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GLASS SKIN ✨ | Dewy Foundation Routine

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Information GLASS SKIN ✨ | Dewy Foundation Routine

Title :  GLASS SKIN ✨ | Dewy Foundation Routine
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Frames GLASS SKIN ✨ | Dewy Foundation Routine

Description GLASS SKIN ✨ | Dewy Foundation Routine

Comments GLASS SKIN ✨ | Dewy Foundation Routine

Ebony Joi
Girl…just get to the review!! I cant stand videos that are too chatty
Comment from : Ebony Joi

Ashley Lamora
A dupeish for the Kevin glass glow bronze or the new loreal bronze it is a good dupe Mix a tiny bit of milani strobe light liquid highlight and boom
Comment from : Ashley Lamora

Yes! I have the prism rose and I set it with my Laura Mercier translucent glow That way it maintains the wet look but doesn’t feel wet Love the video 😍
Comment from : Chrisie

chloe 121
I don’t know whether to purchase the clear or the prism rose I’m pale but have warm undertones and think the pink undertones on the prom rose one may look weird on me Clear one looks beautiful though
Comment from : chloe 121

Tanya Reyna
Have you tried the beauty blender glass glow shine lighter ?
Comment from : Tanya Reyna

Alice Miszkiel
This is such a Gorg look! Is the product glittery though? I find this with all highlighters :( 🌸🌸
Comment from : Alice Miszkiel

K Boucher
First time to your channel as well Honest real I'm all about that Yes let the DS dupes begin for the Kevin A Glow productcant touch it on my teachers salary!
Comment from : K Boucher

Victoria Alliaud
what shade is the charlotte tilbury primer in?
Comment from : Victoria Alliaud

Sarah Rose Alonzo
Obsessed with this highlighter!
Comment from : Sarah Rose Alonzo

I remember you talking about this and I went into Sephora and this stuff is the bomb! The opalescent one is sold out!!!
Comment from : Bella

is it glittery? is it the same glow of the ct flawless filter?
Comment from : MC FL

Ur so pretty U dnt even need foundation I have skin like u Thank you for this video
Comment from : Annamarie

Jwls Ann
Absolutely gorgeous! Your skin is radiant! Love your channel! ❤️
Comment from : Jwls Ann

Samantha Segura
would you recommend spectrum bronze or prism rose?
Comment from : Samantha Segura

Amy D
A little less espensive glass-look product, i think, is spraying some pixi dewy mist after all color products including a highlighter (its super shiny !!) and then very lightly tapping translucent powder on any areas too shiny if needed Very glassy!
Comment from : Amy D

Comment from : Vanilla

Janet N
Your skin is 🤤 gorgeous !brI hope we have it at Sephora here in Canada , I’m definitely checking this out , dewy yaaaaaas! Highlighter is EVERYTHINGbrbrPs love Cocoa Bling from Artist Couture and Fentys diamond bomb Also Cover FX in Celestial are my faves ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Janet N

Joana Remine
I love ❤️ Tatcha
Comment from : Joana Remine

Can we get a eyelook tutorial ❤️🥰🙌🤩
Comment from : Amanda

i_bleed_ makeup
This is my first time to your channel I IMMEDIATELY subscribed I just adore you You're SO gorgeous!!!! Plus you have dry skin like me and I'm excited to hear/see your recommendations 😊❤😘😘😘
Comment from : i_bleed_ makeup

Sapodilla Brown
Gosh I may have to break my no buy for this Gorgeous!
Comment from : Sapodilla Brown

Yusra Khan
I was hoping ups use the levin aucoin clear one under your foundation or is that not the way to use it
Comment from : Yusra Khan

Susan Jonsson
Whats ur nailpolish called? Its beautiful
Comment from : Susan Jonsson

Sandy Garcia
Does the Kevyn A Glow accentuate texture?
Comment from : Sandy Garcia

Can we borrow some luminosity? Your skin is looking gorgeous! 💜
Comment from : Tatcha

Bella Uncensored
I ordered the Kevyn Aucoin in crystal clear and rose now you have me wanting the bronze 😬
Comment from : Bella Uncensored

Love that lip on you mama!!!!
Comment from : KathleenLights

Do you ever get tired of making videos and all that it entails? People sometimes don't realize how much work it takes so wonder your thoughts On the up side would be working from home Love your videos also
Comment from : Novemberbaby333

MILK makeup -hydrating oil stick ✨brSimilar effect
Comment from : sramento67

Sarah A
What is your shade in that Laura Mercier foundation and the Too Faced concelear?
Comment from : Sarah A

Isabel Sanchez Butto
Looooove the way your nail color matches the Rêve lippie! Omg!
Comment from : Isabel Sanchez Butto

audrey finck
I searched for a glass glow review and i’m so glad i found your channel! I just subscribe! I’ve been looking for a drugstore cream bronzer!
Comment from : audrey finck

Love the glow! 💕brIf you had to pick one out of the three which one would you choose?
Comment from : beautyfromwithin27

Beth Irene
I feel like you did something different with your brows and I love it! 😍
Comment from : Beth Irene

Emily Conlee
Have the L’Oréal concealer I dislike it Paint odor, burning of the eyes and drying under the eyes
Comment from : Emily Conlee

Kahlin Postoak
Can you please tell us your nail color? Love it!!!!
Comment from : Kahlin Postoak

Joanna A
girl there's no such thing as too much glow! absolutely adore this look you look so plump and young i honestly would rather be dewy af & look young then too matte and look like 500 yrs old u know? also i love this bc i feel like we're on the same makeup vibe for spring rn sweet talk palette, coral lips, & dewy skin all season long <3
Comment from : Joanna A

Heather Hernandez
Love the glow
Comment from : Heather Hernandez

Dana Shackleford
This product is revolutionary About time!! Getting sick of same formulas Please do a tutorial on spectrum bronze bc I'm blown away by this
Comment from : Dana Shackleford

Dana Shackleford
New lorealmilani,elf,and nyx concealers are all bomb and full coverage and it's the best ur gonna get as far as affordable dupes If ur eyes are properly moisturized before application u can make them work
Comment from : Dana Shackleford

Dana Shackleford
People should always invest in skincare
Comment from : Dana Shackleford

LifeStyles of Staciek76
Comment from : LifeStyles of Staciek76

Issa LOOK! Ugh this is SOOO SPRING!!! 😍😍😍 Love how glowy this is!
Comment from : Ann

I have a really deep wrinkle between my eyebrows and makeup always settles in it Im super dry skinned and I love a dewy, hydrated look, but if I don't set my makeup hardcore, everything sinks into that line within a few minutes and I look so much older! Im breastfeeding so botox is not an option What advice do you have for wearing a product like this Kevin aucoin one without looking 10 years older?
Comment from : magicandhair

I think this look is gorgeous The eyemakeup, the lip color, the nail color Everything is beautiful I can't pull out glass skin but I'm gonna recreate it with velvety skin instead Love, love, love this <3 GORGEOUS
Comment from : C H

Laurie G
Love the look Can you link the highlighter brush?
Comment from : Laurie G

Mel Thompson
Gorgeous!!! and that lip! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Comment from : Mel Thompson

nicole rittenhouse
I have oily skin but still had to watch this So beautiful , love your glowy skin!!
Comment from : nicole rittenhouse

Megan Michelle
A HG glowy primer I miss is the Maybelline Face Studio Blur and Illuminate I know you used to rave about it too I haven’t been able to find it in stores anymore
Comment from : Megan Michelle

Tami Martin
Such a beautiful look! ❤
Comment from : Tami Martin

Eliza Rayment
Had a day of binge watching your videos 💓💓
Comment from : Eliza Rayment

Luisa Ramirez
Love this look😍😍😍
Comment from : Luisa Ramirez

Megann G
If u love a nice glow also try the jelly one pack by j one the red one!! It gives such a nice glow before make up xoxo
Comment from : Megann G

THEE Luanne
S T U N N I N G !!! I’m at a loss for words, that never happens I guess it did now 🤣brI love you so much Danna 💕 I hope you and your family are doing well 🙏🏼 brPlease give My Favorite little Muppet, Howard hugs from me 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Comment from : THEE Luanne

Menang Menuo
Half way through the video and I feel like pausing and apply makeup 😏 summers in India will make me produce oil 😖 so mattifying primer it is 😃
Comment from : Menang Menuo

Faith Lovay
Love this makeup look!!
Comment from : Faith Lovay

Teresa Valles
What shade did you use????
Comment from : Teresa Valles

Claudia Siegel
Girl you always look flawless but lately you are looking radiant!!! So beautiful 😍
Comment from : Claudia Siegel

Michele Condon
Love it! Yah, the tacky not so fun Can you mix it in foundation?
Comment from : Michele Condon

supritha Lakshminarayan
You look absolutely stunning 😍❤️❤️
Comment from : supritha Lakshminarayan

Nichole Stanley
The L’Oréal infallible concealer is awesome! They have a lot of shades but I feel like they go from fair-light to dark, they could definitely use more medium shades I end up mixing cashmere & cashew or biscuit to get my perfect shade I’ve been wanting the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter for eveeeeeer but just haven’t wanted to pull the trigger because of the price plus I have so many other glow products but I’ll probably end up getting it sooner rather than later, lol PS love 💕 the glow!
Comment from : Nichole Stanley

Ahhh loving those glowing, juicy cheeks!!
Comment from : Jennifer_Claire

Dana Allen
Love that pop of color on you, it gives your biracial skin a flawless look Loving the splash of summer on ya Nicely done Darlin
Comment from : Dana Allen

Jen Schrock
Try Volition Beauty The Strawberry C Serum, Snow Mushroom Water Serum, Oceanene Youth Boost Gel and the Daily Vitamin Glow Booster are ah-mazing skincare! Sephora sells some Volition beauty but I've ordered straight off of VOLITION'S SITE I'm 42 (yes my photo doesn't look like I'm 42 but I swear I am), normal/dry skin and the Oceanene youth boost and strawberry serum used together is so good! Try this brand I think they are a a clean brand as well
Comment from : Jen Schrock

gysel marianela
That skin!! 😍 New youtuber here and would I’ve support on my new video I just uploaded ❤️❤️
Comment from : gysel marianela

Chris Martinez
Did u set ur makeup with anything ?
Comment from : Chris Martinez

LeeAnn Mcclintic
I finally just bough the Hollywood flawless filter and I’m so excited about it I live for a glowy face!
Comment from : LeeAnn Mcclintic

kv m
Hey! How would u compare this to the ciate dewy stick?
Comment from : kv m

Glitter Eyez_queen
Comment from : Glitter Eyez_queen

yes girl that skin , I love plump glowy face makeup 💓😍
Comment from : GeminiGiltters🪄

Patricia Burrington
I want all the glow
Comment from : Patricia Burrington

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