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How I Received Over $46,000 to go to College! | No Loans

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Information How I Received Over $46,000 to go to College! | No Loans

Title :  How I Received Over $46,000 to go to College! | No Loans
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Frames How I Received Over $46,000 to go to College! | No Loans

Description How I Received Over $46,000 to go to College! | No Loans

Comments How I Received Over $46,000 to go to College! | No Loans

Jason Bourne
That money should be given to men before women being as we're head of the household
Comment from : Jason Bourne

michely hamilton
Hey This video was so helpful Thank you Question ?is it possible to get a good scholarship to help with paying for a ivy league school like Columbia University?
Comment from : michely hamilton

Natty Veggies
My university always strongly advise alternative loans it never sat right with me so I never took them currently applying for scholarships to pay off my $10,000 bill after graduation
Comment from : Natty Veggies

FINALLY GOT MY FIRST GRANT AFTER FOUR YEARS OF TRYING have applied to scholarships tell i am blue in face Not one supported me So grants and scholorships are a joke and all my loans are with Fafsa And i get enough to pay the University
Comment from : DOUGLAS CRABB

margaret penner
I really need to know what's out there for scholarships
Comment from : margaret penner

king Ras Pedro
Good job you help many
Comment from : king Ras Pedro

Thank you so much for this video😃your so beautiful❤❤im trying to go to college right now too
Comment from : lg

scholly makes u pay😩😣
Comment from : Sam

Tripon Ice
Congrats that pays for 1 year for me 😭
Comment from : Tripon Ice

Girl I know this is about college but can you do a makeup tutorial Makeup on point rn
Comment from : jollydeterminedpenster

Sally Soliai
Your video applies to undergraduate level studies within California I got into a grad school in Chicago I filled out my FAFSA and am eligible for a $20,500 loan After understanding how the payment is determined, I’m not accepting the loan It’s like debt slavery
Comment from : Sally Soliai

I got 50k and it still wasn't enough to pay for my 80k tuition btears/b
Comment from : aaaicila

How do you find lesser known scholarships?
Comment from : Ali

She said friends and family(pay school) you know damn well we live in a different Society we live in a different world It's sad that people in my neighborhood are destined to fail, that the Parents investment will go nowhere
Comment from : Wtfpleasehlp

BNSF railfan
China control all college and university making them pay
Comment from : BNSF railfan

gang2* tv
Hi I'm 3rd yearcollege student ,
Comment from : gang2* tv

mia a
I've become devastated because I have applied to over 50 and I haven't won any of them yet 😭
Comment from : mia a

J town
Thank you for posting this!!!
Comment from : J town

Towards Life
can Indians apply for these scholarships who are residing in india and dreaming to study in abroad Please give reply
Comment from : Towards Life

KK Highlights
what was your efc?
Comment from : KK Highlights

Sonjib Chakma Status
I am so poor
Comment from : Sonjib Chakma Status

Rick T
I smell a scam?
Comment from : Rick T

Sulaymaan Kingseed
you can't identify the smallest trace of her original culture she has totally assimilated into the american european identity I really hate that I bet she hate blacks as much as the average white american does too she probably hate anything that reminds her of the fact that she is not a white american girl
Comment from : Sulaymaan Kingseed

Dm @𝗥𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗛𝗔𝗖𝗞 on Instagram
I really can't tell how I'm happy, b247DUSTIN/b on iinstagram helped me with my grant
Comment from : Dm @𝗥𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗛𝗔𝗖𝗞 on Instagram

Dm @𝗥𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗛𝗔𝗖𝗞 on Instagram
I really can't tell how I'm happy, b247DUSTIN/b on iinstagram helped me with my grant
Comment from : Dm @𝗥𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗛𝗔𝗖𝗞 on Instagram

I know this video is 4 years old, so if you see this hear me out I’m currently a college freshman and I have been applying to scholarships since the summer before my sophomore year of high school Even with my FAFSA and other scholarships I still owe about $6800 for this semester and it’s so frustrating because I have no help to pay for school I am truly considering dropping out I’m trying to break generational curses, but at this rate it’s not going to work for financial reasons I do have a very small business and trying my best to get a job in this area, but everything is taking a toll on my mental health I set up a gofundme and any donations will help! brbrgfme/u/y78r3pbr^the link
Comment from : Ma’Shyia

Adam Smith
Great points here Check out this recent live chat on professional opportunity for economically disadvantaged students - We touch on everything from growing up a 1st generation college student, to Pell grants/FAFSA, to even homelessness - And advise on how to overcome those challenges:  youtube/kDiHcuyiT7Y
Comment from : Adam Smith

maya nunez
honestly it depends if you stay in state for college I have never heard of someone who received that much, and my family is dead broke
Comment from : maya nunez

Marisa Sabori
I wonder if it works for international students in the USA but still are US citizens (like me lol i dont live in USA but I'm applying to US colleges)
Comment from : Marisa Sabori

Life of Nia Imani
Hello, my name is Chania Thompson I am 17 years old I am an entrepreneur and soon to be a college student at Saint Francis College in Brooklyn heights new york and I need some help I am reaching out to everyone I can to see if someone will bless me I have been manifesting a lot lately if I don't have some money within the next 10 days I cant go I don't want to sound like I'm begging I just need help furthering my education if you could donate or even share my go fund me I would truly appreciate it!!!!! gfme/u/yt45nw
Comment from : Life of Nia Imani

Orlit G
when i applied for FASFA i got less than my brothers they get 5,000 while i get three
Comment from : Orlit G

The voice is high at 1 volume

Bruh i prolly fked up the fafsa cuz i judt got a very small loan i aint gonna accept it so imma just pay out of pocket 😕
Comment from : ProfitKing

Tyeishea Conner
Thank you for this video I would really appreciate it if you could show us how to search for scholarships and grants and provide helpful links Thank you
Comment from : Tyeishea Conner

Zavier Magee
I was really trying to find scholarships and attempting to apply The only ones I received are from the university and for band I haven't received my financial aid package yet, but I wish I someone to help me find better scholarship and grant opportunities my senior year
Comment from : Zavier Magee

Christina Ramay
I want to thank u for your advice I decided to return to college last fall to finish my degree I am a “mature” student who went from working and making decent money from a burn-out industry to full-time student, relying 100 on grants, loans, and scholarship I applied to my first scholarship July 1, but overwhelmed w how to write my essay I used some of your tips Just rec’d notice I am 1 out of 4 recipients of that scholarship🤩🙏 thank you
Comment from : Christina Ramay

free grants and that means free moneyand also 437k views, so some adv income from youtube! making money by getting free money
Comment from : surfbug1

Sounds of Nature
Hi, I’m currently at a trade school I will be done July 31st A lot of the scholarships I’m looking into have deadlines of July 20th and July 31st Am I too late for them to apply towards my current education?
Comment from : Sounds of Nature

The thing that sucks is that my family doesn’t know anything about college so I have to do everything myself
Comment from : Talia

What happens it they mistakenly send you financial aid and the school wants it back? Do I have to send it back ?
Comment from : FoReNsiicZ

Jordan Trinh
How do you submit your gpa for the cal grant
Comment from : Jordan Trinh

Katalynn Mata Perez
How do I apply?
Comment from : Katalynn Mata Perez

Iva Demus
I got a lot of money grant from FASFA I'm 25 and didn't have to use my parents information
Comment from : Iva Demus

German Dimplez
5:00 She had a brother going to college as well and therefore received a shit ton of money for school 🤦‍♀️ But she is right Don’t be a masochist in your essays for scholarships They want to see you believe in yourself ❤️
Comment from : German Dimplez

maegan rasmussen
Good job! Helpful Thanks for putting yourself out there I wish you success
Comment from : maegan rasmussen

Thank sis, this was extremely helpful 🥰😘
Comment from : NaturallyRoro

Chrissy Marsha
Is Unigo legit? They don’t even answer emails
Comment from : Chrissy Marsha

Benito Fausto
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Comment from : Benito Fausto

Make money as a college student! See wwwrevcom/freelancers and wwwvideogreetingnet/freeviewhtm
Comment from : videxvid

Jupiter Education Services
b*Secure the Best US Undergraduate College Aid Package*/bbrOur students/parents have secured aid at top colleges - Duke, Johns Hopkins, Emory, CMU, Pitzer, Tulane University, University of Southern California (USC), UC, UMass Amherst, Georgetown University etcbrRegister to Attend the webinar ( formsgle/9sy6xiW4b1XdbYpn8) and to understand: br✓ Facts & Myths of college admission as it relates to Financial package br✓ General terminology used in College Financial Packages br✓ Why College’s Net Price Calculators (NPCs) offer very little credence, especially in the Indian context br✓ Jupiter Education Consultants ([email protected]) and what services we offer to help students enrolling in US college (undergraduation -BS and such) in 2021 /2022
Comment from : Jupiter Education Services

Rohid Nablayy
My mom is a single mom working two jobs to TRY and support my college tuition I’m an international student and college in US is my dream
Comment from : Rohid Nablayy

Favio Figueroa
I cheked this video just to look at her
Comment from : Favio Figueroa

Warrior 111
Thank you for sharing 💜
Comment from : Warrior 111

Amiya Tucker
Scholarship: applyfreshprintscom/scholarship6/?kid=18WMGD
Comment from : Amiya Tucker

Ethan Gonzalez
man i have 3 sisters that are gonna be in college when i am :(
Comment from : Ethan Gonzalez

Aya Bellaoui
Isn’t America just great other countries get free college We get crap loads of debt Go us
Comment from : Aya Bellaoui

Christian Royal McDonald
Hi Gabby, Beautiful Voice you have
Comment from : Christian Royal McDonald

Gee Staboy
Not everyone gets financial aid for $40k This video is false advertisement
Comment from : Gee Staboy

edwin apachie rosado jr
Hi I am looking for a marine biology grants can you help me fine one
Comment from : edwin apachie rosado jr

J Y Entertainment
PSA Other countries don’t need fasfa bc they’re actually affordable and not scams
Comment from : J Y Entertainment

Joe Bejarano
UCSC! Were you able to get housing covered? I get financial aid probably 3-5000 a semester But I am wondering what is the probability of getting housing completely paid for? I got accepted into san Francisco and dorms are the same price of a room
Comment from : Joe Bejarano

Leigh L
i talked to the finacial advisor at school and he said that we must get "both" loans and bursaries welp :v
Comment from : Leigh L

did you pay taxes on this scholarship? the portion not for tuition/fees did you report it on your tax return or did you even file?
Comment from : FewOne

When is the earliest you should apply for college? I'm a junior Is this too early?
Comment from : XxsirasslordxX

RobiXOXO Love
Wow fafsa is pretty useless I didn’t get a dime in free money
Comment from : RobiXOXO Love

Can you please show us the proof that you received Those scholarships, sorry, but to many people are trying to make videos to make money and and yet fail to prove what they are claiming
Comment from : googleacount

Benjamin Adamu
bill_payer1 on ig has just paid my collage fee of about $4k
Comment from : Benjamin Adamu

telegram 👉 matttalkstech10
bill_payer1 on ig has just paid my collage fee of about $3k
Comment from : telegram 👉 matttalkstech10

abubakar aminu
bill_payer1 on ig has just paid my collage fee of about $25k
Comment from : abubakar aminu

mickel scofi
if u cant pay ur school fees/bills den bill_payer1 is here for you
Comment from : mickel scofi

mickel scofi
bill_payer1 on ig has just paid my collage fee of about $5k
Comment from : mickel scofi

Isabela Moore
When you don’t qualify for any grants or scholarships because your family makes money but has debt (my mom’s student loans) and they said the earlier you apply the more you get I applied a week after it was released
Comment from : Isabela Moore

sandi Marie Lavati
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Comment from : sandi Marie Lavati

Yukira Infante
Can someone advice me what to do, for me not going to ask my parents any help or about money should i get loan
Comment from : Yukira Infante

Archer C
Videos on Youtube can be powerful Never dout that This video convinced me to check out MOScom Wow, I won $49K for school Zowee wowee powee! I'm in like Flynn, I'm down down like Charlie Brown HOOT! Moscom wicked rocks
Comment from : Archer C

Nadia James
I missed my fafsa deadline Im so sad I wish there was a way I could still do it
Comment from : Nadia James

GregD335 Shot
If you want student aid, destroy your family’s careers, make them and yourself super homeless, become adopted, make good grades, and suffer from every disease in the book whilst writing with both right and left hands, be every race and religion at once, and don’t have any money, NOT EVEN HALF OF A RUSTY PENNY You’re welcome
Comment from : GregD335 Shot

Anzu love
Woh Seriously? Having a sibling shoots up your aid with FAFSA? Damn
Comment from : Anzu love

😅 Nice to see that no one actually posted the Scholarship they won
Comment from : Ashtron

Jordan Jiang
Comment from : Jordan Jiang

Do you know anything about moscom
Comment from : Sanmiguel

chad A
Don't do loans Those are literal hell Most people never really get them all the way paided off It's not worth the risk
Comment from : chad A

Kelly L
Thanks Gabby for the vid I would like my son to go to UC Berkeley fall of 2021 I currently reside in Nevada but thinking of moving to Cali just to get the residence rate, FAFTA and Cal Grant Does anyone know if I should be filing my 2019 taxes in Cali to qualify? When should the student start applying for grants/scholarships?
Comment from : Kelly L

Sali 10
I googled JCL and couldn’t find Can you share a link please?
Comment from : Sali 10

Lily Vang
How do u apply for fasfa??
Comment from : Lily Vang

Alexey Vera
I’m still not n 10th grade but I I like to plan my future
Comment from : Alexey Vera

She has to be the stupidest Asian in this country
Comment from : YKR

Your video is sooooooooooo informational Thank you so much!
Comment from : THIAGO

My parents are low class and they want me to go the top college in my state “Ohio state university” and I didn’t get accepted any scholarships 😩 if though ik loan is not good choice for me I think is the only option I have now
Comment from : Fahima

Kevin Tu
bruh I’m just trying to get accepted to one rn F the ACT that really killed my confidence 🤣
Comment from : Kevin Tu

unknown user
I had a class in high school where my teacher was also a college professor and he stressed the importance of not taking loans in collegebrbrGlad I had him as a teacher; because so far so good
Comment from : unknown user

Andrew Harvey
read this book it helped me wwwtimemanagementsecretsforcollegestudentscom/free-book-page11?affiliate_id=2125985
Comment from : Andrew Harvey

anyone else painfully middle class? like in that limbo between being too rich to receive financial aid besides loans, and too poor to get help from parents?
Comment from : painfully_human

No Name
Ready for WW3
Comment from : No Name

Thank you!
Comment from : jillhbaudhaan

College is a scam
Comment from : 1lil_patekwater

Khalid Lawa
HellobrI dont have a green card but I have work prmet and ssn , cant i apply for fafsa and other program to help, iam at los angeles
Comment from : Khalid Lawa

umamaheswar bellary
hello I am in India please help me my son education program he was BCA 2 year college fee and food and accommodation fee please help me
Comment from : umamaheswar bellary

Harry Gibbons
Markoffice org paid off my debts
Comment from : Harry Gibbons

احمد القاسم
Is there a good person helping the refugee?
Comment from : احمد القاسم

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