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Title :  Muscle pass tutorial
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Also follow me on instagram: wwwinstagramcom/tricksandbeats
Comment from : Tricksandbeats

2 euros is the biggest that I have but still too small :/
Comment from : Anto

its hard
Comment from : NicoJamesLedesma

sub 2 captainsauce
I can't even get it to move I'm doing exactly what you saidbrEdit: I can get it to move slowly on a horizontal axis
Comment from : sub 2 captainsauce

Biagio Di Balsamo
Canzoni non ne so nemmeno una mi chiamo Biagio di Balsamo sono [email protected]
Comment from : Biagio Di Balsamo

Jairus Bass-King Harvey
bullshit I call bullshit
Comment from : Jairus Bass-King Harvey

Lord Capybara
My thumbs are double jointed at the base knuckle, so it bends around the coin
Comment from : Lord Capybara

The Oracle
If you want to me sure you have he right hand position you can squash your hand with your other hand to make sure that you are going to shoot the coin
Comment from : The Oracle

Bleona Nika24
i don't have the right size of coin :,)
Comment from : Bleona Nika24

I remember doing this day in and day out with poker chips about 15 years ago with Bobo's book in my lap Oh those days YouTube has made life so much easier
Comment from : JimTheBossDubs

Ilkay Kahraman
How often a day do you practice this?
Comment from : Ilkay Kahraman

Quest Gaming
Wait I'm taking a coin and watching and doing
Comment from : Quest Gaming

Miloš Rakin
I can't squeeze my hand hard enough on its own I gotta position the coin, pressure it and then with the other hand squeeze my hand the coin is in If I try one handed it just flops out of my hand
Comment from : Miloš Rakin

Needed 3 Days to get it right and im a beginner brWhen you find the right Spot in your Hand the coin jumps Real high up to 60 brBut i have Real Problems to Ajust the Coin with the same Hand brI dont Know but i guess my fingers are not long enough brI always have to use my other Hand to Apply Preasure and put the Coin in the correct Position
Comment from : jihad4realniz

The Gayest Gay That Ever Gayed
I only have a quarter or 2euro this is very difficult
Comment from : The Gayest Gay That Ever Gayed

Adrienne Mc Donnell
CyberLife sent me
Comment from : Adrienne Mc Donnell

TK Phantom
I am right-handed and I couldn't do it then I accidentally did it with my left and it worked every time brbrEdit: I just found out that I can do it with both hands without the pinky (but better with the left hand) (Tip, try and not use the pinky sometimes and see which one works better!)
Comment from : TK Phantom

The Mind Of Ben
a bit harder for kids
Comment from : The Mind Of Ben

Sowy V
Just realizing that I can't do this bcs all the coins in my country are so freaking tiny lol
Comment from : Sowy V

Raylu 56
Comment from : Raylu 56

Akiwari -chan
It's okay when ithurts?
Comment from : Akiwari -chan

Mathematik Anhänger
I can now make the coin jump to about 20 cm, but I cant catch it at its peak!
Comment from : Mathematik Anhänger

Clemons Kunkel
Awesome did not ever see that one before Great teaching
Comment from : Clemons Kunkel

Laggeon, The Lag Mind, servant of Mara Sov
I feel like euro coins are smaller and in result are harder ti do this
Comment from : Laggeon, The Lag Mind, servant of Mara Sov

Whats Poppin
I can make the coin jump but I have no idea how to get it into position without using my other hand
Comment from : Whats Poppin

Comment from : Cruz

Ayden_Skits _
Can kids do it I’m useing a quarter it’s a small quarter
Comment from : Ayden_Skits _

Is it to perfect that my name actually is Connor
Comment from : Zephyr

Learn magic
Thank you soo much because of you I have mastered the muscle pass!
Comment from : Learn magic

Abigail Jarpa
My hands are so fleshy that my coin get stuck and doesn't jump
Comment from : Abigail Jarpa

I dont mean it but
He's probably tired of reading Connor comments 😂
Comment from : I dont mean it but

IM khalludi
Are you from egypt🇪🇬🤔
Comment from : IM khalludi

Who on the earth is this "Connor" ?? I heard this in these kind of other videos also
Comment from : ŞĦƗVÃM

Himanshu Kumar
Thank you I did and it jump little bit High 😁
Comment from : Himanshu Kumar

Ray S
I hope so too
Comment from : Ray S

wonder if it's possible for me to be able to master it with both hands? i wanna try with my left as well (im right handed) and realized how weak the muscles in my left hand are compared to my right hand
Comment from : dora

Sir Gecko
I love how he is so enthusiastic about teaching us
Comment from : Sir Gecko

Larry 51
I think my hand biologicly can't do it because i have to much skin All the skin supplement overlap the coin even when i don t put my thumb up
Comment from : Larry 51

one life
Comment from : one life

Adda Badescu
If the coin only falls on the other side in the first days of practising, it means I'm doing it good right? :))
Comment from : Adda Badescu

I cant do the muscle pass, either my hand palms are too big or I have wrong positioning
Comment from : MadLad66

Dipak Saha
Comment from : Dipak Saha

Would this work with a €2 coin? I don't have anything bigger
Comment from : SuperVegasvince

In 20 years of pro magic and training i can tell younits the hardest move i ever tryied!
Comment from : MIKIS ZEZAS

lax tendy
when im using the same coin
Comment from : lax tendy

Mystic Echos
How can I do it with a quater
Comment from : Mystic Echos

my palm is crying
Comment from : gnarly

Brian Brown
Aunt Bee called she wants her bun back
Comment from : Brian Brown

Comment from : OnceThereWasAPageWithAReallyLongAssNameAndNowYouAreLookingAtAChannelWithAReallyLongName!

Decided to make one of these to track my progress, cuz y not!brDay 1: The coin just flipped as showed, and my hand was red I kept practicing and it kinda flipped morebrDay2: it finally started to jump out of n]my mind, but long distances but I can let it leap out of my hand, I’m trying to get a little leap out of my other hand as well so I can pass back and forth like Connor! I get some good jumps, but sometimes it takes me a couple tries, but I see progression!brDay3:???
Comment from : Alphrixx

Joze maria alves de França
Faz uma mágica de quebrando um relógio e consertado de novo
Comment from : Joze maria alves de França

Joze maria alves de França
Comment from : Joze maria alves de França

bFiguring out where on your hand to squeeze the coin is also in my experience pretty important/bbrbrI got it to jump on accident and tried to replicate it and now I can do it semi consistentlybrbr"Also my hand hurts"
Comment from : Seen

Adam J
Girlfriend: brwhy the hell are your hands red and raw? Have you been practicing that coin jump trick??brbrMe:brYeah, sure, that’s err exactly what err I’ve been doing, your so smart honey
Comment from : Adam J

ashique magic ashik
Comment from : ashique magic ashik

youtube commentor
2 or 3 months? aint nobody got time for that
Comment from : youtube commentor

azm gameing
How to do it please community
Comment from : azm gameing

azm gameing
My hand not works my hand is fat
Comment from : azm gameing

sean gallaway
Comment from : sean gallaway

Barath Gandhimathi
Yeah i got it
Comment from : Barath Gandhimathi

Nyctophilia Suspension
Can't do it 🤧
Comment from : Nyctophilia Suspension

It's impossible for me because whenever or wherever I squeeze it the skin goes above the coin from both the fingers so it does nothing except get stuck and hurt my hand
Comment from : Kolikoasdpvp

_ ro
Make a calus “the bruise” the muscle get swol and that’s why it jumps
Comment from : _ ro

Who is Conner?
Comment from : PH4N5OM

Kujo Jotaro
Its too bad our country produces small coins
Comment from : Kujo Jotaro

Comment from : PortableWater321

It just wont happend
Comment from : Kcnl

I cant do it It gets stuck in my palm and it doesnt go upwards Maybe bc i got soft hands oof
Comment from : Kcnl

Cinose 13
I've been at this for two hours and all that I've done is realize how weird my hands look
Comment from : Cinose 13

My hands are too big
Comment from : MESEDER

Comment from : Caleab

i only can make it do a little jump:( damn
Comment from : kyle

i think my hand is too big
Comment from : ArmadylRush

Will poker chips work?
Comment from : Idoit

That's not a coin you play around with it's a Morgan dollar valued about $25
Comment from :

Love this effect, very pure and pretty Getting ready to destroy my hand on this one
Comment from : Endorphins

Christian Autajay
Others have bruises on their palms, I feel like my hand's veins are being chopped by the half dollar
Comment from : Christian Autajay

I have too much skin on my hand
Comment from : Christian

Blue Arsemr
I tried with my left hand, no luckbrbrRight hand instantly got it
Comment from : Blue Arsemr

Cancel Cancel
Got it first try, feels good to have the beginner's luck
Comment from : Cancel Cancel

Jon D
whats a good substitute for a half dollar/old one dollar coin??? i wanna learn but i dont have either😂😂😂
Comment from : Jon D

My hand is too big 😞
Comment from : Theorius

Magic With Mike
I have no problem doing the muscle pass horizontal a good 6-7 inches but when i try doing it vertically it goes like half an inch? What gives?
Comment from : Magic With Mike

Gabriel Gregório
I've been doing it for 20 minutes and I just can't do it I think my hand has too much skin so it just wraps around the coin all it does is flop to the other side my hand is red and hot
Comment from : Gabriel Gregório

I dont really get it I use a 5 kuna coin from croatia ( her for Holidays)brand i'm basically squeezing my hand that palmes with my other hand but the coin doesnt move at all
Comment from : Mr_Ligma

I have a magma team Pokemon coin, it works but half the time flips over
Comment from : nhojffej

Quinn G
Am I doing it right if the coin is off center? Do you have to have both your pinkie finger and your thumb touching the coin?
Comment from : Quinn G

Is 29mm too small? It is the only light, thin and biggest one that i have because i have another one which is a 37mm diameter coin but it's quite thick and heavy and i'm not sure if it is because it's too heavy, that's why it doesn't jump What diameter do you think is the best to use for practice? Is a poker chip easier and better than other coins to practice?
Comment from : KookieMonster

My hand 85 inches long, dollar coin too small :( what coin do I use?
Comment from : jorg3Palm3z

Asian Anims
My palm hurts and it won’t pop it just sticks there
Comment from : Asian Anims

I got a rash
Comment from : Palm

Comment from : karthikp1981

Not so original
I know this videos old but I was wondering, how do I shoot the coin straight up?
Comment from : Not so original

Max LaRock
this is a very clean video i like it you did it wellGod bless
Comment from : Max LaRock

Khmer Food Cooking Everyday
Wow good so quick magic Pro 👍👍
Comment from : Khmer Food Cooking Everyday

Do you know the lines on the hand my coin gets stuck in it :(
Comment from : LeftEyeGuy

I think my hands are too small
Comment from : RICHARDO WILSON

aaron burr, sir
Hi, im android send by cyberlife
Comment from : aaron burr, sir

asya is ice queen
can i do this with euro coins? anyone tried?
Comment from : asya is ice queen

Ritchie Ingram
i love tricks like this, even if you know how its done, it's still amazing! if anything it makes it more impressive , i hope to learn it but damn its tough
Comment from : Ritchie Ingram

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