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How do websites make money?

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Information How do websites make money?

Title :  How do websites make money?
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Description How do websites make money?

Comments How do websites make money?

〉Tony Teacher
Great video
Comment from : 〉Tony Teacher

4:54 that line is important
Comment from : MR HIGHLIGHT MMA

Edel Connaughton
Very helpful video! Thank you! :)
Comment from : Edel Connaughton

Very descriptive and informative, thank you!
Comment from : SWATI JAISWAL

Shyamal Kumar Mandal
So good
Comment from : Shyamal Kumar Mandal

Muhammed Ashraf
very nice
Comment from : Muhammed Ashraf

Sri lekha
So many ads Irritating to watch
Comment from : Sri lekha

Jahan Klik
Comment from : Jahan Klik

THIS JUST INAccording to experts, liking this video and subscribing to the channel ( bitly/37TPfGP) will make you a better lover Truth? No But, can you do it anyway?
Comment from : OneHourProfessor

Fox ninja master
Can we earn money without ads?
Comment from : Fox ninja master

Shikha Sharma
Can we make money through google sites?
Comment from : Shikha Sharma

Birhanu show
That's so cool Thanks so much
Comment from : Birhanu show

anuj kumar
Comment from : anuj kumar

2:34 thanks me later
Comment from : Sicksib

Hey!brIs your channel monetized?brPlease reply mei'll be waiting
Comment from : AMAZING WE

technical repair all
nice veduo
Comment from : technical repair all

Forseti Axe
How are you calculating these numbers? How are you estimating that you can get roughly $500 for direct advertising with about 50,000 visitors a month?
Comment from : Forseti Axe

Finding and using valuable keywords can increase the success of your website  :br geetfun/er7r51c
Comment from : SPOUKYY 20

Great tips!

how to make money on surfing a website??????
Comment from : SIDDHANT SAWANT

Sarojkumar Durga
Please help me to build a website for what's up status
Comment from : Sarojkumar Durga

sheila Ramadhani
@oneHourProfessor I want to have a website for health and employment announcement, do you think its a good idea???
Comment from : sheila Ramadhani

Abdul Roshan
Nice video thanks
Comment from : Abdul Roshan

Somnath Bera
Comment from : Somnath Bera

thanks, this was so helpful
Comment from : Bgcuts

Go Ahead
Very very nice explanation I want to make a link in my website to you
Comment from : Go Ahead

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Comment from : 100

King Star Group
I'm still 16 but I earn 18000$ monthly
Comment from : King Star Group

Kumara swamy Tanneru
You the awesome man
Comment from : Kumara swamy Tanneru

michael anderson
Great video
Comment from : michael anderson

Jassica Sheperson
Awesome 👏🏻 I want thisright now
Comment from : Jassica Sheperson

Mansi Gupta
I will surly try your way It seems to be profitableCurrently I am getting paid from eLeavers Advertising network
Comment from : Mansi Gupta

marry thomas
Thanks for the video Can you pls help me to know about StudAds Ad network?
Comment from : marry thomas

Great Video I subscribed this videoBut I want to know about b*StudAds Advertising Network*/b as it pays the highest PPC
Comment from : TravelGroup

Ryl Win
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Comment from : Ryl Win

Mon Raj
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Comment from : Mon Raj

Very Nice
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Comment from : Very Nice

Grim Reaper
Its simple brJust like youtube, the ads will pay ya
Comment from : Grim Reaper

Mehedi Hasan Khan
you said facebook google make their income from selling personal information by revealing it anonymously but for these, they have to classify the data to generate information I want to know the costing of maintaining a server which will help me to retrieve the data and the costing of data analysis and how can I analyse the data?
Comment from : Mehedi Hasan Khan

Esther Bishop
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Comment from : Esther Bishop

Rosalva Dunn
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Comment from : Rosalva Dunn

Alex Seller
I can use this knowledge to MN sketch $20 each day
Comment from : Alex Seller

Vivian Barber
I didn’t get the opportunity to achieve success even when I tried using different strategies that guarantee to earn money in a few hours a day In that time, “sutu good plan” (Google it) was introduced by my friends Everyday, I am making about a hundred bucks You have to try it yourself
Comment from : Vivian Barber

great information thanks!
Comment from : ΕΡΗ ΣΦΑΕΛΟΥ

Damn! by watching this video we are making your money from youtube
Comment from : Troy

Somanna KK
very helpful tips
Comment from : Somanna KK

Adkshar Kande
1st time I commented for any video one of the best video I seen good explanationand purity about each things
Comment from : Adkshar Kande

shaquill ackles
your website was very motivating Shows your ups and downs and where it got you Thanks so much for the insight , hopefully I'll be the next in line for FREEDOM
Comment from : shaquill ackles

Jan Harris
Comment from : Jan Harris

King&Queen : The Real
build your own business and make money here at this website its free and legit and easy getmyadscom/r/724335
Comment from : King&Queen : The Real

rajneesh chathle
Thanks keep it up!
Comment from : rajneesh chathle

vinay kanth
i want to create songs site that for who want download song so did that website did need any permitions
Comment from : vinay kanth

Kenen Vosklov
Thanks alot professor! =J Thanks or sharing
Comment from : Kenen Vosklov

Rahul Kumawat
gry video bro for such a begginer like me
Comment from : Rahul Kumawat

timothy lall
the problem is 10000 traffic per month
Comment from : timothy lall

Sumit Ambwani
Hello sir, I stay in India and would like to startup my own websitebrThis video is very inspiring to my however I still have lots to questions and confusion about how to start or what kind of services should I provide through my websitebrbrIf at all possible please provide me some kind of personalized help in any way so that I can start or at least guide me what kind of services I can providebrIf you agree to help than we can discuss it further, if not than I thank you for this video as it helped me a lot I will be watching other videos of your channel as well so that I can gain some more knowledge
Comment from : Sumit Ambwani

She Bakes Co
How can I get quality content for my website?
Comment from : She Bakes Co

I just subscribed awesome video thanks a lot hope to see more content
Comment from : LMA CLASS 2015

pen Pen
Thanks for the good video
Comment from : pen Pen

Charles Odongo
Very informative thank you
Comment from : Charles Odongo

Ole Anders Rauff
Thanks for this excellent video :-)
Comment from : Ole Anders Rauff

tech& Gaming
Wow that Was really really helpful to me Thanks!!!!!!!
Comment from : tech& Gaming

i am checking your alexa rank & it is near 300000 so what is your daily page view can you say?
Comment from : SAVE TREE

Jason Thomas
Comment from : Jason Thomas

Matthew Boyd
Really helpful!
Comment from : Matthew Boyd

Anthony Walton
Podcasts are an under-used component of video marketing skills
Comment from : Anthony Walton

Herb Ratsch
Don't forget to include a form for your emailing list on the page where the video is found
Comment from : Herb Ratsch

John Turner
You should put a small tease in for the beginning of the video so that your customers stay interested
Comment from : John Turner

Tord Svensson
Know that you're a servant versus a boss if you have a management part
Comment from : Tord Svensson

Herb Ratsch
A great way to use video marketing to help promote your business is to use it as a means to to communicate directly with your consumers directly
Comment from : Herb Ratsch

Elite Market Links
Great video! Thanks!
Comment from : Elite Market Links

Isaiah Gregory
Thank you some much for this video I'm working on my own online business as a digital artist and your video has invaluable information
Comment from : Isaiah Gregory

Tord Svensson
Teach people the things you know well to your audience
Comment from : Tord Svensson

Wilson Mancho
It is a good idea if this link is inside the video player itself
Comment from : Wilson Mancho

Thanks for the information!
Comment from : Carlo

Jack Tracy
I'm young enough so that $100 a mounth would be fine with me
Comment from : Jack Tracy

Shahid Akber
Thanks for the info! :)
Comment from : Shahid Akber

Ahmed Aboagye
thanks for the info
Comment from : Ahmed Aboagye

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