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8 EASY Minimalist habits to start saving money ????

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Information 8 EASY Minimalist habits to start saving money ????

Title :  8 EASY Minimalist habits to start saving money ????
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Frames 8 EASY Minimalist habits to start saving money ????

Description 8 EASY Minimalist habits to start saving money ????

Comments 8 EASY Minimalist habits to start saving money ????

Chi Leonardo
One of the best Youtube videos I’ve watched & Channel I subscribed❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Chi Leonardo

Xìng Hua Lì
I would definitely fill a small room with all these stuffs once I started to declutter, imagine the amount of money I would saved from them I always wanted to buy what’s new and store the old one in a box as I might need them one day, specially gadgets I felt so guilty…
Comment from : Xìng Hua Lì

Diego Garces
What a wonderful philosophy & lifestyle I wish I would've found this before this sooner It is so easy to get caught up in consumerism but your advice is really resonating with me
Comment from : Diego Garces

Robit Tuladhar
You are so pretty ♥️
Comment from : Robit Tuladhar

vahid dolatkhah
Great thanks ✌🏿
Comment from : vahid dolatkhah

Kunal Goswami
I'm a minimalist brI don't shop when not needed brI live very frugal brI find ways to save money brbrBut I never buy second hand
Comment from : Kunal Goswami

Merissa Warfield
Your videos help me so much
Comment from : Merissa Warfield

Yvane Remy
There is something about your voice that brings peace to my spirit
Comment from : Yvane Remy

Thank you so the very effective tips ♥️
Comment from : Theyoungsoul

If you can watch José Mujica about living with less and spending less of your life working to pay for things, watch his speeches which are found also with english subtitles
Comment from : AC

Made a substantial amount of money for the first time in my life recently and now I understand what my dad used to tell me about "simple living and an easier existence" 🙃😅 brI will be coming back to this video again and again it seems 😆
Comment from : Read-to-hell

John Granato
We start being the master of our possessions and, often, end up being the slave of those possessions!
Comment from : John Granato

Elpida Anastasiou
I really liked this video and your approach in general🌸
Comment from : Elpida Anastasiou

Sophia Kalavsky
Very informative and helpful Your wallet 😍 I’ve been looking to downsize mine, but what do you do if you have any loose change?
Comment from : Sophia Kalavsky

Sa Sz
I really like the idea of buying used items and of fixing/repairing items yourself I like how you actually said "so we can slow down the production of items" This is the opposite of the way our capitalist society wants us to think - but we are such a wasteful society! As you said, people throw away perfectly good items People do not try to fix things In the past, the older generation took care of their things and kept them a long time They did not have credit cards so they could not get into consumer debt like people do today And they fixed the items they had So why sit in front of the TV watching some silly show when you could use your time and energy to fix some things you own? A major way I did this was to learn to fix my own cars I have never owned a new car It's a waste of money because of depreciation, but also the interest you pay on a car loan Repairing them myself saves money by not going to the mechanic They also last a lot longer because they are properly taken care of This would not work for a lot of people for many reasons, but it worked well for me I would rather have money in the bank in case I lost my job rather than having spent it on a lot of new items
Comment from : Sa Sz

Muri Chen
Hi , I love your videos and your VOICE !!! May i ask a question about living minimalism, what do you do to the gifts tht your friends give you ? will you keep it ? or sell it ? i'm so struggle with this right now , dont know what to do with those gifts, i feel bad to sell it or give it again to other people Thank youuu <3
Comment from : Muri Chen

Roger Downs
malama is cute
Comment from : Roger Downs

Letícia Duarte
Just found out your channel and wow… Life changing !!!
Comment from : Letícia Duarte

danara dormaeva
Beautiful video, very calming But you have changed so many outfits during one video talking about minimalism Does not make sense to me
Comment from : danara dormaeva

Reema Tyagi
This video is soooo helpful
Comment from : Reema Tyagi

Born Hungry தமிழ்
Ur new subscriber from india !! Grt vlog
Comment from : Born Hungry தமிழ்

Born Hungry தமிழ்
Im inspired a lot by this video of yours uve taught us a life s lesson for those who thought second hand things are not good
Comment from : Born Hungry தமிழ்

Al M
The vibes here are immaculate ✨ followed x
Comment from : Al M

Anwesha Kar
Does anyone know how to sell stuff efficiently in India? Like small things - clothes and books
Comment from : Anwesha Kar

Teresita Toanuloeg
Feeling relaxed until the ad came in 😂 Hope the ads were either at the beginning or end, and not in the middle of the video because it's really distracting :/
Comment from : Teresita Toanuloeg

Mustafa Mohamed
Anyway, this is a very helpful video for me By the way, she's very pretty, no one sees that but me? If yes, please give her a compliment :)
Comment from : Mustafa Mohamed

chao Euler
You are so pretty, and I like you
Comment from : chao Euler

Marquelle Power
What system did you use to streamline your process for selling online so you don't spend too much time on it?
Comment from : Marquelle Power

Kinlay McIsaac
I have a problem with impulse buying I can totally relate with what you said about the things we buy to fill our space are the first things we get rid of I’m inspired to clean out and sell some things I feel that while it’s decluttering my space, symbolically it’ll declutter my life as well
Comment from : Kinlay McIsaac

leonardo ydrogo
I love how calm you are voice is I enjoyed you video I can feel your good energy brNice video c:
Comment from : leonardo ydrogo

Make Dollars Work
I love making meal plans! It not only saves you money but it also prevents food waste and you eat healthier ❤️
Comment from : Make Dollars Work

Ainara Buzaubasova
love your beautiful hair
Comment from : Ainara Buzaubasova

Makayla Friedman
needed this! thank you so much I love your energy
Comment from : Makayla Friedman

You have a nice vibe, love it Subscribing :)
Comment from : RedCurlyHead

Your voice is like ASMR
Comment from : GarfialNO

rabiatul basariah
hey! this is my first time watching your video and ngl, i really loved it very much and done subscribe to your channel now im going to watch aaalllll your videos ehehe love from Malaysia :)
Comment from : rabiatul basariah

Absolutely love this, thank you so much! These days I am so overwhelmed and anxious about so many things, I feel like adapting a simpler lifestyle will definitely help me with these negative feelings! brLots of love from Germany 💕
Comment from : lunexlily

Rachel M
“ Channeling our hard earned money on the things we value “ I love that
Comment from : Rachel M

Rachel M
Hello, This video is helping me so very much ! Your videos are also very relaxing in general and have great USEFUL information! I feel financially better already and well informed :):):) 🙏Thanku so much for posting this and sharing your wisdom ! I’m in the process of getting myself together financially and this gave me practical steps and hope! Waiting a day before actually making a purchase is such a genius idea that I am also trying :) Thank u again !! I’m really happy I discovered your channel:)
Comment from : Rachel M

Maria Theresa Batuto
Thank you so much for this, i really needed this vid ✨
Comment from : Maria Theresa Batuto

Nilo Rondelli
You really have to record ioga sessions for spleeping/relaxing Such a warmth voice that delivers peace!
Comment from : Nilo Rondelli

Time To Improve
Minimalism is where its at :)
Comment from : Time To Improve

Kristel Gonzales Apolinar
Hi! I really love your videos Continue to create more videos 🥰
Comment from : Kristel Gonzales Apolinar

Januário Feriado
Marry a guy who pays the bills, or ask mama Ethically questionable but it's the way many women plan their lives ahead
Comment from : Januário Feriado

Ian Capoquian
I love how you explain things in a very calm way and relaxing tone I have learned so much from this, thank you so much <3
Comment from : Ian Capoquian

suphanuth pepe
Very beautiful sofi
Comment from : suphanuth pepe

José Dos Anjos
Thanks for sharing your peace !
Comment from : José Dos Anjos

Pangsabsab แป้งแซ๊บแซ่บ
Love your voice and thanks for your tips
Comment from : Pangsabsab แป้งแซ๊บแซ่บ

Trâm Nè
Thanks for sharing! Love your voice and your motivation brI used to be a shopaholic, wasting a lot of money to buy unnecessary items that made me overwhelming in my house But now, I choose a simple life with habits as you mentioned above, I know what I need to do and enjoy every moment of life without spending more money brI believe that happiness comes from simple things I love minimalist life <3
Comment from : Trâm Nè

Nasasa Royal
welcome to Da Nang city in Việt Nam
Comment from : Nasasa Royal

Lídia Apolinario
Hey I'm just building my own house and your videos are helping me to start this minimalist life Thank you so much Hugs from Brazil
Comment from : Lídia Apolinario

Rainelli Galos
Hi! Im a new subscriber to your channel, you know? Your advice really helps me as a young adult, a mom, and a wife of a family Thanks for sharing this content coz im bad at saving money😅 anyways i love your contents ❤❤❤
Comment from : Rainelli Galos

Isabel Martín
what Kind of person can dislike such nice vídeo?😳
Comment from : Isabel Martín

Heng heng
That's my favorite topic of saving more It's awesome
Comment from : Heng heng

Nancy Fahey
I have the minimalist dog too 😊
Comment from : Nancy Fahey

Hi feels so good to see ur video just puts me at ease Getting rid of things not only creates space in the house but most importantly in the mind I enjoy simplicity in life too So thank you for sharing !
Comment from : Gloria

kuya sam
The concept of 'Simple Living High Thinking ' is something that everyone should adopt! My Mom used to always talk about this during our school and college years! Thank you, Sophie, for being a trailblazer! Aloha!
Comment from : kuya sam

Stephen Han
Really like your video, the lifestyle, the idea and your voice :D I'm a minimalist myself, but I want to make more money as of the feeling of uncertainty of the future I know it might be wrong, but I just don't know how to stop :-(
Comment from : Stephen Han

This is the kind of life I can relate to as well
Comment from : moodyqueenqueen

you are amazing I admire youre simplicity keep making good videos
Comment from : Leflor

The simple way to save money is EARNING MORE using your MASTER SKILLS Earn so much so much that whatever you spend looks minimalistic compared to what you earn
Comment from : EngineerSandeep

Linda Amatiu
We need to watch this kind of video more especially in this pandemic erayour Vlog is so soothing and calming and I just love it👍🏻👍🏻new sub from Japan🥰take care and stay safe 💝
Comment from : Linda Amatiu

Amy Cote
I LOVE the little hand bag Is it still for sale? I’d like to buy it😘
Comment from : Amy Cote

Love your video and your beautiful thoughts :)
Comment from : 튜나뱃살러

Linda Garland
Or we spend because we confuse "want" with "need"
Comment from : Linda Garland

Zein Arthur
well, apparently I've always been a minimalist I've never buy anything that I don't need I don't eat out NothingbrIt actually amazes me, like why would someone spend money on something they don't need? or people who eat out everyday, like, why ? Guess being poor makes you see things different
Comment from : Zein Arthur

kc yu
I like your dog, could you try to introduce more details about your dog?
Comment from : kc yu

it makes me relaxed and calm to watch your videos cheers
Comment from : Hank

Renaissance Woman
bNice video I am a rookie minimalist Just wanted to share this tip with you all I wanted to get jean shorts and checked few stores each one was like 25 to 30 $ i gave it a thought and checked back on what i had i had 4 almost new capri pants which i do not like the model (as ppl i feel for a short girl like me capris are not ideal) so i cut the capris and VOILA i have 4 beautiful shorts for this summer I was so super proud of myslefI also try to advocate the same of REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE IN my CHANNEL I loved your video/b
Comment from : Renaissance Woman

This is soothing to watch, plus you have cute dogs <3
Comment from : Corie

Sean Lloren
Im playing this while sleeping Her voice is soothing
Comment from : Sean Lloren

Kathys Wanderlust Diaries
Comment from : Kathys Wanderlust Diaries

Avelina EncaboCHANNEL
These tips are very great I guess I have to give up my STARBUCK COFFEE Life is Suck WITHout STARBUCK a DAY Anyways, Thank you for sharing this video
Comment from : Avelina EncaboCHANNEL

Aesop Carl
you look like the korean actress Ha Jiwon
Comment from : Aesop Carl

In my teens, I used to spend so much money on unnecessary purchases When I was a student at university, I became more serious with budgeting; I now use a Money Manager app to track my income/expenses on my everyday account (checking account) and I’ve also been listening to a lot of useful finance based podcasts/reading books Now, I have a spreadsheet I made for my spending/income which really helps me figure out where my money is going/coming As of now, I am prioritising my money more on what I need and I plan to focus on investing into several savings accounts for different things (pension, everyday saver, emergency funds, moving out) as this allows me to only use a specific account for specific purchases when necessary I still do online shopping but now I have made serious cutbacks on what I spend money on For example, if I choose to buy a takeaway I have a rule where I can only buy one twice a month (same applies to books) I also got rid of subscription services I no longer use + gift cards for things like Costa, Starbucks and a smoothie shop I used to go to (I actually don’t drink caffeine often + if I really wanted a smoothie or coffee I can make it myself)brbrI don’t know if it is just me but sometimes there are instances where people spend so much money as a sense of feeling ‘rich’ when in reality they’re not I have a close friend who is somewhat like this; they often spend so much money on things like gym memberships, starbucks, expensive phone payment plans and more when there are instances where they don’t even have a job I don’t really get it; it seems there are people who put their wants over their needs and these same ones complain about having no money when they spent it on materialistic things they never needed in the first place
Comment from : myu

kabita paudel
I am feeling so relaxed watching you and your voice is so calming
Comment from : kabita paudel

Ramdas C Inamdar
thanks for such a good video
Comment from : Ramdas C Inamdar

Being born in another country, I’ve been doing all these even after living in the US for many years I embrace what my culture taught me My mom bought an expensive Italian boots 20 years ago Boots are in excellent condition and I wear it now! brMy mom maintained the shoe well! brSo investing and taking care of your investment pays you well Never succumb to trend and consumerism 🙂
Comment from : Кира

Haris Muzaffar
I bet your wardrobe is full of LV and Gucci 🤤 and bought another 2 pairs after this clip 🤣
Comment from : Haris Muzaffar

Eirini S
Please try to avoid caffeine in any form: green tea, chocolate, coffee It burns the adrenals and is the main reason why women lose their hair after giving birth to their children You will feel calmer too! Why not try roasted chicory with raw honey? I like your videos though and thank you for bringing this sense of kindness and tranquility
Comment from : Eirini S

Don Reinholz
Great video and also too many people buy everything on credit and don't feel the pain at the time of purchase I have listened to Dave Ramsey for many years Time is something that you can't buy more of I try and fix everything myself Also people need to stop comparing their lives to others and worrying about what others think
Comment from : Don Reinholz

Gilda K Notarbartolo
Thank u! Loving your videos ❣️
Comment from : Gilda K Notarbartolo

Live like you are on vacation with just a luggage of belongings
Comment from : YOUAREHERE

Banu Perumalswami Srinivasagan
your voice took me to a different level of calmness! thank you for this video and the vibe <3 Sophie :)
Comment from : Banu Perumalswami Srinivasagan

Good ideas and make think nowThank you for sharing SophieYour new friend from Taiwan
Comment from : FILIPINA WIFE IN TAIWAN BLOG台灣的菲律賓人

Teddy Pizzle
I wish I found your channel sooner Your messages are amazing Thank you
Comment from : Teddy Pizzle

Hannah Songbooks
I really admire you and I'm a fan of your channel, and I'm also on the road to minimalism
Comment from : Hannah Songbooks

Healthy food with Alemitu
Thank you for sharing ❤❤
Comment from : Healthy food with Alemitu

Depending on your situation will depend on how well this trick fits you Some areas may have certain accommodations where are you can get free stuff and just save your money you would’ve otherwise spent
Comment from : O

Daniel Menges
Nice video Thank you Yes, "repair and take care"! Minimalism + taking care of what we have and repairing = having a great, meaningful life that is good for the planet, our wallet/pocketbook and our lifestyles
Comment from : Daniel Menges

Saadia sabouri
I was spending a lot of money in nothing deserves I discovered this a few months and I'm so angry from my self But now I try o spend my money in things that I need and I will used thank you
Comment from : Saadia sabouri

Lma Prez
The tips you give and the simplicity of life you guy’s are leaving is something I’m looking for to doing some day, I’m tired of always trying to have more to keep up with the family or friends and having no time to actually enjoy things and enjoy life a little more Thank you for your advice and tips 💚 stay safe and thank you 🙏🏼 for your wonderful video’s
Comment from : Lma Prez

Alexander Coral
When you buy, you are not paying it with cash You are paying it with time
Comment from : Alexander Coral

1 tip for life - don't buy stuff, 100 saving :)
Comment from : XpertMan

jonalyn gonzales
I love your voice 😍
Comment from : jonalyn gonzales

nick atanassov
This is what been doing all my life Thanks God I sleep like a baby , no worries about money or anything else
Comment from : nick atanassov

Joanna Sokolowska
It's not only your advice, beautiful voice but also this soothing music in the background that makes me coming back 😃😄🤗
Comment from : Joanna Sokolowska

nashwa kamal
Girl ur videos have a meditative relaxing effect ❤❤❤❤ i love you
Comment from : nashwa kamal

Monalisa Borah
My female colleagues at work spend 70-80 of their salary on makeup,clothes etc every month because their parents or siblings are paying their rentwhereas I am a minimalist and spend very less on clothes,makeup and I have my own houseBut for them spending money means to show your richness
Comment from : Monalisa Borah

Vũ Thanh
thanks so much for yr attribution Recently, I watch yr vlog that encourage me to go on my studying E Actually, I will follow yr next video!!!
Comment from : Vũ Thanh

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