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what I found out when I tried to sell my silver

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Information what I found out when I tried to sell my silver

Title :  what I found out when I tried to sell my silver
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Frames what I found out when I tried to sell my silver

Description what I found out when I tried to sell my silver

Comments what I found out when I tried to sell my silver

Dang sorry man I'm buying the same kind of coins I just bought a 1oz dusky dolphin, a 1oz Sierra Leone Lion, and a 1 oz Serbia Tesla Bought them yesterday Each coin was well over $40 American, and spot is about $20 It really sucks to think I'll only ever get spot price for them But I dont plan to sell them
Comment from : JustForFun77077

Paul Steel
Silver is often not respected and viewed as closer to copper than to gold I've come across jewelry and pawn shops that won't even buy silver (I live in the US)
Comment from : Paul Steel

Silas Marner
thanks for the reminder sometimes i get caught up in the new release coins i only buy the ones that are close to price in say brittianias but i need to focus more on kilos again
Comment from : Silas Marner

James Doe
The bullion game is a time game Don't buy today and sell tomorrow thinking you're going to make a profit Bullion is for storing family wealth over decades Buy from bullion dealers at the cheapest price you can get DO NOT sell silver to bullion dealers Instead go to ebay and social media PM groups for sales DO NOT stack PMs if you have high debt and/or large finacial obligations that require you to be buying/selling fequently Buy only what you can afford to hold for a long time brPMs are NOT a get rich quick solution and never will be They are for storing wealth outside the system in an environment you control The real value of PMs don't change, the value of everything else changes around it brbrOnce you understand these concepts, you are ready to stack precious metals
Comment from : James Doe

You should also buy gold and 100oz bars 100oz bar is closer to spot price and you can sell those in time of need The nice collectible coins are jusr that collectible
Comment from : Brucey

Harry Hayes
Хочу сжечь свой паспорт, стыдно быть русским Буду врать откуда я родом до конца своих дней
Comment from : Harry Hayes

Joanne Piasecka
Have you tried Ackinsons??????
Comment from : Joanne Piasecka

Michael Gray
get to the fucking point good lord
Comment from : Michael Gray

Still selling?
Comment from : Jhuey

krazy phucker369
Kilo bars is the only way to profit easily when the price increases not much of a premium to pay compared to fancy rounds
Comment from : krazy phucker369

Dont ask
This is why I dont buy high premium metalsbrThe higher the spot price the less it mattersbrI stick with constitutional and generics I won't pay manipulated pricing Even with generics I dont stack premiums You can make or loose just as much when buying metals, as you can selling them
Comment from : Dont ask

Thank for you story
Comment from : windy0pg13

The Journey
Mostly buy government back coins, and reputable mints Perth and sunshine mints I also do not buy those fancy collectibles there only worth what your willing to pay for it I do know some people who buys them to flip but they sell online or trades shows Not to pawn shops or dealers
Comment from : The Journey

The Fit Entrepreneur Kingkev0
Sold all mine on Facebook only lost 1900 I cut my loses
Comment from : The Fit Entrepreneur Kingkev0

Boyd Grandy
Clearly, if you sell, you need to direct market them to a buyer through E Bay or Amazon, or some other similar on-line market placebrDealers will always lowball you on the buy, and highball you on the sell, with 50 markup and discount being the best you'd ever get from thembrYou can set a reserve on your items that will protect your investment from crazy low bidders, but you need to make sure that you get payment before you ship and, when payment is verified, you need to ensure that you ship exactly what the customer bought in the condition stated as soon as possible Your reputation as a seller can make or break you there, so there is some risk in the on-line market process
Comment from : Boyd Grandy

I AM living
Just hold in the end it will be well worth it silver is real money most haven’t figured this out so we wait
Comment from : I AM living

JS Hound
Facebook groups are the way to go I buy all of my silver and junk silver there If you're careful about who you buy from, you can get great deals and get good prices for what you want to sell
Comment from : JS Hound

JS Hound
Collectable silver is a big, fat waste of money!
Comment from : JS Hound

Bill Dolworth
With physical prices of SAE at SD Bullion, APMEX and JM Bullion just under $4000 and random date SAE around $3300 the paper price, paying just under $2600 is to someone selling silver is just dishonestbrbr br br br brSo much for paying spot price or selling at spot price Local dealers are greedy crooks when you need to sell
Comment from : Bill Dolworth

Gary Lafferre
The price will definitely go up in silver It can only go up because of the way the market is set up right now That's why crypto is taking off definitely need to sell on eBay It's the best way to get the most money for your silver
Comment from : Gary Lafferre

Road King
Silver eagles you can sell them without paper work or irs reportingin the USA rounds you do have to report and their is like a time required to hold them before you sell I think rounds and bars would come in handy if all hell breaks lose and all laws go out the window but if it's just a recession or bad down turn in the economy then silver eagles are the way to go at least that's what I have seenI'm new to this but that's my research so far
Comment from : Road King

keep stacking! silver is going to shoot up big time within the next year
Comment from : paul

Matt W
Hang on man, hold the line The silver market is artificially kept low, mostly by the US market The news media isn't saying how bad the economy is and the indicators like GDP are not an accurate representation of the actual market health - they constantly change the way the data is collected to make it look far more heathy than it is When it does fall, you will see the silver price go up significantly and physical silver to purchase will become scarce as people start buying heavily to protect their money from inflation Hand in there and keep your head up!
Comment from : Matt W

Consider a switch to gold, it's VAT free in the UK A much denser store of value Only mainstream 1oz coins Krugers or Maple Leafs (recent ones with the fluting on the face) If not then sovereigns but I prefer 1oz coins, nothing oddball like Chinese etc Can't beat Krugers Did you try Bolton bullion or a1mint in Gtr Manchester We hardly have any dealers I'm in Bury I don't like giving my address to online dealers, you don't know if they keep it safe
Comment from : Lee

Garys Metal Detecting
Hope your going to be better
Comment from : Garys Metal Detecting

Rex Havoc
Buy bars and scrap
Comment from : Rex Havoc

Craig Pestrucci
Sell on ebay, only buy bullion coins and bars or you will pay too much, the premium on proof coins is not worth it At the end of the day buy as close to spot as possible and wait until spot exceeds purchase price Big premiums on ebay but they want a percentage when you sell too
Comment from : Craig Pestrucci

You sorta sound like Lip from Shameless
Comment from : NEPA GUNTALK

Tom cat
Stacking silver/platinum in the UK where the government charges VAT does not make any sense, stacking gold (VAT free) is a good idea but the price is currently far to high to do it on a limited budget China is driving up the gold price because it wants its currency linked to the gold standard and for it to become the global reserve currency rather than the dollar
Comment from : Tom cat

David murling
Now is not the time to sell silver
Comment from : David murling

Get to the info that you found
Comment from : R M

Thanx for sharing Well donebrbrThe queen will bring no value to any coin if it comes to using coins as money brShe should not be on the Canada coinbrbrYou got offered fair prices brThe special coins are only of value to the dealer when they sell thembrbrSounds like you started buying something you knew very little aboutbrLike peolple who get gouged buying a new BMW, Mercedes,expensive carsbrbrWhen you did purchases did it occur to you to ask about the prices when you wanted to sell them back to them??brI recommend thsi everyone Stop getting influenced by the markets, media, and ask, ask to get educated no matter the subjectbrbrThe video is a good lesson for those not informedbrbrPM's are generally not to make a profit on in a short period of time They are not like day trading stocks for examplebrbrI suggest considering hanging on to them for a few years brWho truly knows where the prices will go when the world's countries go to 100 digital currencies and there is some fiat(s) currency(s) resets Every fiat currrency through 1,000's of years of history goes the way of the Dodo bird Extinct brbrBest of luck going forward
Comment from : Human

D Love
Always thought 2 oz rounds were not good idea silver eagles and 5 or 10oz bars is all I buy far as silver Prices u paid on some of those u could just bought gold
Comment from : D Love

zug zug
are there forums where regular people can buy and sell with each other?
Comment from : zug zug

John Kruk
You have been given good advice , without even reading the comments Stop buying it’s only worth a fraction of the silver price The people you are selling to will be like car dealers they will offer only 10-20 of the Silver content value of the coins They will want to buy at Rock Bottom & sit on it until a buyer comes along The ONlY person to give you a reasonable return is a Numismatist & only if they needed the coins in there collection 🧐☝️🙃
Comment from : John Kruk

Robert Scheinost
Nothing wrong with common Government bullion one troy oz coins, gold or silver Stay away from all the other stuff Don't spend much over spot Think common, Not rare Buy from dealers that quote buyback prices tied to spot You can't go wrong, but if you are getting in to make a quick buck, you'll lose a quick buck Buy smart and hold for at least 10 years This is wealth retention, not wealth creation
Comment from : Robert Scheinost

Tom Hickman
I have found that when the spot price of Silver reached about $4000 our local Pawn shop wouldn't buy any silverbrYour best bet is to sell to the big outfits like Swiss America or Kitco these company's have been in business a long timebrSilver will slowly increase in value
Comment from : Tom Hickman


Comment from : PLANT-FREE, RN

T Smith
Call around and find out what the coin shops are out of and sell them that you'll get a premium from them
Comment from : T Smith

I've just always bought generic buffalos or 100oz bars and never had an issue getting back what i thought i would
Comment from : Mailbox

M Horvath
Keep buying! Silver is for the preservation of money Silver is quite low now Try to avoid high premium proofs Buy business strike coins or bullion 90 US coins are a value I think the problem you are having is you are buying and thinking about selling to the trade! They steal! Sell to other investors or tell your partner to hold the store of value until prices go up if something were to happen to you Coin and metal buyers are the worse place to sell your silver
Comment from : M Horvath

IC Hall
Don't forget you've paid VAT on the stuff you bought so you're 15-20 down already
Comment from : IC Hall

john mceiver
Thanks mate, best to you
Comment from : john mceiver

Oscar Windham
What you have learned by actual experience by trading in "precious" metals, so called, will unfortunately be a lesson tens if not hundreds of millions will also learn in the not too distant future with the ultimate lesson learned being, ie our international one world paper currency which now in the 21st century is largely emblematic of our now international electronic currency, is that both our paper currency as well as our electronic currency derives the value from as well as having the value being based upon each sovereign nation's most valuable, most truly precious asset which is we the people Not gold, not silver, not diamonds, and not crude oil or any other commodity Furthermore, trying to use silver or gold or any metal as a currency or as the value asset for a currency is a holdover of paleo-economics It all points to a soon to come cashless society, does it not?
Comment from : Oscar Windham

I have four Pawn shops and one coin shop I could sell to For collectibles, I'd sell on ebay For the Coins like Silver Eagles, the Pawn and coin shops should give a fair price I mostly stack bullion that I also use to get loans at times from Pawn shops I've learned, after dealing with these shops for several years, they have gotten to know me and will deal with me more fairly than when I 1st started brAlso, know the current value of what you are selling and stick to your guns when dealing with your dealers
Comment from : politicalsheepdog

kirky org
13 presidents
Comment from : kirky org

Fitzgeralds First Aid and Manual Handling Courses
Just watched your video I'm a bit surprised that places in England are so bad to buy second hand silver I'm buying gold and silver but I'm in it for the long haul If you every decide to sell your silver I would be interested I'd give you more that those fucking shops
Comment from : Fitzgeralds First Aid and Manual Handling Courses

Ron Dematteo
if they are offering under spot, go somewhere else period Buy what you can get for the smallest premium over spot How about US socalled junk silver, usually the smallest premium over spot, and all these you tubers showing how much counterfeits in all this late date bullion coins
Comment from : Ron Dematteo

Mr Stacker
Geez, these "buyers" suck!
Comment from : Mr Stacker

Gene Miller
Take the current price and multiply it by the weight That’s the value You didn’t show anything that has a value other than it’s weight These type of coins are sold to people who don’t really understand My advice, stop buying coins
Comment from : Gene Miller

David Bowman
So… What is your point? Are you just too stupid to be able to sell your precision metals on your own Go put your money in the bank dummy!
Comment from : David Bowman

First Last
AMPEX buys back silver
Comment from : First Last

Few things: You are dealing with traders and not investors You acquire these commodities to make money and not to preserve your wealth You put yourself in a situation where you have to sell now when there in not a shtf situation And so these are some of the reasons you feel like it's not worthed There will come a time when everyone will sell things for these coins And that is the reason you invest in them
Comment from : imaChaser

Farmer Frank
Stores and banks will only honor face value if you spend/depositexchange itbrbrCoin dealers and pawn shops are their to make money so they won't give you retail price of a collectable coin or full scrap value of the metalthey"ll give you 1/3- 1/2 retail value at best and won't even except silver nickles,dimes,and QuartersbrbrYou can by to sell it at retail value on eBaybut so will everyone thats been collecting silver for the day it becomes rare and worth more then price paid at 1/3-1/2 value pawn shop or dealer offers for quick sale Problem is silver consumption in electronics going down as they switch from silver to alternative nonprecious material like fiber optics and a carbon based conductive material as we'll as everyone and their uncle hoarding silver means silver price as a consumable commodity has no inflation on it from rarity (Copper is being used up faster)brbrAdvice Do you have a term life policy with a annuity plan?brbrThing about collecting gold,silver,and rare coins is you can't eat it,drink it, take it as medicine when sick and there are people that dont care about supposed worth or amount paid,theyl just take it at face value (Actually had someone with a stolen wallet trying to spend a 50's US $5 blue seal silver Note on cigarettes cause they didnt know its value)brbrMy dad left us a house paid off in full with mortgage life insurance, Money to bury him, 6 months of food and water, 6 months of toilet paper,Paper towels,deoderent,a whole bunch of Avon skin care products and cologne Cologne we are using 20 years later(we divided up my dad's"Avon Treasure Chest" 6 ways), $7000 life insurance left after paying off loan against life insurance from insurance plan he had since 18 plus Prudental stock later liquidated for $4000 when they offered it to us, $400,000 life insurance insurance from American Express, 5x $10,000 accidental death insurance(he died from an accident) from various bank acounts, 3x $1000 from various bank accounts(the free one), and 120 credits in Social Security system so my mom and Handicap brother gets his monthly SS/ssI benefits along with his Cinty and County Union medical and dental plans paid by Unionand after the hearing we diet need to pay back my dad's last WorkComp payment(he paid the monthly bills with it 2 days before he died) though it was deemed my mom wouldnt get the workcomp as the death was accidental and not from complications of his injurybrbrThink it was about $200 a month for all his insurances with the bulk of that the Mortgage insuranceAlways remember older family members say get a city,State,or Federal job if only for the benifits and pension
Comment from : Farmer Frank

Russell Babin
You over paid for your silver can’t blame the stores The only value silver has is with its uses in electric cars and electronics It gets used up If there is a shortage in future for these things a unmarked silver bar or even a sterling silver spoon or junk coins will be melted down the same as those pretty coins Some people like prime minister Trudeau in Canada said that all cars will be electric by 2030 There are numerous reasons this comment is totally uneducated One is that each Tesla uses almost a kilo of silver to produce Even if 1/3 of Canadians buy an electric car this means consumption of silver will go up by 11000000 kilograms This is way more than worldwide excess silver production Canada is a very small population what happens if Asian country’s, the United States, or England decides they wish to switch to electric cars The current silver supply just won’t allow it Silver would increase 10 X in price at least This does not take into account that every 500 watt solar panel uses 1 ounce of silver to produce, once something like this is built with silver the silver is lost
Comment from : Russell Babin

Sebastiano Rispoli
Dear, really sorry to see your moviebrI am also a fan of silver bullion coinsbrAnyway you have to try to sell your coins to shops that sell coins usually many of them buy again the coins that they sell I put here a couple of links your could use bit I am sure you will find the same in your country
Comment from : Sebastiano Rispoli

 Ophiuchus 67
hold on to it the real money is holding it not paper that Will soon die just sit on it
Comment from : Ophiuchus 67

 Ophiuchus 67
the Queen is a Pedo time to wake up People the world is not as you THINK ? look out side the box Tell lie vision programing Every cloud has a silver Lining they are holding silver back 3 things hate silver banks werewolfs and vampires turn the TV off for good and find real new out side
Comment from : Ophiuchus 67

David Kirwan
I wouldn't touch anything other than regular silver ounces like Britannia's/Maples and Eagles, the collectables are a waste of money imo
Comment from : David Kirwan

If the electronic market gets turned off then the weight is the only thing relevant
Comment from : spex357

tom dimartino
Don't! Ever buy collectible silver
Comment from : tom dimartino

tom dimartino
Fuck the mint! Buy from dealers! With good reviews I don't buy from the mint, they charge to much! Silver is a long term investment But if silver is selling for $20 an oz you should pay no more then 2300 like I said dealers in the USA will always pay you spot $2000 and sell it for $23 you could buy from USA dealers, check out Jack hunt coins it's a place here in Buffalo NY THEY HAVE been around since the 1970's they made millions in the mid 80's when silver went to $50 an oz they told me they took in 10 five gallon pails full of silver and gold ever day for months Check them out for buying and selling
Comment from : tom dimartino

Mike UKMaranatha!!!
Surely au and ag are to be used as a hedge against inflation?when the fiat system goes pear shaped, this is when yer silver will come into its ownits no good using silver as an investmentthe markets are heavily rigged and go up and down all the time at the whim of the banksterskeep hold of yer silver, it will be sooo valuable one day soon but not if you sell it to dealersbrAlso numismatic coins are pointless when the fiat system goesit'll just be worth it's weight in silverbrStack as much bullion, eagles, maples, brittanias as possible and hang on to ithyperinflation coming soon
Comment from : Mike UKMaranatha!!!

tom dimartino
You should be buying at slightly over spot and dealers in the USA will always pay spot for bullion!
Comment from : tom dimartino

South Bronx, NY
The problem is that you can't eat gold or silver When shiiite hits da fan, food and water is the only real commodity
Comment from : South Bronx, NY

Collecting is a hobby You lose money in hobbies, otherwise it's a business 😁 I collect ancient Roman coins Rare and/or good qualitycoins, but I expect to lose about 50 of what I've put into the collection I do it for the enjoyment, knowing I'm safeguarding rare items, and for the history I accept it's a hobby I'd be nuts if I was doing it for an investment It's only viable as an investment at the very high end, much like art I'm not in that league
Comment from : ickster23

dustin hatch
A good reason not to buy numismatics / collectibles I only buy general BU coins like Eagles, Maples, Brits, Kruger and Asahi rounds You should only expect to get spot at online dealers like Apmex/JM Bullion
Comment from : dustin hatch

why do you call your girl your "partner"? She's your woman
Comment from : Admin

Bolwinkle Moose
You should only buy a "collectible" round or bar if you appreciate the art, because most of the "collectibles" still won't appreciate beyond the value of the silver content Coins, actual currency, that also has numismatic value beyond the silver is also a reasonable investment But most "collectibles", I wouldn't buy more than one over silver spot price if I really like the art of it, maybe two if I want to give one as a gift I think I would've bought the Turtle round as you did, I really like that one For your investment stash, you should stay strictly to rounds, bars or junk coins as close to spot price as you can, forgoing the "collectibles" Only buy a collectible that is well above spot price and premiums if it's actually currency with numismatic value beyond silver spot price The other problem with buying from an "independent" online, such as yourself, is a lack of established reputation or viable recourse if a sale goes sour There are a lot of counterfeit rounds, bars and coins going around I watched a video on telling the difference, right before I watched yours Some were the same Australian design rounds that you had in your video Have you checked them to make sure they're not fake? Checked them with a rare earth magnet, weighed them or looked for the known tell tale imperfections on the specific rounds? There is a site you can go to that displays the Australia rounds and what to look for in the fakes Real ones will weigh exactly one troy ounce, most fake ones will weigh around 088 to 0928 ozs Some are silver plated copper or brass that will not attract a magnet I would be willing to buy some from you at close to spot price, but only if exchange is made through a transfer site that guarantees or insures the purchase, like PayPal Some credit cards, like my AmEx card insures purchases for the first 90 days I hope some of this helps I don't know how much you have invested in the collectible rounds, I hope it isn't a large investment When it comes to investing for the silver value, stick to items near spot price The larger the round or bar, the lower the premium will be, but I wouldn't purchase anything larger than 100 ozs The larger it is, the harder it is to move, store, sell or ship
Comment from : Bolwinkle Moose

Mean While
Call a shop further away
Comment from : Mean While

My advice is to always extensively research anything that you plan on investing hard-earned money in Now, if you want to buy some good silver just buy what they call rounds for 1 oz 5 oz and 10 oz stackers You get that stuff for about the price of silver at the time
Comment from : noj1369

David Martin
Have you looked at the Silver Forum it’s free to join There are paid levels but I don’t think you would regret it Loved your Boris quip I joined the silver forum and have never ever regretted it You have to remember the VAT lose in this country If you can start moving into gold
Comment from : David Martin

rodney gangloff
To buy is one price, to sell is another I learned that selling is spot or less, no premiums
Comment from : rodney gangloff

Joe Higginbotham
In the USA you may expect to pay on average 1-2 USD per ounce and get about 25-1 under spot if you are selling See if you can find dealers you can work with in the USA online Also It's much cheaper to purchase a 10oz bar rather than 10 1oz coins You are going to pay over spot price on each coin But if you choose to cut loose what you have, maybe convert to Gold which it much more stable Hope this helps and best of luck to you Glad to hear you are ok health wise now :)
Comment from : Joe Higginbotham

Richard Fletcher
Stop showing off your shit, and get to the point of this video
Comment from : Richard Fletcher

I bought a lot of 2018, 2019 coins and I made average 37 Euro per coinbrEven the Koala and kookaburra goes near 40 Euro now and this is absolute BuillonbrReason the mintage in Theese years were low, like only 150k with 500k possiblebrYou always must check the prices at eBaybrI have proof coins etc but if nobody wants thembrLook at big five elefant and lion 2019brBottlenose dolphin and Spinner dolphin 2019,2020brUna and the lion 2019brPegasus 2019 brHomer Simpson 2019 and BartbrMickey series
Comment from : 2phil4u

joe pradzynski
Silver is in such demand right now you could sell local or online and set your own price open up an online shop or eBay and demand slightly less than the 31 £ the dealers are selling for and you'll have buyers
Comment from : joe pradzynski

Richard Hutchison
I am glad you are ok! Thanks for the upload Consider me a subscriber!
Comment from : Richard Hutchison

A professional stock trader gave me the best advice I follow Buy Silver/Gold ONLY when you have large gains from stocks or options trades Then the metals are not depended upon irrational expectations I own silver and gold from this method so I rarely sell The hard facts are that you handed over the premiums willingly, that take a lot to admit Thanks for sharing your experience
Comment from : HUNTER HAMILTON

Stephen Brunner
Agree with others Bullion coins only, forget the proof, special occassion stuff It is all lster just valued as an ounce of silver (spot) Same happens in America US mint glad to sell one off designs at elabotate prices Once you get it everyone just looks at melt value, could care less about artistic or commerative values On other hand hsve no issue buying US Silver Eagles, or Canadian Mapleleafs, or other bullion coins Next day you still are going to lose a little due to high premiums so you are betting a bit that Silver (or gold) prices rise over time But your not going to take the bath you are going to buying proofs and other such specialty products
Comment from : Stephen Brunner

Hold it til the manipulators can no longer short: You have extraordinary collection & future wealth coming your way! Be patient: those who wait get the prize!
Comment from : FluidVision

Therese 1001
Sell on EBay or Etsy
Comment from : Therese 1001

Thomas Eidstø
You sell coco burra on ebay and so on
Comment from : Thomas Eidstø

Thomas Eidstø
I only stack scrap silver so i always get close to spot thats my plan and follow it
Comment from : Thomas Eidstø

I'm so glad you posted this video I've been wondering the same myself Thank you!
Comment from : R L

Fascist Philosophy
I'm so sorry I think it's only going to get worse -- the world's monetary systems are going to gold, not silver Silver's value will be limited to industry, but we're looking at a huge deflationary collapse across the globe, and industry is going to collapse along with it which means there will be virtually null value accorded via spot price, maybe not for decades until the world's economy picks back up I'm 100 gold, in china, but for you, living in britain who are you going to sell to?
Comment from : Fascist Philosophy

Metal Head
Hope you’re well Sir Keep safe
Comment from : Metal Head

Manuel de Brito
Numismatic! You talk pre 1920 UK/ USA/ Europe?brThink you made mistake as no extra on just/ any ? BullionbrEducate yourself 👍 on numismatic please 🙏brALl bullion? Kookaburra / koala/ maples/ Britânia? No numismatic value hence called bullion?
Comment from : Manuel de Brito

Roy Madison
Its said that one should park their currency in precious metals to maintain purchasing value to stave off inflation ANSWER, maybe it's a timing thing I would advise you to keep your coins with the thoughts of never selling except for when retiring It's a very long term hold I've been buying off and on since the 1970's I had a wake up call at a coin shop about my 1952 proof set I paid $50 in 1978 and was offered $150 in 2019 It didn't even keep up with inflation I was really bummed I will sell some when there is high volatility in the market, when everyone is frantically buying , NEVER WHEN I NEED THE MONEY let the market come to you not you going to the market God be with you
Comment from : Roy Madison

Franz Liszt
Very hard to hear this My father put in some $300,000 US into coins Now I've inherited them! So what are they worth? Well, going to dealers it looks like at MOST I can get 30 back on some, but other much less than that My mother tried to tell him not to do it She worked in a clothing store Every thing they buy from the manufactures is marked up 1000 -- yes, buy a shirt for 5$ and sell it for 50$ Certain businesses have a lot of friction in their processes So, hurry, my father dumped in 300000 and I'll get may be 20,000 back I'm just wondering if I can take the loss off my taxes
Comment from : Franz Liszt

On Sale Gaming
You paid to much, quit buying collectible and look for close to spot price Don’t use ebay
Comment from : On Sale Gaming

I buy rounds for this very reason Build in the premium price when buying do determine if and when to buy
Comment from : mro2352

Pete C
Comment from : Pete C

Robert Carrillo
Sorry there are allot of people who buy and pay premium for Silver if there was a SHTF scenario they are only going to pay Silver spot they are not going to pay the premium that you paid , so if you are buying for hard times SHT buy least exp silver rounds with manufacturer name so if you paid $40 per oz and silver is $30 you will be lucky to get $30 people should only buy the Fancy exp coins as a hobby not investment LOSE LOSE Sorry Sir
Comment from : Robert Carrillo

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