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The Secret Life Sentence of Being a Felon | Harley Blakeman | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

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Information The Secret Life Sentence of Being a Felon | Harley Blakeman | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Title :  The Secret Life Sentence of Being a Felon | Harley Blakeman | TEDxOhioStateUniversity
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Frames The Secret Life Sentence of Being a Felon | Harley Blakeman | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Description The Secret Life Sentence of Being a Felon | Harley Blakeman | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Comments The Secret Life Sentence of Being a Felon | Harley Blakeman | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Tony Coleman
Because of this societies lack of compassion to seal records after all conditions of conviction are met ,it makes me happy when these "law abiding citizens get a felony" for being just as capable of breaking the law by their choice brEnjoy your life long discrimination for your crime like we do
Comment from : Tony Coleman

Jesus Christ
As an x felon everyone is always in your business!brIf you get it expunged or sealed!brOthers can not control you as much They depend on your loyalty more because you are uncontrollable by othersbrbrThey know everything about you
Comment from : Jesus Christ

Just finished my testimony on this on my page life as a felon is rough But it gets better
Comment from : HerTruthSpeaks

Coco Puff Games
I committed theft when I was 19 I never offended again, paid my restitution, and even got my record expunged I’m 37 now and was just rejected from a dream job because of one mistake Even though my record was sealed, they fingerprint for background checks and can still see sealed convictions The system is completely broken and gatekeepers are everywhere I feel for anyone who has been treated poorly simply because of a record My new goal is to start my own company and give others the second chance they deserve
Comment from : Coco Puff Games

Conway Twitter
I'm a felon I caught a felony at 25 and spent 3 years in prison (robbery without a weapon) I was doing very bad back then In prison I got my ged and even went to college when I got out I have a good paying job now, my own place, and am doing good I haven't had so much as a parking ticket since I got out and its been about 11 years since I first got arrested at 25 I never had a problem finding a job luckily, but there's a lot of jobs I can't have, I can't travel to some countries, and I can never have a firearm to protect my family I'm literally forced to bring a knife or a bat to a gun fight, even in my own home Id like to travel to places like Australia, but I can't because of my felony, and won't even be able to when I'm an old old man I hate it
Comment from : Conway Twitter

I refuse to accept being a "Felon" I didn't do it I never understand how people can do this stuff I won't accept this fate I will not go out and be a rehabilitated brbrbrI didn't do it! I want one thing, and that is to inflict revenge on those bastards who did this to me!!
Comment from : Wesley

Funny how employers can't discriminate unless you have a record? Or if you don't have a high school diploma for entry-level manufacturing or union job
Comment from : J

Montagus Appling
Good luck to all ex felons throughout the states After all it is a life sentence in or out of jail, recidivism at it's finest smh Is not easy
Comment from : Montagus Appling

Tom Nelson
VERY Sad story God be with you
Comment from : Tom Nelson

Stop discrimination against felons!
Comment from : Grant

Varg Freeborn
It is a life sentence in many ways
Comment from : Varg Freeborn

Steve Williams
Story of my life as well I got in trouble when I was 19, in 1997, for vandalism and theft charges, and was given a 12 year prison sentence, eligible for parole after serving 30 of it I served 3 1/2 years, got out for 6 months but with no opportunities and facing violating parole for not maintaining employment I tried to flee my state and my past, and ended up stealing a car in the next state over, catching 1 more felony and 20 more years added to my sentence, for a total of 32 years (side note: the car I stole had the keys in it, I drove it 1 mile, and it was retrieved undamaged - and they wanted to give me a life sentence for that) I ended spending all of my 20s in prison, minus 6 months, and got out in 2007 Since then have had no problems with the law, but also 0 opportunities of note, and this also applies to being denied housing In addition to the 10 years that I served, I also got through 14 years of parole, which just ended last year I too went to college, thinking that it would open some doors for me, but quickly came to realize that my felonies outweigh any positive things I have done since I also live in a state where getting your record expunged is not possible, ever I'm 45 now, have never had a single thing in my name, and feel pretty hopeless about my chances in the future Though I'm not incarcerated anymore, I feel like I've been in prison since the day I committed my first offenses and that there is no escape I would love nothing more than to be part of society again, and have a lot I could contribute, but for a country where everyone would agree that people deserve second chances if they have served their time, I have found that the reality is the exact opposite
Comment from : Steve Williams

Come to europe, in many countries criminal records have a expire date if no crimes have been committed
Comment from : Gerard

Just thankful I never had to worry about breaking the law to such extremes of a felonious charge
Comment from : community_budtender9TWO5

Self Actualizer
philosophy books > bible
Comment from : Self Actualizer

Matthew Tanner
I have 7 felonies and they have never held me back from anything
Comment from : Matthew Tanner

Got mine as a minor for a non violent offense, got clean and went to college then couldn't get any jobs to complete the "internship" (job) required to graduatebrStayed clean another four years trying to get abiob using my education before going back to drugs after society clearly didn't want me reformed, sadly were a scarlet letter country
Comment from : jjcoola998

Susan Zipf
As a Peer Support Specialist, working with ex-felons with Substance Use Disorders, Housing is the one thing I get stuck on So many apartments see "felony" (ESPECIALLY if it involves drugs) and throw the application away Where are these people supposed to live? They aren't allowed to live outside the county I must have called dozens of apartments brI'm still looking for solutions I have 35-40 job openings for ex-felons on my list right now - three health clinics, and two or three dentists brNot one felon-friendly apartment, and only one felon-friendly landlord
Comment from : Susan Zipf

You were just really lucky to get that roommate and the other fellow to guide you in the right direction, for most inmates its the opposite, they get knuckleheads that approach them first and get them to start doing dirt
Comment from : Baka

dont worry bro that weed charge is about to be pardoned off your record
Comment from : Baka

Neptune Dawn
Sounds like the lecturer went to a federal prison instead of a state prison: which is far more violent
Comment from : Neptune Dawn

Yaara Adriana Vardi
Much respect
Comment from : Yaara Adriana Vardi

Great video 🙏
Comment from : BBH

Facebook Response Team
👆👆👆👆brYou can give him a try He helped me expunge mine too
Comment from : Facebook Response Team

Nash Mason
I know there are Many people willing to clear their crime records, so they can at least get good jobs I was one of those people, but I hired a hacker who helped me expunge my Criminal records He can also help recover funds from a scammer Hit me up on instagram for more info
Comment from : Nash Mason

Reality is felons actually work harder to achieve than those who have no felony to be realistic
Comment from : 236arيشترك

It's the corporations that are the problem They set the standards People get used to it It seems like America always has to have a class to discriminate against Currently it's felons Really needs to be a federal law that 10 to 20 years after your conviction of anything short of agg murder you can have your record sealed If you can go 10 to 20 years without a single conviction, you're not living a criminal lifestyle
Comment from : Kyle

Kelsey Marie
Ugh this is so relatable I’m trying to become a licensed therapist and I’m so afraid my felony will bar me from licensure… I’m afraid to get myself into huge amounts of debt just to be told no I can’t help the people who need it the most I’m afraid I will be stuck at the same dead end job making no money to be able to support my son As a single parent, I just want to be able to give my son the life he deserves, yet my biggest fear is my son having to suffer for his mom’s past drug addiction 😣 I can’t even get a job within the mental health field to gain some experience because of my 1 felony I have no previous criminal record, and no post criminal record, 5 years clean, and have a phenomenal work record Life is so hard 😢 I’m trying not to give up, but it’s just mentally exhausting to be rejected over and over again
Comment from : Kelsey Marie

Its not a secret
Comment from : LiyaXO

cbhackers  com
👆👆👆 Remedy for people whose criminal records are displayed on the internet contact👆
Comment from : cbhackers com

cbhackers  com
Remedy for people whose criminal records are displayed on the internet contact
Comment from : cbhackers com

I can so relate I'm honest about my background Just a month ago I got hired in a great position No where on the online application did it ask about my background I started, filled out all the new hire paperwork, which also said nothing I spoke to the HR colleague and told her the truth about my past She questioned me asked me why & what happened & I was honest and told her She then asked me leave & I complied She called the next day and said "they're sorry but unable to move forward with my employment" She said "but we believe in second chances so I urge you to apply again in the future" (blew my mind) It's so hard I've tried everything, I'm super discouraged but trying not to give up
Comment from : kaseypb

LadyAshe PhD
We live in an Unforgiving society that categorizes and labels people
Comment from : LadyAshe PhD

Im thinking about going back to school but I dont know where to start or even if I will be hired with a felony can someone please help me
Comment from : TheChilltown

*Chiron Atlas
I'm surprised at how many views this talk has received I first saw this talk before my incident I happen to have experienced something traumatic in a foreign country The mistakes whether they were theirs or mine will not let me live Be strong, brothers and sister mothers and fathers Thank you for sharing with us, Harley
Comment from : *Chiron Atlas

Numa Khan
I'm sorry but I feel like rightfully convicted felons, that commit crimes that have victims deserve what they got People ask for drugs, no one ask to be r*ped, robbed, or attacked
Comment from : Numa Khan

I got a felony when I was 18 Complete sleeve tattoos Became a christian changed my life Got 2 degrees working on 3 Work in the tech industry making 100k+ Dont give up keep going The most important part is what you can control Yourself Your attitude perspective and how you treat others
Comment from : Rudolph

Jenny Bailey
Im on home confinement and having a difficult time getting a decent job I spent 3 years down over drug conspiracy It’s hard out here
Comment from : Jenny Bailey

The Ticklemeister
What's insane to think about is he's a felon, I'm not, but he 10 times better person than I am What does that say about the state of American legal system?
Comment from : The Ticklemeister

Kris Larsen
In my personal opinion is not the prisoners you have to fear while in prison as much as the guards the guards especially the power Trip types That is if you're not in a high security prison if you're in a medium security you should probably worry about the guards more than the prisoners
Comment from : Kris Larsen

Chris Gomez
This video brought tears to my eyes I appreciate your effort to help those in our position
Comment from : Chris Gomez

jennifer mullins
I have 2 Bachelors, 2 Masters, and Rank 1 in Education, and a Class D Felony from 2012 that keeps me from working I’ve been in Recovery for 9 years now, but you wouldn’t know it by the way I’ve been treated I’m a single mother with 2 children, and I only get $60 in child support and some food stamps (thank god for the food stamps!) I have worked on my feet for last several years taking jobs for cash because no one will hire me I can hopefully expunge my record at the end of this year, but if the KY state general has his way, it’ll be mandatory to make class d felons pay $1500 for expungements I’m poorer now than I’ve ever been in my life and have just turned 50 I’m so sick of worrying about $ It’s like being on drugs again without the drugs! I have so much to offer I have dreams And my children have had to suffer in poverty because of me We live with my elderly mother, and every day, I pray to God not to take her because we’d be living in my car if it weren’t for her I’m in a constant spiritual battle, as it is all I can do not to be bitter and resentful Where is the help for people like us? I feel like I’m walking around in an open air prison just for me brI’m pulling for all you people My heart goes out to you May we stand together in support and agreement that we will work together for changes May the good lord bless you all
Comment from : jennifer mullins

El Chinn
An ex felon is a felon for lifeit must change
Comment from : El Chinn

I’m a 26 year old ex felon and I feel like having a felony got me suicidal
Comment from : Frank

Janelle Green
I'm spending Christmas Day in a halfway house in Chillicothe, Ohio because I'm a felon that just left prison in Marysville, Ohio Although it has taken all I have to hold myself together and count my blessings today, I have managed to do something positive with my time brCall it a Christmas miracle, call it the universe delivering me just what I needbut I randomly came across this video on YouTube while seeking career development advice brI am very inspired by your story and I am very motivated to find my purpose, get an education, develop a career and make a difference brI would love more information about getting involved with fixing America's problem! I would also like some resources/advice about where to go from here! Thanks for this video, and please help me find my direction!
Comment from : Janelle Green

You get in trouble in America, America DOES NOT WANT YOUR TAXES NO MORE! 😂😂 I literally have so much to say about this issue 🤬
Comment from : Nik

I was charged with murder of a missing white woman and jailed for 3 years no bond… charges eventually dismissed for lack of evidence She was found married 10years later with “ milkman” I have never been able to get a job and I’ve had no chances in life I’ve been wanting to end it
Comment from : TheTruth

Cat Holdings
Felons Unite After my fed supervision is done, I'm going to law school Stay strong brothers
Comment from : Cat Holdings

Michael Myers 🔪
That’s why I’m out to canada
Comment from : Michael Myers 🔪

Michael Myers 🔪
Wow im trying to get this job at walmart and I have felonies I hope you guys get blessed
Comment from : Michael Myers 🔪

Juan Carlos Rivera Gómez
Honestly this is what I am facing now I decided to turn myself in after running to mexico over 3 felonies I need help and this video literally proved my own thoughts wrong that my life was over as soon as I walked through those iron gates
Comment from : Juan Carlos Rivera Gómez

Enril 1111
I pray to the Lord every day and I'm stool struggling big timei truly need help
Comment from : Enril 1111

Tx Akita
I ignorantly took a plea (my lawyers advice) for felony deferred adjudication in 2018 for Aggravated Assault/Family violence I lost my job of 22 years working as an RN My attorney never told me that in Texas, even with the completed Deferred adjudication, the Charge willbrnot and cannot be removed from my record I've been unemployed since 2018 Every job has denied to me Fast food, lawn maintenance, etc My health is now to poor to work anything like a construction job I'm at the end of my rope, and I fear my life as well I cannot even find, nor afford to move into my own place So, I am forced to live with a physically and verbally abusive female (She was convicted of Family violence against me) Either I live here, or under a bridge 🥺
Comment from : Tx Akita

So relatable - the UK is just as bad
Comment from : LyshCo

Marquis Spencer
Going through this now & have been since 2016, got 2 more years to go and don’t know how I’m going to make it! 🙏🏽
Comment from : Marquis Spencer

Equal opportunity employer does not count for felons Learned that the hard way
Comment from : Boogie

Mr Lucky
I wanna commit suicide life is unfair with this felony I can't do it dying seems easier than living
Comment from : Mr Lucky

Alexander Alegria
harley youre an inspiration brother! god bless you! I am a felon and lived almost the same life you have I hope to one day be able to finish school and hope to find employement like you did
Comment from : Alexander Alegria

What about the young person who never even gets a GD FIRST chance!!??
Comment from : Joseph

once upon a dime
you can be determined to be the most productive person in society all you want but society don't want you if your a felon my suggestion is lie tell nobody ur a felon cause soon as u do ur done period if u don't tell then they may still find out but if they don't check u might get by with it
Comment from : once upon a dime

Only 2 companies in my town on the list
Comment from : L H

Spencer Clarke
Comment from : Spencer Clarke

Bob Johnson
What really gets me is the lack of logic behind the convictions and release after the dues are paid If the person is released from prison, probation is done and all is paid for then technically and logically that person is ready to intergrade back with society; however, cons are treated like they are still a threat and or liability If the still posses a threat then why are they out in the first place?brAlso, people make such a foolish and naive assumption that just because a person has a clean record that they wont commit a crime Every felon once had a clear record lol!
Comment from : Bob Johnson

Can We Keep It Real Podcast Network
Ted can I react to this video on my platform
Comment from : Can We Keep It Real Podcast Network

Balding Larry
I wish I could just find a job A job that will pay me enough to live on by myself
Comment from : Balding Larry

Xavier Velez
felony for defending myself from a knife attack where the attacker got injured and played the victim Twisted
Comment from : Xavier Velez

This is why people like us need to stick together and help each other out because we’re the only ones who can truly understand what we’re going through They wanna make it nearly impossible to live a decent life after a past mistake by creating barriers that target the individual but if we create a community then no matter what they throw at us we can still survive
Comment from : Chris

15 people are apparently perfect innocent angels who have never sinned/done wrong or even thought of doing wrong
Comment from : Chris

Yea Yea Nah Yea
I believe the felony was designed maliciously to disenfranchise people
Comment from : Yea Yea Nah Yea

Kaden Chiu
I was convicted of Murder Let out after 25 years, on parole, and guess what?? The Coronavirus hasn;t made it easier
Comment from : Kaden Chiu

Face the great
I'm still suffering and I was convicted back in 04
Comment from : Face the great

The Business
Going through this also I think of it as a 10 year vacation I will have the tax payer pay for my rent and my food until I am 55 when I'll be eligible for employment US Army 2 KIA + 1 suicide = 4 x victimless DUI
Comment from : The Business

TED videos usually rack up tons of views and likes Notice how little there are for this one People dont care about you anymore once you're a felon You've essentially been deactivated as a person of society
Comment from : BrinkMan49

D Wil
Sad to say I’m glad I’m not the only dealing with this There weren’t many resources besides get any job Most don’t pay enough for you to live alone Take what you can and always look for better It’s been 3 years now and still not where I was before my charge
Comment from : D Wil

Be careful with those self help people nd religion It WILL change who you are if your very GULLIBLE
Comment from : snicklefritz669

madmax estate
He said $35 for a apartment application try 150-200$ here in Texas
Comment from : madmax estate

Want to be oppressed? Become a felon Limited jobs, limited housing Also lose your right to defend yourself Some places lose your right to vote Why are more ppl not talking about this?
Comment from : P B

Harry Ballsonya
Death/suicide are the only answer to this life sentence 🙏🏻
Comment from : Harry Ballsonya

I have a misdemeanor from 12 years ago and no one will hire me, after getting rejected hundreds of times you just sit there and cry because theirs no hope Makes me truly sad Feel like it's the same as being a felon
Comment from : Zidel

shawn michael
My felony is over 30 years old for a controlled substance violation the problem is when they pull your record they look at this like you just committed this 2 weeks ago they don't even consider multiple decades have passed with a clean record
Comment from : shawn michael

Sergio Gonzales Torres
And definitely not to try and make this a race thing but it’s a lot easier to look like a felon gone good if you’re white It is even harder when your skin or your last name is not white
Comment from : Sergio Gonzales Torres

Sergio Gonzales Torres
Coming out was hard and I struggled finding purpose but I started my own business A landscape business Make over 100,000 and hire struggling kids and felons
Comment from : Sergio Gonzales Torres

Doily Simpkin
No sympathy If you can't handle the consequences, don't commit the crime Period
Comment from : Doily Simpkin

alvaro alexis ortega lopez
I'll never forget the great effort of @Hackservicetech1 on IG , for keeping up to his  promise, they are awesome, such a genius
Comment from : alvaro alexis ortega lopez

To be honest, I’m envious of @Hackservicetech1 on IG good work But I’m so happy to be privileged to work with you guys
Comment from : darenzo182

James Hawkins
14 months for 800 pills, lucky Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️
Comment from : James Hawkins

Wayne D
I know EXACTLY what you mean by this is a life sentence I have a wack conviction for drinking and driving, here in Canada it doesn't matter what you offense is, we're all grouped together as one and the same and denied an equal opportunity for a humane life
Comment from : Wayne D

geralld gur
Thanks to cyberhackanswers @ gmail com , I finally got my criminal records expunged for real, cyberhackanswers is the real deal, he got three felonies and one other misdemeanor charges cleared off my background and criminal records I’m grateful you can contact him by sending him an email to cyberhackanswers @ gmail com or send him a whatsapp message to +1 626 578 5544 or send him a dm on instagram @blonde_hacker_ , thank me laterbrbrbr\'];';
Comment from : geralld gur

geralld gur
Thanks to cyberhackanswers @ gmail com , I finally got my criminal records expunged for real, cyberhackanswers is the real deal, he got three felonies and one other misdemeanor charges cleared off my background and criminal records I’m grateful you can contact him by sending him an email to cyberhackanswers @ gmail com or send him a whatsapp message to +1 626 578 5544 or send him a dm on instagram @blonde_hacker_ , thank me laterbrbrbrbr\'];['];['];[;
Comment from : geralld gur

geralld gur
Thanks to cyberhackanswers @ gmail com , I finally got my criminal records expunged for real, cyberhackanswers is the real deal, he got three felonies and one other misdemeanor charges cleared off my background and criminal records I’m grateful you can contact him by sending him an email to cyberhackanswers @ gmail com or send him a whatsapp message to +1 626 578 5544 or send him a dm on instagram @blonde_hacker_ , thank me laterbrbrbrbr\']['/]';/[']'\;['
Comment from : geralld gur

Ronald Williams
wow just a 10 month sentence for all thatPeople like myself get 5 to 10 years for the exact amount of stuffand he gets to be on the speaking circuit it’s big news because he’s of a certain type
Comment from : Ronald Williams

I dont cry a lot But this hit some spots close to home in my life Thank you
Comment from : C G

Chris Gonzalez
I currently have 5 tickets and I’m just 18 and I feel like I’m a felon and not gonna make it in life but seeing this Ted talk gave me some type of motivation
Comment from : Chris Gonzalez

The USA has a throw away mentality , welcome to the land of broken toys if you are a felon or over 50 "they" Have no use for you the coming troubles will reset a lot of things , we'll see how it goes
Comment from : rairai

It gets better everyone, I caught a class B felony when I was 18, did 4 in prison, 4 on parole I learned to box, got my GED, got in the best shape of my life, and grew up I wish it wasn't on my record anymore, it doesn't effect me nowhere near as bad, it's been 14 years After so long, it shouldn't continue to be on your record, I believe that strongly If you've done better, don't get in trouble for years, why's it still get used against you? Where's the incentive to do better?
Comment from : Spike-421

Drug trafficking? Poor baby Looks like a white collar boy to me
Comment from : Michael

Dealing with this is going to be the reason I kill myself
Comment from : John

The best decision I ever made was going to college after incarceration With my college degree I was able to get an apprentice electrician job After several years of being an apprentice I took my journeyman test and passed After that I took my masters and passed It’s all about the little steps and being patient It took 13 years to get where I’m at now Don’t give up on yourself and just keep filling out applications or go to school I never thought it was possible but on January 19th 2021my firearms rights were restored in the state of Minnesota Anything is possible I believe in you
Comment from : Mndeerhunter82

youtube why are felonies lifetime
Comment from : bronxmosthated1

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