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What Is The Patriot Act?

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Title :  What Is The Patriot Act?
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Comments What Is The Patriot Act?

Ramon Rivera
Original writen By Joe Biden in 1994 , far before the 9-11, that means That Joe has a Cristal Ball to Look To The Future Same Actors different Movie
Comment from : Ramon Rivera

John Chaney
So i guess we are all terriost
Comment from : John Chaney

kyle rochlin
The patriot act was already a done deal before 9/11that was just the catalyst to implement it
Comment from : kyle rochlin

I'm not a terrorist let alone a domestic terrorist thank you this is why there whole labeling oarents domestic teroriam so they csn kegally spy well that spying just led them to a trap
Comment from : hopeless

Shad Russell
Still trying to find a video on details of Patriot Act
Comment from : Shad Russell

Chris Zablocki
Am I under arrest? Can I help you? Are there questions I can answer for you outside of the scope of beurocracy to ease your mind or something? What REALLY is the issue?
Comment from : Chris Zablocki

Who is this host narrator?
Comment from : Dreamy

Robert Robinson
Orwell 1984💯💯💯🤗
Comment from : Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson
911 was done on purpose to allow the patriotic act💯💯💯🤗
Comment from : Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson
My Weiner isn't private anymore😃😃😃😃🤗🤗
Comment from : Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson
Surprising no🤗🤗🤗
Comment from : Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson
Comment from : Robert Robinson

Silent Hope
And how many terrorism attacks were actually stopped by this 0 yet we had many domestic terrorism acts since it first came into fruition
Comment from : Silent Hope

Conner Maes
The us government sus af
Comment from : Conner Maes

little cricket
You mean the anti patriot act
Comment from : little cricket

Michael Collado
Invasion of privacy there saved you 3 minutes and 5 seconds
Comment from : Michael Collado

Henry Philipp
Comment from : Henry Philipp

20 years later and it’s still around Just what government needs, MORE power!🤨brIsn’t this what Obama used to SPY on Trump’s presidential campaign??
Comment from : Carey

Bryan C McDonald
Comment from : Bryan C McDonald

I was told this was the worst thing ever passed I thinkwe are seeing why fb Google and
Comment from : seA

Kgb just tell u they are watching brFbi just come
Comment from : Tanjim

My dad once told mebrbrYou cant take someone's freedom, so you must get them to give it up
Comment from : Xiao

F politics
Comment from : MrAmerica

Rupesh Tashildar
Those who do not move cannot notice their chains
Comment from : Rupesh Tashildar

Evren Nephele
Click to watch link won't work
Comment from : Evren Nephele

Mr Man
It’s an unconstitutional act that limits our freedoms rendering the 4th amendment void
Comment from : Mr Man

So ,AFSPA with technology?
Comment from : duhawma

Sea Wright Studios
The gvt told me that they had a right to take over my mind, body, and electronics as well as torture US citizens under the The "Patriot" Act Section 206 (?)
Comment from : Sea Wright Studios

Richard Flowers
Like a coffee filter for the big guys making the laws???!
Comment from : Richard Flowers

This is literally 1984
Comment from : ObamaSexGaming2007

this is what makes me a libertarian conservative
Comment from : Max

For Science is Tokra
The patriot act is necessary, but they should be more competent and not let people like edward snowden get out
Comment from : For Science is Tokra

In times of strife and danger people gladly give up their freedom for so called “security”
Comment from : Fanaticalplel

Joshua Alamos
I got a long lost list of suspected terrorists Also got a Job for you FBI guys! Care to take a gander?!?!?! You really don't have deniability
Comment from : Joshua Alamos

Ironic who US always fights dictators around the world when US is the biggest dictator of all
Comment from : jvazquez

I stopped using my phone since 2005 that why Alberto Gonzalez was forced to resign for not being confident also he had fired bunch of attorneys for not being confident
Comment from : jvazquez

To call the Patriot Act ‘patriotic’ is an insult to all those who love their nation In reality, it’s a cozy name slapped onto an affront to American liberty Yet another overstep forced on our fellow countrymen/countrywomen by the Federal Government
Comment from : C4llahan

New wine & New creature
Tulsi Gabbard brought me here
Comment from : New wine & New creature

John Chaney
Yeah they patriot acted me a long time ago nice huh!! Gives them the right to violate all of your rights
Comment from : John Chaney

Vickie Fagan
Comment from : Vickie Fagan

Amy Burns
So did they reinstate it after 2015?
Comment from : Amy Burns

Yo NSA! Just studying!
Comment from : GOLD & APPEL

Patriot Act=America from freedom to fascism
Comment from : I V

Lyle Drexler
how about the whistle blowers safe life act news and snitches are people too fight the system
Comment from : Lyle Drexler

Unlimited Perseverance
We all know this was done in order to have more control over the public I guarantee that they are gonna use the corona pandemic as an excuse to pass another outrageous law like this
Comment from : Unlimited Perseverance

Alfonso Geiger
This post is Total BS, the Patriot act is a OXYMORON
Comment from : Alfonso Geiger

Cambel Hurst
And the democrats just extended it
Comment from : Cambel Hurst

Scotty Weißmüller
I don't have anything to hide so who cares Its like going through the TSA check at the airport Wouldn't you rather have everyone get searched so another 9/11 happens again or would you rather get blown up mid flight? Thought so
Comment from : Scotty Weißmüller

Muffin Button
If you sacrifice a tiny amount of freedom for security then you lose all of it and deserve none of it
Comment from : Muffin Button

Tony Tackett
Double edged sword
Comment from : Tony Tackett

Lots of mis information here
Comment from : MIKE HAWK

Tushar Gowda
Why don't they use warrants? They can have this digital warrant to look over people
Comment from : Tushar Gowda

Chuck eolfjustin
Comment from : Chuck eolfjustin

 realville resident
TRUMP 2020
Comment from : realville resident

Jack Larson
little by little Big Brother is invading our lives everywhere br but they gotta do it slowly, get people acclimatized and comfortable to every little transgression children born after 9/11 will/are going to grow up never knowing the true freedoms that older peeps, (those of the baby boom and even Gen X), experienced pre 9/11br people dont realize just how drastically freedoms have been incrementally stripped from us in those 17 years since the attacks br complacency on their part will lead to a world where there will be no cash, tracking of everyone's every move, and RFI chips becoming a mandatory procedure at birthbr and dont think "going off the grid" will completely exempt you from this invasion either no one actually owns property the 'guv can take your property anytime it wants under the guise of eminent domain sure, an off-grid lifestyle will give you more control over your day to day life, but just try not paying your property taxes and see what happens
Comment from : Jack Larson

Nick Gigante
worse part is I got an Edward Snowden ad before this
Comment from : Nick Gigante

Extra Extra
Land of brainwashed fools
Comment from : Extra Extra

The NSA is taking away our human dignity!
Comment from : TruthandjusticeXXL

So,criminals within the US government committed a false flag attack on US soil and then immediately passed the Patriot Act in 2001brThe true reason for the passing of the Patriot Act are yet to be seen
Comment from : RepublicanJesusthe2nd

Stareyed Girl
America Land of the Rich scumbags that use our soldiers as pawns against the public they fear
Comment from : Stareyed Girl

Michael Michael
Comment from : Michael Michael

Ian Andersson
The patriot act in a way overrides the bill of rights
Comment from : Ian Andersson

Please ignore this video, as it contains a LOT of FAKE NEWS!brPlease read the Obama Admin's white paper on 'Bulk collection of Telephony metadata under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act' Further, please read, 'National Security Investigations and Prosecutions', 2d by David Kris & Douglas J Wilson brThat will clear everything up for you This video got most of its sources from fake news outlets like ACLU, EFF, and tabloids written by non-experts
Comment from : TheNatSecWonk

Ronnie Bishop
This is a very dangerous act and they knew it when they passed it But anyone could be thought to be a terrorist Long enough to get all information they wanted And then say oh we're sorry
Comment from : Ronnie Bishop

nun is that high
The best way to create an all-out police-state is to get people on board with it You don't rule with an iron fist like Hitler but generate acceptance of the iron fist like Stalin America is under an Orwellian environment placated into agreement of it by the MSM
Comment from : nun is that high

Mark Aplier
this is the beginning of a totalitarian government
Comment from : Mark Aplier

Ser Title
Favertisam is a privilege earnd
Comment from : Ser Title

Peng Fu
Which government does not want to grasp every intention of their citizens? Hello, we spy on foreign dignitaries such as Angela Merkel!
Comment from : Peng Fu

marie dallas
You Americans let this happen!!! Why????
Comment from : marie dallas

Ollie Rocksteady
can this channel update the subscribers on the status of this legislation / other similar NSA/FBI infringements upon American citizens?
Comment from : Ollie Rocksteady

Tom kwilliams
They were doing it anyway but now they have there back covered if anything comes out about spying and gives them more power in other countries
Comment from : Tom kwilliams

Bird Up
Apparently democrats were originally against this, which I find strange considering how much they love spying on people and big governmentbrbrEspecially under that scumbag Obama
Comment from : Bird Up

The Public Enema
but thanks for the info
Comment from : The Public Enema

The Public Enema
this beat is awful the screeching is terible
Comment from : The Public Enema

Americans are screwed now!
Comment from : Jane

I dont mind NSA
Comment from : Banthers

edward ranno
I have been placed on the patriot act for just owning a 30 round mag purchased in 1984brwith my permit, the clip was in my room for 30 years only used a few time in 1985,brbecause the police had about nothing on me they went for the mag that was outlawedbrin 1994 by the governor of NJ, after I spent 40,000 in legal fees we were not even awarebrthat I was going to be put on the patriot act it just happened after my court datebrThanksbrTon
Comment from : edward ranno

Wow and how many times has the stupid act caught a terrorist before they committed their attack? Cause as far as I can tell it's been 0 Just a bunch of spying on the American people
Comment from : Rango

They should make the taxes illegal donsidering their is none,but politicians only want money
Comment from : AmonMccarthy

Fuck Obama
Comment from : N A

gang stalking look it up!
Comment from : acheron4455

Jaye B
Might as well just rename the United States to Airstrip One, now
Comment from : Jaye B

Mohammed Shafiq
The PATRIOT ACT, actually means ,brProviding Advanced Technologies to Receive and Intercept Operational Terrorism brbrMeans a lot different to what most Americans think it meansbrbrBlessings to you all
Comment from : Mohammed Shafiq

intercept terrorism is a good thing right?
Comment from : Galimah

Sudhanshu S
Thanks Test tube news , learnt a new thing keep posting such things frequently
Comment from : Sudhanshu S

TEST TUBE TRACE!!!! Please talk about Directive -51 @TestTube News
Comment from : Eligio

They’re watching us, so let’s watch back!brbrI just launched an IndieGogo campaign for my short film PATRIOT inspired by the USA PATRIOT Act that deals with privacy, power, and uniting the people I would love if you took two seconds to check it out and share! brbr iggme/at/KvHI3Q7Jn9c/x/6792818brbr wwwfacebookcom/patriotshortfilm/
Comment from : Janett

SilverShrimp TX
So did the Patriot act get renewed in June2015?
Comment from : SilverShrimp TX

Kwang-Won Chung
LOL, what did they expect when they passed the Patriot Act? That it was all going to be colors and rainbows? Of course they expected it was going to infringe upon people's rights but they obviously thought it was worth it
Comment from : Kwang-Won Chung

Sorry if I assert this, but I always felt 9/11 was simply an excuse to bring out these new programs as the NSA and Homeland Security, I don't want to assert this because i do not have enough info, or solid evidence to prove me right but their actions leave me believe that these are strategic methods to push their agenda of martial law
Comment from : Jay

To bad the Supreme Court overruled it and now it's legal again
Comment from : TheCrazyirishboy

Xavier Thorn
Lets not forget, it was a republican President and a republican Congress that passed this So for those on the right that cry about government over reach and the "big brother" police state, it was you guys that did this, not the left
Comment from : Xavier Thorn

When will Americans realise the Patriot Act is just an enabling act to allow the government to do anything it wants? brbrHistorical fact: Nazi Germany The Reichstag building was destroyed in (what would be called today) an act of terrorism This allowed Hitler to bring in an enabling act with the support of the German people The act suspended civil freedom & protected the government from prosecution, no matter what they did brbrAmerica, modern day An act of terror allowed Bush (with the support of the people) to bring in the Patriot Act An act that cuts civil freedom and allows the government to do whatever it wants brbrThose who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it
Comment from : 1701spacecadet

How powerful is Hezbollah?
Comment from : Joseph

It's pretty sad that in 2016 people still need to explain what the patriot act is
Comment from : Tyler1989

Scott Bergeson
Don't buy Canon
Comment from : Scott Bergeson

It's over! it expired 12:00 June 1, 2015 USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA!
Comment from : DallasSportsFan95

"it allows any law enforcement official to skirt a US citizen's fourth amendment protections"brbrFor the first video I get when searching for "patriot act", I was really hoping for something more unbiased and descript While I don't support it for several reasons, sweeping statements like this trigger my BS meter
Comment from : TLydon008

What is the Patriot Act?   Unconstitutional, treasonous, that's what it is
Comment from : undeadpresident

Patriot Act means the government doesn't need a warrant and you have no privacy and they can monitor all your phone calls, read your emails, look at everything you buy, listen to your private conversations, look at your medical records, sneak in your house while you are away and snoop through your shit, etc  It means you have no security from government intrusion
Comment from : undeadpresident

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