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Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory u0026 Indulgences? | The Catholic Talk Show

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Information Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory u0026 Indulgences? | The Catholic Talk Show

Title :  Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory u0026 Indulgences? | The Catholic Talk Show
Lasting :   1.10.39
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Frames Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory u0026 Indulgences? | The Catholic Talk Show

Description Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory u0026 Indulgences? | The Catholic Talk Show

Comments Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory u0026 Indulgences? | The Catholic Talk Show

Dominique Hipolito
What if you intended to go to mass on your outing, but your family does not, and you miss mass on Sunday?
Comment from : Dominique Hipolito

Moises Sandoval
Great discussion guys towards the end
Comment from : Moises Sandoval

Susan Lovelock

Comment from : Susan Lovelock

Night of Mischief
And I’m with Ryan, didn’t Jesus actually give us an 11th commandment about love?
Comment from : Night of Mischief

Night of Mischief
How can you be at odds with anything in the casteism? Doesn’t that make you a heretic by virtue of the act? And isn’t heresy one of the very few reason for automatic excommunication? Just asking ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Comment from : Night of Mischief

helen oce
Remember that Mary just with her salutation in The visitation John The Baptist receive the Holy Spirit in Saint Elizabeth's womb Barbies can be bless,
Comment from : helen oce

Maria Guglielmino
I give all my indulgences away for the souls in purgatory Should i stop to lessen my time in purgatory?
Comment from : Maria Guglielmino

Barbara Whitt
What group is playing the opening music Just curious!!
Comment from : Barbara Whitt

Ditto Ditto
I'm with Fr Richpreach it
Comment from : Ditto Ditto

Diana C Gutierrez
I don't know about anyone else but I'm overjoyed that Father Rich and Delacross handled Scheel like educated and compassionate men I agree with Father Rich a thousand percent You don't know until your in the that situation Best episode
Comment from : Diana C Gutierrez

John Sayre
I really enjoyed this episode thank you I'm currently reading a book by Mary C Moorman called "Indulgences: Luther, Catholicism, and the Imputation of Merit" It's a bit of a slow read for me, I'm not an academic, but learning a lot from it and I highly recommend
Comment from : John Sayre

Rita Blanchard
Do we have to go to the cemetery to pray for someone for them to get an indulgence? My parents and their loved ones are hundreds miles away in other states
Comment from : Rita Blanchard

Eileen Stevens
I get so much from your show I learn alot about things I have been concerned about Thank you so much🙏
Comment from : Eileen Stevens

I never understood Sin and Purgatory talking about in details of this even when I was young and in CCD I grew up in the church and walked away from the church before Confirmation This year in Easter Season I got confirmed
Comment from : Jayjulez754

Limbo is almost like trying to figure out if animals go to heaven and even that is a grey area All we can do is hope There are some things I'm sure that we're not in Scripture that we weren't supposed to focus on And I chalk it up too, we'll know when we get there 🙏🏻😌✌🏻
Comment from : 🌼Dawn🌼

Anne Rome
If a child isn’t Baptize I believe that it is Gods decision where they go if they die Don’t try to second guess what God will do its his decision not yours do not decide for Him God is very merciful You are not God It is Gods decision not what you think I trust in God Babies are made by God He Will welcome them back to Heaven because they did not make the choice to not be Baptized Amen
Comment from : Anne Rome

Grande Coco
I'm Baptized Catholic, so if I miss Mass I'm going to hell? I understand that but I was also taught there is no Salvation outside the Church! But other Bishops/priest podcasts say that the door of Heaven is open to everyone except Cathoism is the "best" way I don't understand, it seems the Dogmas have changed But they can't!
Comment from : Grande Coco

Mad Monkee
I'm so glad that I'm not Catholic (or a monotheist) brHow can you believe in hell and still pretend to worship a god of justice?
Comment from : Mad Monkee

GPL 120
I have a problem with your examples A person sins and regularly Ends up going to purgatory What happens when he goes to confession and receives absolution and the dies before he sins again Does he go to heaven not going to purgatory? Or does absolution mean nothing ?
Comment from : GPL 120

Prayed for someone with deadly sin and instantly felt really bad and that I shouldn't have done that, has anyone else had this happen?
Comment from : Simplyrobo79

J Crews
After being away from the church for some years, I confessed some pretty horrendous things Things Most would never forgive if they were done to me or youbrMy penance was to prepare a path to bring others to the faith in the way I was inspired to come back It’s years later and I’ve brought my family and some friends to Catholicism… I will be continuing this penance for the rest of my life as a mission
Comment from : J Crews

J Carson
Their argument at the end about the salvation of unbaptized children made my blood boil Ridiculous This is why it’s important to read the Bible! Jesus clearly said the Kingdom of HEAVEN belongs to children!! Baptism does not define salvation for people who were invincibly ignorant or didn’t even have a chance! Jesus redeemed the whole world, which automatically removes the original sin!
Comment from : J Carson

Gabriela De Hoyos
It’s like a bail bond!! 😱😱🙌
Comment from : Gabriela De Hoyos

Taurue Stubel
Hello there My story of purgatorybrI had had a few drinks and had taken a sleeping pill before I basically passed out (I know stupid ) My boyfriend whom had passed several years already told me in my sleep/in my ear "Get up" His voice was as clear as day I can't say his voice sounded happy nor did it sound sad It sounded completely exhausted Mind you I had not spoken to him for a few years before he passed either He did ask me for forgiveness So I couldn't tell you how is life was before he passed He was the greatest man I had ever met, and to this day have not met anyone like him He did tell me nobody would love me as much as he did Unfortunately crack cocaine came into the picture I had to leave him to escape the addiction I got better I don't think he faired as well Though he was and is very muched loved from myself and his children Another thing when he told me to "wake up" I heard the sound of a fence, ? Purgatory? I don't know But this I do know from the whole of all my heart, he woke me so I wouldn't puke and die from suffocating on that vomit When I got up like he told me to, I started throwing up like crazy br I had had a friend die on my frontroom floor when I was only 17, from suffocating on his own vomit I stayed up until the wee hours of that morning to make sure he wouldn't overdose from booze and pills I didn't know well enough to put him on his side incase he threw up I didn't even know you could throw-up without waking up He passed from suffocation I carry that with me all the time If I had only known to put him on his side Some learning lesson huh? brIt makes me real stupid that I drank and took a sleeping pill But, I am writting about purgatory non the less
Comment from : Taurue Stubel

Chee Chak
Yes indeedthings you should know about Purgatorybr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=YPnNldd9K8c
Comment from : Chee Chak

Anne Rome
God created Original Sin He can forgive it so babies born premature or aborted or miscarried God will take them into heaven It’s no ones fault that they were not baptized God is in infinite and He can make exceptions Amen
Comment from : Anne Rome

Anne Rome
We all long to see God the father and Jesus when we die I was always taught that purgatory was not seeing God and it lacks light so you wait for God to send His light thru the Holy Spirit to shine upon us before we can rise to heaven I was also taught that Heaven has levels and according to how you live your life decides what level you will be on when you get to heaven
Comment from : Anne Rome

cindy liz
I’m going through catechism right now and in the hand out Journey of Faith C3 it says “Catholics believe that God‘s mercy can supply for the lack of baptism in a way that hasn’t been revealed Catholics believe that children who aren’t baptized are entrusted to the infinitely kind and powerful love of God who wants all his children to be with him in heaven some people once held a theory that infants who die without baptism were excluded from heaven but spent eternity in a state of natural happiness called limbo this theory was never explicitly taught by the church” I think it’s very clear babies have a one-way ticket to heaven ❤️
Comment from : cindy liz

Xicano Toltec
Love you guys
Comment from : Xicano Toltec

Joy Kwa
Comment from : Joy Kwa

Joshua Ero
Ryan S is intellectual But I love Ryan D's and Fr Richard's wisdom in this video Anyway, my prayers for your ministry God bless you!
Comment from : Joshua Ero

Donabella Mojares
I stand by Fr Rich and Ryan Dellacrosee's view about limbo Although not everything is set on stone and the Church may not have concrete teachings about limbo we have our faith we can rely on Faith that we have a good, all knowing, loving and merciful God who can extend immense grace simply because He is a loving God
Comment from : Donabella Mojares

Donabella Mojares
I have a book written by Fr Alessio Parente who had assisted Padre Pio in his last years of life The book he had written is entitled "The Holy Souls" In the book, St Padre Pio who had a vision of purgatory said that purgatory is like a section in Hell The sufferings are the same as in Hell and the only difference is that in purgatory sufferings are temporary whereas in Hell it's eternal It was also mentioned in the book that according to St Padre Pio there are different degrees of sufferings in purgatory The time people remain in purgatory differs as well greatly Some souls according to the book stays in purgatory for just a little while or for very very long years even ages In the booklet I have based on the works and words of Sr Emmanuel and Maria Simma and Other Sources("Devotion to the Holy Souls of Purgatory" Fr Romeo S Hitosis, SSP Translator and Fr Domie G Guzman, SSP Editor) It was mentioned by Maria Simma, a mystic visited by souls from purgatory that people can actually ask the Lord to make their own purgatory on earth instead of having it after death
Comment from : Donabella Mojares

Alba Navarro
God time is different then earth times
Comment from : Alba Navarro

Alba Navarro
How you know is the fire is ,right there?
Comment from : Alba Navarro

Alba Navarro
People said you suffer a lot in there
Comment from : Alba Navarro

Steven V
Why would the limbo of unbaptized children be any worse than the limbo of fathers? Neither accepted Jesus so if the fathers can be saved without that why can't the unbaptized babies?
Comment from : Steven V

Anne Rome
As far as Limbo I believe that when a baby dies before being Baptized that baby goes to Heaven God has created that child and thru no fault of its own it died God would not leave that child in Limbo God is forever merciful What happens to babies whose lives are ended thru abortion their lives ended thru no fault of their own that sin is on the mother that child did not have a chance to live I believe thru Gods mercy those children are in heaven None of us can understand or even be so sure of how God thinks or what He will do in any circumstance We all rely on Gods mercy
Comment from : Anne Rome

Rhonda B
The whole missing Mass thing - we are loosing tons of Catholics so that teaching has gone to the wayside it seems It's like keeping people coming to Mass at least sometimes is better than never understandable yet not really properly serving Catholic's for eternity God bless and forgive all sinners!
Comment from : Rhonda B

Ewald Radavich
Jesus, Who is God, said paid in full by His death on the cross I'm going with God Paul said 2 b absent from the body is 2 b present with the Lord
Comment from : Ewald Radavich

Kathleen Stokes
And babies that suffer miscarriage or abortion have not had a voice to choose so I believe that God would count these souls as sinless🌹 as far as children go small enough to not understand eternal choices if not baptized and died should not be given an eternity of punishment for something that was not in their power to choose for themselves That sin should be left on the parents soul until confession and absolution is given
Comment from : Kathleen Stokes

Kathleen Stokes
What about Divine Mercy Sunday for forgiveness of all sins… however you need to meet the conditions…
Comment from : Kathleen Stokes

bob dobbs
Purchase as many indulgences as you can The problem is that if they dont work , you cant get your money back
Comment from : bob dobbs

Linda Joyce
This show was brutally honest, I loved the energy and belief you all displayed Cheers 🙇‍♀️
Comment from : Linda Joyce

Robert Manke
rm, message to myself @16:00
Comment from : Robert Manke

Plenary indulgences should be sought I think you’ll exaggerated the difficulty of these too easily and went to next subject With God’s graces, meet the stipulations, not having to be a saint Great indulgences to release souls from purgatory and receive God’s mercy for other great treasures as well God Bless You!
Comment from : Sketch

“I will raise them on the last day” isn’t that also proof of Purgatory?
Comment from : ruok9c

bdeporres bdeporres
What is meant by the Redemption?
Comment from : bdeporres bdeporres

Seth Parks
I've learned a lot from this show and y'all are confirming my decision that converting to Catholicism is the right choice
Comment from : Seth Parks

Why would you shoot for Purgatory? Sounds dangerous to me
Comment from : MatthaeusPrime

Marguerite Langton
If DISMUS can go to heaven without being baptised, why should an unbaptised babies be excluded?
Comment from : Marguerite Langton

Atlanta Ruf
READ: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
Comment from : Atlanta Ruf

Ryan, regarding your last arguments, God created the sacraments, but He is not tied to them His mercy is infinitely greater than anything
Comment from : MDkid1

Regarding indulgences all I say is "God, I've tried my best to fulfill all the requirementsuse this indulgence as you see fit for such and such a person" Just leave it to the mercy of God and don't get bogged down in the details or worry unnecessarily about the distribution of the indulgence
Comment from : MDkid1

My favourite topics!
Comment from : MDkid1

Doreen Podetz
Wow!! One of your best shows yet!! My mom was from "old" school explaining Limbo as a place where God is present BUT because of the original on their soul they do not see his face
Comment from : Doreen Podetz

Nick Mazzola
Read Saint Pauls letter to the Ephesians with an open mind!
Comment from : Nick Mazzola

Manual of indulgences is the book 📚 contain all indulgences brPls make an episode on it
Comment from : C C

Jaime Garcia
Whether or not the Catholic Church ever sold indulgences? Surely, you just? All over Europe everyone can see the permanent work products that the indulgences the priests and bishops sold are in plain view and with acknowledgement of who paid for living or permanent works that serve to honor the Catholic Church as well as the person that paid for the indulgence These are works of beauty that honor Christ's Ministry The fact that some rich dirtbags and killers wanted their souls prayed into Heaven for a fee is not relevant for the living honor that these works provide People today pay to see the living beauty that these works provide Perhaps, the bishops really needed money? If so, they had to get it from somewhere? Perhaps the clerics saw some redeeming value in those rich believed to be scoundrels of those that paid for the commissions and completion of those beautiful works that no doubt replenish faith? Behind every great fortune there is a crime It would be ludicrous to deny that the Catholic Church sold indulgences They all have the name of their respective purchasers on the beautiful and useful things that were provided with these monies True, the origin of the funds was no doubt by articulating the works with the respective donors we can see some, not all, very evil people that funded these works for indulgences Anyway, it's already a done deal They are centuries old The then Bishop of Mainz, Austria ( Martin Luther) ratted out The Vatican over it and 5 million Catholics at the time agreed with him It's over Appreciate the wonderful things these monies rooted in slavery and human misery provided The works that these evil monies provided honor The Holy Spirit up to now So they sold Indulgences? Perhaps the priests and bishops accepting these monies for Indulgences rendered might have seen some redeeming value in those evil people that were purchasing those indulgences in the apparent belief they those purchasing them might bypass Purgatory or worse? They sold them It's undeniable to even mild scrutiny We cannot judge the conscience of those that bought and sold so many "amparos" or their motives Instead be thankful that the Indulgences were sold for the posterity of truth and beauty that those monies generated by evil acts produced
Comment from : Jaime Garcia

Andrew West
Love you guys and the discussions you have 🙂 I live in the UK and currently an Anglican but will be converting to Catholicism next yearGod willing 🙏 I learn so much from you you!
Comment from : Andrew West

Maria Fuentes
On the unbaptized child or miscarried babies, wouldn't the baptism of desire by the parents count toward the child's entrance into Heaven?
Comment from : Maria Fuentes

Veronica Valenzuela
Well said Father Richard! Thank you❤️❤️
Comment from : Veronica Valenzuela

Yves Callahan
Sorry Mr Scheel, this time you have gotten it wrong about limbo, God has not reviled all of his mysteries to us just yet And His Mercy is unfathomable! Key words to pray over "God's mysteries and unfathomable mercy!" NEVER EVER make the mistake of putting God in a convenient box, it will hinder further wisdom Peace be with you!
Comment from : Yves Callahan

CJ Knox
I got lost along the discussion 'coz I got confused with limbo's definition Interesting discussion nonetheless
Comment from : CJ Knox

Gina Turley
What about the Baptism of Desire ?
Comment from : Gina Turley

shari smith
What about the baptism by blood?
Comment from : shari smith

web Surfin
Those men are 3 good brothers in Christ! A very lively conversation for sure!
Comment from : web Surfin

Southern Stoic
That was a great (& much needed) argument that they got into at the end of this video (I don't remember all these guys' names yet) Now what I don't understand is how can the guy who feels so passionately that unbabtized babies go to Limbo react so passionately (in another video entitled "Republicans or Democrats? Who should Catholics vote for?") against the death penalty? Is the death penalty of a convicted criminal less Just than the denial of the beatific vision to a baby who is the natural citizen to the kingdom of heaven (Lk 18:16)?brFurthermore, how can one react so passionately against the death penalty (since it strips us of our "human dignity") and simultaneously worship Someone he believes will torment many of his rational creatures forever? There seems to be a bit of a contradiction there
Comment from : Southern Stoic

I think the idea of limbo is not necessary what so ever I believe God sent him self in the form of man to teach us what he wants for every single person he brings into creation If you are baptized at birth then most likely your parents or guardians are aware of the reason for doing so If you are not because your parents do not believe in God and why he came down from heaven as Jesus and you choose to believe you can decide for yourself to be baptized It is your free will and God's true will for us We are forgiven of original sin through Christ's sacrifice for each and everyone of us through that sacrament For those children who die in the womb or are aborted, whatever reason they do not enter this world alive and are not given the chance to be baptized I believe they will enter into heaven, they are an innocent and pure creation of God As pure as anyone or thing can be until then time you leave earth and enter into the kingdom of heaven You must be perfect to enter the kingdom Maybe I'm wrong but infant death die to health reasons or even abortion are part of God's permissable will Was this what he truly wanted, no it's not his true will, but by giving us our free will he allows these things to happen for a purpose we will never understand, and possibly still will not understand when we enter into heaven In the case of parents neglecting to baptize their children, maybe they are ignorant to Christ, the sacrament, or just non believers I believe God will still welcome them into his kingdom He is an all loving and merciful being Does this negate the importance of baptism I do not think so I believe birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ was God's of teaching us his love for us and the purpose of why he created us to begin with He needed to come in the form of man so we could relate as best we could to Christ Again it is your free will aka God's permissable will to understand to believe that or not God is bound by no set of rules and bring around great change in the blink of an eye In the way of adults or even children leaving this earth without being baptized, maybe they enter purgatory, they are shown God's mercy, make things right, accept Christ and the gates open Only God knows who will enter into heaven There could be some people who lived terrible lives that had a last minute conversion, there could be good moral people as well His kingdom is a mystery If you are aware of his gifts to us and what awaits us after our body returns to the earth and anything is capable through God, this should be pretty basic stuff Nothing can negate God's will, commandments, teachings, or creations for he is the one true perfect being How could God negate himself, if he is everything that existshope that makes sense Sounded better in my mind God bless
Comment from : Bo1986

40:24-40:48 = Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think what you may be trying to articulate is = The final purgatorial sentencing in relation to prior "Time Served" here on earth
Comment from : Peach_Cocolalla

Prepperjon PNW
Also, the Church no longer teaches the concept of Limbo It was an imperfect answer to a complex question And since God knows what that baby would choose if allowed to grow and decide later in life whether to be baptised or not then God can act accordingly There is no Limbo And if you are at odds with Pope Benedict XVI then you have a problem but he does not lolbrAnd no house of cards falls, you are limiting the options in a manner that traps you into a line of reasoning that is false There are a number of things that you need to take into account that would fix your theological concerns Look to the catechism for the answer
Comment from : Prepperjon PNW

Prepperjon PNW
When an unbaptised baby dies he/she goes to heaven since the parents were GOING to have her/him baptised It has to do with intent Since the parent INTENDED to have their baby baptised but didn’t get the chance due to circumstances beyond their control Its like if you are on your way to Church to go to confession but get hit by a bus and die instantly Since you intended to go to confession its as if you actually did go to confession Its about your intent God knows what you were going to confess and the condition of your heart Intent brBy the way thats actual Church teaching I cover that class every year at RCIA and have to explain it to the catechumens and candidates preparing for Easter
Comment from : Prepperjon PNW

Prepperjon PNW
Wait I thought limbo was when you try to dance your way under the stick seeing how low can you go lol
Comment from : Prepperjon PNW

Prepperjon PNW
Jesus said “I tell you this day, you will be with me in paradise” It heavily depends on where you pause and how the sentence is structured If He said “ I tell you, this day you will be with me in paradise” It has a different meaning depending on where you put the comma lol brThey both make sense and yet have very different meanings So I stick with we “know” that the Blessed Virgin Mary is in Heaven based on the Bible Dismus might still be in Purgatory for all we know
Comment from : Prepperjon PNW

Prepperjon PNW
Difference between venial sin and mortal sin Misdemeanour and felony’s Venial sin is sin and its bad but mortal sin kills your soul Steal a loaf of bread or tell a lie vs murder They’re both illegal but one is community service and the other is the electric chair There you go simple
Comment from : Prepperjon PNW

Prepperjon PNW
I must be totally strange because I wish Mass lasted longer than it does lol I like it when the priest goes slow and pauses long pauses so what’s happening can sink in and take hold of my spirit I look forward all week to being at Mass and I don’t want it to be over too quickly lol seriously
Comment from : Prepperjon PNW

John Fitzsimmons
If penance were more serious prior to receiving the Eucharist, would that not stress the importance of the Eucharist?brbrIf I come to Mass on Christmas and Easter only, and still receive communion, do I even believe what I’m receiving If I did, wouldn’t I be there every Sunday?brbrI’m not judging, just asking
Comment from : John Fitzsimmons

John Fitzsimmons
I look at Purgatory and the “paying the price for our sins” is the meditation on the offense to a truly just GodbrHe has given us everything and we chose to go against Him wanting the best for usbrJesus says your faith has saved you I think the calling to mind your sins and how it goes against God is the whole purification that is being accomplished in the place of purgatory
Comment from : John Fitzsimmons

Martha Darling
As far as the "absolute necessity" of Baptism is concerned, regarding Limbo and unbaptized babies, remember that the Good Thief was not baptized--he didn't even explicitly acknowledge Jesus as Savior God gave us the sacraments, but don't make the mistake of thinking that He is bound by them and not able to work outside them
Comment from : Martha Darling

Josh Anderson
Love the show guys! I love how friends can have heated discussions and disagreements and still be friends That is severely lacking in today's world
Comment from : Josh Anderson

Wes Paul
Purgatory is real From the death of my Nana to the suicide of my friend I've sensed their spiritual presence in very heavy dreams and in waking life It was not a manifestation of guilt because others whose departure I had a hand in did NOT evoke the same response
Comment from : Wes Paul

Lol the part at limbobrEveryone was getting heated lol brA lot of “DONT YOU”br😂😂😂🤣😂😂brGreat video guys
Comment from : Leonminajesty

james belcher
Roman catholic Church recieves power from the beast (Satan) ( Revelations 13:4) Revelations 12:9) Which in Daniel is prophesied ( Dan 7:23-24) They are the little horn horn who Destroyed Heruli, vandels and Ostrogoth in 538brIt is also said they will speak against God, oppress his saints and change the set times and laws and they will yield power for time, times, half time (Dan 7:25)brThey killed 50 plus million through inquisitionbrThey claim to be God and changed God's laws 321 sabbath/ saterday changed to Sunday observance worshipping sun-god mithra, Passover of new covenant change in AD325 to Easter/ Babylonian goddess of spring and fertilitybrAll God laws change and intruduced cross marry and child which derived from babylon, Tammuz and his Mother SimiramsesbrBible Said they will yield power over whole world for times, time and, half time, which means 3 and half years (refee to foot not) they weild power for more than 1000years Then this has spiritual meaning There are 42 months in 3years, 1260 days in 42months In the bible I day is 1 year ( Num 14:35) so 1260 days is 1260 years This date starts from 538AD which is year it ruled power over whole world 538 plus 1260 years is 1798, which miraculously in this year they lost power The brThey are religious remformation advocated by Satan They look like God's people but are wolfs in sheep's clothing ( Mt 7:15)brSheep are God's childrenbrWolfs are children of the devilbrThey look like God's people but are wolfs There are many prophecies about Roman Catholic Church and there true identity There is substantial amounts of evidence, you cannot deny
Comment from : james belcher

Mary Ann McRae
We were taught about Limbo,purgatory and hell in catholic school
Comment from : Mary Ann McRae

Jacqueline Lee
I agree with Father Rick on limbo
Comment from : Jacqueline Lee

Pat Krasinski Minor
Could you guys do a show sometime on “speaking in tongues”? I have seen a couple Catholic priests do this and I find it very disconcerting What is that all about?
Comment from : Pat Krasinski Minor

For Limbo I think what Fr and DeleCross is saying is that man is limited to the sacraments but God is not I say the same to Protestants who say they want to confess to God directly, sure but what's nice with confession you are given absolution so you can be absolutely sure of forgiveness, everywhere else you are rolling the dice So can God save people outside of the sacraments, yes, does that mean we don't do the sacraments? No, not a good idea Why risk anything when there is a method God gives us? I do not believe this undoes God or the establishment of the sacraments as those are the ordinary and recommended methods and definitely not a house of cards And to the question if God could grant salvation to those infants without baptism sure, I think of the parable of the master who gave the same wages of the person who worked all day as the one who worked only and hour God is king and can be merciful I also think of baptism by desire and the faith of the community especially the parents to that desired baptism for their child but didn't get to do it God takes these all into account and we trust in his mercy But once again should we chance it if we have the opportunity? NO! get your children baptized ASAP!
Comment from : GunBlade

Allegretto Clan
By the wayall this back and forth arguing over Protestants vs Catholics makes everyone look like judgmental hypocrites on both sides Listen to the Holy Spirit and discern for yourself your path to the Shepherd We are all lost How we find our way back is the journey of faith Pray for the ones who cannot hear Stop arguing over ALL man made and engineered precepts of God and Jesus and time and space and the Holy Spirit
Comment from : Allegretto Clan

Allegretto Clan
Father Pagano I am so so grateful to have listened to Gods call to join SJP2 and become a Catholic This show isnt afraid to tackle all kinds of difficult issues It is helping me personally so much This episode in particular was not only helpful in understanding and shall I say even adopting the concept of purgatory, but then for you to end it with the concept that God's mercy is beyond human conceptualizationall babies go to Heavenjust reaffirms my understanding of God's calling to me Thank you for your devotion to ministry May God bless you in abundance
Comment from : Allegretto Clan

L C Ringo
SoThe Blood of Jesus Christ DOESN'T cleanse us from ALL SINS Interesting😐😐😐
Comment from : L C Ringo

Richard Magale
Dudes and Father Rich (Dude) perhaps purgatory will be but a moment in time? Our time Heavenly gates await!😁
Comment from : Richard Magale

Oswaldo Sanchez
I think on the last point they were arguing about I’d like to say that I deeply agree with both I believe in the existence of limbo but I believe that Gods mercy is far greater than that I believe so from this testimony that a father of an unborn baby gave, so this priest that we know believes as well as I, that there is limbo but that you can babtize unborn babies, so they can go to heaven and Ryan is right otherwise the mission of Christ would have been for nothing if someone with original sin could go to heaven because where would babtism play a role but he is putting a limit to Gods mercy which is far greater than anything we’ve ever known so I agree with father and the other Ryan, but see so heres the testimony from a husband who I met of a wife who had a miscarriage so this priest did the babtism ceromony for the unborn child with the parents present and the husband told me that he saw a light but he didn’t see beyond that but he says that his wife saw the blessed mother come from the sky with a baby in her hands and she gave the baby to the mom and held it in her arms and then our lady asked for it back, and took it to heaven True story btw, I know these people and the priest and this isn’t the only testimony like this, so that’s why I believe in both points limbo exists ( which is a matter of point of view and opinion on faith of course just stating my opinion) and that Gods mercy is far beyond anything we could ever imagine so If he wants to take a baby out of limbo he’ll do it because he is God there is no limit to him
Comment from : Oswaldo Sanchez

Nate Graham
Clear cases of eisegesis and not exegesis
Comment from : Nate Graham

Daniel Blake
Hey guys I just said Id share this 'technique' or strategy' that I use for getting a plenary indulgence each Sunday Hopefully you guys see this of value and share to get more souls out of purgatorybrbrStep 1 Ask the holy spirit's assistance in getting the plenary indulgencebrStep 2 Go to mass half an hour early and make a good confessionbrStep 3 Go straight to mass after confession and say a vocal rosary in front of the tabernaclebrStep 4 Say a prayer for the holy fatherbrStep 5 Get the holy eucharist brbr( As this is all done within an hour or so, so it leaves little chance of the person sinning venially, and therefore gives more of a chance of releasing a soul)brbrHope this helps , brbrDaniel
Comment from : Daniel Blake

Aaron Clark
So No Catholic Talk Show during Exodus 90?
Comment from : Aaron Clark

I’m way late on the comments but as someone who was once an atheist you fellas, along with ascension and especially Father Mike have helped me so much Your videos are outstanding and I listen to them daily I have to say I understand both sides of that last fiery dialogue and I love the passion from all 3 of you It’s clear even when you argue that you all love eachother but man if it doesn’t give me the feeling of watching my family fight and argue yeesh! I’m nothing but a newcomer but when I hear the sides presented I have to stand with Father Rich and Ryan D on this one; I may be new to this but if there is one thing I truly believe it’s that God’s greatest power is his mercy and love and when father spoke about putting a “theological ideal before God” I could feel the Spirit in his words God bless you three and may you keep creating videos all the way to the nursing home!
Comment from : FirstToFall

irob rf
Comment from : irob rf

deborah dunn
I like the scratch vs amputated thumb analogy brbrThe IHM sisters tought us that venial sin was like a flesh wound in battle, not good, but we can heal that ourselves with appropriate care, and continue to live A mortal wound in battle, by definition, ends in death It would require some exceptional intervention, to have any chance of perhaps avoiding death, as the inevitable outcomebrbr In the same way, the wound of mortal sin causes death of the soul (total separtion from God) The sin is a mortal wound to the soul, not only because it is a grave matter, but because it was chosen with full consent The mortal wound to the soul can be healedbut due to the seriousness of the wound, requires the graces from the sacrament of reconciliation, and appropriate "medicine " of reparations
Comment from : deborah dunn

Rachel Walsh
Ryan Scheel, I want to applaud you on how 'on the mark' your research on these teachings are and how much i have learnt from this show, but i must say in the response to the inquisition question, i have to agree with Ryan and Fr Rich I do believe that His love and mercy out ways anything we could ever comprehend and He is true Justice, and i have to believe that it is true Justice for unborn babies and babies without knowledge or consent who are unbaptised, can still go to heaven I believe it would be more unjust to say that they couldn't especially since they are truly innocentbrbut keep up the great work, I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH God Bless to you all
Comment from : Rachel Walsh

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