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How to Start a Farm with No Money

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Information How to Start a Farm with No Money

Title :  How to Start a Farm with No Money
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Comments How to Start a Farm with No Money

Master Roshi
So any homeless can start it!
Comment from : Master Roshi

Tanking Priestess
you lost me at dreadlocked, sorry, but our culture needs to get evolved past a hair style being an indication of someone in a derogatory way look at all the professionals who mess up our world every day
Comment from : Tanking Priestess

Yet Solema
Thanks for sharing this video my friendi am really thinking on how to start the farming without any money,i min big amount of money,theres a raw land that i can use to about 3 acresand really raw landi ma thinking to start using it but my problem is a big anount of money
Comment from : Yet Solema

vizer and killxxx
Thank you for your encouragement 😍
Comment from : vizer and killxxx

I guess I must have missed the part where he explained how you start a farm with no money
Comment from : JCS

Alf_7 SecuritySpec
So, "if your in dept maybe starting a farm is not the right move for you" Well thank you for kicking the hell out of 90 percent of everybody tuning in to listen to you Why the hell do u think we're tuning in To enjoy your beautiful face?brWe want to o improve our economic outlook
Comment from : Alf_7 SecuritySpec

Carra Reed
I'm still trying to figure out why you said im not deadlocked because your also not the particular race who wear dreadlocks naturally your also not the oldest race of the world 🤔 so please explain what was your point?
Comment from : Carra Reed

comment section full of defeated bums ,
Comment from : Slv_surfer

Nature and Life
I am fond of farm life i am 65 I want to work for youI am from Pakistan
Comment from : Nature and Life

I highly recommend your chicken tractor! Keeps the chickens cool in the summer and its easy to insulate in the winter
Comment from : RetiredIntelGuy

I enjoyed your video but dude no money is a stretch, also if you have any critters that want to eat chicken ( and they all do) that chicken wire is not going to work Get some hardware wire and save yourself a lot of trouble Yours truly a chicken farmer 🚜
Comment from : Cina31373

Alexis texas
Hello am Kingsley from west Africa if you are interested on how to become a successful farmers you can join our training online WhatsApp +2349042336881
Comment from : Alexis texas

Wildlife Grocery
Wow! Excellent video John, I knew you had struggled some starting out, but I didn’t realize how much Awesome job being creative, working hard, building it up, and becoming successful! This video was very inspirational, especially since we started our actual farm portion of our land this Spring with very little capitol also Thank you!
Comment from : Wildlife Grocery

Micaela S
“I’m not dreadlocked” translates to “if you’re white and in my position you can do this!”
Comment from : Micaela S

rhys marshall
I’m in Australia, the only thing that I associate CSA with is the Confederate States of America So I’m guessing it means something different in this case
Comment from : rhys marshall

2015 ribs cracking clips
You need a big like man,congrats n you inspire me
Comment from : 2015 ribs cracking clips

Jose Berrios
How much land you think you would need to start a farm?
Comment from : Jose Berrios

Florence Iayakody
Mayall your dream s willcome true good luckand maygod bless you
Comment from : Florence Iayakody

Katherine Peserik
Weasels can 100 get through that chicken wire We lost four hens in one day to a weasel that squeezed in through the tiny holes of the chicken wire You may want to put some mesh wire over the chicken wire
Comment from : Katherine Peserik

Dolant, George, Reji
No Money?
Comment from : Dolant, George, Reji

Outstanding! I got a farm too and I am growing it I started with chicken about two years ago, now I started with pigs Its fun and my wife and children love the lifestyle We love the idea of self sustainability🙂
Comment from : HERZARGO LOZ

john smith
Farmer-Worker On Instagram Helped Me With My Farming Business, Now My Business As Develop So Fast
Comment from : john smith

john smith
Farmer-Worker On Instagram Helped Me With My Farming Business, Now My Business As Develop So Fast All Thanks too Him
Comment from : john smith

Kurt-Van Morgan
It is not possible to start a farm without money You said you have a chicken farm, how did you get the chicken? How did you get the container? How do you feed them? This is stupid and misleading, I am a farmer and it takes money to get tool, materials and other resources
Comment from : Kurt-Van Morgan

Pedro Mq
Start now with worms, gardening, little things go do volunteer or trade work, litle step litles step, big step big step
Comment from : Pedro Mq

Junior Bricuyet
Whats wrong with dreadlocks
Comment from : Junior Bricuyet

you mentioned it being hard to get grants, have you talked to your local USDA office? there are tons of federal loan and grant programs for new farmers
Comment from : theothermullen

Timothy Thompson
Comment from : Timothy Thompson

شانف بٹ
How to start a farm with no moneymakes money from YouTube
Comment from : شانف بٹ

Lex Finlannd
This does not look like it was made 7 years ago it looks like it was probaly made like last month
Comment from : Lex Finlannd

How are you doing now after 7 years?
Comment from : Dyski

John Rey Calvo
Hello,brThanks about your info brI just to learn more about farming,
Comment from : John Rey Calvo

mix master
How's your farm doing now man?
Comment from : mix master

solomon chukwuyem
ya it quite cool
Comment from : solomon chukwuyem

Tf I searched minecraft farm not this
Comment from : NickoBuko

Hi! Im 16 and I decided that I really wanted to get a farm when I am older I got a job last year to start saving money but I dont know where to start I really wanted to start from scratch but that seems unrealistic Any infinformation you could give me would be appreciated thanks!
Comment from : OrchidOtaku

Comment from : OrchidOtaku

Joe Mama
You can get grant money to start a farm?
Comment from : Joe Mama

Boot Hill Ranch Idaho
Step 1: Find a way to get money
Comment from : Boot Hill Ranch Idaho

Chuck S
You said you are making sales What are you selling ? We only saw baby chicks and done chicken tractors
Comment from : Chuck S

Adarsh p
Great job, all these looks promising Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Adarsh p

Stella Starry
Thumbsdown for the dreadlock commentsas if
Comment from : Stella Starry

Linda Lockhart
What’s a CSA?
Comment from : Linda Lockhart

Hi I am ten and thought starting a farm would be fun We bought a ton of flowers to plant and also got an aloe plant, strawberries, and lettuce I plan on convincing my parents to let me sell some this summer at the local farmers market
Comment from : Abigail

COD Milsim
Hi I’m 10 and I’m starting my own farm and I’m starting to play corn watermelons tomatoes mint and other herbs 🌿 if u could give me some advise that should be great!
Comment from : COD Milsim

Mka Weerasinghe
Congratulations & a lot of thanks for sharing your valuable experiences with us wish you the best in your business Mr handsome!
Comment from : Mka Weerasinghe

7 years later his website is still good, auto-redirect and everything You're so humble in this video so its inspiring to see you still succeeding at farming
Comment from : Hlheutte

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this You’ve been an inspiration to me(and thousands of others!)
Comment from : D D

kareem royal
So basically I need to find someone with land to give me some 😂😂😂 the land is the hardest and probably most expensive part
Comment from : kareem royal

London Power
Start moeny without a farm
Comment from : London Power

ozgur demirhan
Self advertising time wasting pos!!
Comment from : ozgur demirhan

[blocked] edited
I make 90 of my purchases off of Craigslist
Comment from : [blocked] edited

looks nice💕🌟brGood luck🌙
Comment from : MORSE AMARNI

Brian Dohms
What is a "csa"?
Comment from : Brian Dohms

Haiden Welch
Comment from : Haiden Welch

Lisseth montenegro
I wish you Luck on your work, I just buy 24 acres of land in Arkansas is nothing there just like you said nice land and a couple of Mobil homes but what I Love is I have a wale and a creek and Little river running behind my property with crystal springs water in the back, that’s the only reason I buy this land I have 🦌 rabbit 🐇 and ducks 🦆 and turkey 🦃 on the land you can hunt in the land is really nice I never live in the country I’m a city women but I will make it work with God help, just and advise pray to God each time you have a project and he will bless you more than what you think I wish you the best
Comment from : Lisseth montenegro

gemko mining Zambia Ltd
Anyone can farm but the story is the land
Comment from : gemko mining Zambia Ltd

rob myers
Comment from : rob myers

Big Unsubscribes 😂
Comment from : S H

Joe Arroyo
Blah blah blah blah blah This vid sucks No one cares
Comment from : Joe Arroyo

Hafiza Sabiha
Comment from : Hafiza Sabiha

Hafiza Sabiha
Comment from : Hafiza Sabiha

Mark Pine
I got the no money part
Comment from : Mark Pine

Dish Soap
Cool set up but i see💰💰💰💰💰💰
Comment from : Dish Soap

Lark Packard
I sit here in shock that you have a hundred thousand followers and are making money off of videos like this one This video is falsely misleading many on how to get into hobby farming Who knows maybe you meant for this video to be a comedy and that is why you were smiling so much I have to admit after a number of your comments, I had a good laugh
Comment from : Lark Packard

Lark Packard
One rule of thumb (after learning the hard way) with grain, I never store more than I can use in one month I too used water proof containers All grain holds some type of moisture During certain seasons, if the container doesn't breathe, you risk condensation and mold This will get your animals sick You might want to give this some thought as you have enough grain there to last for years
Comment from : Lark Packard

Lark Packard
I have learn a lot from those wearing dreadlocks Especially the girls up at the local farmer's market Also those six figure individuals have offered a lot of input on financial aspects that I never thought ofespecially when it came to improvements, write-offs and taxes Be careful when generalizingyou can't tell a book by it's cover I have received take-aways from everyone at one level or another You just have to be curious enough to listen and ask questions
Comment from : Lark Packard

peace and love
Just want to ask a silly question are you Jewish?! Just curious
Comment from : peace and love

Roel Escamilla
Summary of the video: “Starting a farm with no money What I did was use money and get lucky”
Comment from : Roel Escamilla

Sandy Youtube
How to start a farm with no money Very little money Using savings Ok, it's not how to start a farm with no money
Comment from : Sandy Youtube

Charlie Togisala
Thank you your advice is very insightful and it comes in handy
Comment from : Charlie Togisala

A Rshtuni-Papikyan
Comment from : A Rshtuni-Papikyan

Sharif Yahuza
This man you funnybrYou mean this is making farm with no money? You are joking
Comment from : Sharif Yahuza

Jeffrey Jadav
The guys wining over money now are the same entitled whiners crying over boomers today
Comment from : Jeffrey Jadav

River Sandoval
Very inspiring Thank you for this video
Comment from : River Sandoval

Pekkins Hamford
i made money to support my family from forbesfamilyweb-net
Comment from : Pekkins Hamford

Pat Strong
How to start a farm with gifts from friends
Comment from : Pat Strong

Jordan Musleh
God why is life so hard to understand!!
Comment from : Jordan Musleh

Jordan Musleh
I feel like im looking in the wrong direction and place i could hse some help here please!!
Comment from : Jordan Musleh

Jordan Musleh
I need some Serious help in this video i am dying here to fine every answer as i can how to start farm and land and budgets and much more!! May i ask where to start on the budget to get started??
Comment from : Jordan Musleh

timothy mctigue
we are the 4th branch of government! we are the money on the land! public law 73-10, HJR 192 see GSA Forms SF 30, Sf 1414, sf 1416, sf 1418, use form 3949a for their tax info
Comment from : timothy mctigue

Cecy Flowers
Thanks so much for the information!! So, do you only raise chickens?
Comment from : Cecy Flowers

Tasty Chicken
How to start a farm with no money Buy land with money Right
Comment from : Tasty Chicken

Dabbu Malik
I’m 23 old but no money what do 😥
Comment from : Dabbu Malik

It so simple for me as i am an asian living in south pacific typical tropicalbrCountry our government tariff a land to poor people in a very low price in the mountain side So that we can farm with out no involve moneyplus the people the neighbour they let you borrow some seeds of fruit or breed corn or vegetables seeds to plant in the soil so simple Gardening a sweet potato best
Comment from : INDIVIDUAL

mona Hassan
I want to be a farmer/astronaut
Comment from : mona Hassan

Ruth and Lincoln
I am 2 and half years old I wanna run a farm No land and no money Who can help me lend the land and money
Comment from : Ruth and Lincoln

kushdan Grade
He isn't deadlocked wow
Comment from : kushdan Grade

mohamed konate
You can't start nothing without money or help( ideas, money) from others
Comment from : mohamed konate

Omran Aj
u give me small things it helps me for my dream , thank u so much, keep going you are successful man
Comment from : Omran Aj

Kev the Rev
No money !?!?! How to Start a farm if if if YOU ALREADY HAVE a farm !!
Comment from : Kev the Rev

Bobs Life
Craig's listthe webpage of stolen goods
Comment from : Bobs Life

Colonial Roofing of North Carolina
What us csa , it an abbreviation for something, I'd like to know Thanks and God bless your efforts
Comment from : Colonial Roofing of North Carolina

Cat Funk Criteser
Blessings to you, your hard work will pay off
Comment from : Cat Funk Criteser

Cat Funk Criteser
I'm sure there are perfectly good farmers with dried locks brOdd thing to say Not a good idea to judge others because of Your belief system Farmers come from all walks of life
Comment from : Cat Funk Criteser

Mystiriiooxx Choooclaty
Except of the advise you gave which is greatbrI left a like on your video just because you are very very simplebrLike you said about your shirtit made me smile from my heart simplicity is beauty and you proved it💕💕💕
Comment from : Mystiriiooxx Choooclaty

brett james alvarez
Thank you so much dude To be honest with you farming ,chiken egg farm is one of my dreams i love it
Comment from : brett james alvarez

Eli Whitney
Comment from : Eli Whitney

Deborah Bigham
I got to the point in the video where you said "he gave me", doesn't exist here
Comment from : Deborah Bigham

krystel ukufia
I really want a horse but we don't live on a farm and We got dogs and I found your YouTube video I'm going to ask my mum if we can do it big fan
Comment from : krystel ukufia

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