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Canadian Silver Dollars

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Title :  Canadian Silver Dollars
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Comments Canadian Silver Dollars

This is my new stacking Target Canadian junk silver still affordable
Comment from : sugarman08

Canadian Silver Seeker
Glad I found your channel not alot of us Canadian Stackers Happy Stackin eh!
Comment from : Canadian Silver Seeker

I have a voyager from 1975 i nothing about coins that's why I'm here does that mean something
Comment from : DefiniteFenrir

I love it
Comment from : THE COIN MAN

Ricky Franco
What was the confederation dollar after 67? I saw it in some video i forget It was silver
Comment from : Ricky Franco

Ganapati Hegde
Nice vlog! Great presentation
Comment from : Ganapati Hegde

Jean Banville
Hi I just saw your nice video of your Can $ worth at least over 1000 $ Can now I'm Canadian and I have a few of these too These are my favorite face value coins! Thanks
Comment from : Jean Banville

Keith Rose
I like the 1919 and earlier Canada coins 925 But haven't found dollar coins that old
Comment from : Keith Rose

subutia Morris
just started my collect today i found out about arnprior the oldest i got too is the 1939 but i do have Victoria 1890 think its British oh boy so much to learn im 52 had a massive stroke so cant do much lol
Comment from : subutia Morris

in 1972 they made a 50 silver dollard whit only 341000 made
Comment from : bigdon2241

Kate Ross
I have 1963 I'm looking for 2 1962 and 1966
Comment from : Kate Ross

Do you know the silver concentration of the 1873-1973 RCMP Canadian Silver Dollar? It’s my lucky coin and just wanted to know if I’m carrying any silver on me or is it just copper or nickel? I hope it has some silver in it
Comment from : Anonymous

Martyisnuts Aboutdiggin
Some 25 cents 1967 coins were produced with 80 silver in it, while others with only 50
Comment from : Martyisnuts Aboutdiggin

automotive addiction
I have the 2 silver dollars that are bigger then the rest the 1967 and I think 1953
Comment from : automotive addiction

I have a 1935
Comment from : harlanc13

Andrew Hart
Dude - I guess Americans are spoiled but I collect older Canadian Half Dollars/DollarsI'm also a stacker but I divide my money between bothI think the Canadian Half Dollars design is up there with the BEST OF EMIt's gorgeous and under-appreciated imho
Comment from : Andrew Hart

Monete di Valore
Hello, do you know tolerance weight for Canada 1 silver dollar? Thanks
Comment from : Monete di Valore

🇨🇦Hello hello! I love Canada's circulated silver coins They are still the best value around where I live Just remember you want 1967 and earlier Selling them is always a bit of a barter Make sure you are shopping around when selling these 80 silver pieces The best rate for sale up here who was not my regular dealer was 80 spot price
Comment from : DBSRLY _

As I added these I just saw this video! They are great pickups!
Comment from : Chrisinsocal

T the Silver Stacker
I really love The Voyageur!
Comment from : T the Silver Stacker

John Green
Love Canadian silver dollars, really Canadian silver anything Used to go to Windsor, Ontario all the time to gamble at casino If I won anything went to the coin shop and bought silver coins You have beutiful coin with innovative designs Just out of curiosity, do you ever get an American nickle in your change? Lol
Comment from : John Green

Love the Canadian silver dollars
Comment from : DM

Mer Meg
Do you know the silver content of the 1987 VANCOUVER TRAIN coin? I love that one, as well Thanks for introducing me to these coins I've been adding them to the collection Love the goose, as well Cheers!
Comment from : Mer Meg

Silver Lover
Thanks for the video
Comment from : Silver Lover

Robert Richard
been collecting them for years , love the design on the 1949 and yes it is getting harder to find , but what you really want to find is the 1948
Comment from : Robert Richard

I never knew that the lines on the back of the Voyager coin are suppose to represent the Northern lights! Love those coins and the totem pole designs Thanks for sharing Take care and be safe!
Comment from : CASON2006

Value Is Everything
My favorite thing to stack these days Love them
Comment from : Value Is Everything

Kenneth Harvey
I bought my first Maple 🍁 and got it yesterday!
Comment from : Kenneth Harvey

Silver Struck
You have the nicest collection of vintage Canadian silver dollars! Great job putting that collection/stack together
Comment from : Silver Struck

Nice stack, I’ve only got a few of them so far and same thing with me I never knew about the silver dollar since I started stacking a while ago! 🇨🇦
Comment from : ENDURO STACKER

Aloha Stacker
Love Canadian Silver Dollars! The goose is my favorite as well and speaking of which I just got some new ones I will be showing off on Sundays video! My tube will get some adding Goal one full tube this year!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

jim c
i have been selling my cadadian silver dollars and half dollars as i do not live in canada my wife does not like the 80 silver coins she does not like the 40 kennedy half dollars also but i am keeping my graded set of canadian dollar set of 1935 - 1952 all pcgs graded in mint state my 1948 is ms64 and my 1945 is ms63
Comment from : jim c

Saltwater Saddle Tramp
Most of the Canadian silver dollars I’m seeing here in Florida just seem to cost to much Mostly around $30 I’ve been buying Libertads for $33 and sorry but I’d much rather buy Libertads US junk silver is also a way better deal here I like your silver dollars, I just won’t buy them at that price
Comment from : Saltwater Saddle Tramp

Butter Beans
Great dollars
Comment from : Butter Beans

John Hofmann
The Great Canadian Silver Dollar ! True Back Bone if this country! And the best way to add weight to your Stack! Thanks RagTag ! 🍿🐸🇨🇦✌️👽🙏
Comment from : John Hofmann

truth is within
You know I had to jump in on this one!brbrLove all of them Canadian silver dollars! Up to 127 of them so far in my stack! brbrKeep stacking brotherbrPeace from Montreal
Comment from : truth is within

Silver Scorpion
Great video I need some
Comment from : Silver Scorpion

Curt Halldorson
Great video , I plan on collecting a few more of these, interesting video Thanks again Rag Tag All the best from the westi wasn't aware the 67 dollar was in fact 80 percent silver as compared to the rest of the set
Comment from : Curt Halldorson

Gunnar Gundersen
Up to 33 CAD of various years Love them and ideally want about 2 tubesbrbrOnly year I'm kind of "Meh" about is the Charlotte one The rest I love, Parliament, Voyager, Totem, Goose
Comment from : Gunnar Gundersen

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