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Life After Mining Ethereum Ends

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Title :  Life After Mining Ethereum Ends
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Comments Life After Mining Ethereum Ends

Red Fox Crypto
Not financial advice, all my opinion, etc
Comment from : Red Fox Crypto

Chace Bonanno
I think a lot of hash power will flood other altcoins, driving their prices and difficulties up
Comment from : Chace Bonanno

Frank Inher
I turned my miners into 3d renders and already am making more from that mining power up the film making industry
Comment from : Frank Inher

junior crusoe
I'm in it for the long run 👊🏿🔥
Comment from : junior crusoe

Grackle O’Spite
Mr Fox, your video doesn't seem to mention that tech advances aren't going to play a factor in your decisions to sell/hold your current mining hardware As you said, you'd turn off your rigs for "6 months, a year, 3 years, I don't know" In 6 months, the new AMD and NVIDIA cards will be out In 1 year or 3 years? The electronics industry is usually moving forward in speed, power consumption, size of components and storage spacebrSo the question is, Do you sell your cards now and use the money to buy updated cards in the time frame until mining becomes profitable again OR do you hold on to your cards and start mining again when mining is profitable? Now, keep in mind, it wasn't that long ago until 4GB cards could no longer effectively mine coin and 8GB became the new standard How long until your 6GB or even 8GB cards are phased out? Would it have been more profitable to sell your cards early (potentially at higher prices) and hold onto the money to buy new(er) cards in the future? brThat's the big question I don't have an answer I'm sure other people have thought of this too I just wanted to plant this ugly seed in your mind so you can have more information to base your decisions We are facing interesting times, as you point out Good luck to all miners out there!
Comment from : Grackle O’Spite

I really hope all the miners end up homeless
Comment from : Gargamel

Rob Walker
Dang just when my 73 year old ass was just getting ready to get into the whole mining thing finally oh well !!!
Comment from : Rob Walker

Evan L
Why wouldn't you continue to mine when it's not profitable? For when it is you'll have mined so much more than shutting off your rigs
Comment from : Evan L

Ilerioluwakiishi Famadewa
Life will be great without crypto miners ruining then gpu industry
Comment from : Ilerioluwakiishi Famadewa

Endersoul 46
well im not a miner i just want a cheap gpu since i like pc gaming but its interesting seeing the other side
Comment from : Endersoul 46

Can’t wait for the crash Maybe people will be able to build their gaming PCs without being raked over the coals
Comment from : jmabrao

Ilerioluwakiishi Famadewa
finally those poor gpus can be released
Comment from : Ilerioluwakiishi Famadewa

Ryan M
I'll be selling my rigs while GPU prices are still high and using the money to buy Bitcoin ASICs The next most profitable coin has 014 the market cap of Ethereum After Ethereum, there will be no security at all in GPU mining
Comment from : Ryan M

Nice-hash will stand to make a fortune
Comment from : satoshisdead

i just hooe gpu prices plummet so I can buy the DIP, I'll figure out what to mine after stabilization occurs
Comment from : Joey

Just sell the GPUs and stop wasting energy
Comment from : lucasmontec

i always watched on YT 2x speed and i still find you speak slow lol
Comment from : Meepo

El Coqui Rivera
I can't wait for those GPU's to go down in price
Comment from : El Coqui Rivera

Francis Edquilang
Bro this is apocalyptic to all minersthey will destroy the movement and everyone that ever bought a GPU will get screwed
Comment from : Francis Edquilang

When electricity don't break even, maybe its time to use solar panel electricity
Comment from : joenmarz

If you give up those gpus let me know Lol
Comment from : EverythingSim

dont care
Great times coming for budget pc builders xd
Comment from : dont care

Jay Vapor
Hope the prices drop for all the GPU
Comment from : Jay Vapor

Alex Moreno
I’m considering getting into GPU mining But I’m going to wait to snap up all those GPUs on liquidation sale when ETH moves to PoS GPUs are too pricey to jump in now with no clear direction where the community is headed or what coin will be next
Comment from : Alex Moreno

unever know
Why simply not selling half of GPUs tobuy ASIC bitcoinminers like whatsminer?
Comment from : unever know

LOL, getting screwed over
Comment from : TheSushiandme

The Tech Corner
If it takes 3 years then your gpus might not be the best anymore at all in terms of hashrate, I mean, if we are strictly speaking about "the best"
Comment from : The Tech Corner

Sero will replace eth don't worry
Comment from : ujmix

looking forward to this madness and obsession crashing like a lego tower
Comment from : CluelessSlayer

They not gonna rise immediately, they will rather fall once supply increases then after years of back and forth they'll rise imho
Comment from : MK070219

Arwin June Vicente
So I guess I will see used GPU flooded the market next year
Comment from : Arwin June Vicente

Umesh Dhaked
every crypto should move to PoS it's not efficient, it's wasting too much energy and damaging environment
Comment from : Umesh Dhaked

Hooray, finally shitty miners can finally get the shit they deserve for hogging all the graphics cards
Comment from : SunwardApple

Ana Falcon
So if i haven't even started to mine ethereum yet, that won't be an option in the future because i own nothing of ethereum?
Comment from : Ana Falcon

Sam Fletcher
I have solar so threw winter I make about 5kw a day so I'll be turning my rig off and on to suit I think
Comment from : Sam Fletcher

What happens when carbon credit costs are needed for all those 1000's of computers needed to compute a single Bitcon transaction? Inflation hedge? Real Estate, Gold, Silver? Cash flow positive stocks and rental properties? Where was Saylor for the 10 years Bitcon traded under $100? So how will he cash in on the collapse? Puts on his own stock? Selling Calls? Micro Strategies MSTR buys Bitcon, creates hype, Bitcon goes up, MSTR goes up because their Bitcon asset is worth more making their stock price worth more, they issue more stock or take on more debt in order to buy more Bitcon sending Bitcon higher, create more hype, borrow more to buy more Bitcon rinse and repeat over priced stock chasing over priced Bitcon chasing over priced stock, tulips used as collateral to buy pixxy dust What's Bitcon worth? Ask the next greater fool who buys it He'll say more What's the present value of future cash flows on any investment? Some quantifiable dollar value Bitcon? No one knows What happens when carbon credit costs are needed for all those 1000's of computers needed to compute a single Bitcon transaction? What happens when all the Chinese Billionaires are done moving their money out of the country? What happens when the central banks create their own digital coin? Do you think Bill Gates would own the stocks he owns or would be buying farm land if he thought Bitcon was a better bet? Saylor is an opportunist His business is shrinking so he's buying Bitcon because of what I think is a temporary phenomenon, Chinese trying to "disappear" their cash, and perhaps people getting paid off to implement policies related to Con Vid Crypto currencies are just as infinite as fiat Dog coin? Ethirian? PonZies are fun while they last It'll probably trade somewhere in the range it did the first 10 years of its existence or due to power consumption taxed into oblivion They could've easily backed each coin by a given quantity of metal, say a slug of copper But no That would have put a lid on the hype
Comment from : warntheidiotmasses

Korcan Atalay
Around 65 of 700th eth mining will be gone Due to asics/singe gpu hobby miners & electric sell outs So when you do the math, It is sitt profitable But GONE are the days of a single gpu bringing in 5-10 bucks a day After the redistribution of whatever is left from the eth mining power to other altcoins, the system will find its equlibirium and a 4 dollar profit a day on a single 3070 gpu will look more like 087 cents at BEST
Comment from : Korcan Atalay

I thought your title said that LIFE ENDS after Mining Ethereum xD
Comment from : baby

Franz Francisco
This feels like this is the time where miners are somewhat beginning to feel the deep winter from the world Some GPUs will find their new owner, some will just hibernate like turning off and letting a spacecraft travel into deep space- turning it on again after it successfully reaches a point in time To really think about what's next and to be honest, I don't know what will happen to the massive community of miners all throughout the world We can only hope there is a chapter in this story that the snow will melt and the sun will say hello again
Comment from : Franz Francisco

they might get a new home with gamers ;)
Comment from : Homs86

Ruben Torres
As long as I can break even on electricity I'm leaving mine all on to hold coins for long term
Comment from : Ruben Torres

Alex 8888
I hope i can get a GPU between the spikes
Comment from : Alex 8888

i am actually happy to hear this as i dont really like miners cus of miners gamers suffered a lot not just gamers but average users too cus of miners prices of parts have gone so up that average person cant even afford them any more and stock of them have gone out fast too so hearing that minning is going down is a really good news i am happy
Comment from : Skelix

You have same mindset as me, i will use my GPU to play Triple A games and when the time is come i will use it again to mine any coin that profitable in the future
Comment from : belen

Deadass Beats
i really hope this displaces mining a lot so us gamers can finally get our hands on cards for retail to use for their intended purpose
Comment from : Deadass Beats

5:05 thats why u gotta get solar so u dont have to worry abut power
Comment from : JohnnyOmm

Unique Styleee
Hello sir I'm mining BTC in nicehash will ETH 20 affects its profitability and hashrate? Pls I need answer because I'm planning to buy more GPU for mining bitcoin in nicehash I will subscribe and like if you answer my question 😭🙏
Comment from : Unique Styleee

Tor B
I was thinking of looking for aliens in the JWST data pool 👽🙌
Comment from : Tor B

If it takes 58 years to get back up then those graphics cards are just, and only going to end up in WASTE in that case you'll wish you sold them since in that time it wouldn't be profit and power efficient anymore
Comment from : HashimotoDavid

Bro I want to buy gpu nowwantyouradviceplz(cantwemineanyothercoins?🤔)subfromindia
Comment from : praneeth😎

Tim Johnson
your insight for the up coming ETH going to staking was heart felt & insightful I think the gaming world will pick them up and run with them !!!
Comment from : Tim Johnson

S To
5:19 - Damn you'll wait for years to hope that a new coin using proof of work algo will be back in popularity But I wanna hear your thoughts about whats your strategy when proof of work is no longer used and it's completely deprecated in the crypto mining space? Maybe sell off your rigs? Lets face it after 5 years and the proof of work crypto is no longer profitable, it's definitely time to accept the fact that proof of work mining is long gone since proof of stake is much better in the long run Need to sell before your rigs starts to depreciates in value and every 6 months new GPU will be much more cheaper and ridiculously powerful, just look at what happened with the nvidia 20 series owners when nvidia released the 30 series lol
Comment from : S To

bro your tat is dope af!
Comment from : Michael

I will stock up when it will end
Comment from : Demetre

manen wan
I mine ethereum simply because i love computer parts and this is an excuse for me to spend stupid amount of money on them, so aslong as i my rigs ROI before POS comes into fruition im happy 😊
Comment from : manen wan

Jimmy Neurton
Hopefully NEVER
Comment from : Jimmy Neurton

Phillip Kimpton
Those cards are only amazing at mining right now, in 3 years they'll be outdone by most laptops
Comment from : Phillip Kimpton

Phillip Kimpton
PMSL - Can't wait for the day when this happens All those thousands of GPU's will hit the market at once and become worthless Gamers be ready for some cheap hardware :-)
Comment from : Phillip Kimpton

jordy van de ven
I'm a total newbie, thinking about building my own rig ETH ending worries me as well though but can I just mine BTC instead? also, I was planning on using 3060 ti's for my rig, but I just found out about the LHR technology and how it basically halves hash rates can/should I still buy them? can I work around LHR somehow? thanks in advance :)
Comment from : jordy van de ven

These are some really interesting points I started mining 3months ago with the 3080FE in my new gaming rig Three months later I cashed out my mining profits and bought a 6600 brbrI'm growing slowly, and the thing is because of it /I don't really have to care where the price is going/brbrI e I would have bought the 3080 anyways, and mining profits paid for my first card, as they'll pay for my next one If everything crashes tomorrow, my worst case scenario is I have some cards to sellbrbrI have exactly nothing to lose
Comment from : D C

In your opinion, worth it to pay $5,000 now (Nov 11 2021) for 350Mh/s ???
Comment from : djlowtek

rob baldwin
In your words, "just stay resilient" Hope it all works out for ya when that PoS hits! :)
Comment from : rob baldwin

Andy Dandy
so how will Ethereum be generated than? i dont understand what this merger is
Comment from : Andy Dandy

Mr Dhingia
I wish Facebook META hires all this hashrate to run their metaverse
Comment from : Mr Dhingia

Ivan Vukrij
Sorry dude! That's BS! NO ONE will be waiting more than couple of months because new gen gpus are coming and older ones won't cut the difficulty!
Comment from : Ivan Vukrij

Vinayak Gham
Then Why They Are Moving Etherium To Next Form Eth 20brI See They Became GreedybrThey Do Not Want To Let Us EarnbrAfter Investing 2000, 3000, 4000 $brThey Are Done With There JobbrPeople Became FoolbrPeople Without Thinking Of Future Just Earn Some Good IncomebrPeople Invested There Hard Earn Money For There Companies UsebrCompany Used Peoples Hard Earned Money As Free FinancebrI Think Etherium EndbrBitcoin Will Surely Going To RisebrAnd Few Other CrytobrThose Who Already Invested In Graphics Card They Can Move To Bitcoin And Other CryptobrI Am New For Crypto In Next Few DaysbrI Also Want To Earn Some Good IncomebrI Think What I Say Is RightbrMay Be NotbrIf Etherium Moved Out From Graphics CardbrThen Where All Transactions Will ProcessedbrI See Only Servers Will Do That
Comment from : Vinayak Gham

I dont understand what is going to happen exactly, this mean we are not gonna be able to mining ethereum?
Comment from : STANIS

RW Aquarium Pages
Such a great video I think I got into this late and went nuts Started 5 days ago and I'm at 4x3070 deep in my system thx to shiba money that paid for thr initial investment I'm loving it
Comment from : RW Aquarium Pages

Rolands J
Living in the Netherlands brDomestic electricity costs = 022euro (025$) per kWh brCompany's electricity costs = 008euro (010$) per kWh brIs that clear that small miners will not be profitable or even making any sense to invest in this
Comment from : Rolands J

The Bukits
i freakin chop all the trees to make it into furniture components so i can buy gpu no way im gg to sell my gpu i work my ass off i sold my soul to buy those gpu i will however, boycott ethereum and wont ever buy that coin once they stop the prove of work
Comment from : The Bukits

Mr mysterious
once eth shuts off, you'd be a fool to sell your cards or sell them cheaper than the value they are at now 5 months and everyone will panic, i'm ready to scoop your card up for cheap ;)
Comment from : Mr mysterious

simon peter
maybe in 3 years, max, those pow coins will have historial high
Comment from : simon peter

Marcelo Bassalo
2023 Imma get a rtx3090 at msrp I hope
Comment from : Marcelo Bassalo

I bet you is going to be a alt coin that will end up the most profitable tbh most of you guys expect it to be rev coin or firo , ergo etc but i don't think so( It would be so funny to see ETH Classic take the 1st place)
Comment from : T G

Comment from : Patrice

It's in AMD and NVIDIA's best interest to advocate for a 51 attack Advocate for miners to mine empty blocks until the plan to shift to PoS is dropped This will shut down the network for negotiation leverage Refuse to allow VB's account to move funds Refuse to process transactions from key players involved in the "upgrade"brAMD and NVIDIA need to advocate for legislation that considers staking your coins as money transmission so that there will be a legal barrier to entrybrIn a way, ETH mining is the most successful videogame ever created, so AMD and NVIDIA really need to push to keep this game going for them
Comment from : RedShiftedDollar

Ghetto MinerJ
A large portion of the hashpower is ASIC so whenever ETH does go PoS, I'd estimate at least 51 of its current hash won't be able to go anywhere else!
Comment from : Ghetto MinerJ

Idk bro I’m still mining and trading and loving it sounds like we have about 7 more months or so
Comment from : CTCannabisCollege

Gannicus Nobody
Turning them off is nonsensical If you truly believe in the future of crypto then you must know that eventually the price of these coins will skyrocket and offset whatever energy cost you have at the moment Don't stop mining! Period
Comment from : Gannicus Nobody

Actually sad to see it's happening brBut there will be a light at the end of the tunnel 👍
Comment from : Vladimir

Comment from : VGN Fab

gaming is life
Comment from : krushe2g

Zachary Lewis
Its going to be a gamers dream when the market gets flooded with GPU cards 😎😍
Comment from : Zachary Lewis

You have to sell brother, i need to hit 140 FPS high resolution in Warzone, let me know when you are ready
Comment from : julinop37

Spacex Tomars
Me going to Best Buy and shit look all this 3080s!!
Comment from : Spacex Tomars

Roman Mäsiar
I like your video and the way you think I'm not a miner, just a curious guy and yet I subsribe :) Thanks!
Comment from : Roman Mäsiar

Manzari AT
I think Ravencoin's gonna go up since some people are already mining it
Comment from : Manzari AT

This is a useless video
Comment from : AM93000

Koh Ching Lee
I will not sell my GPU also Just Keep Mining until dead !
Comment from : Koh Ching Lee

Patttiat 2000
the later you sell, the less you get back of the money you spend brGPU prices are going down after this
Comment from : Patttiat 2000

Patttiat 2000
Meanwhile you can play games with NVlink in 8k
Comment from : Patttiat 2000

Tommy Lee
Eth will not roll out proof of stake any time soon They can't figure out how to switch Chillax, bro
Comment from : Tommy Lee

Wassup Red Fox, Love all the Vids keep em' coming I would like your opinions and thoughts if you think it will still be wise for me to build a GPU rig at this point in time, and once POS kicks in to fall back on mining some Ergo and Ravencoin would make sense to proceed on making an affordable build in the upcoming weeks? Thanks bro - Be well
Comment from : G P

its easy min another thing and done no need eth
Comment from : S_TV_KW

If/When people do end up mass selling their GPUs at least the Gamers can get something out of it - might not be something that can be measured monetarily, but I'm sure we can all agree that happiness is worth something too
Comment from : Rey

I understand we won't be able to mine ETH anymore , how about their other Coins?
Comment from : Handsomek56

Is it too late to drop 10 $700 3060 ti's to mine ETH?
Comment from : Seizasdf

Ghob Lin
improvise, adapt, overcome start to put your eyes into nodes and staking, fear no merge, mine mine mine!
Comment from : Ghob Lin

JoAT Tech
I got solar panels 2 weeks ago So I'll be able to mine during a day (except in winter) for "free" So maybe I would even get 3090 at last for my video work and mine on it while it's idle and I got excess of power
Comment from : JoAT Tech

sab messelati
<<very informative video you have here, there are several reasons why investment advisors and high net worth investors including major Banks are recognizing the benefits of Bitcoin in their strategic asset allocation Key among them are portfolio diversification, the upside potential versus other assets, and future adoption potential with others like ETFs (countries like Germany are taking the lead already) So far my trading experience has been awesome for years with the teachings of career trader Rico Alan who has been my portfolio strategist I started with little over 4BTC, so far i've accumulated more than 6BTC after taxes>>
Comment from : sab messelati

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