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STOP SAVING MONEY | The Dollar Crisis Just Got Worse

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Information STOP SAVING MONEY | The Dollar Crisis Just Got Worse

Title :  STOP SAVING MONEY | The Dollar Crisis Just Got Worse
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Frames STOP SAVING MONEY | The Dollar Crisis Just Got Worse

Description STOP SAVING MONEY | The Dollar Crisis Just Got Worse

Comments STOP SAVING MONEY | The Dollar Crisis Just Got Worse

Graham Stephan
Hey all! I also have a weekly newsletter that covers these topics (and other information I couldn't include in the video) in email - enjoy! wwwgrahamstephancom/newsletter
Comment from : Graham Stephan

Need an update on this situation ASAP
Comment from : Mdzo

Ryan J Canfield
I've said it countless times that we're actually losing money saving in a bank
Comment from : Ryan J Canfield

Csilla Fel
You are the only millennial I actually listen to you Very entertaining and informative channel
Comment from : Csilla Fel

XRP posses a threat to the US dollar as a cross border payment!brDo you see now why the SEC wants it gone!
Comment from : Fight4Right

Financial Freedom Made Simple
I've been learning a lot from your channel and having fun at the same time Thanks Graham,
Comment from : Financial Freedom Made Simple

Amira Centeno Sosa
Bearish divergence on the dollar is an appalling situation due to mass economic ignorance going on all over the world right now and a great sign for upwards momentum for Bitcoin
Comment from : Amira Centeno Sosa

Smokin Moaks BBQ
Graham needs a lesson in Austrian Economics I came back from a long break because he was virtue signalling about the climate too much (telling his viewers who have a significantly lower carbon footprint than him to stop using plastic straws) Then, within three videos of being back he goes and accepts Keynesian economics as gospel truth Modern Monetary theory will be the death of the dollar
Comment from : Smokin Moaks BBQ

Mike D
Great video! Very informative video! This is concerning indeed
Comment from : Mike D

Great video and great explanation on what constitutes the value of dollar !!
Comment from : kenny14499

Presto Media Productions
It sounds stupid to make one video saying the dollar is going down when actually we are about to see a crash in the stocks so the dollar is actually getting value in that scenerio
Comment from : Presto Media Productions

Camille Moffat
Whenever you invest, you're buying a day you don't have to work
Comment from : Camille Moffat

Christina B
Thx for another great video!
Comment from : Christina B

Jeffy Bezos
Dont worry babe Ima get rich
Comment from : Jeffy Bezos

Brandon Kargol
All 1st world governments run deficits
Comment from : Brandon Kargol

2024 is the year
Graham, since the Ukraine conflict many countries observe closely and starting to realize USA can weaponize their currency to hurt countries that holds US dollars reserves Many countries like China, Russia, Saudi, India and more are starting to make an alternatives without involving USD in trading which mean they are planning to drop USD from their reserves slowly Oh and by the way, Russia has been reducing USD reserves since 2009 they knew USD is not stable and untrustworthy by 2015 they have more gold reserves than USD reserves They have been preparing incase of huge sanctions(US weaponizing the dollar) like in 2022 This Ukraine conflict encouraged other countries as well to ditch USD and reduce USD reserves and accelerated the collapse of USDbrbrUsually only economics nerds and economics news are discussing this topic but now even an average public is talking about it which is something we might want to wary of especially americans ✌
Comment from : 2024 is the year

Our choices seem to be lose money with savings or invest in a crashing market
Comment from : Dayno

Harman Dhaliwal
I still think we are in the crises coz of the inflation and the amount of money FED had printed for the last few years, But still USD holds and it will take years to replace it as the world reserve currency
Comment from : Harman Dhaliwal

Zach Mueller
Graham I have loved your videos for years I have learned more from you than most of my college professors and I appreciate all the information you have given me Lately I have noticed your videos have been about the rough conditions of the economy, there have been videos informing us not to put money in stocks, savings accounts and real estate My question is where do we put our money in times like this? Is anything safe?
Comment from : Zach Mueller

It's quite fitting that USA, the home of many loss making juggernauts, is itself a loss making juggernaut
Comment from : smortg

Bullette Thebulldiva
You are misinformed at best Having tons of cash in a crashing market is where you should be Then you snatch up all the CASH deals I don't believe you are a millionaire or even have 10k in the bank Stupidest video ever LOL
Comment from : Bullette Thebulldiva

Rob Cook
Government debt forces future generations to pay a bill in which they had no say in spending It is nothing but economic slavery and is morally abhorrent
Comment from : Rob Cook

P Davison
The only thing keeping the Dollar as reserve currency is the power of the US military and the lack of a viable alternative The handling of US debt is a disaster Most Americans don’t save enough because they buy into all the advertising and spend far too much There will be a black swan someday and a massive sell off of dollars OMGI wish you wouldn’t flap your hands so much😂
Comment from : P Davison

Ali Chehab
You have a real talent to make complicated things entertaining and concise Good job Graham
Comment from : Ali Chehab

I track the dollar with Arizona ice tea prices $99 since 1992
Comment from : Oneocean

Craig Walenta
The concept that a reserve currency can only lose its status if another reserve currency takes its place is false A country could just hold its own currency, other countries are not going to opt to hold dollars and pay the inflation tax on them just because no other currency looks good If they need dollars to transact, well just buy them as you need them
Comment from : Craig Walenta

Can you buy index funds in Europe?
Comment from : Maybe

John Obrien
Let’s hope the world of finance goes into a massive crash and everyone ends up with nothing and anarchy prevails we will see who the strongest are then
Comment from : John Obrien

“Stop saving money” —- talking to his audience that mostly lives in poverty and their savings might last three to six months in a case of having to use it to survive Yet he has millions and we are the issue
Comment from : SloppyGlizzy

Clash of Wilson
1$ Fluffy Coin frfr
Comment from : Clash of Wilson

Grim Repair
Most of these comments are scams
Comment from : Grim Repair

The US dollar was used as a weapon against Russia, so other countries took a note of that specifically China, India and Saudi Arabia They will diversify and trade in their own currencies, the new payment system is already in the worksbrThe greed and corruption are unsustainable, other countries see how the US exploit undeveloped nations brWhen you subsidize monopolies but don’t invest in basic needs such as healthcare and education eventually things will start falling apart brI mean in the last decade or so the only profitable business was real estate, that’s not an indicator of healthy economy that’s an indicator of greed
Comment from : VK RGFAN

Fingerhut changed they name to fetti & closed everyone's Fingerhut accounts & put the new fetti name on the credit report as a new account & Fingerhut is on there as a closed account now which made my score go down, can you remove that since it's a name change they did or what?
Comment from : life

Math Meets Finance
Graham, you should review my latest video i compare the Roth IRA and 401k and give my opinion on which is better!
Comment from : Math Meets Finance

Hey Graham! I noticed, after all these money talks, I was wondering if you can make a video about CREDIT KARMA VS EXPERIAN Which score is correct and such
Comment from : JGM AIRSOFT

6:05 Who do you think will be the next reserve currency?brWould cryptocurrency ever become a reserve?
Comment from : Avatar1982

Jacob Moon
Love that you showed the debt clock I was literally just checking that this morning at work
Comment from : Jacob Moon

Ian & Katie Miller
The title for this video was completely misleading
Comment from : Ian & Katie Miller

He got big arms because he be lifting his credit score
Comment from : Leomerya12

Henry Clinton
You might not have a hundred million dollars to invest, but that doesn’t mean your money can’t share in the same opportunities available to others You work hard for your money; make sure your money works hard for you
Comment from : Henry Clinton

My man Stephan Graham getting so much ad revenue his videos are essentially ad montages not nearly as educational as they used to be lol good for him though
Comment from : Sunny_Koufax

Nate Beekman
as a recovering ramseyian, best meme for US deficit
Comment from : Nate Beekman

Alexis Frias
the economy is gonna crash forcing us to be dependent of the government, and they are only feeding those who got jabbed
Comment from : Alexis Frias

Rob de la Hunty
Do you think the Chinese nay inherit the Reserve Currency title ever?
Comment from : Rob de la Hunty

This is why voting is important Try watching the news and the world if you really want to know how bad it is
Comment from : All2skitzd

It’s getting to the point where I read you or MeetKevin’s video title and assume the opposite because of how bad the clickbait titles are and how they’re never related to what you guys write :/ brWhy not title this “DON’T STRESS, THE USD WILL LIKELY STILL THRIVE!” Or something
Comment from : RememberTheLord

Austin Boyd
Wag the dog much?
Comment from : Austin Boyd

Old Bastard1973
The system has nothing that I want so why buy my purchases are geared towards the collapse
Comment from : Old Bastard1973

Unknown Infinium
Damn I used to watch his channel, back when it was dry but still valuable It was better back then
Comment from : Unknown Infinium

Deez Nuts
Buy silver and gold it holds actual value it’s not fake and virtual it can’t be printed inflation is a tax
Comment from : Deez Nuts

Is buying the s&p 500 still the way to go as we go into uncharted territory for the market and economy? I have just been DCAing into that as my strategy mainly
Comment from : Kronos

I think you're a sharp guy but the dollar is a Saudi decision away from implosion If the Saudi's decide to sell oil in Chinese Yuan or Russian Rubles, or Russia sells oil in Rubles, likely scenarios in the next few years Any of those = catatrosphic failure of US $ and US economy This is what the WEF and Klaus Schwabb want to happen Called the Petrodollar The last country to try to sell oil in currency other than US $ was Iraqask Saddam how that worked out Now Putin is trying the same But the kleptocrats in Washington need the PetrodollarWWIII is already started
Comment from : matthewbdelier

Peter Liggett
China is the investment future and you know it
Comment from : Peter Liggett

Brian OConner
US owing trillions of $ to the federal reserve which they also control It only means they can borrow limitless money
Comment from : Brian OConner

Coupon Email
Graham, every time you tell me to smash the like button… I pull away 😅 love the content though
Comment from : Coupon Email

Thomas Brian
The difference between a Rich person and a Poor person is how they use their time Your Future is created by what you do Today not your Tomorrow
Comment from : Thomas Brian

Brendan Smith
The dollar index is almost at an all time high now, meaning it's very strong relative to other currencies
Comment from : Brendan Smith

Good ol graham…love this guy
Comment from : goodolbronco

Matt Anderson
We need to fight against the WEF
Comment from : Matt Anderson

Can you do a video on corporate landlords? Seems like they are consuming all the inventory and driving prices up This makes their portfolios look great, especially if they are publicly traded What has to happen for them to start unloading their inventory of homes? This is where most of the home inventory is Don’t see any videos about this
Comment from : AZBat

I think you may be missing how the national debt really works The debt is really just inflation that capture in domestic assets and export via the trade deficit
Comment from : Lou

Hey Graham I’m really interested to know if you could reveal how much you were getting paid at the very beginning of starting working with that realtor you mentioned in the millennial money episode yesterday
Comment from : Slick

Are you kidding??????
Comment from : mrstrazzy

Mike Sawyer
Comment from : Mike Sawyer

Silentt Ivan
Comment from : Silentt Ivan

Rowdy Rathore
VOLT INU ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
Comment from : Rowdy Rathore

I went to all cash a year ago If I had left it in the market I would be down 50 to 80 percent right now on my investments and more than a little depressed Soooo, I think I’m gonna just go ahead and save for awhile
Comment from : bassfella69

Looking forward to the upcoming boxing match! I'm rooting for you Graham! 🥊🥊
Comment from : coldscooter

The Chloromancer
The belief that there needs to be another contender to take the US dollar's place in order for the US to lose reserve status is a fallacy These experts somehow don't factor in that we now live in a world of instant global communication and digital transfers brbrCountries are starting to turn towards currency swaps and moonier reserves in currencies of their largest trade partners (or energy suppliers) Israel is a good example of this: they've recently greatly reduced the dollar's share of their reserves in order to include a variety of other currencies, including the Chinese yuan, the Japanese yen, and a greater share of British pounds The rest of the world is very likely to follow suit, which will result in a rapid decline in the demand of US dollars and the fall of the US dollar's share of global reserves to significantly below the 588 we see today
Comment from : The Chloromancer

Gamer N
Does the us have a payment plan on the debt we have? Why not pay off a significant amount?
Comment from : Gamer N

BULLSHIT the US Dollar is backed by the entire population of the country, every day men and women go to work and make money that is the value of the Dollar that is what is backing the Dollar The value of the dollar has been going up consistently it is now @ 108 to the Euro, which is the main ENEMY of the Dollar That's right the Chines RMB is not an enemy of the Dollar as China will never let up control and allow the Chinse RMB to become a world currency as that means that the CCP will not have control over their own money which is never going to happen So as such you can see how the true enemy of the US economy and the Dollar is actually Europe and the EURO And as such the Dollar at a record 108 to the EURO not far from parity is strength of the Dollar You can clearly see the wealthy are hoarding Dollars so you are giving opposite advise to the smartest minds in the economy Be careful to dump cash when the dollar is king During times of inflation you only lose money if you spend it
Comment from : DrScopeify

Alexis Rocha Garcia
At 4M subs tell us how much youtube pays you with 4M subs :)
Comment from : Alexis Rocha Garcia

awesome video graham! thanks!
Comment from : DJCJ

I’m prepare to buy YUAN 🙌🙌🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
Comment from : LovelyDaySE

Udai S Rathore
Do you have people who manage you social media? They are spamming my account
Comment from : Udai S Rathore

Jose Mesa
Thank you for the video You’ve actually single handily gotten me into this type of stuff now I enjoy learning about it, and watching your videos It’s not just forcing myself to learn
Comment from : Jose Mesa

Stop saving, don’t buy property, don’t invest What do we do!!!!
Comment from : シス

Leo Ramirez
People need to work more innovation
Comment from : Leo Ramirez

Hunter Hills
Yes! Invest like me and be down30 in two weeks 😔
Comment from : Hunter Hills

Christian Rodriguez
The dollar has lost 96 of its value since 1971 Let that sink in
Comment from : Christian Rodriguez

Michael Gorski
Graham, are you still a fan of Yotta? You never seem to list it in your high interest savings options
Comment from : Michael Gorski

I know you have a big peepee graham Keep up the good content
Comment from : Wealthandwellbeing

The Working Mans Channel
Why does everyone ignore the US Unfunded Liabilities? That puts us at $169 trillion Does this debt not exist or what?
Comment from : The Working Mans Channel

the Bone
You're blessed with confidential wisdom 💯
Comment from : the Bone

David Smothers
Hi Graham, what do you thing about using IUL's for building wealth?
Comment from : David Smothers

sebastian mccleese
Technically it still could and the whole world goes into a depression
Comment from : sebastian mccleese

So will housing prices continue to rise in value?
Comment from : Jaloopy

Wealth is going to be land, food, shelter, and water in the coming years The debt notes aka dollars will be worthless so buy what you can that are hard assets
Comment from : Mattius08

Those embedded adds…
Comment from : Dalius

Ari Gutman
Solid video, Graham, never fail to produce quality content that is also just extremely digestible If someone is saving money in the bank right now, they might as well take it out and find a trash can to not only throw it in there, but drop a match as well Everyone should be embracing this period of time to invest and just wait, it pays to be PAYtient!
Comment from : Ari Gutman

Quin Trapnell
What do you mean stop saving money? Wtf 😬
Comment from : Quin Trapnell

Savage Bunny
The like button is in danger, please click it so it doesn't go extinct
Comment from : Savage Bunny

Joey R
End the FED
Comment from : Joey R

Mike Johnson NYC
bbinances btc changer has a glitch/b brbright now it swaps btc to eth almost x4/b brbI made a video/b
Comment from : Mike Johnson NYC

Mustafa Aljumayli
Hey! Your birthday Is tomorrow I’ve been liked and subbed for a super long time now Just wanted to come back here and thank you for all the great stuff you taught me! Have an awesome day brother
Comment from : Mustafa Aljumayli

Donkey King
Vote this up if you want to make Graham say "What's up guys it's Graham here" backwards But then he has to edit it so it plays forward
Comment from : Donkey King

Joell Dixon
lmao i had to like because of that computer smash you deserved it
Comment from : Joell Dixon

Vadim Romanovich
If US has a population of 332,915,073 (from 2021), the $30T would be $901k per person brHow did you come up with the conclusion that the $30T would be same value as the entire US population getting their mortgage, auto loan, student loans, and a 25k check?
Comment from : Vadim Romanovich

Phil Cape Gaming & Chicago Sports
Saving money has never been the right move, invest always
Comment from : Phil Cape Gaming & Chicago Sports

Ethan Dowie
Thanks for such a great breakdown! Very complex subject but you made it sinple
Comment from : Ethan Dowie

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