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Buying More Gold for Generational Wealth | 2021 Gold Britannia u0026 Kangaroo Coins

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Information Buying More Gold for Generational Wealth | 2021 Gold Britannia u0026 Kangaroo Coins

Title :  Buying More Gold for Generational Wealth | 2021 Gold Britannia u0026 Kangaroo Coins
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Frames Buying More Gold for Generational Wealth | 2021 Gold Britannia u0026 Kangaroo Coins

Description Buying More Gold for Generational Wealth | 2021 Gold Britannia u0026 Kangaroo Coins

Comments Buying More Gold for Generational Wealth | 2021 Gold Britannia u0026 Kangaroo Coins

Mike K
Love the gold kangaroos Favorite coin of mine!
Comment from : Mike K

Rusty Shackleford
The 2021 Kangaroo is an absolute beauty I have several fractionals and it's amazing I'm surprised Kangaroos aren't more popular
Comment from : Rusty Shackleford

Philippe BERT
I love it tanks !๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Comment from : Philippe BERT

victor arregnelle
Why the hell is Elizabeth II and most coins?! Annoying
Comment from : victor arregnelle

I prefer Ethereum all day over these stagnant manipulated metals We will revisit it 1 year and shall see Ethereum is the Blockchain tech foundation for the future Read the white paper ๐Ÿ“ before commenting all you Schiff lovers What an idiot he turned out to be
Comment from : TLCCOMICS 1

German Redneck
I love the britannia, the look and size are so amazing Just bought my second britannia (2021) which made my first pound of gold complete :D Still have only 13 of my money invested in Gold, the amount of money you can make with stocks just cannot be beat
Comment from : German Redneck

Went to the link above to buy capsules for gold coins, but only A2 capsules shown in listing, could not find any others I'll check back later I too love the look of the Britannia Gold Coin Personally, I think it looks better than perhaps any other BU Coin out there right now that I have seen, both in Silver and Gold Keep up the great videos!
Comment from : optionstraderdan

Wurd Ferguson
Gold? When there is silver at one 70th of the price per ounce? Don't understand the reasoning there, no brainer just get silver, get some bang for your buck to stack and plus it will be going up proportionately much more than gold will be going up
Comment from : Wurd Ferguson

John Baker
I like the britania
Comment from : John Baker

Super stuff Bought 4 ounce as well Check it out
Comment from : Goudhaantje

tripple Brown
I can't find any 1 ounce American gold eagle at any LCS in my area but I was to buy $20 1908 st Guadins and $20 1907 Liberty double eagles plus I have also 485 ounces of silver and 4 ounces of gold (modern and numismatic)
Comment from : tripple Brown

I always wanted a kangaroo coin In gold
Comment from : BC

Richard Metcalf
Keeping my powder dry and waiting for spot or premiums to drop
Comment from : Richard Metcalf

Richard Metcalf
What were the coins in the sheets? All I could make out was the Queen
Comment from : Richard Metcalf

Iam all in as well any extra money goes to silver up tp 8 - 10 ozs a week
Comment from : Stackboy

John Sanford
I do care about $1,800 gold I'm in acquisition mode, so lower prices are what I want $1,400 sounds great, especially if premiums also drop
Comment from : John Sanford

Saltwater Saddle Tramp
Nothing prettier than goldl for one, would hate to see the price skyrocket and turn it into unobtainium
Comment from : Saltwater Saddle Tramp

Culture of Currency
I have always loved that buffaloI do not have any gold yet but maybe one day
Comment from : Culture of Currency

Gil Balfas
Love your work
Comment from : Gil Balfas

stacking rule 1: Don't do it for you're kids or grandkids
Comment from : johnn

steve j
hope your right, i'm selling my house and going all in silver, about 10 weeks it can keep going down
Comment from : steve j

Verma coins collection
Beautiful coins nice collection
Comment from : Verma coins collection

Elmer Fud
I bought a gold Britannia last week and they are beautiful brI am thinking third quarter, and watching
Comment from : Elmer Fud

The Australian gold nugget and the golden Indian are my favorite gold coins Happy stacking!
Comment from : KooopuH

Glen H
That Brittania is a gorgious coin I don't buy gold for its looks I buy Kruggerands which are ugly on one side with Paul Kruggerands face Kruggerands are common and can be sold everywhere They are respected coins They have low premiums
Comment from : Glen H

Edward L
Adding silver but have been buying the 1/2 & 1/4 Ounce gold BU Eagles Like them from Liberty Coin in the Presentation Boxes 3 Ounces Gold and 45 Ounces of Silver in March
Comment from : Edward L

Sharkbarks World
I've been to the rodeo before Everybody acts like these prices will last foreveruntil they start going up again and they will!! Just keep grinding away and you'll win out in the end!
Comment from : Sharkbarks World

The flowers on the gold kangaroo are kangaroo paw and waratah, waratah flowers are from the proteas or proteaceae family Also kangaroo is 321mm diameter, gold eagle and Britannia is 327mm compared to 30mm gold maples
Comment from : A Y

Michael Hatzinikolis
Beautiful gold bullion florida!
Comment from : Michael Hatzinikolis

where do you buy sir?
Comment from : Le0

Raising the Vibration With Yeng
What is the difference between stacking the first spouse 1/2oz 24k coins vs other 24k coins? People keeps telling me don't buy those crap first spouse coins but don't give me any good reasons why I haven't purchase any but I would like to stick to the us mint if possible Is the first spouse coins harder to sell to local coin shops? What am I missing?
Comment from : Raising the Vibration With Yeng

Kofi Ofosu
The Buffalo is my favorite, followed by the Maple, but that Perth Mint kangaroo is a beautiful coin at a great price Love yo get one some day
Comment from : Kofi Ofosu

Gold will never fall It will be here way after bitcoin and the dollar
Comment from : BC

Stacking 1/4 oz gold Britannia Hope to eventually pick up the 1 oz Might pick up a couple of fractional Kangaroo Not sure about liquidity on the kangaroos vs the Britannia or AGE
Comment from : D S

rAgtAg Stacking
I love the 2021 Brit and Too I have them in 1/4 oz great video
Comment from : rAgtAg Stacking

I hope gold and silver take a dump and tank below pre-Covid levels and the premiums finally come down so I can bear market stack like the good old days
Comment from : EsurfRider

Joe Rock
I'm going to add a kangaroo coin to my collection the Britannias are sold out were I live now glad I got mine last month Lots of gold coins are getting harder to find as well
Comment from : Joe Rock

Nice coins, I donโ€™t have any gold coins, I have some silver maple leafs, I usually stick to bars, for silver I prefer the 10oz I just picked up an RCM 1oz gold bar today With all the uncertainty coming in the coming months and years no doubt, I couldnโ€™t see the point to holding a lot of cash, so Iโ€™ll buy both gold and silver on the way down if possible Either way Iโ€™ll be buying;)
Comment from : stratcaptain66

Just curious why u need security features on gold and silver These precious metals are very easily tested for authenticity so whatโ€™s the point in their security features? My gold buffalos also say they have a face value of $50 lol Kind of ridiculous
Comment from : 1000silver

Aloha Stacker
Enjoying the price decline, but I am with you this is a temporary blip I am good with low prices for a few more years
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Silver Stacker in Training
Geat video I hope it does go down in price
Comment from : Silver Stacker in Training

Bullion Addict
If prices drop it will be more opportunity for buying and holding for the long term brLong term hold is the end game on gold
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Cycling Philosopher
Interesting article I don't see why $1470- gold would be a problem, though I'd see it as an opportunitybrbrThe pull back in gold coincides with rising nominal yields, which are actually rising faster than inflation If the FED is pushing through with its average inflation targeting and let inflation run over 2 for some time and if GDP-growth is 4-6 this year, I think the FED will let 10 year yields rise to 2-25 before they step in and cap the yield But the FED also mentioned the higher inflation expected this year to be transitory, which indicates to me that the FED will suppress nominal rates more later in 2021 or shortly afterbrI tend to agree with Lyn Alden who expects some form of yield curve control (over or covert) over the next decade to slowly get national debt down from 130 of GDP back down to below 90 Also don't forget that the dollar might loose its international reserve status, meaning the dollar can at some point float more freely against other currencies and finds it equilibrium at a DXY at somewhere between 50 and 70 The framework might be put into place as we speak The FED last year created swap lines with other central banks and currently there is a proposal at the IMF for a new allocation of SDRs, effectively tripling or quadrupling the amount of SDRs in the international financial systembrbrFiat money and bonds (if debtor and creditor agree, that is) can be created at will Stocks, real estate, precious metals and other commodities cannot During these times of revaluation of fiat money and bonds, own assets
Comment from : Cycling Philosopher

10k subscribers! Congratulations
Comment from : Rooster

Bob Wojcikowski
Lower gold is more of a buying opportunity
Comment from : Bob Wojcikowski

Jason Jones
Getting my first purchase of silver today A 10 oz bar and waiting for my second purchase of gold to come later this week My second 1 oz purchase Turning some of that stimulus fiat money into real money
Comment from : Jason Jones

Diggersden Tezza UKMD
Now thay are some nice gold coins brother
Comment from : Diggersden Tezza UKMD

Those are some very nice coins
Comment from : lilrockfromga

T the Silver Stacker
Beautiful gold there!
Comment from : T the Silver Stacker

Allan Colegrove
Thanks for your informative video I will keep buying silver slowly I believe it will go to 32 by the end of the year If it drops below 22 I'll increase buying
Comment from : Allan Colegrove

the English Professor
Ordered a 1/4 American Gold Eagle AND a 1/4 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf in the last week May have to eat PB & J for the next week or two, but it was worth it (Shhh! Don't tell Mom!)brbrNice coins, FS!
Comment from : the English Professor

Extreme Pacifist
Why do you and most gold and silver stackers, always want gold and silver to go up? My approach is to buy as much as possible when the prices are held down, and hold until the end game crash I do not deal in the etf paper market nor own mining stocks, nor play the digital crypto blockchain game set up by the central bankers through the NSA ; read the 1996 white paper they published Our goal should be to tell as many people as we can to buy and possess physical gold and silver and ignore the daily spot price The premiums doubling in just one year is to stop individuals like us from being more aggressive in obtaining gold and silver, while the billionaires and central bankers and governments quietly acquire more gold and silver Thanks for all of your insight and letโ€™s work together to get all of our brothers and sisters to turn their worthless federal reserve notes into real money; gold and silver Peace
Comment from : Extreme Pacifist

Daze ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Comment from : Daze ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Madd Stacker
Beautiful coins brother
Comment from : Madd Stacker

Silver Scorpion
Great video
Comment from : Silver Scorpion

Gunnar Gundersen
Great video I've been picking up 1/10th Britannias to trip 4 Gold Sovereigns over 1Toz I will pick up a full oz Britannia after I have stacked 40 Sovereigns So that's after I get a better jobbrbr2021 Britannias - IMHO Coin of the year Milk Spots be damned
Comment from : Gunnar Gundersen

U Haul
Thank you 4 da answa 2 my Q 'bout bcapsules/b
Comment from : U Haul

Leonard s
Great info thank you
Comment from : Leonard s

Shashank Golikeri
That's a spectacular 1-oz gold Britannia 2021 Very lustrous, and I am soooo envious But good on you for adding to your gold stack Again, congratulations brbrGiven the outrageous premium on silver, gold right now is the best option Premium on gold is easier to recoup as the gold price rises As it SURELY WILL brbrThank you, Florida, for a golden video โค๐Ÿ‘brStay safe y'all ๐Ÿ™
Comment from : Shashank Golikeri

John Bethea
I gold at 1400+ and silver $24+ low
Comment from : John Bethea

Silver Stethoscope
Good morning
Comment from : Silver Stethoscope

Bronx 718NYC
Wow ๐Ÿคฉ great ๐Ÿ‘ videos
Comment from : Bronx 718NYC

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