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A short film on Learning Disabilities

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Information A short film on Learning Disabilities

Title :  A short film on Learning Disabilities
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Description A short film on Learning Disabilities

Comments A short film on Learning Disabilities

Shridhar Krishna
Sir mere bache k sath v aisa hi hota h school me kyoki o autistic h teacher v care nai krte main to uski ma hu mera kaam v waha leja leana h is umid me ki kv na kv mera bacha v ek din or bacho jaisa hopaiga teacher nai but kuch bache hi uske liy uska lunch khol dete h mujhe koi help nai milta kya ap meri madad karenge kya ye samaj aisy bacho ko kv normal life nai jine denge ek autistic bacha paida krna v ek crime lagne laga h kyoki paida krnewale ma ko har din apne hi bache ko is haal main dekhna
Comment from : Shridhar Krishna

Dhanish Safan
Now i m in dubai pls anybody help that prob my child cure
Comment from : Dhanish Safan

Madhumita Kshirsagar
So touchy, I'm in tears
Comment from : Madhumita Kshirsagar

Pravesh Mann GPS Mugalwali
Very nice
Comment from : Pravesh Mann GPS Mugalwali

Bhagirath Kumar singh
मैं वादा करता हूँ अध्यापक बनने के बाद मेरा एक भी छात्र जो इस समस्या से ग्रस्त होगा अपनी काबीलियत से नहीं गिरेगा।
Comment from : Bhagirath Kumar singh

Misha nathwani
Comment from : Misha nathwani

Crayola Balloon
Hi, I’m in grade 10 academic math and have a learning disability I stay up till 2 in the morning studying I feel so bad because my mom always helps me with my homework and I just want to be able to do a single question without her but every time I try I fail I take down all the notes and work harder then everyone else, but I still manage to get average grades It frustrates me so much and I have no self confidence, I’m a cry baby and every time I cry in math because I don’t get it I get told that I’m being ridiculous I smack my head to motivate myself and scratch the back of my neck till there’s blood I get by with just being “average” and my parents are so worried about my mental health that they threaten me to take me down to applied I feel so stuck, watching my classmates move on it feels like I’m at the back of the pack in a race It’s not fair, I do more work then anyone else in my classes yet i only get a “75” I stay up for hours studying only trying to finish my homework I sacrifice sleep, eating and I have to constantly fight the negative thoughts in my head calling me all sorts of insults Life isn’t fair, and it’s not fair that WE have to go through this It’s currently 11:51pm and I started at 7pm I’m not even half way through, I have class in the morning and haven’t ate dinner, my neck has a washcloth on it and a pile of tissues in my garbage can But I’m not gonna give up, it’s not the best lesson when u actually think about it but it’s my story and u should take care of yourself
Comment from : Crayola Balloon

I remember failing algebra class multiple times and my math teacher told me my final time Your not stupid it's just you learn things differently You questioned the process instead of just accepting it
Comment from : Elle

Wilbur Soot
I study in this School
Comment from : Wilbur Soot

Tok Rimau
Beautiful film
Comment from : Tok Rimau

Ameer Hamza
How can contact with you brmy childern age of 18 & he is slow lernar in my city no school like theas childern & i am so far from you brIn earlier age we didnt see many things but now he is 18 & he didnt cross 4th class, here doctors said he is no more education but if he is works with reflexes mean any skill like paking ,washing,painting office boy, &any work there he didnt use his mind i an worried about his future b/c not in education but he become a normal in any kind mybe a little shop where he earn for his family & coop with socity so pleas tell me what can i do for himbrthis is only my foult ignoreing my boy but now i am worried & sorry about my english i just write little brThanks
Comment from : Ameer Hamza

Ronald McDonaldo
Thats make me cry 😢
Comment from : Ronald McDonaldo

Poonam Sharma
Comment from : Poonam Sharma

varsha Gupta
Nice, flim, my child suffer the same Very helpless 😭
Comment from : varsha Gupta

Ivana Bojanić Art
❤ thank you
Comment from : Ivana Bojanić Art

Santosh Thale
Kuch bhi dal dete hai views pane ke liye
Comment from : Santosh Thale

All with HuM
Learning disabilitiesbr foxlyin/qvwhbrPlease watch and share
Comment from : All with HuM

Green Reed
Comment from : Green Reed

We should consider every child We have multiple intelligence
Comment from : KA MATHEIS

Sushma Parashar
The actor is my bestie and he is even my best friend
Comment from : Sushma Parashar

Jug Head
I have a learning disability and it’s really hard going threw life even my friends make fun of me for not knowing something
Comment from : Jug Head

Sana Bilkis
Comment from : Sana Bilkis

afifa khalid
wow good very very good i am also Bed student and this movie is very helpful for me
Comment from : afifa khalid

Amazing film 💖💖
Comment from : Bakus_ᅮんأⲥⲥAss

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree etcbr Albert Einstein
Comment from : JhonE

Ahmad Tamilan
It’s me I am a disability but stubborn in learning
Comment from : Ahmad Tamilan

Nida Zahra
It's fabulous😍
Comment from : Nida Zahra

Shaaz Gull baloch
Comment from : Shaaz Gull baloch

Ariff Daniel
Me too but now im therapist who help kids the same problem For 17 long years of blood and bone struggle with this symptom and now im on top
Comment from : Ariff Daniel

Ashley Ray
He doesn’t have a disability
Comment from : Ashley Ray

Alberto Castaneda
I am a junior in high school I have a IEP and the best advice I can give to a student that also has a IEP is to not listen to your case manager and all the teachers surrounding you they may say that your no good and that you can't get out of applied classes but you just brush it off your shoulders because they don't know you and will never will the only person that knows you is yourself
Comment from : Alberto Castaneda

Great video, learning disabilities really suck thobrbrbrGPD anyone?
Comment from : FinnGeometry

I have this disability I get stuck in maths and English and other stuff that’s why I have to do different work in maths lily ricky have learning problems we do different stuff in maths sometimes English
Comment from : Hxnakoqq

My child is suffering the same prblm
Comment from : Fahad

I couldn't stop my tears
Comment from : Fahad

Pradyumn Landge
Loved this
Comment from : Pradyumn Landge

It made me cry so hard because I have a very bad learning disability I barely understand anything and I’m in high school
Comment from : Asesina

anee mathai
Nice video
Comment from : anee mathai

Mini Hippy
This video touched my heart because I have a learning disability , it makes me feel everyone is not alone anymore and this video made me cry brI loved this video so much it’s so good
Comment from : Mini Hippy

wasim ali
Watching this movie just remind me my own life when I used to grow up are used to go through the same thing but I started learning things when I started growing up that’s when I started realising that l can do whatever I want just matter of putting my mind to it 10 years later my holding a very strong job required me to go to uni just need to figure the way just to let everyone learns different matter of figure them out by themselves
Comment from : wasim ali

Dolat Parkash
Amazing Sir
Comment from : Dolat Parkash

Trully very expressive film I enjoyed watching this and this gave a whole understanding on how I can help my daughter
Comment from : ALEXAMOM Bravo

Burke Herrick
Same stuff im going through as of right now As of this moment
Comment from : Burke Herrick

Nancy Gurish
I am telling you You can go almost your entire life;brnot figuring out that you have a disability in learning brin some area or another! I'm an example I hadbrto struggle all of my life with learning - yet, I felt as ifbrI could learn anything; but nothing I studied ever amountedbrto anything! I couldn't finish the game! Learning wasbra constant struggle, even when I truly enjoyed thebrsubject matter! Today I have been able to teach myselfbranything but in my time; and with the books and otherbrmedia of my choice Most of the times it takes video;brbut only presented in certain ways Not everyone hasbrthe skills to teach someone with the inability of comprehensionbrCheck your kid for learning disabilities!brNancybr youtube/TWVHgKiVEY8brShow lessbrREPLY
Comment from : Nancy Gurish

Chow k
learning disability is just about interpreting world in different way, they can't adapt themselves to normal learning method, because they don't learn things in common way
Comment from : Chow k

Aneesa Patel
What a beautiful film!
Comment from : Aneesa Patel

Anuj Kumar
Well done team!!!!!
Comment from : Anuj Kumar

Anna Mouse
So beautiful 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌
Comment from : Anna Mouse

Anna Mouse
Thank you May I share to raise awareness?
Comment from : Anna Mouse

Vani tha
nice video 👍
Comment from : Vani tha

tukinha pires
really powerful, unfortunately the society enemy is the  the ignorance
Comment from : tukinha pires

I'm the same as the kid :(
Comment from : TwentySevenTeen

Prayas3D Theatre
to learn a lot of things are there in it which i have been learn from u team befor during and after the shoot brthanks
Comment from : Prayas3D Theatre

Shamit Shrivastava
nice video & good act
Comment from : Shamit Shrivastava

Veena Kundi
nice video yash congrats
Comment from : Veena Kundi

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