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Metal Detecting Hack: How To Clean (or ruin) Copper Coins | Aquachigger

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Information Metal Detecting Hack: How To Clean (or ruin) Copper Coins | Aquachigger

Title :  Metal Detecting Hack: How To Clean (or ruin) Copper Coins | Aquachigger
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Frames Metal Detecting Hack: How To Clean (or ruin) Copper Coins | Aquachigger

Description Metal Detecting Hack: How To Clean (or ruin) Copper Coins | Aquachigger

Comments Metal Detecting Hack: How To Clean (or ruin) Copper Coins | Aquachigger

Bruins Fan
Would that Jar full of rare coins be worth anything? Please excuse my ignorance, I'm new to this stuff, but I Love your videos!
Comment from : Bruins Fan

Wow I have a 1817 large cent that still shiny
Comment from : Timmyjogo

Ron Steskal
Thanks for sacrificing 2 coins Excellent video on cleaning and overcleaning !!!
Comment from : Ron Steskal

Would would happen if the one you ruined if you buried it in some mud/clay for a few weeks or months Would it get any detail back at all Just thinking about it I know its been in the ground for minimum 100 years but just be intetesting to see
Comment from : Andrew ROBINSON

Thank you no water no oil
Comment from : Andrew ROBINSON

I’m just getting started with finding some older coins I don’t understand how removing the dirt changes the value While I can see how it presents better with dirt on it, dirt was never part of the original coin
Comment from : scottgriz

Helen Richardson
You right you are ruining it!!!
Comment from : Helen Richardson

Martin Monson
After you've done the toothpick and " 'chigger" oil, would you use renaissance wax on the coin?
Comment from : Martin Monson

Sean Baldwin
What do you recommend for coins found at the beach? I something that may be a coin, really crusted and doesn’t appear to be round
Comment from : Sean Baldwin

Mr Ages
Thanks for making the video, great info and advice Will you be making more on how to clean other than copper coins? The down to earth, get straight to it, here is what to do and not to do approach is greatly appreciated Would certainly like to see more
Comment from : Mr Ages

Wow Its the first video on Youtube where the guy doesnt try to ruin the coins using acids and abbrasives! Respect!
Comment from : moralezz

ultrasonic cleaning? with HP
Comment from : emilee

Flordeliza Enriquez
Comment from : Flordeliza Enriquez

Mark Felkins
fun fun fun face grease bottle it and sale it !
Comment from : Mark Felkins

Jan Ooms
Never Ever use olive oil on archeological objects
Comment from : Jan Ooms

Anthony Poole
Are not 90 coins found detecting already worthless anyway?
Comment from : Anthony Poole

JJ MoneyMaker
Ouch Brillo is way abrasive Try Valve Grinding Compound from the auto pars store
Comment from : JJ MoneyMaker

JJ MoneyMaker
You want to put it back on ? Bake on some shoe polish LOL
Comment from : JJ MoneyMaker

Hi, I´ve now ruined a 2 Groschen coin by cleaning with soap water toothbrush method, thanks bro for this comparison video I really appreciate sharing useful experiences
Comment from : montarzi1

Ethan Guidry
So soap and water can ruin your coins??
Comment from : Ethan Guidry

Pierre Bansept
hi I agree 100 with your cleaning method , Leaving a bit of mud in the deeper parts of the coin will really give you more details on the coins, I have made the mistake of over cleaning many times, but now i just leave them with a bit of mud for detail and beauty,, In fact for the times that i have over cleaned some coins there are 2 ways to go back and give the coins some details that was lost 1: oil the coin , wipe it down and spread some white baby powder on the coin Tack powder will replace the lost mud and give you back some details Let dry, wipe a bit and display 2: for cracked and lost coins like your 3rd one, I use brown shoe polish which is a wax rub and heat with hair dryer wax will melt,, soak in cold water and rub off excess wax it should give you back some details and some home made patina,,,, I also dont recommend this for cons in good condition but for coins that you displayed in your video, these 2 tricks will do the job Pierre
Comment from : Pierre Bansept

Jacqueline Rogers
erasing with a pencil eraser will clean any coin
Comment from : Jacqueline Rogers

I ruined a couple of wheat pennies today that were pretty much smooth to begin with, but I got here on YouTube and found the vinegar and salt method Turns out, for pennies that have been buried a long time it will just stain them lipstick red and destroy the surface, they felt like sandpaper afterwards I wish I would have watched this first
Comment from : CaliforniaCarpenter7

Ann Hanntz
Ok if you rub the dirt into the coin your destroying its value and scratching it, especially with a toothpick, which you think is softer than the metal, but you are grinding the dirt against the surface Dirt is mostly silica, which is used to make sandpaper! Go buy an inexpensive ultra sonic cleaner which uses water and vibration and gets it spotless in minutes with no abrasives!
Comment from : Ann Hanntz

William Burdon
Have you ever sent a coin to a grader that you only picked the dirt off of? I wonder if they would still consider it a cleaned coin? I am sure the water and toothbrush and olive oil would cause most coins to be worth a small fraction of their real value
Comment from : William Burdon

Shield of the Bear
Thanks for the video Good information
Comment from : Shield of the Bear

Chris Freeman
Great information in this videoI will now be extremely careful because I have already ruined few coinsThanks for sharing!
Comment from : Chris Freeman

Walls Bee Man
You probably enjoyed making the vid & others learned something
Comment from : Walls Bee Man

Jane Grieve
You are right re the water I have washed all mine and they are ruined will not be doing it again
Comment from : Jane Grieve

Edward Bitto Jr
Comment from : Edward Bitto Jr

RC 64
That's clean like a puss
Comment from : RC 64

Daniel Scarbrough
Dude have about ultrasonic machines and or acetone and doing washes they do have all paint brushes for all kinds applications yoou did k now this right ? So why would you go and f#@¢ up what could be a good coin and now ain't worth a shit now sure it was Though if you ever did research on this you would possibly understand what you could do to even make easier than dude i think you are idiot
Comment from : Daniel Scarbrough

Thanks for showing this I seem to alway clean everything off But I like your presentation of the c not fully cleaned the details pop
Comment from : Tom

Terrence Buller
Hello Chigger, thank you so much for the very informative video, I have found several coins and didn't know how to clean them, tooth pick and face oil I agree is best Thanks again Best of luck 👍
Comment from : Terrence Buller

Omg clean your face
Comment from : TY CANFIELD

brian vaughn
You said about not being able to go back once you clean the mud off ummmm couldn't you just get muddy again? I binge watch your shows all the time
Comment from : brian vaughn

NO A BRILLO PAD !!!! 😮😮😮😭😭
Comment from : derek7521

Cape Cod Diggerz Metal Detecting
thanks for the oil from face trick, I been using this for years ( ;
Comment from : Cape Cod Diggerz Metal Detecting

A rock tumbler with fine sand will clean them without damaging them Sorry to say you destroyed those coins
Comment from : TheCatfish1980

You can go back ish You can always throw them back in the ground for a year or so and let them gather mud again
Comment from : STS

Pedro Cordero
Please send me one or two of your trash coins they would be treasures to me thank you
Comment from : Pedro Cordero

sol star
Would a ultra sonic cleaner helped ?
Comment from : sol star

Magnet Fishing in Maine -
Great video! But I had to fast forward the nail scraping!!!! Yikes lol 😱
Comment from : Magnet Fishing in Maine -

William Andritsch
Im a newcomer to the hobby also and this was a great video for me, thanks chig!
Comment from : William Andritsch

Danny P
I think you are rite I didn't agree to start with and thought soak the 1840 cent in water for 5 minutes and wipe of the mud but when you did the soap and water it did damage its eye appeal from how it was first when using just the tooth pickbrThanks for a good video and tips
Comment from : Danny P

David Thompson
I cleaned up my Double Great Grandpa's 1845 large cent that was smooth as a baby's butt I took a pencil and rubbed it and you can see the date That's something you can try to get a date off oof your coins
Comment from : David Thompson

Don Dtektor
Wished i watched this years ago Great advice, Thank you,,,,,,Don,,,,,,,
Comment from : Don Dtektor

Azarah Wagner
An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner works great at cleaning off the worst dirt and leaving the pateena But not for hours and only water ( distilled )
Comment from : Azarah Wagner

Chinta The Leaves of Autumn
Awesome information!!! Thank-you so much for the "Coin Cleaning Class" I'm so thankful for all of your experience!
Comment from : Chinta The Leaves of Autumn

Christopher Thomas
Aquachigger - what are your thoughts about using electrolysis on coppers? Does that fall into the same category as these other destructive methods?
Comment from : Christopher Thomas

Cody & Brooke Hanson
I HIGHLY appreciate this video I have only been detecting for 2 weeks and everything I have brought home thus far has gone straight to the kitchen sink Oops! Thanks for your sacrifice lol
Comment from : Cody & Brooke Hanson

I can't help but wonder what linseed oil over a "finished" coin with the dirt left on it would look like I know they use it to seal dirt floors + surfaces
Comment from : Metalface

Dylan Sullivan
Thank you, Owen Wilson, for helping me clean my display coins, it was very helpful and informative
Comment from : Dylan Sullivan

The reverse of second coin looks rotated sideways @ 16:21
Comment from : DemoDan

Dario Mendez
Comment from : Dario Mendez

Shelly Thom
That’s a significant difference I cringe now when people bust out a toothbrush or water bottle It really trashed the artifact
Comment from : Shelly Thom

John Montoya
The toothbrush soap no you may have scratched it some !
Comment from : John Montoya

John Montoya
What about hydrogen peroxide for cleaning?
Comment from : John Montoya

teaching us something idiotic
Comment from : Szallag

Rich Marcinkevich
Do you know how to clean some that have been in salt water? I have 2 of them that I can't even tell what they are Thanks for sharing the vid
Comment from : Rich Marcinkevich

Robert Bruehl
Thanks for the demonstration Great nose oil trick!
Comment from : Robert Bruehl

Brent Sealy
I'd be curious if you could use flour, vermiculite, or some kind of fine powder, to bring out the shapes of the raised parts of the coin, as a last resort Like rubbing a tombstone with charcoal and paper or something I mean, at this point, you have nothing to lose I keep going back to these older videos as a reference Keep up the great work Beau
Comment from : Brent Sealy

Darth Silver Sith
I understand these are copper coins but I don’t understand why so many people get bent out of shape about cleaning common date constitutional silver coins that would only sell for their spot price even if they were uncirculated and never cleaned
Comment from : Darth Silver Sith

Reveal the facts bpsolanki
Like it br🙏Love from india 🙏
Comment from : Reveal the facts bpsolanki

Johan M
20 minutes in, is that a swedish 50 öre and what are you doing with that? :))
Comment from : Johan M

Marianna Broussard
What do you think about Andres Pencils?
Comment from : Marianna Broussard

Sarah Howard
Cant you just bury it again for a few years to go back?
Comment from : Sarah Howard

Steve Brettell
What do you do with the coins after cleaning? Do you collect them, or sell them? BTW, I'm from MD
Comment from : Steve Brettell

Wish i would have watched this a week agoTotally smoked a colonial copper Thank you for the great video,s!
Comment from : WestCoastCub322

Mitch Dickson
I'm a lot worse than you are :) CTs (clad tokens like quarters) I tumble and then spend them But these I would have used and acid bath to get it all off!!! Now that turns them this yucky pink color that not even a mama could love So to get 'em back brown, I used vaseline with sulphur in it Rub-a-dub-dub, then a quick rinse Then just lay them in the sun for a day Back to the original brown :) The sulphur will re-patina them Don't use too much or you will get dark brown instead Now a coin dealer will throw it at you, but a novice probably can't tell the difference
Comment from : Mitch Dickson

razvan stroescu
Probably the most interesting and most useful video related to coin cleaning, I never knew thatso cool 😃😃😃
Comment from : razvan stroescu

Jasmine A Hart
i learned a lot from your video what NOT to do thanks, i am new at this
Comment from : Jasmine A Hart

I guess Brasso is out of the question
Comment from : dalesworld

Hey from Scotland, Great video, I'll take that advice So tired of ruining coins with bad advicebrThough can you please soften the light u are using ie bounce it off a wall or sheet of paper
Comment from : JackOfTrades

Leave some in the ground for me to find!
Comment from : Mike

Ohio Trevor
Thanks for great advice
Comment from : Ohio Trevor

Brian Fitzpatrick
Thanks for that tip I much prefered the oil rub👍👍
Comment from : Brian Fitzpatrick

I am of the camp that doing any cleaning has ruined an artifact I can't tell you how many morons I have argued with about this They will just have to live stupid
Comment from : Gargoyle

Thanks for the tips Your voice sounds a lot like Owen Wilson Also, that's a Scotch Brite pad not a Brillo Brillo is a steel wool pad with imbedded soap
Comment from : dudeinoakland

Chris Hartmann
What about oxiclean I heard soaking a coin in oxiclean is great?
Comment from : Chris Hartmann

Dogmo Satchmo
Clear and concise about the pros and cons Very informative video And to be able to visually see the difference, is highly appreciated!!!
Comment from : Dogmo Satchmo

yerdigginit metal detecting
Very educational and great advice Thank you for taking one for the team Hopefully many coppah’s will be saved by this video 😎⚒
Comment from : yerdigginit metal detecting

Great vid Ty,brWhen I was a kid we used to do brass rubbings And after work in some ink paste, then wipe clean It would normally bring back the detail, And kinda make it pop Might help with the washed out coin
Comment from : mrmcclung

I used to melt them down, the metal will looks as good as new
Comment from : Schnaps

Thanks for pointing this Myself I'm always use a petroleum-based degreaser, mixed with a citrus cleaning degreaser Works badass
Comment from : gorgon

mheldy pacs
Can I go back to where I started after trying your process? Can I go back? Can I go back?
Comment from : mheldy pacs

John Moyer
How about using a sonic jewelry cleanr
Comment from : John Moyer

Buick Lesabre
What would happen if you waxed them like you do to your artillery shells?
Comment from : Buick Lesabre

Iprospect Iprospect
Send pics of you coins 2 heritage auction & the place might want some of your finds I did
Comment from : Iprospect Iprospect

Brad Atkin
im soo glad i watch this before i clean some coins thank you for teaching us all so no need to say sorry
Comment from : Brad Atkin

roadwarrior max
i use the oil off my nose :) lol
Comment from : roadwarrior max

Colin Stimson
Hi Beau, I'm the guy from your Recent Detectival video who cleaned the Jetton in the field with water After watching this I don't think I'll be using water on any of my copper or bronze coins from now on 👍
Comment from : Colin Stimson

Richard Colgate
Bloody good vid bud !!!br👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Richard Colgate

I ruined a V nickel I found on a road behind the one cemetery by me when I was a kid I tried cleaning itwith BLEACH (also when I was a kid) It turned white as you might expect
Comment from : CheapestGamer

Guess Who
Touching any coin other then the edges , is a no no oils in your skin will ruin the puatina of the coin devaluing the coin leave your coin finds as found , they will always always always be worth more factany Mark's scratches and removing the puatina making the coin classification a very low gradeand worth a lot less
Comment from : Guess Who

Carolyn S
Great info!!!! Thank you for sacrificing some of your coins!
Comment from : Carolyn S

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