Sprout
Dumb guy question that will help beginnersbrDoes milk spotting take ANYTHING away from spot price or just from potential return value on the premiums?brAwesome channel bro
Comment from : Baron Sprout

I'm from Perth and have all of there recent coins and I also have those Queens Beasts and the Britania and those British coins are my favorites but most of all is my Germania coinsThe Queens head is boring
Comment from : Stonezster

Ronnie Campbell
Queens Beasts are my favourite series ever!!!
Comment from : Ronnie Campbell

blue diamond gem
No US mint?
Comment from : blue diamond gem

Yanoosh Choovay
Is it worth to invest a bit more for anniversary coins in terms of resale price?
Comment from : Yanoosh Choovay

larry joe
Pert Mint by far, for quality
Comment from : larry joe

I love Maple Leafs 9999 fine and lots of security features Premium isn't too bad here either The mintshield tech also seems to be holding up so far Haven't really seen a coin past 2017 with milk spots on them
Comment from : shoryukenpower

Dhul Qarnayn
Canadian mint is the best British mint stolen gold and silver from all over the world in the name of civilization Canadian mint producing from new mine
Comment from : Dhul Qarnayn

jrockoplen john Koplen
S San Fransisco mint
Comment from : jrockoplen john Koplen

dave wager
being pretty new to this i guess perth mint but there are so many other nice coins out there guess its i good time to be stacking/collecting with so many choices and variety its a win win
Comment from : dave wager

Silverback Gorilla
Comment from : Silverback Gorilla

"There is no single best mint"? Then why did you indicate that there was in the title of your video? I cut out at about 2:51, since your video isn't about what you said it was Later!
Comment from : veritasfiles

Simon Thomas
Pert mint are great but their 2019 Kangaroos are so incredibly low relief you almost need a loupe to read them The 2020 ones seem to be the same design
Comment from : Simon Thomas

Past Expiry
Best mint is Junk Silver little or no premium!
Comment from : Past Expiry

Isaac Greenough
Pfffffffft royal Canadian mint give you're head a shake
Comment from : Isaac Greenough

Past Expiry
I regularly see Silver Maples going at double the spot price at auctions I thought the milk spot problem was mostly for 2013
Comment from : Past Expiry

Bhutan 🇧🇹 silver coins are also good picks 2
Comment from : alencis

Jay- Rus
Perth Mint is definitely at the top of the list May not be number 1 to some, but certainly makes the top 3brRCM would be higher on my list, but they have Major Spotting Issues, so I will only buy maple leaf as general bullionbrWould never invest additional premium dollars on a Canadian coin Really like some of the queens beasts series, brbut they too have some spotting issues Only premium that I buy is Perth
Comment from : Jay- Rus

David Brown
I don’t like the picture of the white lady on these coins
Comment from : David Brown

Michael Taylor
My favorite Mint is the Peppermint
Comment from : Michael Taylor

silver fan21
My favorite mint is the Perth mint i love the perth mint
Comment from : silver fan21

Jon Pritchard
Comment from : Jon Pritchard

Hastur of Carcosa
I've enjoyed everything from the Germania Mint so far It's just an outstanding product all around Strike, Art, limited mintage and outstanding packaging Premium is a bit high, but you get what you pay for The new lion series from the South African's is quite well done By volume, I have a bit of an obsession with private 2 oz bullion coin and have crates full of it I just enjoy their heft Substantial without going overboard
Comment from : Hastur of Carcosa

Jay Dubau
Perth and US Probably not going to appreciate a lot on you but the American Silver Eagle has got to be the best dollar-to-dollar going out there
Comment from : Jay Dubau

Lady Bullion Experience
I love the Perth Mint But my favorite coin of all is the Maple I have been very lucky with Milk Spotting Most of mine are later dates so hopefully not going to be an issue🤞☺️👩🏻‍🦰🏵
Comment from : Lady Bullion Experience

Dolo Molo
Libertad reverse proof in gold or silver is the most beautiful coin in the world The bullion version not so much but there is just something incredibly special about reverse proof libertad
Comment from : Dolo Molo

Bazooka Tooth
Choc mint
Comment from : Bazooka Tooth

I recently purchased 5 of the 2014 1 oz silver Libertads from my LCS and nearly all from the roll I selected from had milk spots Beautiful coins from Mexico, though and low premiums so couldn't resist I also have a 1/2 oz gold Libertad as well as a Mexico 50 pesos that will arrive soon, both UNC
Comment from : FireTrace

The MacZ1
👊👊👊perth sounds good as well as Scottsdale
Comment from : The MacZ1

gold maple
All other world mints are mediocre I do like the Romanian Mint They make 1 Oz silver coins with an extremely extremely low mintage of 500
Comment from : gold maple

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