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Wells Fargo Recommends SILVER! NOT GOLD!!

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Information Wells Fargo Recommends SILVER! NOT GOLD!!

Title :  Wells Fargo Recommends SILVER! NOT GOLD!!
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Frames Wells Fargo Recommends SILVER! NOT GOLD!!

Description Wells Fargo Recommends SILVER! NOT GOLD!!

Comments Wells Fargo Recommends SILVER! NOT GOLD!!

matt bittner
Comment from : matt bittner

The global warmer
Comment from : The global warmer

For the price of a couple of ASEs, you could buy a few shares of a low price miner,trading at 1 to $3 a share Trade these for some profits,DO NOT TRADE YOUR GOLD EXK, which trades about $250, was up 75 one day this week, up about 15 cents in a day I keep a little portfolio of 7 of them All are rallying ,along with  gold and silver Their Tech charts are good SSRM has a great chart, with a huge cup, followed by a nice handle Trades in the $15 area I would not think of trading the coins
Comment from : jaddy540

Mystery Buyer
I was just thinking about platinum after I saw the price on kitco Silver definitely
Comment from : Mystery Buyer

jb w
I know everyone loves silver, trust me so do i If you can buy gold,at least a half oz then i suggest doing it I listened to a guy he purchased a half oz, quarter oz then a tenth May as well by the 1 oz instead Maybe he just wanted fractional gold I wouldn't go smaller than a half oz Its expensive but will be well worth it I dont see many gold bugs on here because its hard to fork out $1300 plus Ive been able to purchase a good amount over the past 2 years Silver just starts to take up too much space I still have a good chunk but i dont even buy silver anymore really When it comes down to it buy what you want
Comment from : jb w

Anon Stacking
Never thought I'd utter these words I agree with Wells Fargo :/
Comment from : Anon Stacking

Marcos Torres
JP MORGAN Has been cornering the silver market for awhile now
Comment from : Marcos Torres

That way they can steal some, I mean borrow lol jk, either way I don’t keep my metals there And I have mostly silver but also some gold Diversify Also I plan to pick up maybe some platinum Don’t know yet though
Comment from : BlizzardPeak

Levi ORourke
Thanks for the content Using everyone's opinions helps me develop my own Lol Thanks salivate
Comment from : Levi ORourke

SG Hedge
Trust the banksyeaaah, nah
Comment from : SG Hedge

The Dad You Never Had Channel
Silver at a 90 to 1 ratio w gold is a no brained 🙄
Comment from : The Dad You Never Had Channel

If they are steering us away from gold, it's because gold is the better one to go with
Comment from : RandomPerson88

Silver Bean Counter
Nice to see silver getting some press Now I'd like to see it in the ratio 🤣
Comment from : Silver Bean Counter

Hold your physical If you want profits trade PM stocks with low cost brokers Gold, silver,or PM stocks You buy what you expect to make the best PERCENT gains
Comment from : jaddy540

mgtow life
To me silver is better than gold Yes, it's an industrial metal That tells me it has alot of usesover 10,000 Silver is anti microbial, need i say more There is more gold above ground right now than silver We used it up When this thing blows there is waaayyyyy more poor people than rich Silver is going to go bonkers There is not going to be enough physical silver to go around, im sorry
Comment from : mgtow life

Who gives a shit what Wells Fargo thinks! They want the gold for themselves
Comment from : will

Tomokos Enterprize
The last time I bought gold it was $ 35000 CDN It will be back there before I get more Silver is my metal hands down Some say I am crazy but I already knew that, LOL
Comment from : Tomokos Enterprize

Adrian Segura
Wher you are wrong on silver is when recession hits productivity in silver will slow But at the same time monetary demand will pick up(when Fed starts QE again ) making silver that much more explosive Because like you said Ther just isn't alot of silver Nd silver is thrashed not hoarded like gold So expect high moves in silver Especially when tech giants have to go hand to hand buying silver
Comment from : Adrian Segura

Y Sim
You trust what banks say? Really?
Comment from : Y Sim

Hodgepodge with Angela 🌼
Thanks for sharing this infoI need to buy more silver:)
Comment from : Hodgepodge with Angela 🌼

Chris Garner
Apparently NPR was talking about the gold price and how China was buying tons of it I would love to get a one dollar gold piece as those look cool
Comment from : Chris Garner

Billy Gagne
⭐ Thank you SAL!!
Comment from : Billy Gagne

Cmore Butts
greg hunter had a new interview w a man who says a pullback will happen briefly and then its off to the races with a lag in silver up to 6 months and then it will take offnow that i believe will happenwill sit and wait for a pullback, then i will back up the truck for both metals
Comment from : Cmore Butts

Mike Kron
Well's says turn left I immediately go right
Comment from : Mike Kron

Artie R
Too bad Wells Fargo will eventually ban their customers from buying metals, just like they did for crypto You aren’t allowed to store value anywhere else
Comment from : Artie R

Joseph Turner
If they tell you to buy silver, then buy gold! If they tell you to buy gold, buy silver! Banks have done nothing but screws over the entire world! They arent looking out for you!
Comment from : Joseph Turner

Michael Sinaloense
F Wells Fargo Watch what all of them do, and don't believe a word they say Also I, and I would dare to say most would disagree with you I and everyone I know buy AU and AG They can keep the rest
Comment from : Michael Sinaloense

William Wilson
Have some physical gold and silver, but trade paperbrbrI had 400 gains last week trading gold related stocksin about 3 daysbrbrRight now I have call spreads on GLD and SLV
Comment from : William Wilson

Johnny Gavita
Only Sheeple take the advice of this Corrupt organization
Comment from : Johnny Gavita

Intalecrek The Coin Medic
I will still buy gold I look at it all as a balance Yes, gold is going up but I do not mind I buy when it is high and buy when it is low, thus, a balance Over the past few months I have been bullish on gold
Comment from : Intalecrek The Coin Medic

Yeah, Platinum is heavily used in the auto industry When the SHTF, that and housing, are the first to take a dive So not sure about PtbrHere's a point of view from Investing News: investingnewscom/daily/resource-investing/precious-metals-investing/platinum-investing/platinum-electric-cars/brAin't edumacated, and sure ain't an economenist but this is enough to make you go Hmm?
Comment from : sarge27271

Frank H
Why would anyone trust anything a bank says?
Comment from : Frank H

Jay Bird
Wells Fargo should have been shut down For opening credit card accounts without permission To big to fail banks should fail after breaking the Law
Comment from : Jay Bird

Gary Ashe
Are you crazy not buying silver but buying gold
Comment from : Gary Ashe

Gold’s still dirt cheap compare to fiat fake money, all banker hate gold because gold is real money
Comment from : EastLakeWatch

Wells Fargo - always doing whats best for their customers, and never caught with their pants down 😂
Comment from : DJDonkeytron

James Barnes
Wells Fargo is a bottom feeder bank, and you should beware of their tricks
Comment from : James Barnes

As far as the S/G ratio tightening - 7:52 "Quite a ways from that happening" - That is exactly why Silver is my #1 right now Historically, the ratio is going to tighten at some point, so silver will outpace goldor gold dumps and silver holds Either way I like the play In the 30 days the S/G ratio has gone from 94/1 to 88/1
Comment from : Hitting4Contractscom

Brandon B
They hold a lotthey want to pump!! To make money
Comment from : Brandon B

Brandon B
Trump's trade war has accomplished nothing tangible because that is the point The goal of the trade war is to act as a distraction and scapegoat for the implosion of the Everything Bubble
Comment from : Brandon B

Chuck’n Plata
My Faith in Wells Fargo is woefully lacking
Comment from : Chuck’n Plata

Yup Basel III : Buy Gold Gold Gold
Comment from : Typo

William Lester
Comment from : William Lester

Mr Rothstein
or”stop buying Gold so WE can buy it cheaper”
Comment from : Mr Rothstein

Gold is not to expensive If they want to talk expensive look no further than the DOW!
Comment from : reptiliandomination1

Buy 90 silver 10 gold It takes 90 ounces of silver to buy 1 ounce of gold
Comment from : reptiliandomination1

Possible reasons for promoting silverbr-they know that gold is "expensive" for the common folk vs silver so if people rush to silver, it will go up with Billions $$ for the banks that they can then transfer into MORE goldbr-they know that people (most) want the instant gratification of quick returns instead of Dynastic Wealth so they'll sell some of their gold hoping to sell it at a high and get some quick worthless cash
Comment from : J G

Gold the money of KingsbrSilver the money of GentlemenbrBarter the money of peasantsbrDebt the money of slavesbr-Make sure you have some gold for in a Hyperinflation (enough of the stupid claim that "it will never happen") will be able to pay off your debts WAY better then silver Silver is going to be used for day to day activities!
Comment from : J G

Ollie Munday
With Platinum the Platinum/Palladium ratio kinda says it all
Comment from : Ollie Munday

Bill Rundell
Gold is too pricey to spend 1/2 oz gold at a Gas mart, WallMarts or McDonalds LOL LOL LOLbr1/4 oz $400 1/10 oz gold is so tiny that that they can easily be lostbrGold is not easily used by ordinary people Silver is the way for the average person
Comment from : Bill Rundell

always lookin
Gold too pricey ? Great advice, next they will be recommending looking at copper and zinc because it is more affordable lol
Comment from : always lookin

SilverLimey 79
After today's massive move not a bad move I have been bullish on Platinum and gold You can get a more Platinum than an ounce of gold Of you have time drop into my livestream during the week Monday to Friday 👌👍
Comment from : SilverLimey 79

Kerris L Ravenhill
Are we gonna trust everything this crooked bank says?
Comment from : Kerris L Ravenhill

mike salmon
Wells Fargo says dont buy Gold sure they are going to say that because they want all the Gold and all the crooked bankers the banks are the ones that are holding every one up with a water pistol
Comment from : mike salmon

I've been stacking for years - I notice that usually in the late Summer - August each year, the metals market are sleepy and not much happens - then comes Summer 2019 - gold making highs in multiple international currenciesfiat is dying, metals are king We live in interesting times
Comment from : dementeduncle

Wellsfargo says Gold too pricey? buy gold
Comment from : HarveyGREENSmen

Gold is cheaper now than it was in the early 1980's It's still on sale! If one knows how to read charts and use a inflation calculator then they can figure it out I was pleasantly surprised to see that for this week, as gold sits on a 6 year high since 2013, it is still less than the $500 /oz back in 1980s after adjusting for inflation So I wouldn't pay attention to Wells Fargo which is just further misdirection from the elites So for those that say gold is expensive now, they don't know what they are talking about The reality is people who complain about the price of gold were never in the position to buy it anyways That's like poor people wasting a realtor's time every Sunday playing pretend Gold window shoppers shouldn't waste our time
Comment from : h0tne0

I have to say you gold bugs are being silly When you go trade in your 1oz gold coin what are you going to trade it for hyper inflating fiat? no you are going to trade it for silver Silver alway has been and always will be change for gold You can’t have gold without silver they are one in the same and work together Gold is not practical to buy day to day items Silver will by far out perform gold mark my words when gold gets too expensive the masses will pile in to silver Furthermore all you gold bugs will be forced to buy silver when you need to get change for your 1oz gold coin Silver is the buy of the century and you are buying gold because it broke out first Big mistake trade paper gold and scoop up silver with the profits
Comment from : newmankevin44

I’m waiting on sub-$1200 delivered, gold, or the ratio to go down to less than 40:1 Don’t know if It will happenbrbrThe guy that wrote that article, obviously doesn’t know what’s going on with the the platinum market 33 platinum is used in catalytic converters With manufacturers switching over to electric vehicles at a faster and faster pace over the next 10 years, the demand for platinum is going to plummet substantially In addition to that, they have found a material that is more effective than platinum (it’s not palladium), for use in catalytic converters Platinum’s only chance is if supplies run out, or go down substantially, and/or they find another major use for it Therefore, I’m avoiding it Stick with silver, for now
Comment from : alan30189

I see a lot more posts of people buying gold now that it is on the rise They should have been doing that over the past few years like me I'm stacking cash right now and the odd silver deal i might stumble into
Comment from : CyberCurtainTwitcher

Appa Talks
6 Year ago I started buying Silver at around $17/ounce and thought to my self, "Okay, if this hits $20, I'll stop buying and sit on it till retirement" Originally thinking way back then, it'd probably be only a few months under $20 And here we are today xD
Comment from : Appa Talks

the raven
Gold is going alot higherfor every dollar higher that it goes there will be 10's of thousands of people who are priced out of the gold market it is those people who will turn to silver as an alternative to gold This shift will close the ratio in my opinion to approx 40:1 by Q1 2021
Comment from : the raven

Bob Smith
I think the point of what most seem to be missing Ya were been on the silver train for awhile and it's weird when bank's and mainstream start saying what we've been saying for years I'd suggest stocking up at this point as much as possible Once it's on every commercial to buy silver we won't be able to afford it It's going mainstream and that sucks cause I don't feel 300 oz is enough now
Comment from : Bob Smith

They want us to buy silver instead so they can get the gold for themselves
Comment from : Ghatazhak

Rowdy entertainment
They will never let us stackers blow up rich buy assets and property
Comment from : Rowdy entertainment

Rowdy entertainment
Lol wells says buy silver SELL SILVER
Comment from : Rowdy entertainment

Da Sa
Can Wells Fargo really be trusted?
Comment from : Da Sa

CoinMan 5000
Finally Wells Fargo Says something i can agree with
Comment from : CoinMan 5000

Tao Denkyem
Experts say Silver’s upside is huge Gold is for the 1ers Silver is for us 99ers
Comment from : Tao Denkyem

Kevin R
These guys making decent guesses, but their arguments are based on price movement, so anything they say is already priced in
Comment from : Kevin R

TNT Travels
Russia has used Platinum as money in the past Once gold and silver are completely consumed during the financial crisis people will go to the next metal that's available platinum and Palladium will probably be the last two to be bought up but those prices will Skyrocket because Supply is short also Palladium and platinum are 10 to 20 times more rare than gold
Comment from : TNT Travels

Eddies Little Stack
I live silver I also like gold I also like platinum! Anybody see a patter?
Comment from : Eddies Little Stack

Metal Bum
I am in agreement with Wells Fargo, but I'm also buying Gold Just alot more Silver And I'm buying some platinum
Comment from : Metal Bum

Metal Bum
Very interesting call I say buy tons of silver and a lot of gold I play the ratio now! I'm buying miners too just playing with a bit But knowing Wells Fargo is they will say 'don't buy gold' then they'll buy it all up
Comment from : Metal Bum

Actually they recommended platinum if you read it at the end, they say buy goldbrIf you can afford it
Comment from : LAWN MAN

Is UnWels Fargshort shorting gold I wonder, new scams?
Comment from : Mickey

Golden Guilder
If they are saying that, then definitely BUY Gold!! Wells is shady as hell They have been screwing ME and many other Americans on OUR auto loans by charging us an additional CPI fee(Collateral protection insurance) on our monthly auto payments for supposedly not having auto insurance with our vehicle, when we really did They were sued for $386 million for this crap I Still haven’t received my money back yet either Straight up Banksters!!!
Comment from : Golden Guilder

OcOmegaShadow Stacking
Wow really awesome video about more Coins!!!
Comment from : OcOmegaShadow Stacking

Jera Matth
Comment from : Jera Matth

Do the exact opposite and buy gold
Comment from : James

Coins A-Z
bStack that Silver and Platinum high and deep!/b those 2 precious metals are at a deep discount right now and there's no better time to buy low than now
Comment from : Coins A-Z

Andy Slingblade
Wells Fargo has been cited time & time again for corruption, so it really is no surprise Wells Fargo recommends high-premium junk silver bullion
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

Health Babe
Hey Sal In the Asian market, gold and silver continue to rise Gold has reached $1489 and silver has broken out $1650 again Those are the good sign I would like to see silver maintaining above this level for a short while and start to challenge the next level between $17 and $18
Comment from : Health Babe

Expat Stacker
I've been stacking for a short time (less than 2 years), and I have yet to even really consider purchasing platinum Maybe it's because gold just has that "it" factor and has a superior reputation across the entire population, stackers and non-stackers alike The chart comparing historical prices per ounce between gold and platinum is very interesting indeed I'd like to look into the reasons why people tend to gravitate more towards gold over platinum, and why the price of platinum has performed poorly compared to gold more recently
Comment from : Expat Stacker

robert preston sr
Listen to a broker and that is what you will get broker The Lone Ranger recommends Silver But Sergeant Preston says brGold will be around $10,000 per ounce by 2022 But I don't give investment advice I just tell what is going to happen see August 15th thru Sept 15th prediction for starters
Comment from : robert preston sr

Jackie Bridges
I think you got it wrong friend you never buy high gold is way high now silver will be outstanding and remember when silver goes high and you want in you may be late I'm seeing people got hive mind they want to buy gold when it's high my coin guy agree with me he said he is mostly in silver he said the masses are easy to read and thinks so many going to miss the boat on silver we shall see no way would i buy gold right now I have some but I purchased it low we shall see who is right? time will tell
Comment from : Jackie Bridges

Steve Girouard
Bank robbers steal 25 million in gold coins in Mexico
Comment from : Steve Girouard

This Wells Fargo has been fined so many times for doing the wrong thing, I say gold is a much better investment and if you can't afford the real thing buy etfs they are just as good but alot cheaper because your buying on a per share basis on what your budget can afford Just look at gold prices at 836 pm on Aug 6 now selling at 147850 per ounce while silver 1653 per ounce Another way two ways to buy into gold is to do options or futures but you have to spend time to learn the in and outs of the game before you decide to play Anyway this is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime to finally make some big money so don't let it pass you buy just buy and hold and sell after the crash when the dust settles and you will do fine, thats the way I see it and thats the way I would play it Forget silver because you will be old and gray before silver has its day
Comment from : Bruce

Kevin W
Buy what you can afford I buy smaller weight gold when I can I buy silver when it is on sale with low premiums All world banks are net buyers of gold which should tell you something Silver is the most undervalued asset bare none I wouldn't trust Wells Fargo with their "seedy" background Spread your currency around with a mix you will sleep better
Comment from : Kevin W

Mr Exclusive
To pricey?😂😂😂 so what when the other metals get to pricey we move on??? Wells Fargo😂that's about the dumbest shit I've heard
Comment from : Mr Exclusive

I'll continue to buy as I can afford it If it costs more, it takes me longer to save up to buy 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : E R I K

1/3 of all platinum used is in the building of gasoline powered cars I think this will decrease over time Do you foresee other uses of platinum coming or a drop in production coming? Other metals may be hard to sell if you buy them Otherwise silver and gold are the best bet Gold just met my target of $1475 but it will be going up more Silver will also be going up to $1750 or more
Comment from : theyuha

Ned Flanders
Just gonna put this here you all are crazy saying gold is over priced haha and the silver to gold ratio is through the roof the ratio will go down perhaps as low as 1 to 1 The price will shock the world buy silver now then when the ration collapses you can trade that silver in to get multiple ounces of gold think logically people Wells Fargo is trying to squeeze people out of the market
Comment from : Ned Flanders

Randy Herbrechtsmeier
Golds gonna break $2000 Simiple the Govt Been printing Paper to Pay off Debt Easy Peasey
Comment from : Randy Herbrechtsmeier

Louies Silver
How funny that they were wrong about the value of gold almost immediately after publishing their opinion
Comment from : Louies Silver

Randy Herbrechtsmeier
Wells Fargos Gots Faults Full of Silver Metals they been Stacking for 3 yrs Now they Wanna Sell it for a Huge Profit!!!! Just like they did at Bitcoin in 12/16/17 When they Dumped and Cleaned up
Comment from : Randy Herbrechtsmeier

Ozzy Alchemist
100th like :)
Comment from : Ozzy Alchemist

Mick D
Fuck Wells Fargo The most despised bank in America And fuck you for promoting their drivel
Comment from : Mick D

Eyes That See
You know what that meansBUY GOLD!
Comment from : Eyes That See

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