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Searching For Silver Nickels

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Title :  Searching For Silver Nickels
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Comments Searching For Silver Nickels

Let's search for some Silver Nickels! br I've noticed a significant decline in the amount of silver nickels I'm finding and so I am definitely hoping to see a few in these boxes (or at least one! LOL)brbr brWe'll be hunting these boxes of nickels for Silver, Buffalo Nickels, Proof coins, Old Jefferson Nickels, V Nickels and 2009's for their low mintage We found several nice Early Jefferson Nickels in this two bank box hunt so let's keep our fingers crossed and our eyes open for some goodies! br brKeep hunting and good luck! brThey're still out there for us to find! br brBy the way - I am still selling my custom Coin Roll Hunting Mats on my website or on eBay (see below): br robfindstreasurecom/whats-for-sale/ br wwwebaycom/usr/robfindstreasure br brPLEASE SUPPORT MY CHANNEL - I am an Amazon Associate and if you shop on Amazon, please feel free to clink one of my links below - I get a little extra every time you shop using my link: br wwwamazoncom/shop/robfindstreasure br brStrike it Rich - Coin Errors/Varieties Book: br amznto/2NkItnU br brThe Microscope I use is good quality and low-priced: br amznto/2JFQtcS br brUS Coins Redbook - really handy: br amznto/2kjLW8P br brNic-A-Date: br amznto/2KM7031 br brJefferson Nickels Album: br amznto/2O5OnVE br brDigital Mini Scale: br amznto/2jw3HxL br brWhat do you prefer to hunt? Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves? What's your best score from a box of Nickels? Which of the "Big Banks" do you think gives up the best boxes? br I post several new videos weekly so please subscribe if you wish to see more: googl/7jX6g5brbr Thanks for watching!brbr brFYI - I've been asked about an address to send things to If you want, you can use this address: brRob Finds Treasure brPO Box 5565 brFrisco, TX 75035 br brFacebook: fbme/RobFindsTreasure brInstagram: wwwinstagramcom/robfindstreasure/ brTwitter: twittercom/RobFindTreasure brGoogle+: plusgooglecom/u/0/+RobFindsTreasure brpaypalme/RobFindsTreasure br robfindstreasurecom
Comment from : RobFindsTreasure

David Hamilton
I am about to throw away 1957 nickel because it not silver
Comment from : David Hamilton

Mary cox
I got 1064 nickel d for sale any takers ?
Comment from : Mary cox

So I found a 1940 a 41 and I found a 1943 nickel
Comment from : KDGF7 NEWS

SMS-special mint strike for sets??
Comment from : Joe

Eu tenho a moeda de 1955 five cents
Comment from : Adriano

You may not have found silver, but i found mt first ever silver today while watching this vid, a 1943-s war nickel!
Comment from : UrDrunkTeddyBear

How can you tell it’s silver? I have no idea how to tell
Comment from : T B

Ammon Cumberledge
I got a 1940 have miss on the of the nickels miss the F I've miss the in N In the cent
Comment from : Ammon Cumberledge

Ammon Cumberledge
I got 02 1948 know1940D
Comment from : Ammon Cumberledge

Armeal Whitfield
That's a proof
Comment from : Armeal Whitfield

Sean Harris
You made a great point about it being polished between the letters with no ware it is probably a proof
Comment from : Sean Harris

Thomas Hamby
Nickels are probably the best clad coin to collect 5 cent face and 5 cent melt value No other coin has that value
Comment from : Thomas Hamby

daniel sellers
Hi, i want to buy boxes of coins How do i do this?
Comment from : daniel sellers

Tiny Wrye
1983 d penny
Comment from : Tiny Wrye

John Clayton Fisher
Dear Rod, how can i get as in buy a nickel coin mat from you
Comment from : John Clayton Fisher

Mason Jordan
I got a buffoon nickel like from 1936 and rare coins from Amazon so worth 33$
Comment from : Mason Jordan

Gen Lazer
How much are they worth????
Comment from : Gen Lazer

Jose Ramos
1943 black beauty nickel How much you think
Comment from : Jose Ramos

Aussie Man
Comment from : Aussie Man

Daniel June
I hope you find one next time
Comment from : Daniel June

Hey! Super serious question When were nickels made of silver? Because I can never sing any quarters or dimes
Comment from : Lance_PB

FireRaptor 66
I have a 1939 wheat penny that looks like a proof Have to get it checked out
Comment from : FireRaptor 66

Julio Rodriguez
Been a year, I'm guessing it's a proof, ever find out for sure?
Comment from : Julio Rodriguez

Peter Thorp
That is a ‘39 proof in my opinion great find (better than a silver nickel) a beautiful coin indeed) I’d give it a details grade though as it appears polished
Comment from : Peter Thorp

These videos make me want to go through my change bucket! Thanks for the videos Rob!
Comment from : J8N

Its a proof!
Comment from : J8N

Helen Richardson
Special finished!!!
Comment from : Helen Richardson

Becky S
i want your mat
Comment from : Becky S

Inside The Money Matrix
I'm just trying to put together some notes before I start hunting my nickels Thank's Rob
Comment from : Inside The Money Matrix

Flying Tiger
Comment from : Flying Tiger

Efren Cruz
I have nickel INDIAN FACE at the back is BUFFALO 1926
Comment from : Efren Cruz

Anton Yan Srianto
I have 1964, 2001, 2018brJefferson Nickel five cent coinsbrYou are interested call me WAbr+62878 0875 8978
Comment from : Anton Yan Srianto

The 1939 looks to be cleaned because of all the micro scratches brI can imitate those results by rubing tooth paste on coins to enhance there shine They ended up looking like proofs but they had lots of scratches
Comment from : BrokenBlade

Toby W Beebe
When did they start making 'proofs ?
Comment from : Toby W Beebe

My first ever nickel box yielded 2 war nickels and a buffalo It made searching totally worth it
Comment from : Wreklessracr

3:30: I think someone just peed on it 😳😱 LOL!
Comment from : alan30189

Scott Underwood
What is the significance of a "proof" coin and how are they identified ?
Comment from : Scott Underwood

Wyatt Ridinger
Comment from : Wyatt Ridinger

I love the coin mats I seen them on ebay and will be getting one 👍
Comment from : Curt

Rod White
I'm an untrained eye but that looks beautiful to me I see the same thing you're describing The mirror finish and all that jazz Looks great
Comment from : Rod White

Rod White
There's maybe a couple reasons why it's harder to find silver nickels 1: They're already in someones collection to stay, 2: they're being bought and sold probably long before they hit the market But that's just my theory Who am I to say?
Comment from : Rod White

Daniel Garcia
Comment from : Daniel Garcia

Charlani TV
Just want to know if I'm lucky or not <3
Comment from : Charlani TV

jerry waters
Where do you get those mats
Comment from : jerry waters

Brendan Schuett
McLike the new intro Rob!
Comment from : Brendan Schuett

oscat mcmurria
I have all 50 united states quarters they are not in mint but i have all50 of them you said something that some of them are hard to find but I found them
Comment from : oscat mcmurria

Treasure Turd
I dunno, man That 1939 looks pretty proofy If it was polished, it was polished by someone with small tools and a wicked case of OCD I think it is worth spinning the PCGS roulette and seeing where it lands If that is the route you decide to go, we expect a follow-up reveal video of the results
Comment from : Treasure Turd

New to coin roll hunting, what do you do with all of the reject coins? Do you roll all of them up? Or is there some better way to turn them in
Comment from : Mahhlaser

Mike White
Look for SQUARE RIMS Also does the circulation worn devices exhibit the same "luster" as the rest of the coin?
Comment from : Mike White

SM Kay
Nice Finds Rob, enjoy your nickel hunts!
Comment from : SM Kay

John Hobson
Please put dates on your videos It will make it easier for my old brain to know what I've seen
Comment from : John Hobson

Ed Polanowski
That's not polished
Comment from : Ed Polanowski

what does a proof mean? l
Comment from : Clownwrld

Josepch Will
Keep up the hunts, I enjoy these I will be going pick up another penny box soon Also, in the next week or so I am going to order one of your penny mats
Comment from : Josepch Will

sol star
Isn’t silver nickel a oxymoron it’s nickel not silver!
Comment from : sol star

Gamers Grubs
Started searching recently Haven't found anything in coin rolls Yet I had a 43p nickle in coin jar on counter
Comment from : Gamers Grubs

Not sure where a beat up philly nickel stops being a proof because of circulation, at least in terms of value PCGS stops giving pricing below PR60
Comment from : moosesox

One time in a box I found a 1915 buffalo nickel and 5 war nickels! One of them was about an au 50 1943 s!
Comment from : ripon1

Shane York
Not bad, a 1938 and FOUR 1939's!!brHave a GREAT Day!!!!
Comment from : Shane York

RavenHawk Coins
Looks like a proof
Comment from : RavenHawk Coins

Wallace Grommet
You are one great, engaging presenter!
Comment from : Wallace Grommet

I've done maybe ten nickel boxes and have never found anything worth keeping This is why I mainly do pennies, I've only ever had one skunk penny box
Comment from : Historian23

Rob you should make a best finds video of 2019
Comment from : MONEY IS KEY

Chad Ford
If you don't know if it's a proof for surehow the heck are we supposed to know what we are finding in our searches? There's got to be a way to know for sure
Comment from : Chad Ford

hidden truth
my first though on the 39p was it was cleaned I don't think it was a proof, just someone trying to make it look better
Comment from : hidden truth

Tim Melancon
great new intro rob hope you find silver
Comment from : Tim Melancon

Majestic Sounds of Coins
Always injoy your hunts brother😍 Keep up the great videos 😍
Comment from : Majestic Sounds of Coins

Comment from : Silly_Sans101

Charlie O
The mirror finish still seems to come thru between the letters, making me think that '39 is a proof Sweet score!
Comment from : Charlie O

cats,dogs and Trackmaster trainz
Yay nickels
Comment from : cats,dogs and Trackmaster trainz

Numismatic Stacker
Very nice hunt! It was fun
Comment from : Numismatic Stacker

Robinhood Coins
I am leaning towards proof on that 39 philly!
Comment from : Robinhood Coins

I enjoyed
Comment from : C T

Matt Holloway
Hey Rob nice finds my friend love the videos and good luck hunting
Comment from : Matt Holloway

S Felber
I’d say get it looked at by someone who also deals in coins so you can get a second opinion on it
Comment from : S Felber

Mithril Silver
The 39 is beyond my skill set to tell if its a proof or not Hope it is though
Comment from : Mithril Silver

Good hunt Not sure if that is a proof but how will you figure it out
Comment from : MickGreedy

The Collector
No silver but a cool box, that 1939 proof like kinda looks like there may be a little cameo it might just be the camera playing tricks or something you would be able to tell better in person
Comment from : The Collector

Larry Sylvester
Always enjoy your videos man thank u for sharing it
Comment from : Larry Sylvester

I pulled out some of my own 39 nickels so that I could compare them to the one you found @15:18 I have a few that are in decent condition with fairly good detail and the detail on them is nowhere near as prominent as yours is I’m convinced that the coin you found is a proof As for silver, it’s weird because it took me forever to find a war nickel I actually found several buffalos and a v nickel before I found silver Lately, however it seem as though I’m finding one or two war nickels every time I hunt a box
Comment from : deuceschinagirl

Yogi Omaha Demis
Not bad of a hunt How cool would that be if that 1939 is a proof Great video Rob!!
Comment from : Yogi Omaha Demis

Right Leg
Cool video Bob!
Comment from : Right Leg

Dominic M
I’ve heard of a hum-dinger, but never a rim-ding lol
Comment from : Dominic M

Benjamin Christiansen
I hope to see an update in the future if thats a proof or not, sure looks like one
Comment from : Benjamin Christiansen

Cent Hoarder
I do agree that is a worn proof Very nice! Wide rim it was! you really have to check on worn proofs The Rim and the strike will tell you
Comment from : Cent Hoarder

Anything Random
Heck yeah! More silver!!! 😃😃😃
Comment from : Anything Random

Michael winters
I know this is a silver Nicole video but I just found my first silver quarter
Comment from : Michael winters

have PSA authenticate the 1939 proof
Comment from : Lenninho

Mac of All Trades
That 1939 really did look like a proof to me too
Comment from : Mac of All Trades

Dan’s Collectables
Good coin hunt! I believe that is a 1939 proof! Congrats! I never found a proof that old before Too bad no silvers My buffalo bank dried up on me 9 buffalos in the past 4 boxes 2 silvers in the last box, but 7 in the past 4 boxes Happy hunting!
Comment from : Dan’s Collectables

Azadine Aliah Animations
Hey that 39 is almost like the ones I tagged you in on Twitter! I checked with my local coin shop and they said they were just polished even though the 42 s war nickel and the words on the strike were very clean and not much damage either my thought was they might be plated or proof because they have too much detail to be polished but hey the guy could be right
Comment from : Azadine Aliah Animations

Silver Fungi CPO
Rob, love the hunt That 1938 looks amazing! You should probably check it against your collection for a possible upgrade
Comment from : Silver Fungi CPO

Greg F
Worth getting graded
Comment from : Greg F

coin diggin
Check the rim on that Proof possibility RobI believe the proof strikes are more square on the rim then the business strikesorjust spend the dollar and ask pcgs😎
Comment from : coin diggin

Salvatore Minniti
rob I too just found a really nice 1959 D nickel as well
Comment from : Salvatore Minniti

Hannah Allo
Liking the intro! Hoping you do a quarter hunt soon! 😬
Comment from : Hannah Allo

Jeanne Miller
It seems like war nickels are disappearing Not hearing of them so much
Comment from : Jeanne Miller

Fiat Destroyer
The last box of nickels I hunted had no silver, which is unusual for me
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

Spc Garza
I received a 1909 or somewhere in the V Nickel as change from my local corner store was in pretty nice shape years ago
Comment from : Spc Garza

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