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3 Ways to Save on Funerals

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Information 3 Ways to Save on Funerals

Title :  3 Ways to Save on Funerals
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Comments 3 Ways to Save on Funerals

Crystal Yost
I'm in Pennsylvania My mom wants to be donated to science She's got it in her will I think I need to look more into it
Comment from : Crystal Yost

We're still waiting for the headstone for my mom She died almost a year and a half ago Yeah, yeah, COVID but REALLY??? My sister, who insisted she knew what she was doing paid up front, but at least she let my other sister do the bulletins But $9K for a casket? Not for me
Comment from : sealyoness

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty
Also if you are not cremated and plan on a coffin burial - you do not have to be embalmed The funeral home will push you to embalm - the guy actually pinched his nose and said phew! Well we stood firm and said if dad smelled we would just keep the lid closed Guess what - he didn't smell and he didn't look bad either Also embalming only last for a few months so you aren't really preserving the corpse
Comment from : Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

DIY Caskets? A pile of newspaper, some gluetada!
Comment from : eveny119

I’m so grateful for the funeral home that handled my mom We knew exactly what we wanted (because my mom told us and even picked out her own obituary photo) The funeral home sold us exactly what we wanted and never once tried to upsell us
Comment from : Alison

I just noticed that the credits bit with Caitlin repeating the numbers sounds kinda like The Shining "kdk12 calling kdk1" scene
Comment from : Teef

Amy Webb
My grandmother is in a nursing home with dementia We are currently looking at our options for her burial I'm checking into our options in her area
Comment from : Amy Webb

Lucrative Sequel
That X-Files episode still messes me up
Comment from : Lucrative Sequel

Nyarl athotep13
I'm actually pretty intrigued by the 'Premium Funeral Package' shown at 4:23, with the thermos mug, saltines, and alligator head
Comment from : Nyarl athotep13

Marguerite Perry
(Phone calls are a violent act And Im wayyy older than a millennial) Thanks for this Time to start makin those calls!
Comment from : Marguerite Perry

Jay R
i'm so lucky that i grew up with my mom as a nurse i've known since i was a kid that she wants to be cremated, and that was a very comfortable topic for us she's still alive right now, all of her kids are adults, and we have a very comprehensive idea of what she wants when she dies
Comment from : Jay R

Heather Ariza-Parker
I have Asperger's so I get the phone thing I make about 28k a year so that much money would be a lot And I know what my mom wants thankfully She wants to be buried with a heart shaped headstone with a carousel horse on it I want to be cremated, preferably aquafied, remains kept together and possibly put in one of the cool tree urns
Comment from : Heather Ariza-Parker

Oh my God, I lost my cousin suddenly over 7 months ago and it's still wrecking me Hearing that quick segment on brain broken instead of heart broken resonated with me so hard I immediately teared up
Comment from : Fable

Marylyn Wingrove
In Canada, you can purchase a casket/coffin online from Costco and have it delivered to the funeral home By law, they have to accept it for $0 in British Columbia and some other provinces in Canada You do not have to buy it from the funeral home at two to three times the cost
Comment from : Marylyn Wingrove

Clunky Wall
A trip to the desert is only $1,000 brbrDie there of starvation and dehydration and the vultures will eat you brbrSimple
Comment from : Clunky Wall

Millennial with generalized and social anxiety i my list of health issues here yes Yes phone calls are a violent act This is a fantastic description
Comment from : Uffda

Jade Gayley
Comment from : Jade Gayley

Douglas Graebner
I realize this is out of line with the rest of the comments but I can't possibly be the only person who saw "burial under your bed" and thought of Catalhoyuk right?
Comment from : Douglas Graebner

Jon Hollingsworth
I don't haggle either In New Zealand, things are fairly standard here, it's just how much you want to spend Knowledge is always good!
Comment from : Jon Hollingsworth

A É Coleman
If you own your own property in Oklahoma, and the property is correctly zoned for it, you can bury your dead at home here 👍 Also, I’m glad that you mentioned the rise in home deaths I’d noticed a large number of those where I’ve been working and wondered if we were outliers
Comment from : A É Coleman

ell diavolo
Free funerals is an interesting idea, it would make the government care that as little as possible people die :D
Comment from : ell diavolo

I just clutched my pearls at this green room 😍
Comment from : Marc8h

Abi V
I was horrified to know a cardboard box to be buried in is about $5000 here in nz! Your basic casket is like $2000
Comment from : Abi V

Horse n Round Fiber Studio
"More people die at home now since the early 20th century"brbchecks date on video/bbrAh, COVID
Comment from : Horse n Round Fiber Studio

Big Boi
I'm glad my parents airnt akward Abt death that they can tell me what they want to happen when they die
Comment from : Big Boi

dante2 davinci
Could you suggest a list of the kinds of questions to ask? I'd be lost knowing where to start
Comment from : dante2 davinci

Rebecca Augustine
My daughter told me about your videos, and we have enjoyed them and found them very informative My mother always thought we were "morbid"! However, last Friday, she passed on The first funeral home we called quoted $4,000 for a direct cremation! We found one that did a direct cremation for $700 It doesn't matter that the second one is an African-American business and we are Caucasian as we are all equal in death
Comment from : Rebecca Augustine

Jessica Stafford
"Phone calls are a violent act" SOMEONE GETS IT
Comment from : Jessica Stafford

Small-town living: both of my parents were cremated and each of them had funerals that were under $4,000 Beautiful turned wooden urns and funeral home services No complaints
Comment from : ghw7192

Thomas H
Free means that someone else is paying for it
Comment from : Thomas H

Just because we're bereaved, that doesn't make us saps!
Comment from : zanthraxnl

Milissa Ellan
Ok but can I get the gator head without getting the whole premium funeral package? brbrI assume it'll be buried with me? brI mean, if I can't confound future anthropologists with my eclectic burial goods, there's just no point to dying at all
Comment from : Milissa Ellan

charlotte aken
My husbands grandma told me years ago that she wants to be cremated and wants her dogs ashes put in her urn
Comment from : charlotte aken

Tracy Glover
She's so hot
Comment from : Tracy Glover

Rachel Bubeck
Can we please have an episode of Iconic Corpse about Emma Crawford and the Coffin Races in Manitou Springs
Comment from : Rachel Bubeck

Anthony Metcalf
My dad died two days ago I didn't laugh at the jokes but they didn't offend me either This video was helpful to put things in perspective I will be watching more and doing more research
Comment from : Anthony Metcalf

Luciana Galvagno
My parents want i cremation without a funeral So Easy! Btw this Is something that they always talk about it, so that funeral Is gonna be at home after the cremation
Comment from : Luciana Galvagno

Jesus Caitlin I was watching this on my phone while hanging up the laundry and when the incoming call alert sounded I nearly had a heart attack 😂
Comment from : N P H

Jeffrey Allen Mead, artist
My mother and I have been working on her end-of-life plans We chose a funeral home that is owned and operated by friends (who also happen to be LGBTQ+, which is important to us) to handle the cremation, and they worked with us to determine exactly what we do and do not need, in order to keep the cost as reasonable as possible, while still meeting the industry and legal requirements, and helped us set up a pre-payment plan, which locks in the price, so there won't be any surprises when the time comes
Comment from : Jeffrey Allen Mead, artist

Charlene M Cox
Good info! Tyvm👍🏼🦋
Comment from : Charlene M Cox

Jasmin Rainbow
my mum keeps insisting that after she dies she wants to be cremated and have her ashes thrown in the garbage I've tried explaining that no, im not okay with literally throwing my mum away once shes gone, but she says she doesn't want me to have a place to visit Hopefully my mum wont die for a very long time because i don't know how i can follow her wishes while dealing with grief
Comment from : Jasmin Rainbow

Jordan Lake
We tried to have a nice simple memorial for my grandfather back in his hometown a few weeks after he died where he retiredbrbrHe was an Irish Catholic ad manbrbrThe restaurant RAN OUT OF BEER
Comment from : Jordan Lake

Darrell English
Don't Die would be #1 in my Book
Comment from : Darrell English

6:38 (annoying outro begins)
Comment from : inkadinkadoodle

DO NOT PAY funeral plan saving THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF BIG TIME IF YOU DON'T PAY THE COUNCIL WILL HAVE TO PAY BUT THE LAW WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS nobody is legally responsible for funeral expenses unless they signed something agreeing to take responsibility It’s only the estate of the deceased that is legally responsible for these costs eg IF THE DECEASED OWNED A HOUSE, CAR ECT THEY WOULD HAVE TO BE SOLD TO COVER THE COST
Comment from : MY VIDEOS

Kevin Miller
Home Funeral! Keep the body at home for a period of time before disposition!
Comment from : Kevin Miller

My wife and mother in law is a good example of the negotiating skills not passing through to kids My mother in law is amazing at haggling yet my wife is absolutely not
Comment from : Rizzo RIZZO

Cat Buchanan
In February 1999 my then-husband's stepsister was murdered by her husband It prompted me to call my entire family because SOMEONE needs to know what everyone wants I turned 30 that spring and my older brother turned 32 the same month we all discussed death My brother died that MayThree years one week and one day later our mom died Our dad passed away April of 2019 We told stories at the memorial services I still have my mom's urn so I took her with us for Dad's service along with his VA flag We celebrated their livesbrbrThen again, most of my family believe that the soul/spirit goes on and can come back I literally saw my father in my house the other week His blue eyes still sparkled and his smile was HUGE
Comment from : Cat Buchanan

Joyce Chilvers
You know you should totally have a WhatsApp options on your funeral home website Make it a thing I bet there's people who'd use it
Comment from : Joyce Chilvers

Aundria Cooper Premo
The X-Files reference just got me LOVE THAT!
Comment from : Aundria Cooper Premo

lisa jennette
my husband and his sisters are very against cremation, so having to plan the whole funeral But I found you can also shop online for cemetery plots I found lady selling 4 plots for 4k in the same cemetery as their grandma, when each plot is normally 4k
Comment from : lisa jennette

Wolf Bytes
Caitlin, you ARE the bestest! Thank You for ALL you do, not to mention your "killer" sense of humor you have a fabulous crew (applause, applause!) I know you're helping a lot of people with your series (I'm just getting started as a "fanboi") and yeah, 10 years on youtube is like 70 years (good analogy, loved the graphics [wow & of you]) and I do understand that when it comes to Life "nobody gets out alive" however (there's ALWAYS a "however") I plan on living forever and so far, so good
Comment from : Wolf Bytes

Musicorum Formosus
Money with wings emoji hahaha oh Caitlyn you’re so funny!
Comment from : Musicorum Formosus

Ashley Walker
Hey I just want to say thank you for helping me feel better about death I have had crippling panic attacks about death, but you have helped me overcome my fear of death I am turning 25 in may and I feel better about growing old Thank you again so much I love you and your content
Comment from : Ashley Walker

Aj Nelson
I want a home-based funeral and burial I want to be viewed in my house and buried near by in a natural way so I can decompose and go back into the earth I also don't want to burden my family with the worry and cost of an expensive big funeral and burial site
Comment from : Aj Nelson

How much to have 3 Hobo's kick leaves over my shitty brother???
Comment from : crabtrap

Derek Karofsky
Home funerals are very common in the Philippines My family lives in a big ancestral house in which most of our relatives died in So when one dies in the family, we take them to our home and do the service therebrbrThe hauntings are just a fun bonus
Comment from : Derek Karofsky

Jordan Williams
😍 We got an X-Files reference!brbrAnd PREACH that personal finance message 🙌
Comment from : Jordan Williams

All I want for a funeral is for anyone who cares to will just have an extra drink or two in my honor the next time they drink
Comment from : B D

lazy homebody
The $85,000 funeral better have alot of white horses With white feather plumes A minimum of16
Comment from : lazy homebody

Laurie Appleby-Williams
Grief brain is so real I feel like I am more aware of funeral home practices and funerary options than most but when my brother died I was only able to remember a portion of what I’ve learned from AAM and books I’m pretty sure we spent way more on my brothers funeral than we could have but I wasn’t in my right mind In hindsight I would have done things different but in the moment I just couldn’t :(
Comment from : Laurie Appleby-Williams

Anfissa Krylova
My grandpa on mother's side and my biological dad passed away over 10 years ago and back then I wasn't allowed to the funeral, so I didn't know much about it before discovering this topic by myself Last year my partner's grandpa took his life after testing positive for covid He passed away in another country so again I didn't come in direct contact with all the procession brLately I find myself having paranoid thoughts about what to do when my grandma's time will come There is no way I could talk to her about what she wants after hearing her say she's got tired of life, it really traumatized me brI hope not to fall deeper into depression because I don't know if I'll be able to get out of it
Comment from : Anfissa Krylova

Jaye H
1 throw it in the river
Comment from : Jaye H

Jay Fox
Use a hefty bag or you can make a lamp stand and take them to the antique toad show 🤑
Comment from : Jay Fox

Ben Davis
Grief brain is real Thankfully for my mom she had an excellent death plan we had been going over for years
Comment from : Ben Davis

What about people who -- given the opportunity -- choose to enter their, ah, final resting box before they're terminally vegetative (with some really good, psychedelically dynamic, time releasingly pleasant, smoothly terminal party favors), drop a "predestination tab, and command the party host to close and seal the lid? Having this kind of personal authority is real existential freedom That is at least until they "cure" both late-stage cancer AND growing oldbrbrDanD
Comment from : DanD

Space Captain
Are there options for impoverished families to avoid ecologically harmful methods of body disposal (sorry, I can't think of a better word), or better still, methods that benefit the living? It looks like poppers either get cremated (not great for the environment) or mass burried (on land that could otherwise benefit the living) Is there a poppers option for protecting a nature preserve, or decomp by mushrooms, or something like that? And what are the options if your body is first used for science, medical training, or as a test dummy for car/flight safety?
Comment from : Space Captain

Don Amos
With only one funeral service in town and my parents, as well as my sister being pentecostal ministers, I know my funeral is going to be expensive due to their "ways" and have come to terms with it by knowing I won't be here once they have to lay me down I wish it didn't have to be this way, but stupid is as stupid does
Comment from : Don Amos

Jason Kimes
I think that a green burial should be free; but, if you want a nice casket and unneccessary embalming (as in if it isn't necessary to transport a body long distance) and all that, it should cost extra, since thats extra labor and craftsmanship and obviously casket makers need to make a living
Comment from : Jason Kimes

Rickie Muth
The best way to save on funerals is not to die
Comment from : Rickie Muth

The Seleuf
I agree that funerals should be free
Comment from : The Seleuf

Tia Letha Lynn BELT
Try 17,00000 for my moms 20 years ago
Comment from : Tia Letha Lynn BELT

Kevin Sullivan
Having a pre-need funeral plan in place before you die is the best way to ensure that YOUR wishes are fulfilled, and not those of the family with whom you never spoke about your wishes
Comment from : Kevin Sullivan

Ginger Britches
My father died at home on hospice When he passed we washed him and dressed him The teenage kids went to the grocery store and bought a couple bouquets of flowers 💐 and we spread them around him with a beautiful quilt We all sat with him for the day and talked about him Then the coroner came and we cremated him for $1,000 The urn ⚱️ is a wooden box we made ourselves and we had a celebration of life at home where everyone brought food and we all drank and partied Total cost: $1,100
Comment from : Ginger Britches

The SALTINES oh my gods 😂😂😂
Comment from : HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo

Stephanie Kluth
This is amazing you made me think of all the things I don’t want for my funeral and make sure I tell my husband besides the fact I told him I’m going to haunt him
Comment from : Stephanie Kluth

Christine Willett
My parents consulted with local funeral homes, decided what they wanted, and prepaid for their funerals When the time comes, all we must do is call the mortician and everything is taken care of
Comment from : Christine Willett

Jeff Mousseau II
"All funerals should be free!" So do you wanna do it for free?
Comment from : Jeff Mousseau II

Kerry Wright
So you're saying when I die I can't just have someone take the backhoe to the back field and throw me in a hole? Cause I'm pretty sure that would be my budget LOL
Comment from : Kerry Wright

David Crouch
Is there a way to ensure that after you die, your wishes for what you want done to your body will be honored? I don't want my family wasting money on whatever is left of me So no embalming fluid, caskets, or any of that Just put me in a hole with a tree on top
Comment from : David Crouch

what about life insurance policies? dont they cover funerals? so if someone in my family dies do i have to call anyone to report it?
Comment from : kmosher8

Adam H
Have you seen how expensive funerals are nowadays?brJust before I die, I'm going to change my name to 'OFF' That way when the car is driving to the graveyard with my coffin in it,The flowers on top off the coffin will spellbr"RIP OFF"
Comment from : Adam H

Ed Bond
I just re watched that X-Files episode 2 days ago! Season 4, episode 2-"Home"
Comment from : Ed Bond

Lizzie Cottrell
When my son died the hospital put $600 toward whatever service we chose (cremation) He was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1lb 3oz One funeral home wanted to charge us $3,000 To cremate my 1lb 3oz infant What???? We were able to find a home that charged $600 for the cremation of infants and toddlers, so it was actually free for us We had a friend make his urn and his memorial was small and at home, so it was literally completely free Itbwas such a blessing during a hard and stressful time Not only were we dealing with his death but his twin brother was still fighting for his own life in the NICU
Comment from : Lizzie Cottrell

The most shocking part of this video was the realization that I'm not middle class I mean I kinda new already but that number range was O_ObrbrAlso, the step 1, step 2, step 3 reminded me of a joke: How to fall down the stairs: Step 1, step 2, step 3, step 12, step 16, floorbrbrAnyway, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about things like this, Caitlin When my father died, my mom made sure my brother and I knew she wanted to be cremated and given a Navy funeral like my dad, since they both served Now that I know more about things like direct cremation and whatnot, I'll feel better able to advocate for what she would want as well as guide my younger brother through the process
Comment from : Linaxtic

QuEeN Mama Bear
Insurance companies should pay for basic cremation
Comment from : QuEeN Mama Bear

Am I the only one who genuinely does not care in the slightest what you do with my body when I die? I honestly don’t care brbrI would like to be stuffed and arranged in provocative poses with big fabulous jazzy hats on brbrIf I can’t have that throw me in the bin, burn me on the fire and use me as cat litter I couldn’t care
Comment from : Marcus

Who else feels guilty just for watching this?
Comment from : Stacinator777

Chase McIntyre
I love this video Thank you so much for making it -- it's advice that lots of people need, and it's the first of its kind that I've seen
Comment from : Chase McIntyre

Robert Bridgens
Just became a huge fan a few days ago !! Love the content Wish she could orchestrate cheap end of life services It's a hard conversation with adult children But a minimalist lifestyle is what I've always lived And recycling the body sounds good to me Why do the living always think more is more ? They owe nothing My body is the vehicle in which I moved while living What's left of me is gone and can't appreciate the expense the traditional fan fare
Comment from : Robert Bridgens

Fluffy Invader
sometimes, things that are expensiveare worse
Comment from : Fluffy Invader

That X-Files episode was creepy as hell
Comment from : Nephilim1977

My funeral: i expect most of the money to go to my headstone, casket, buffet and booze in that orderbrbrEat, be merry and mourn I want tears AND laughter at my funeral!
Comment from : CrystalSetsuna

Kathryn Lynn Kipfmiller
ME, CHOOSING MEMORIAL SERVICES AT MY VET: Gimme your biggest, most expensive package!brbrME, PLANNING MY OWN FUNERAL: Ugh Just, like, build a bonfire and do a DIY cremation idc
Comment from : Kathryn Lynn Kipfmiller

E Camville
I'm so glad my mom has actually TOLD me what she wants It's not a conversation I enjoy having, and I'm really more scared of her death than my own, but at least when it happens I'll know what to do And honestly, I'm kind of glad I'll have the chance to take her out into nature and just process everything while I scatter her ashes brAnd my family already knows I just wanna be stuck in a hole to rot Plant flowers on me if you can
Comment from : E Camville

Aka Patience
I love the lamp!👍
Comment from : Aka Patience

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