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The BEST and WORST Types of Silver for Stacking or Investing

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Information The BEST and WORST Types of Silver for Stacking or Investing

Title :  The BEST and WORST Types of Silver for Stacking or Investing
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Frames The BEST and WORST Types of Silver for Stacking or Investing

Description The BEST and WORST Types of Silver for Stacking or Investing

Comments The BEST and WORST Types of Silver for Stacking or Investing

Timoty Finlayson
Best investment aside from stacking is coin noodling! It's essentially free and no risk involved and you will always find something above face value
Comment from : Timoty Finlayson

Ok don't buy sterling but buy junk silver that's not even close to 925?
Comment from : GOODFELLA 19714

DarthNihilus Sith
I love silver but it's way over spot in the uk So I'm sticking to gold sovereign as my main purchase for stacking
Comment from : DarthNihilus Sith

Littleman74 Bruh
Silver is 30 dollars Canadian Is 38 dollars a high premium
Comment from : Littleman74 Bruh

Marshall Felter
How about dressing up the fingers (eyeballs, mustache) give them a little personality since they’re doing the talking for youbr😂
Comment from : Marshall Felter

Evan Swinford
I never touch Asian silver coins Many of the Chinese Fat Man and Chinese Junk (sailing vessel) silver dollars have been faked over the decades If you want to try Far East coins learn Chinese numbers, pre communist China used a different dating system that started in 1911
Comment from : Evan Swinford

Time to update
Comment from : Beachlady

Lisa Schuster
So stacking is hoarding, right?
Comment from : Lisa Schuster

Alicia R
Good video
Comment from : Alicia R

Aj Cates
I get so fn excited over this stuff
Comment from : Aj Cates

Don"t fall for this guy"s BS silver is Garbage
Comment from : FMD1947

Moises Gonzalez
I’m ready now
Comment from : Moises Gonzalez

YHVHSboy LaHiggs
🐢The price of turtle milk is slowly going up, so buy as many turtles as you can and milk them every day, freeze the milk and sell it when the price hits $50 a oz
Comment from : YHVHSboy LaHiggs

Eric Singletary
Also, would you consider making another video like this a year from it's creation?
Comment from : Eric Singletary

Eric Singletary
I buy the shot to melt/pour, I agree with you about sterling unless it's in chain form or suuuuper cheap, I do have some high premium stuff but it usually does very well on IG Thanks to the 3 silver tax under $500 in FL it's been awhile since I've got anything, might have been for the best now that this dip is here
Comment from : Eric Singletary

fatima nova
Tengo monedas de ventas por favor me escriben los interesados
Comment from : fatima nova

Simple Preparedness
Is there a significant difference between999 and 9999 silver rounds?
Comment from : Simple Preparedness

vkarr154 B
I know it's over a year after this vid, but I can't find junk silver at anywhere near spot Any pointers on where to acquire? Love your vidskeep it up
Comment from : vkarr154 B

Auntray Jones
Greatly appreciate your video wish I would’ve found this a year ago
Comment from : Auntray Jones

You are a fart
Comment from : OMEGA Memes

Funny Pickle
Junk silver is complete junk unless you hold on to that post-apocalyptic fantasy And even then
Comment from : Funny Pickle

Ric Dab
Your pretty much Right I tried sell generic no problem silver is loved
Comment from : Ric Dab

Overall it was a good video altoug i am going to give it a thumbs down because the stupid clips from movies
Comment from : kangoo400

NLs Lucky Egg
"the worst way to stack silver is high premium silver" brMe sitting there with my Darth Vader coins: 😬😬
Comment from : NLs Lucky Egg

delisa p
Folks, do NOT accept messages from someone with the name "Silver Dragon" It's just a scammer The name is missing the final letter "s" and has no followers or videos, but carries the same avatar as this channel's curator Cheers and keep on stacking!
Comment from : delisa p

Billy Jameson
Also is Brenow sell real silver Iv bought silver from SD also
Comment from : Billy Jameson

Billy Jameson
How much is a 2019 ms70 proof silver eagle worth ?
Comment from : Billy Jameson

Danika PDF
I'm in Canada paying $43/oz If you can find me silver anywhere lower than $30 I'll gladly load up several thousand dollars
Comment from : Danika PDF

Marvin Murakami
I believe that silver dragon coin has a limited mintage of 5,000 coins So you hope to capitalize on its rarity
Comment from : Marvin Murakami

Monte Brodie
Silver rounds get taxed on the sale of 40 of your profit Silver eagles get taxed at the capital gains rate, 15 or so
Comment from : Monte Brodie

Bryan Overturf
Those coins are they like the ones from the Franklin Mint,
Comment from : Bryan Overturf

Adam Jordan
Silver shot is good because it's silver, it can be bought by Troy ounce affordably and it's best purpose is to melt down and pour your own bars Hand poured bars sell as premium Very good turnover
Comment from : Adam Jordan

Eric Casagrande
Great video Good advice I would have listed the top 3 things to stack in a slightly different order: Silver 1 ounce coins would be first; Silver rounds would be second; and Constitutional silver would be third
Comment from : Eric Casagrande

carpo719 The Village Idiot
I pay one price for silverbrbrThe going rate :DbrNever bought anything with a premium
Comment from : carpo719 The Village Idiot

Jeanette Schul
What is the difference between generic and silver eagles? In my mind the Silver eagles are generic? (new to this) I notice the "generic" are marked as a Troy once Are all "generic" coins in Troy onces? Can you explain?
Comment from : Jeanette Schul

Silver dude
Very informative video
Comment from : Silver dude

HD Dyna lowrider
Chinese will counterfeit Junk silver They have no soul
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

Slabcity Jack
Thanks, I'm new to this, just started stacking 👍🇺🇸
Comment from : Slabcity Jack

F Vidal Cortez
Silver eagles are a [email protected] RIP off
Comment from : F Vidal Cortez

Tim Riffe
Britannia are best right now to stackEagles are to much premiums
Comment from : Tim Riffe

I knew a dealer who resorted to silver shot at some point last summer because it was simply the last thing available after allocation of everything else for about a month period and he dealt with some of the biggest national dealers out of dallas It wasn't his first choice, but in the the frenzy when silver went up like $6 in a few days, people weren't thinking about the sell back price
Comment from : samboheena

Your thoughts on JM bullion ? They a reputable dealer ?
Comment from : 889976889

what is the best source to determine current 'spot' prices ?
Comment from : woofielove1970

Festung History
So I'm new to this whole silver stacking business (as I have no faith in financial institutions :V and the huge inflations that just seem to always crop back) and these video are just great! Subbed :D
Comment from : Festung History

You don't need to sell your silver shot to a refiner For how much more profitable it is it is worth it to spend $500 on tools to make your own bars
Comment from : MrChildSnifferThePresident

it's remarkable that junk silver is selling at well over 20xFV and that doesn't open people's eyes to how they've been fleeced
Comment from : LJ McC

I've been collecting morgans and liberty dollars for ages Sometimes I get fakes, but the Secret Services office is pretty close
Comment from : Mob6 CCJP

B&P Dispatch
FML listening to these prices in June 2021 lolbrAnd laughing at those listening in June 2022!!
Comment from : B&P Dispatch

Fxck the coin stacking just buy cast bars NEVER fails - it's numbered, registered and stamped with purity - it's a no brainer pal
Comment from : Chewligan

Gen X
Sold all my silver in 2011 / 2012 when 1 ounce was almost reaching $60 Bought my first house and used it as the down payment
Comment from : Gen X

Bify Gif
Maples milk spot Australian coins are leagues ahead of any other mint
Comment from : Bify Gif

c robinson
The company I buy my Silver/Gold from pays us to trade in our fiàt & stack Sound Money aka Biblical Currency , a true Blessing for the lil man like me , my daughter & my mom who I brought on board !!!
Comment from : c robinson

I like 40 coins myself
Comment from : STEVEN Taylor

Nick L Eakins
This video is a year old and I won't even consider junk silver now They're charging more for junk silver than they did good Geiger about a year ago Go with the bars and rounds if you must buy I feel like I'm getting gouged for the new 2021 Type 2 Silver Eagles but I'm getting them mint direct They cost way too much but they'll be gone in a jiffy and cost much more later Anyway, I bought most of my stash at $18 or less Other than those Eagles, I'm just holding I'm not buying silver at nearly $30 an ounce Gold is too much as well Platinum is the only reasonably priced precious metal now
Comment from : Nick L Eakins

Some people say that old rare coins (pre 1933) are less likely to be confiscated So buying the old stuff might be like having insurance for your insurance Diversify and get a lot of different kinds Some new, old, generic, currency, junk, rare, etc Platinum seems underpriced Buy low sell high
Comment from : Barbara

Robert Kadow
Comment from : Robert Kadow

Claude FIlion
I've just subscribed Which silver do you cover in plastic?
Comment from : Claude FIlion

martin ettenes
Appreciate the info, hank you
Comment from : martin ettenes

Brandon Mosley
Generic silver bars and bullion have to be reported to the irs and taxes must be paid on them when you sale You lose out in the end Stick with Eagles and Maples
Comment from : Brandon Mosley

What about Sterling coins, such as pre 1920 British junk or Mexican Onzas?
Comment from : Vann

Michael Werbick
Not all thrift sells sterling cheap… I own a thrift and ask 4 -6x scrap for jewelry and never sell flatware as I send out to refine and send back blanks I spend about 10 to 15 scrap value for doing that but then I buy storage units too
Comment from : Michael Werbick

ulven crow
I own so many Buffalo its crazy
Comment from : ulven crow

CAR Jones
Never heard of silver shot
Comment from : CAR Jones

Josh Walker
Do you Stack any 80 Canadian junk
Comment from : Josh Walker

Bo Kristiansen
What silvercoins do you all prefer? Same with junior mining silver/gold??
Comment from : Bo Kristiansen

Stacker 2022
Would you rather own:br1 Diamond minebr2 Silver minebr3 Casinobr4 Gold minebr5 Legal Prostitution Housebr6 The Federal Reserve
Comment from : Stacker 2022

Shaun B
I also found 1/10 oz generic silver rounds of nefertiti Is this a good buy? They are $4 dollars each for now
Comment from : Shaun B

Shaun B
I'm starting to collect the 1oz silver bullion coins Do you recommend keeping them in the plastic when received?
Comment from : Shaun B

Carlos Lam
Just FYI re: the US tax code American eagle coins are IRA- and 401K- approved b/c 31 USC § 5112 defines such coins & Internal Revenue Code Section 408(m) specifies that such "coins" are not "collectibles" under the Internal Revenue Code This is important because, in general, "collectibles" cannot be part of an IRA or 401K
Comment from : Carlos Lam

Santana Margiela
I love the buffaloes
Comment from : Santana Margiela

sherm dog
I go to a lot of estate sales and since they have Google they know the price of silver Candle sticks are more like$80
Comment from : sherm dog

That makes alot of sense I just started stacking, have around 50oz silver and 10g Gold I have been avoiding generic but now that you put it that way im stoked I can start paying a lil less to stack abit more 🙏
Comment from : Sawyer

Domenic Scozzaro
"Welcome to the real world" I was dying 😂
Comment from : Domenic Scozzaro

Monkey Cat
Would you buy junk silver from a highly rated ebay seller?
Comment from : Monkey Cat

Hawk Horus
Coming from someone who takes 90 percent silver coins melts them and puts a 999 fine stamp on the 90 percent bars you make without even refining them first
Comment from : Hawk Horus

Jacob Turman
You need to delete these scammers dude
Comment from : Jacob Turman

I appreciate the info!
Comment from : Lumara

Taylor Northern
where did you see $20 american eagle coins on instagram?
Comment from : Taylor Northern

Party on Wayne
Hand gestures very annoying
Comment from : Party on Wayne

>silver coins are the worst for investing 5:46br>silver coins are the best for investing 11:46brWhat is this guy smoking?
Comment from : Amfortas

Donald W C ollins
Where can one buy `1 ounce for $20 or less right now ??
Comment from : Donald W C ollins

John Carmelo
ASE for $20 ????????
Comment from : John Carmelo

Ryan Pent
I am a salesman for a precious metals company before taking his advice on any investment grade proof coins, look at how they have performed over the last few years They go up in price like clockwork! The accruals overtake the premium in a matter of months
Comment from : Ryan Pent

What do you think of YPS Plata Muerta? I just got my first silver piece in 100 grams of the Plata
Comment from : Solidus

GOLD🥇🜚 SILVER🥈🜛 spot price $?brGOOD GRIEF OPINIONS A PLENTYbrPS THERE ARE HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDSbrOF ( FAKED ) COINS OUT THERE !br? How do you NOT know that ?brAlso refiners/refineries pay SPOT onbrThe purity of content IE what ever you are selling & NOT for any other reason Here are some examplesbrPeople should go and read about all of the different countries and there standards People should read about purity ! Should read about different qualities Different percentagesbrBritannia has different puritiesbr958 999 Real sterling 925brSilver jewelry 800 pure 🜛9999/999brConstitutional Silver 90 ? EtcbrSimply calculate the price accordinglybrSo ( IF ) SHTF which fancy coin or bar are you going to grind up ? File off ?brClip off, Drill out, Hammer & chiselbrWhich leads to a personal testing kitbrRECOMMENDED NOW ! Acids brLearn about volumetrics & densitiesbrAlong with, GOLD is YOU'RE best betbrBUT NOT JUST ANY GOLDbrTwo different types SHOT ! PLACERbrNUGGETS FLAKES PICKERS SIFTbrETC and of course BARSbrYES COINS ! AS LONG ASbrYOU PAY AS ( CLOSE TO SPOT ) AS POSSIBLE NO PREMIUMS ! Period !brThen you've got to consider how to move you're precious metals ?brThen consider how easily you can lose all You're ? In one incident ?brWOW WOW DOUBLE WOWbrIS THERE A LOT TO THINK ABOUT !
Comment from : RKB

what is best type of silver to sell? where is the best place to sell it?
Comment from : Josh

Cindy Rice
Sold all my sterling during the Obama “reset” to feed my kids and pay my bills
Comment from : Cindy Rice

Fred Chester
JUNK SILVER COINS?brYou were holding up some Mercury dimes (and silver Roosevelt dimes), at the 10:05 minute mark The spot silver price on those now is about $197 (with silver spot at $2730/oz) ––– However, if you look at PCGS Price Guide for even a basic G, or VG condition Mercury dime, it's $350-$4 each Moreso, what you want to do for old silver coins, is get yourself a RED BOOK A "spiral bound" version of a book called "United States Coins: 2022" The cover is in red, hence the "Red Book" name The 75th edition is out now, and it lists every US coin ever made, info on the coin, price, but most importantly, it also lists (and shows in photos) the ––– VALUABLE ERROR COINS, of which the Mercury dimes have some For instance, the 1942 (42 over 41) goes for $450 in good condition Maybe you just so happen to have an ugly 1916D Mercury dime in your hand That's $1,500 in VG condition But you get the picture There are valuable Quarters, Nickels, and even wheat pennies, as you know So, a quick look in the RED BOOK to see if your coin is valuable, before turning it in for spot You might have that KEY DATE or KEY ERROR that transforms that coin into big cash The book is only $15 Well worth the price
Comment from : Fred Chester

What's the best place to buy Silver?
Comment from : JOHN DAVIS

2021 Silver Eagle as of today $3861 from J M Bullion
Comment from : vyger63

I wouldn't be buying a $20 coin on instagram or whatever Plenty of people faking silver coins
Comment from : J S

Don Wildman
So outdated video
Comment from : Don Wildman

Invest and save!!!!brBelieve it or not Gucci Louis Vuitton Chanel Prada are purchased by the lower-income demographic(73 to be exact in 2018) Think about that when you wanna use your stimulus for a designer brand 🥸
Comment from : Platinum

John Doe
Where’s the best companies to purchase silver American Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, junk or historical silver (half dollars, quarters or dimes) and generic silver rounds?
Comment from : John Doe

robert barker
why say sterling ag is bad when you don't know that uk coins are sterling also ?
Comment from : robert barker

ashton r
My dad got me 1oz Silver Eagle and I just got myself 2 more
Comment from : ashton r

janice plott
Hard to understand you
Comment from : janice plott

Roger Carmichael
Facebook has $1 Am Eagles on sale $10 each but they are counterfeit copies, same SIZE but wrong weight and NO fine detail on leaves (no veins) Also can be picked up by a magnet> Beautiful coins but beware who U buy from
Comment from : Roger Carmichael

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