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1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

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Information 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Title :  1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
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Description 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Comments 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Silver Cobra
I love SILVER! GOLD is GREAT too! Also, I like 357 as well Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Colt!!!
Comment from : Silver Cobra

Rob G
I just love the look and design of the Canadian maple leaf the most It feels the best of all coins solid dense and sharp Perfect design they nailed it
Comment from : Rob G

Knicksfan 1992
Have you seen the 25g fractionals maples that come in 1grams in a card format? Are they radial dialed ?
Comment from : Knicksfan 1992

Knicksfan 1992
Maples are my favourite
Comment from : Knicksfan 1992

Drew Peacock
Hi, I love your channel, like you I collect gold Buffalo’s!,brbrWhat’s your thoughts about the krugerrand and the Britannia gold bullion coins?brbrThanks again brbrKeep up the good workbrbrHappy new year 2023
Comment from : Drew Peacock

What if the store doesn't take it? Can you call the cops? And what if they agree with the store? Can you take it to court and win?
Comment from : Kahoobb

Jamie Fox
24k 💥
Comment from : Jamie Fox

Rahmato Karzai
i want it please show me the price for meplea 24k
Comment from : Rahmato Karzai

Rahmato Karzai
please help me sabbat son as you can please
Comment from : Rahmato Karzai

Rahmato Karzai
I wanted how can i get it?
Comment from : Rahmato Karzai

Just getting into this As a Canadian, the Maples just make the most sense for me - and they sure are beautiful! Bought 3 x 1oz 2022 last weekend and will be buying 4 more in short order Fractionals are attractive for a number of reasons (1/4oz would be my pick) but I can't get past the extra premium, so I'll be sticking with OZ
Comment from : TheCogitech

Handful of Spades
I'm all about that silver baby I think eventually it will be more valuable than gold
Comment from : Handful of Spades

Engineer In Motion
Where did u find those cases for ur coins?
Comment from : Engineer In Motion

I like the Eagles They make some great music
Comment from : esmann

James Cheek
I'm about to make my first precious metals purchase: a 1/4 ounce Golden Maple Leaf! the premium is around 13 over spot, but that is as good or better than I can find about anything right now Thanks so much for putting out this content! I have learned a lot from your channel, and I know I'm not the only one
Comment from : James Cheek

Rok Deu
Maybe you should have removed the plastic so the coin is seen without any reflection Maple Leaf is gorgeous
Comment from : Rok Deu

Ok Thought about this a lot at first I was if gold goes so will silver too but now! No way silver is going above 50 it's important for industry they won't let it happen
Comment from : Gary

Cigs and pigs
I’m about to buy my first 1oz gold coin and stuck between the maple leaf and American Buffalo
Comment from : Cigs and pigs

Dequone Jackson
I know this is an older video but i dont think I've seen this specific cap in your other videos where'd you get these ones?
Comment from : Dequone Jackson

Journey Man
I have several CRK's I think I'll keep my one favourite, sell the rest and start buying 1/4's, 1/2's and maybe an Oz brI'm from OZ so will be a kangaroo Great advice from this channel Thank you!
Comment from : Journey Man

My opinion only The every day US Bullion Eagle is a disgrace (Both styles obverse sides are childish) On the other hand, the 2008 version (minted as St Gaudens himself envisioned) in the Ultra High Relief edition is an absolute bMASTERPIECE!/b In no way am I factoring in "liquidity" All too often people flock as do Sheep For these prices it is very understandable why they do too
Comment from : Musique3579

Gold Hound
That big queen head destroys the coin
Comment from : Gold Hound

You were so Awkward back then Very Glad you got comfortable behind the mic
Comment from : GTrahan

Aboer Reoba
What's the value of a 1oz maple gold coin?
Comment from : Aboer Reoba

Oz Guy
Wow! Have been watching your channel for a while now and can really see how it has developed over timebrIt’s now has a much more polished and structured script that is more enjoyable to watch/listen too
Comment from : Oz Guy

Silver is for the bullets I use to shoot the vampires trying to steal my brG O L D brI love my Maples and I love my buffalos brI'm going to melt 5 each and have a 10oz coin with the face of the coin being a herd of buffalo running through a maple tree ForestbrThe reverse will be a silver Miner sitting on a buffalo standing underneath a maple tree ( with a noose around his neck tied to the maple tree ) brI don't hate silverbr When I was growing up I didn't watch movies where the bad guy rode off into the sunset with his saddlebags full of silver dollars
Comment from : 24kt

paul axton
Fractional Britannia's
Comment from : paul axton

John Becker
I like the maples, I think you're right for fractional 1/4 pieces if you need barter or long term wealth preservation but can't afford to buy full 1 oz to start
Comment from : John Becker

Watching this a year plus after you made but, I like the eagles and the maples Maples more than eagles, but the eagles are just so well known in America and are so liquid, It’s hard not to want them My favorite are the 10th Oz gold eagles, I don’t know why but I love them, up to 25 now! I don’t have any buffalos and not sure when or if I’d buy them I also get 1, 10th Oz gold kangaroo every year, I think I have the last 10 years of them, fan of them too Want to get a tube of 1 Oz gold eagles and a tube of 1 Oz gold maples As a goal I’m pretty heavy silver and always think about when to trade up and reallocate my gold and silver holding Oh and I’m converted to most everything titanium in my backpacking gear and I found a company that makes all kinds of cool titanium stuff, pens, razor knife dispensers … love that stuff too!
Comment from : coleroyce

Bob Johnston
24k is just a better color than 22k
Comment from : Bob Johnston

Bob Johnston
The radial lines make maples my favorite I'm like a baby staring at shiny lights 😂
Comment from : Bob Johnston

Surprised initially when I got into good that Americans love the maple so much Coolsies
Comment from : Brinstar

Schoowoo Lovesbooboo
I'll give you TWO cases of Molson ice for that!
Comment from : Schoowoo Lovesbooboo

Richard Valliere
I am becoming a real fan of your videos I'm not a fan of Canada (even though I'm French-Canadian by ancestry), and their socialist country, and this youtuber named Christo Availis, a basher of Trump and Conservatives As I begin to accumulate gold, Canada will not be a part of it I'm a US Navy Vet, and I do not like people, a mint, that goes against the fundamentals of the US of A A gorgeous coin, but I want nothing to do with it
Comment from : Richard Valliere

Hugo Stiglitz
The only thing I don't like about the Maple is the caricature looking Queen, if they would've used the picture of the Queen from the brittania it would have looked much better
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

metal stacking
My favorite coins the maple leaf every time I buy silver or gold I also order Maples on every order
Comment from : metal stacking

great videoi have 7 mapleleaf gold coins that i wanna sellwould it be best for me to go to a local goldbuyer to sell them ? first time ever selling this stuffi live in Canada and the rate they offer me is 221500 per coin ( Canadian ) is that good ? thx
Comment from : golfaddict

Why would you pick the maple leaf over an American gold buffalo? Unless you lived in Canada!
Comment from : ApplezToOranges

Tiny panther
The 2 things I love about Canada is the apple regal crown royal whisky and gold maple leaf that’s about it lol
Comment from : Tiny panther

Raymond Nieliwocki
I bought one a few months ago Its my favorite one oz gold coin It’s so beautiful My second favorite is the American gold eagle
Comment from : Raymond Nieliwocki

steven Gao
thanks for this nice video, just wondering, if we collect these gold coin, when the time we need cash, where can we sell it ? or where will be the best place to sell these gold coins for cash, does anyone know ? thanks
Comment from : steven Gao

I just bought a Gold 1oz Canadian "call of the wild" coin with a Growling Cougar! Love it I may look for the Bear version too The 2nd edition AGE looks awsome, but I can wait
Comment from : MoonGlow

victor arregnelle
That maple is sparkling through my soul! I don't care fuck the gold eagle I'm buying the maple
Comment from : victor arregnelle

Peter Kumar
I bought 10 of these Order said it's a tube of 10 coins Called them back the next day to see if they could send coin capsules x10 I had bought one a few weeks before, which came in a nice capsule with a black circumference Man were they grumpy when I asked for capsules I asked for a specific one and they were being rude and cheap I'll take my business elsewhere in the future
Comment from : Peter Kumar

paul axton
So I guess the big question is when are ya gonna double down and get the mega 15 oz leaf??
Comment from : paul axton

Victoyous32 1
I Started binge watching some of your old videos and they’re just as impressive as your latest ones It’s an interesting perspective to see how much has change a year ago With the pandemic and what not Just a thought It would be pretty cool to do a now and then video on how gold prices have changed and where they’re going I think right around the time you posted this video I was buying my first gold coin I wish I would have found your videos sooner
Comment from : Victoyous32 1

The minute I see "face value" on gold, I start laughing This is why I buy bullion bars
Comment from : Hot🔥McLovin

Victor L Fazio III
Diggin the older videos! 👍🏼
Comment from : Victor L Fazio III

But I agree with the other people kruggerand is not as pretty as kangooru or leaf
Comment from : A F

I have got my 2 maple coins and tehy are so nice feel nice in hand I love them hard to believe I paid 1500 euro for 50 dollars in gold ahhahaI dream about 8 coins more with leaf, and then 5 pandas, and 5 kangoorus
Comment from : A F

Jason Herriott
How much more did the "swoopers" pay for your coins 30 seconds later? :D
Comment from : Jason Herriott

Rewatching this video and is a great episode!
Comment from : Joethebassplayer

I am considering buying a couple 1 ounce coins Where does a guy sell them or turn them in for cash later on? Do you just go to the bank and get the market value of gold for them at that time?
Comment from : beri232

Jersey Rider
I have 14 quarter ounce Maples all 2021 I plan to fill a tube of 20 If the Buffalo came in quarters I would stack them
Comment from : Jersey Rider

Brayden Yang
Hey I have that but it is small
Comment from : Brayden Yang

3:40 silver sold out lol 2021
Comment from : ASKEW_HUMIDITY_20years_RADHATOR

Mike Maners
Hello again, just got my first 1/4 oz Maple Leaf 2021, love it, with time, i’m looking for a full tube (20)! Wish me luck!
Comment from : Mike Maners

9999 For the win!
Comment from : TypeSly

James Moga
Hi, Just stumbled on your channel Pretty cool!!!brI'm retired and don't have a lot of disposable income to spend on my many interest Love gold, have six ounces and hope to get a 2021 gold 1 oz Mapleleaf with in the next month However, I'm not bored with silver, got a bad silver monkey on my backbrProplem is my other interest I have an affinity for things that go BANG Love everything from 22 long guns to AR's, Snub nose to Dirty Harry's, old WWII pistols to Glocks brThen there's my interest in cooking, right now I'm teaching myself Jamaican food That jerk chicken is irie, monbrIt's very tiring to be retired
Comment from : James Moga

Michael T
I love silver But I get to a point where I need to swap silver for gold You can carry a years worth of gold in your pocket, silver would be a backpack
Comment from : Michael T

Sir is it a good time to buy gold or I should hold a bit
Comment from : Meet

Robert Keating
Fractional gold coins
Comment from : Robert Keating

You've mentioned modern security features in passing (ie, hoping the 2021 Eagle re-design follows the Canadian Maple and Britannia) But how much do you care about these features? Do you think it could affect the future liquidity of your favored pre-2021 Gold Eagles, which lack such features? Maybe a better question: how much do securities features matter in gold when there is no numismatic value involved and presumably the gold itself can be easily tested?brbrAlas, Wikipedia doesn't even mention the change of adding radial lines in 2015, and laser security mark in 2014 (?) Radial lines especially make it a much more attractive coin!
Comment from : MacGyver7640

These are the prettiest in my opinion!!! I freaking LOvE the maples
Comment from : Whoops

Maples are my favorite coin I want to like the buffalo, but it's just so ugly!
Comment from : Bendirval

Jacob Cardinal
Love the video great content love when you show all of the different gold coin together it really gives you an idea how they would look like if you had it in your hands
Comment from : Jacob Cardinal

I collect VW related coins, tokens, and medals It’s a very specific concentraion but one I enjoy I often think about turning them, and not wanting to if I ever had to They are euro standard 900/1000 and minted by the bravarian state mint back in the 60’s for Volkswagens early mile stones (5 million beetles circa ‘61, 10 million beetles ‘65 brQ: Would you ever concider displaying your coins? Have you ever thought much about that? I keep my VW related tokens, and medals in leather zippered 3 ring binders would you ever use coin folders? Or airtight only?
Comment from : magiceddie88

my choice is bufffalo, maple and then eagle im going to buy my first gold ever and its going to be a buffalo im preety sure
Comment from : Andres

Is there a sales tax on these coins? In Norway, coins are exempt, while bars have the standard 25 VAT (yes, that's right, our top VAT rate is 25!)
Comment from : LegendMeadow

Marko Rajic
I just bought my first one ounce coin, it's an eagle and I'm working on my next coin and can't decide on maple or buffalo! What to do!
Comment from : Marko Rajic

I really like these vids about gold coins I discovered them only recently, so I have some catching up to do Thanks for making them Responding to your remark @7:58 I'd like to see is a vid on Krugerrands, if possible Although you already said somewhere that you don't like them (correct me if I'm wrong), you also mentioned that there are more Krugerrands out than any other coin Demand and popularity vary per region In the US the American Gold Eagle is the best coin in terms of liquidity How much more liquid are the American Gold Eagle and the American Gold Buffalo compared to the Krugerrand? An impression I got from your vids is that these two, at least in the US, are significantly more liquid than the Krugerrand A further impression I got is that you have never bought or sold a lot of Krugerrands Because of this am wondering how you came to this conclusion And I'm asking, because I know that the Krugerrand is very well-known worldwide, this so much so that I cannot imagine that coin shops/dealers would find them too obscure to take them in, not in the US or elsewhere Would this or anything else that might be interesting about the Krugerrand be suitable for a video in the future?
Comment from : maxsiem77

George Cojocaru
I really have a question, the 1/2 1/4 1/8 maple leafes are good?
Comment from : George Cojocaru

Morior Invictus
I want to know the of your net worth that you have in physical gold I have 25
Comment from : Morior Invictus

Just to Say that your content is awesome and your research too Can you tell us about to buy these rare coins that US mints launches timely with such high premiums for investors Or we should stick to Gold's intrinsic value coins not on thier historic or any other importance can u clarify?
Comment from : GSony

Stephane Belizaire
How much for 1 ?
Comment from : Stephane Belizaire

Donald Watson
I'm new to this but I really like the gold britannia
Comment from : Donald Watson

Nick Uplands
I finished my roll of gold maples Now I am working on Britannias and Buffalos for fun I can't see filling 20 buffalos anytime soon though lol Maybe Britannias if 2021 goes well,
Comment from : Nick Uplands

Massimo Dutti
Philharmoniker and Maple leave, because of 9999 GOLD
Comment from : Massimo Dutti

The new maples are really beautiful Mine are the old design I have some of the 999 maples, pretty sure they are dated 1979 to 1982
Comment from : SilverChickadee

Heavymetal Dieselhead
Love all gold💰
Comment from : Heavymetal Dieselhead

Dee Hendon
Got bored too so I bought some Morgan’s, Peace Dollars and a couple Pre33 $20 gold pieces The history was my motivation It’s what I call historical constitutional gold and silver I looked up what happened in the year of those coins 1896, 1900, 1921, 1925 etc It’s more fun
Comment from : Dee Hendon

benz Andrews
they don't ping
Comment from : benz Andrews

Mentions Eagle's but never shows the Eagle side of the coin 😑
Comment from : Tommy

Drew Peacock
The most popular gold coin in the world is the krugerrand, the most beautiful is the American Buffalo 9999
Comment from : Drew Peacock

I like the American liberty 225 th 24k
Comment from : KenS

I might trade a few small coins for the big 1oz gold myself lol I always wanted a big coin
Comment from : BC

What capsule do you use?
Comment from : Bugsy

Borderland Stacker
Thank you for posting a gold video I prefer the Gold Eagles, but I might have to add a gold maple to my stack
Comment from : Borderland Stacker

do dealers pay you a premium back when selling coins like the maple leaf, AGE, buffalo or do they give you almost spot? Just curious, if almost spot, what difference does it make which one you get they are all 1oz gold Is it a popularity contest on which coin gets most premium? Thank you! I want the maple leaf, it has much less premium than the AGE and buffalo I want to stack and eventually sell
Comment from : J

Victor Frankenstein
Just happened along on to your video Must say that I am a Silver stacker, and for a couple of reasons First, the affordable price (for most of us middle class workers), and second for the possibilities of larger returns (than Gold) Don’ t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Gold As a matter of fact, I too agree with your view that the Canadian Maple is far superior (looks-wise) to the Buffalo and Eagle Also love that it’s 24kt pure Gold, without the dirty Copper content Eagles sometimes get red spots on them, from the Copperyuk Now that I found your channel, I’m subbing in order to watch more Gold content I really want to start adding some Gold to my stack, which I’m building for my Son (and his future) Prices are a bit too high right now, but hopefully they will return to a more reasonable buying price In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching yours, and add some cheap Silver (when it’s on sale) Thanks for the Gold showlove it
Comment from : Victor Frankenstein

Armchair warrior
Not a fan of American Eagle Don't have even one brMy favorite is are Canadian or Australian or British coins(which ever one is one sale) Second is Austrian Philharmonic
Comment from : Armchair warrior

Great video Who doesnt love these coins
Comment from : Charon

Noodle Titan
The Gold Maple Leaf, Sheesh!!!
Comment from : Noodle Titan

The AGE needs to be 24kt 9999 pure so it doesn’t look like a high end copper round That’s why I like the Maples, I like the purity Got a 99999 1/10th Canadian Cougar coming in
Comment from : Thelefthandedshooter

Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker
I love the Maples and the other gold you havebut i’m partial to the Maples And not everyone can afford to buy gold
Comment from : Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker

Cmore Butts
OMG!? first maple eh?///// somaybe go and find the 15 maple leaf in gold I found one on the beginning of the bull run I call it "the fatty" cuz the capsule they sent it in wont sealbrNow that is a cool coin! Found some 1/2 eagle proofs going for less than plain bullion The 1 oz gold kinebar is another fav of mine Or how bout that 2019 korean Taekwondo 1 oz gold coin? Very cool To think i hesitated because it cost 140000 Because these are so damn expensive i really want them to be either a steal at the price or unique and not just a stackers coinbrbeen looking here lately br findbullionpricescom/closest-to-spot/?category=goldbrif u know a better site let me know
Comment from : Cmore Butts

Lucy Stacks
Thank u for showing the maple I haven’t bought any 1 oz coins yet in gold because for me it’s a big purchase I do have some fractional gold however but I’m workin up to a 1 oz I’m super new My thing with the American gold 1 oz is that it’s NOT 999 even and that bugs me I’m leaning more and more towards the maple for its purity and beauty I really like it plus I trust the RCM
Comment from : Lucy Stacks

Jay Fedaiy
I love your videos , contents Keep them coming my favorites Gold Buffaloes and the maples I like to stick with 9999 !eagles are ok too 👍 thank you sir
Comment from : Jay Fedaiy

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