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Top 5 U.S. Silver Coins to Invest in

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Information Top 5 U.S. Silver Coins to Invest in

Title :  Top 5 U.S. Silver Coins to Invest in
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Frames Top 5 U.S. Silver Coins to Invest in

Description Top 5 U.S. Silver Coins to Invest in

Comments Top 5 U.S. Silver Coins to Invest in

Fred Fischer
Barber halves in very good
Comment from : Fred Fischer

Numiphil Caravelle
better channel on youtube!!!
Comment from : Numiphil Caravelle

Mike Fu
Pay the premiums now, because they Keep going upI think some people are just dinosaurs and getting left behind
Comment from : Mike Fu

Roshan Fernando
One of the best vdos
Comment from : Roshan Fernando

Dandred Rañada
I have it sir, maybe you want to buy 1908 and so on
Comment from : Dandred Rañada

paya san
It’s now 2021 the price of silver is around double which means he was right!
Comment from : paya san

#6 War Nickles
Comment from : Trident

Rosa Cas
This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "us coin dealers" for a while now, and I think this has helped You ever tried - Wonenry Sonucas Approach - (do a google search )? It is an awesome one off guide for uncovering a proven trading method to get fast results minus the hard work Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend finally got amazing results with it
Comment from : Rosa Cas

Esmeralda Rodriguez
Thanks dude, I appreciate you 🙏
Comment from : Esmeralda Rodriguez

Walter Xiao
0:49 The FBI want to know ur location due to your ability to predict the future🙀
Comment from : Walter Xiao

Isaiah Winter
I agree with dimes I can even buy them as a teen
Comment from : Isaiah Winter

Allyson Clark
Not sure where you buy Morgans in any resellable condition with little to no premiumperhaps you can share that tip on a video
Comment from : Allyson Clark

jani rk
Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "are coins good investments?" for a while now, and I think this has helped You ever tried - Wonenry Sonucas Approach - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend got great results with it
Comment from : jani rk

Silver Drill Pickle
YesbrYesbrYesbrYesbrAnd yes brASE #1 however!
Comment from : Silver Drill Pickle

Kitty Kate
I have 1944 of Philippines 5 cent here and I'm sure this is made of silver, how can I sell this? I've never seen this from any blog
Comment from : Kitty Kate

Historic Coins Hub
Nice video
Comment from : Historic Coins Hub

Byron Bozeman
I'm subscribing not for the great videos, but because I misread your handle as "Silver Pecker"
Comment from : Byron Bozeman

Sparky D
Good info
Comment from : Sparky D

Junk all day long, you can keep the AE’s and they’re premiums I’m good with Dimes, Quarters, Halves and Morgans
Comment from : Glockman155

Aaron Sneed
Why does the counter (likes) keep on losing my votes? Frustrating! This is not the only clip this happens on of yours Sorry
Comment from : Aaron Sneed

jonthan1985 howell
Here are my 5 silver eagle's 90 half dollar's quarter's and the peace dollar
Comment from : jonthan1985 howell

$1527 spot price as I type this, really enjoyed myself at the LCS today adding constitutional to the stack Great list, my number one would be the ASE Such a beautiful coin So are all the national mint coins, especially Perth mint A low premium, national mint coin will always have a home in my stack Loved the vid
Comment from : Steven

Silver Finds me
Check out my channel
Comment from : Silver Finds me

Silver Finds me
I think every stacker should have the mercury dimes I there stack imo
Comment from : Silver Finds me

John Q
Walking Liberty Half dollars are also a great 90 silver coins to save The Silver eagle is modeled after it it has Eye appeal and is easily recognizable as an American coin It's my favorite
Comment from : John Q

Brian Carpenter
Hey Silver Picker, I really appreciate the knowledge you pass along! I was wondering why you didn't mention quarters as a good source of beginning stacking? I also agree about those little 40 percent Kennedy gems I've seen them for as little as 49 cents over spot with better prices for me at my LCS! One person's garbage is another person's silver, lol! The main problem with them is you need a lot of them, their weight and all the space they take up
Comment from : Brian Carpenter

Cyclops Staxx
Tell me where i can find Morgan dollars at or near spot You defininetly can't in my area!!
Comment from : Cyclops Staxx

I agree with all your picks except the Morgan You can get peace dollars cheaper They also have the same silver content
Comment from : C W

Great video and insight! I recently changed strategy regarding what silver to stack Your Top 5 hits the mark Low premiums, government backed, numismatic value, recognizable/trusted/known silver content, and the most important: LIQUIDITY! LIQUIDITY! LIQUIDITY! Your stack (Series silver) is worthless if you cannot liquidated them and when you do, you get little to no premiums over spot This was the wake up call for me to switch strategy Its easy to stack but not as easy to liquidate unless you have relationships with your coins shops, etc
Comment from : SilverStryke

Ace Peck
I typically collect silver nickels because, the coin shop owner sells silver coins for 13 times the denomination I can get a bunch of nickels for $065 a piece and the silver melt is almost always higher than that
Comment from : Ace Peck

I don't know of a place where I can buy a Morgan from little to no premium As of now they are about $18-$20 each and aprox $5-$7 over spot per coin on average as to where dimes quaters and halves are aprox $12 for $1 face value which makes them a better deal just around spot price
Comment from : Allaround584

Alfred Miranda-Rodriguez
On ASE you get the premium back when you sell it BULLSHIT!
Comment from : Alfred Miranda-Rodriguez

Alberth Sweet
Silver has great bullish capacity, so investing in it is a good option Finally, it is not too much to say that there is a currency that allows you to acquire the precious metal
Comment from : Alberth Sweet

Mike Espo diecast customs & more
How about this question , should i buy silver coins that are already in a PCGS case and have a MS 64 grading already done ,, or should i buy the silver coin and then send it to PCSG and go thru the expensive cost and hope for a great grading ? i am not a PCGS member now , but my good friend is , so whenever i want to put a coin in a slab he sends it out for me This is a question i ask a lot of coin guys and no one really has the answer PCGS is expensive for me to do , and there are a million Morgan silver dollars in slabs to buy ??? , any help in this area ? thanks Mike Espo
Comment from : Mike Espo diecast customs & more

Kennedy halfs
Comment from : BISHOP298

Abid Khan
i have this sell my coins please call me now 0966578312737
Comment from : Abid Khan

Peter Silver
Nice coins!brVisit my silver oz videos!brEnjoy!brGod bless!
Comment from : Peter Silver

Юрий Васильевич
For information → An example of an extremely rough forgery in the original PCGS holder → see the topic under the link:br kladoiskatelkievua/forum/viewtopicphp?f=6&t=7847brNote → this rough forgery was sold at the auction "Stack's Bowers" 3/2017 for $ 3,290,000brNote: Preliminary analysis suggests that, by irrefutable evidence, ALL 13 "coins" of Bruce Morelan's collection are EXTREMELY rough counterfeits Confirmation → see previous and subsequent publication of topics and comments
Comment from : Юрий Васильевич

Matthew Pawlow
Comment from : Matthew Pawlow

Matthew Pawlow
I love Morgan's I've been collecting for a year and I got a 1880s Morgan 1897o Morgan and 1921s Morgan
Comment from : Matthew Pawlow

Matthew Pawlow
I would like to buy more silver I'm a 10 year old silver stacked with 17 oz Of junk silver but I can't always buy it because my mom
Comment from : Matthew Pawlow

Steven Ring
well i like the war nickels and the silver quarters and silver dollars like the morgan dollars
Comment from : Steven Ring

Treasure By Measure
I like the Peace Dollars over Morgan's also Very good video though Still looking for ANY silver half I'd be happy with a 40er lol
Comment from : Treasure By Measure

Zach Miller
why not war nickels?
Comment from : Zach Miller

Keila Whatley
so do you guys have any tips leave your tips in the comments follow this profile twittercom/MorganGhanem
Comment from : Keila Whatley

Glockman 155
Excellent video, love both junk and ASE!
Comment from : Glockman 155

Danny Hustlin Like Herc
Morgan dollars can be bought with little to no premium ??? What ? Who is selling Morgans for $1291 right now ( $1670 spot *7735 )
Comment from : Danny Hustlin Like Herc

Duke Baggerly
Hello Silver picker I was wondering if you buy 40 percent half dollars
Comment from : Duke Baggerly

Silver Saver
Great content! Thanks for sharing your top 5 list Like others, I love the Peace Dollars, and will stack them over Morgans Take care
Comment from : Silver Saver

Ben Barnes
Really good list, I completely agree with your choice of the lower premium large silver coins I love the Morgan Dollars and pick them up when I can, but I mostly stick with the Walking Liberty half dollars and Peace Dollars They tend to have less premium on eBay and I can usually pick up lots for a good price if the dates aren't rare
Comment from : Ben Barnes

Silver Warrior
You should of swapped the 40 kennidies for 35 nickels
Comment from : Silver Warrior

Tyler Greer
Question If you had a few thousand dollars laying around, would you invest in a few ozt of gold or would you buy the many ozt of sliver?
Comment from : Tyler Greer

what about jefferson nickels from 1942-45?
Comment from : Pomerodia

40 silver coins are only worth about 70 of spot to a refiner Any amount greater than that to buy them is a loss
Comment from : MétéoMan

Solid List Especially the Morgan's!👍🎃

Desert Piggie Hunters
Morgan's are beautiful coins, I can't sell mine lolJust be careful alot of fake Morgan and peace dollars lately Every time I go to gas stations I ask for half dollars and avg about 2 silver ones a month They are still out there just hard to find
Comment from : Desert Piggie Hunters

Cat scratching post Mayonnaise
That's all alright if you live in America but what if I live in Australia???
Comment from : Cat scratching post Mayonnaise

Nicholas Glasgow
I usually do 90 half dollars, I guess I'll start to get some 40 half dollars too
Comment from : Nicholas Glasgow

Smells Like Silver ™
Absolutely A Great Job Putting This Together I Couldn't Agree With You Moor About Your Choices Liked, and Shared! All The Best Gregg
Comment from : Smells Like Silver ™

John Jarjoura
As a 30 year coin and bullion dealer I can say with 1000 percent certainty, anyone who follows your investment advise on the top 5 silver coins to invest in must be smoking crack ! Hands down the most proven way to invest into silver coins to beat the spread would be low grade to high grade silver coins of rarity such as the Mercury 1916 D, 42/41 over dates including the D, the 1895 Morgan dollar, the CC Morgan's, and many more If you want to roll the dice on unproven but scarce coins, try the commemorative coins that have failed to really take off Stop giving half wit advice On a positive note, you remind me of me 30 years ago when I did the very same thing you are doing Hitting banks for rolls of half dollars, estate sales, garage sales, Salvation Army or goodwill jewelry cases Back in the day you could always hit gold or silver, find Tiffany, sterling flatware, omega, ectMy best find was an estate sale that sold me a patek Philipe golden eclipse watch in 18 kt for 500 plus taxtotal was 53000got to love winter park, fla
Comment from : John Jarjoura

ron lubetski
I agree with the dimes! small investment and great to start a collection nickels are good too Morgan's are my favorite, only have 6 need a CC but, premium is nuts for that one Anyway, always like your videos keep up the good work
Comment from : ron lubetski

Ray Herndon
I started out with junk silver
Comment from : Ray Herndon

Stephen Funk
You made a point about the premiums on the ASEs, that you could buy dimes or half for the extra cost I find Morgan's and peace dollars to be just as expensive if not more than an ASE Thoughts?
Comment from : Stephen Funk

Joe Knipp
You're misleading your viewers when it comes to the Morgan silver dollars They do not contain "almost and ounce" of silver they contain aprx 3/4 of an ounce of silver On top of that, you can NOT find these for anywhere close to spot price A silver Morgan today, in common date and circulated, will easily sell for $20 that's $7 over the spot price of silver brbrIf you know anyone selling Morgans at value of the silver content, please let me know I'll buy them all
Comment from : Joe Knipp

while not a fan of the 40 (i know that IS your point) i agree with most of this video personally I prefer the Peace dollar over the Morgan
Comment from : oldtimefreedom

Jacob Janish
Great vid
Comment from : Jacob Janish

I prefer the Peace dollars to the Morgan dollars, but that's just me
Comment from : mimaroo

Zack Brand
I love Morgan's
Comment from : Zack Brand

Silver Falkon
40s are great!
Comment from : Silver Falkon

We Buy Gold
Great video
Comment from : We Buy Gold

Mchammer Smith
Wouldn't you put Peace dollars in the same category as Morgan dollars?
Comment from : Mchammer Smith

GTX 860m Games
What a video!
Comment from : GTX 860m Games

Millionaire Gold Dealer
great video! I love your channel👍 good information👌 check out my channel and pls let me know what you think I appreciate ya!💯 keep your stacks 👆😎
Comment from : Millionaire Gold Dealer

Carson Allard
I only have two silver coins in my possession as I just started collecting I have two walking liberty half-dollars from '45 and '46
Comment from : Carson Allard

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