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How Much Should You Charge For Video Editing?

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Information How Much Should You Charge For Video Editing?

Title :  How Much Should You Charge For Video Editing?
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Learn How To Edit Stuff
You can copy and paste the contract template into your own, new google doc (or whatever else you want to use) - PLEASE do not request edit access to the document as it will not be granted
Comment from : Learn How To Edit Stuff

Muhammad Saleem
Comment from : Muhammad Saleem

Thank you for the info and contract template!! 😊
Comment from : Shenanigans

Im a sports videographer/editor who works mainly with high schoolers I try to keep the fact that they are young and broke in mind… any advice? I’m currently charging around $75 for highlight videos that are less than 60sec long Is that too much or too little money?
Comment from : lrvmov

Thank you
Comment from : Joshvisual

Have to say I whole heartedly disagree with every point in this video Never written a contract, charge a lump sum every time and that works perfectly for me Don't have rounds and rounds of revisions, I get paid up front, don't mess around with contracts and never had problems
Comment from : ryancollinsvideo

Mr Guaq
How much should I pay an editor for minecraft videos? I want high quality videos w/ facecam and custom subtitles, and I know someone who can do it What is your input?
Comment from : Mr Guaq

love the template thank you
Comment from : zd

can i use the template?
Comment from : SwoleGamer801

This was so good! Thank you brother!
Comment from : LOVE I AM

Truther Talk From the Ashes
Thank you for your input This helped tremendously
Comment from : Truther Talk From the Ashes

Andrew L
Well done 👏🏾 👏🏾 very informative
Comment from : Andrew L

Amazing break down Thank you
Comment from : ItStartedin82

Great info
Comment from : FrithImage

Bro that helped alot thanks
Comment from : KHALID XTREME

lewis mountstephens
I’ve been charging a lump sum rate per video for ages, from $50-100 and they take me a day I feel my skill set is fairly decent but I struggle to find people willing to invest the money
Comment from : lewis mountstephens

Crypto Photos
Great video! Thank you! I e been out of the editing game for a few years so this was very helpful
Comment from : Crypto Photos

Velma Elizabeth
Uh this video is old I hope someone answers What about down payments? I’ve had people drop out after the first draft and I’m left working on something for hours and get nothing
Comment from : Velma Elizabeth

Great tips, thank you for putting this together!
Comment from : Fostit

How could i have a copy of the contract?
Comment from : Marcia

but how are they gonna know how many hours it takes you so they can pay you ?
Comment from : xM27l

Jay Ellis
You what’s I just got into YouTube and I’m trying to find a editor… you know any places I can find one
Comment from : Jay Ellis

qq am i a bad editor if i take like a bit long editing?
Comment from : TriggVFX

Young Oborode
Hi brI client sent me a 10mins video that was recorded upside down said I should flip ,loop for hour and also add a theme song how much do I charge?
Comment from : Young Oborode

younes ariba
Comment from : younes ariba

Zelf & Zack
Comment from : Zelf & Zack

So, I'm starting to edit for my friend and once I start charging which will be the next video, should I receive the money first than start to edit the video and if the person doesn't like the edit, I can either change it or refund?
Comment from : UpstateRemy

i know it's been two years but what is your opinion on sample editing? i applied ( through twitter cause they tweeted needing a video editor ) to a company and they asked me to edit a video that would've been practically good to go to post when i was done BUT they wanted it to be considered as a sampling to see if i can edit in their style, i said no and they told me that no company will hire me without me doing one free video for them as a sample work was it wrong for me to reject the video? should i be doing sample editing?
Comment from : SENPXL

- What do you recommend I should be posting on my social media accounts which is Instagram, Facebook and YouTube after building my brand as a freelance video editor without any previous works to keep users engaged🤥?
Comment from : official SATISFYING VIDS

Resolving Boris
Good tips 2 things I'd mention: 1 The cheaper the client, the more of a PITA they will be Guaranteed Someone who knows and wants quality is willing to pay for it People who don't know vidoe think it's just a matter of pushing a couple of buttons They have no clue why it costs so much so they're not willing to pay for it and/or they will expect more and more and more 2 The only "friends" to do business with are people who were clients FIRST Friends and family will expect you to give them a "family" rate Even if they don't outright say so, they will think it Doing business with someone you knew before you went into business is the best way to lose that relationship
Comment from : Resolving Boris

Wasabi Blues
Thank you for this video, really helped me out a lot!!
Comment from : Wasabi Blues

This video was super helpful I'm planning on starting a video editing business soon this was what I struggled on I got the experience but not the price now I know more of what to expect
Comment from : DencoreX

William Juarez
If the video is for a company that will increase sales by having your video, you can charge way more to begin with
Comment from : William Juarez

Tiana Najai
This was soooo information Thank you 🙏🏽
Comment from : Tiana Najai

time is money you made it super clear what this means thanks for sharing this and the contract template as well I appreciate it much
Comment from : Almakeit

Osborn Chebii
Your information is GOLD Thank you so much Any resource/course for a beginner to start video editing? Thanks
Comment from : Osborn Chebii

Lakshay Pant
My man this is the most value providing video I came across thank you!!
Comment from : Lakshay Pant

SFSP music
There's one thing that is not covered – is render time included in your rate or not?
Comment from : SFSP music

Seventeen Glockzz
Do i use this contract for quick run&guns or only for productions ?
Comment from : Seventeen Glockzz

You just earn a subscribtion from me bro Thanks for this🙏🏽
Comment from : MHISTALUCKY

Christian Dominguez
according to Google , you should charge 25 -60 dollars per hour , if i were to charge that in my country people are going to cry and never hire me XD!
Comment from : Christian Dominguez

zziyan xxeno
LMAOOO Ive been charging extremely low but I love editing so the money I dont really care for Just crazy that Beginner and Intermediate is way more than I thought
Comment from : zziyan xxeno

I didn’t know editors made so much holy crap
Comment from : Just-Out

Can you do a video on how to know if you are a beg, int, or adv editor??
Comment from : Te

Peter Toilolo
This the guy Fosho !!!!! Dope content
Comment from : Peter Toilolo

Cee Tee
The channel name made me subscribe
Comment from : Cee Tee

NA Conen
YouTubers always gesticulate so dramatically 🤣
Comment from : NA Conen

Advanced editors must charge 600 a daybrMe whos doing SICK edits for HOURS long and getting 15 bucks
Comment from : ThoseDzOnes

Shaun Carpenter
Thanks, very helpful info
Comment from : Shaun Carpenter

The Learning Filter
Super helpful Great info and I really appreciate the work Thanks for sharing the knowledge!
Comment from : The Learning Filter

The Golden Host
This is really helpful! Thank you!
Comment from : The Golden Host

Charlie Yaz
So I just made a 2min long AMV complete with my own recorded clips, color enhancements, custom transitions, all clips synced up to music, etc etc Took me about 10ish hrs I charged client $75 if only I had seen this video sooner
Comment from : Charlie Yaz

Wow! You’re awesome! Can’t believe you dropped a free contract in at the end there! That’s so generous of u! Thank you!! Sub+1
Comment from : Terrantino

Wayne Matthew Bowles
Thank you so much!! This was SUPER helpful!! It answered 80 of my questions, you are a legend!
Comment from : Wayne Matthew Bowles

Nicholas Olivas
3:49, so no retainer or subscription models? What about the argument that if you charge by the hour and get faster you will ultimately shooting yourself in the foot? I heard them talk about that on the Futur podcast
Comment from : Nicholas Olivas

How do you make a contract?
Comment from : aard

This was all I needed right here, spelled out in about 9 minutes 👍🏾🙏🏾
Comment from : Qplaylistlibrary

Alaa Ahmed
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Comment from : Alaa Ahmed

Kenny Ross
Well presented! Thank you!
Comment from : Kenny Ross

thank you so much
Comment from : jstn🔸️

Dante Haughton
Most helpful video on this topic I've found Thank you
Comment from : Dante Haughton

Exoverse Interdimensional
Definitely great! Thanks for this video resource
Comment from : Exoverse Interdimensional

G Mag
Very Helpful info Thanks
Comment from : G Mag

thank you for your video!
Comment from : Ioana

Ian Cunningham
This is actually very good information I've been taking a lot of notes
Comment from : Ian Cunningham

Giboyi Bebee
Great stuff Thanks for the contract Template
Comment from : Giboyi Bebee

Kev Goes
Useful content Got a small editing request This was exactly what I needed Free template 👍 Subscribed!
Comment from : Kev Goes

Austin Phalin
Dude Thank you so much :)
Comment from : Austin Phalin

Sorena Karimi
Comment from : Sorena Karimi

3:52-4:18 Holy hell AMEN I just experienced this with a client and I had to question my sanity 😓
Comment from : JeffJaymes

Joe Edits
One of the best videos I've seen on the topic!
Comment from : Joe Edits

Alien Lazer
Hey man Just wondering if there is any cheapish film editing courses that you recomment Preferable one with a payment plan?
Comment from : Alien Lazer

Ace FX
Is it worth sending my client a preview but have massive overlays with a water mark so it can’t be stolen?
Comment from : Ace FX

Andile Matomela
Very helpful video bro Thank you
Comment from : Andile Matomela

Patrick Battice Photo-VideoGraphics +
This is straight up my best advice on this topic
Comment from : Patrick Battice Photo-VideoGraphics +

Jeremy Duke Jackson
Great Answer!
Comment from : Jeremy Duke Jackson

Sarah Chicharro
I just hired an editor who has 10 years of experience and has a very successful YouTube channel $240 for an 8 minute video- everything from researching the music and stock footage to adding motion graphics and memes, sound effects, music, and subtitles and text Is this pretty good? 🔥🔥
Comment from : Sarah Chicharro

You killed this! Super helpful and pleasant to watch/listen too 👏
Comment from : SexyGeek

Olof J
Thank you for taking you time explaining this!! Very helpful!
Comment from : Olof J

Christian Romano
Thank you!! It was very scary and now is just scary haha, thanks for the contract!! Stay awesome
Comment from : Christian Romano

Lack of information caused me to work at only $2 per hour, for 30 hoursbrWell said - info is the key :)
Comment from : Agent

Alexis Mitchell
This was so helpful Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! Huge help :-)
Comment from : Alexis Mitchell

Teh Wolie
I'm already terrified :)
Comment from : Teh Wolie

Domier The Dragon
I'm potentially looking for a video editor that can match or improve my editing style at a minimum but its extremely hard to filter on fiverr or upwork Please Help!
Comment from : Domier The Dragon

how much should you ask for?
Comment from : Mari

Apollo Cobain
Another great and helpful vid!brbr"A contract is for when things go wrong" true and the first goal then should be to stay out of court, and/or protect the friendship from permanent damage A good contract is one that both parties can look at later and (hopefully) say "okay THIS is what we agreed tohow do we get back to that and wrap this up?"brAnother tool in setting rates is to "play customer" and see what other editors in your area are charging for similar work brIf you give a discount to friends or anyone, write the bill up at your full rate and then show the discount taken out This avoids getting locked in to a discounted rate with them and helps remind them that you don't usually work this cheap brbrHow much of an upcharge should there be for rush work?
Comment from : Apollo Cobain

Miami Explorer
Thank you!
Comment from : Miami Explorer

But how do you find clients
Comment from : JeffSkyward

Dhara Bhatt
Thank you so so so much for this template! You are a life saver!!! <3
Comment from : Dhara Bhatt

Dude, thank you! 💯🙏 Wish I saw this video sooner Fml 😅🤦💯🙌 Also, thanks for adding the template 😊
Comment from : AlanGuzmanChannel

Vitaliy Storozhuk
Thanks Man!
Comment from : Vitaliy Storozhuk

Jehudijah Jubilee
Awesome! Thanks this was super helpful!
Comment from : Jehudijah Jubilee

Arsalaan Jawaid
for the algorithim
Comment from : Arsalaan Jawaid

Thanks a BILLION for putting that contract in google Needed one sooner than I thought and knew exactly where to go You're the best!
Comment from : marykirmo

Joseph Kusu
25 minutes to 18 minutes footage how much should i charge
Comment from : Joseph Kusu

Don't undercharge yourselfthink of every single thingand mark it up x5An example: your client wants you to edit a project and you have to download clips to your harddrive which eats up 500gb Then either the client must purchase an external HD or you can do it for them for a fee If you have to store it then tack on an extra $500 to $1000 per month Seriously, just like storage facilities, they store you items and charge, except video is way more valuable Once that moment is gone its gone forever, not like clothes or furniture which can be acquired again Artist /Creatives lets not let people get over on us Remember God is a creator!
Comment from : KasaiFilms

Marcus Lawrence
I've been wanting to become a video editor freelancer and this video was SUPER helpful! brbrThank you so much!brbrI have Liked and Subscribed so I can make use of your videos to further build my knowledge!
Comment from : Marcus Lawrence

Thank you so much for this information I would be lost without it Just starting my editing career and I don't want to get taken advantage of Thank you for the contract as well!
Comment from : KonaGozenEdits

Kristel Fai
Comment from : Kristel Fai

Yolanda Hall
love this
Comment from : Yolanda Hall

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