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1893-s Morgan Dollar in a PCGS Holder - Counterfeit Detection - Coin Talk in 4K

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Information 1893-s Morgan Dollar in a PCGS Holder - Counterfeit Detection - Coin Talk in 4K

Title :  1893-s Morgan Dollar in a PCGS Holder - Counterfeit Detection - Coin Talk in 4K
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Frames 1893-s Morgan Dollar in a PCGS Holder - Counterfeit Detection - Coin Talk in 4K

Description 1893-s Morgan Dollar in a PCGS Holder - Counterfeit Detection - Coin Talk in 4K

Comments 1893-s Morgan Dollar in a PCGS Holder - Counterfeit Detection - Coin Talk in 4K

Why didn't you just weigh them? You can find the fake easily Even the best forgers can make it look good and weigh Weight is always off, I haven't found one yet
Comment from : Butter

My approach to buying coins is much different these days I've been telling people that fake slabbed coins are out there, thank you for this video I prefer to buy from credible dealers, and still do my own tests Weight specs, mint mark locations and other information is easily accessible and can weed out fakes People are less likely to inspect slabbed coins, unfortunately, and scammers know this Had to return a counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollar that was sold to me on eBay, it was 3 full grams underweight Looked through the seller feedback, he sold an identical fake to someone else and they left positive feedback! People need to do their research before investing in coins, pick a type, get familiar, then broaden
Comment from : guy

Thanks for the lesson As a novice who just inherited my late FiL's collection, I was ecstatic to find a 1847 CC Seated Liberty in his collection (I had read CC's are rare & generaly worth more) but was wondering why I couldn't find any info on it (Red Book or www) until I read up on the CC Mint & the Motto above the Eagle That's when I learned about counterfeits! Needless to say I was a sad boy 😕
Comment from : DanoFireMano

Former5-0Trust JesusChrist!
Was the seller from Jacksonville fla?brThe old grandfather story!brLiars everywhere brJesus Christ will soon judge the brUngodly
Comment from : Former5-0Trust JesusChrist!

Jared White
Ya there’s no way that is AU 50 grade Mines MS63 an far better looking then both
Comment from : Jared White

Jeff Flanagan
@Larry Stendebach Does that counterfeit coin have any value?
Comment from : Jeff Flanagan

Roy Rauch
My question is,who would buy a rare coin, now that they are making counterfeit coins with PLASTIC NGC and PCGS cases attached Time for a new hobby, sorry to say!NEW CHINA COUNTERFEITS are just about undetectable!Even have the proper contents of metal No more 18K $20 gold pieces!
Comment from : Roy Rauch

Nevets Legasi
My question is "Who in the heck has the ability to even STRIKE a coin as close as this is????"
Comment from : Nevets Legasi

First thing I noticed was how cloudy the fake slab is
Comment from : Tyrel

Prashant Patil
Avilable call me 9008239128
Comment from : Prashant Patil

Dennis Hinckley
What did it weigh?
Comment from : Dennis Hinckley

Tales Zingapan
Hi I have one dallar coin Morgan silver 1888 o how much is this
Comment from : Tales Zingapan

Marwin Intal
1893 morgan dollar s
Comment from : Marwin Intal

Martin Neps
My mother bought us kids Morgan kits 5 of them in a kit from the MINT And I was wondering if they are worth anything they are in a blue open valore kit And I was wondering what they are worth please comment back thank you so very much if you take the time out to answer me
Comment from : Martin Neps

I posted a video to VT Bay, a buying/selling site here in Bulgaria because of the increasing number of people trying to sell coind, including Morgan Silver Dollars If you sre interested it is on Youtube PENSIONER PREPPER Halloween Horror StorybrI was able to make the video because of what I learned upon sites like yours I had prchased some Morgans, as well as a trade dollar, and had learned they where all fakes
Comment from : khankrum1

Dixon Diaz
What efforts are being made to find the crooks making these fake coins in fake holders ?
Comment from : Dixon Diaz

Michael Cheeto
I'm dizzy
Comment from : Michael Cheeto

This reinforces a good point: know what you're buying Knowledge is power
Comment from : 8avexp

William Burdon
So, not only is the coin counterfeit , the holder and the hologram are also?
Comment from : William Burdon

my dad bought about 8 morgans counterfeit for 180 dollars
Comment from : Frizzy

Sam Gardner
This should be a really easy detection Silver doesn’t tarnish to a brown/gold color The one on the right is clearly a bronze/silver mixture Silver tarnishes a deep black grey color
Comment from : Sam Gardner

Ronald Siegrist
i had to stop watching the camera work made me dizzy i could not focus on any of the areas of the fake to recognize it
Comment from : Ronald Siegrist

R Troyer
Poor quality holder, artificial patina, substandard printing, suspect die cracks, scratches, it all adds up to fake! Thanks for the counterfeit detection tutorial !
Comment from : R Troyer

Silvadel Shaladin
Actually, undergrading a counterfeit would make it less likely to get tight scrutiny Someone who sees say an MS-64 graded MS-62 is far more likely to quickly buy it than if they are scrutinizing a properly graded coin and wondering if that PCGS MS-64 isn't an overgraded MS-63
Comment from : Silvadel Shaladin

Sara Helton
The color is way off
Comment from : Sara Helton

Mark Belanger
That's why I am watching music videos from now on,I tried of all the videos of this is a fake that's fake I am done watching all the negative It's getting like watching the news on tv
Comment from : Mark Belanger

Deann Dubois
Camera Way 2 much moving
Comment from : Deann Dubois

150 likes and subscription !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See my konal !!!!!!!!!!! Subscribe 👍🔔
Comment from : RARE COINS

The nose
Comment from : onceANexile

Bryant Lucas
I give opportunity to people like you who don’t get to hear from the dealers on what everybody is buying in the gold/silver market (we give them out lower than the market price) REPLY with your number & I can give you insight on what you should be doing!!!
Comment from : Bryant Lucas

Darren A
Thanks for THIS video I bought an 1893-S a couple of years ago Thought it was Real of Course Took it to a Coin shop Man said it was a Fake I still have it What would you recommend ? If I send it off for Grading and it is indeed a Fake, will they confiscate it ?
Comment from : Darren A

Comment from : ECTOGEOS ZETHIP

Author Unknown
Is that a kingdom hearts song in the background?
Comment from : Author Unknown

Alf a
The fake one also had a copper tint look to it
Comment from : Alf a

George Macias
The nose on the counterfeit looked weird It's not as delicate as the real one
Comment from : George Macias

dave Davidh
So watch out for yellow fakes
Comment from : dave Davidh

Garry Croft
Poor fake cheap $20 from China Now the $400 plus high end fakes are a different thing altogether I bet if you scan this cheep one its not even silver of about 30 the good ones are made from a melted common date Morgan Don't get me started on the the high end fake NGC double eaglesbrDid you know that 92 of all the gold coins and bars on ebay are fake? Some are poor and can to seen in the pictures, again the high end tungsten filled can only be found out with a scanner
Comment from : Garry Croft

where was the counterfeit purchased ?
Comment from : rayman46

David Ellsworth
Too much caffeine? Hold still please!
Comment from : David Ellsworth

Mouhamad Ali
I have one dollar silver 1878 9613535769
Comment from : Mouhamad Ali

Dr David Kaplan
The novice in this market is dead meat The counterfeiters are getting very good especially with the new technology A master counterfeiter can do a very good job even fulling the experts If you realize how far down in detail one has to examine to determine authenticity then you realize the counterfeiting is getting to be a real problem caveat emptor !!!!
Comment from : Dr David Kaplan

Charles Holt
Great vid Very knowledgeable One suggestion I wanted to share with you If you continue making videos find another word to subsitute for Uhhhnot to be rude because I couldnt do what you do however the constant Uhhhs were almost enough to change the video within the first minute
Comment from : Charles Holt

Brad Moberly
The mouth on the Morgan is totally different
Comment from : Brad Moberly

Haze Gray
Very well presented video Of course when building a slabbed collection, one does not have a legit coin on hand to compare the coin in question to
Comment from : Haze Gray

Comment from : J

Leo Guy
Not all PCGS holders are clear, Counterfeiters realize their mistakes from videos like this one, they are always trying to make them harder to spot
Comment from : Leo Guy

The Sun Just Shined
01/22/2019 - Hey, nice video! I inquired on another channel just a couple of days ago whether/if there were any bfake/b PCGS coins, since I recently purchased 4 Morgans through APMEX I don't expect any bfakes/b but info is info Good vid'yo
Comment from : The Sun Just Shined

The MOST obvious thing, that you didn't mention, was the fact that the holder was broken!
Comment from : Jack

jeffreys finds
I could not stand to watch your video with that stupid music playing
Comment from : jeffreys finds

Emil Phoryew
I could tell instantly the fake one
Comment from : Emil Phoryew

Nick Gaddini
Immediately when he started the video I said the one on the right is fake there were multiple give aways
Comment from : Nick Gaddini

bob lindstrom
I would like to have seen the reverse of the fake The shoe polish halo around the rim and stars is the number one tell When made they don't look anywhere near real and thus need to be artificially aged and this is the look they get Quite uncommon to get a real Morgan with that halo and shoe polish look This dollar was made in past year or so and sold on Aliexpress (might be able to get one yet) Alibaba also has a ton of fakes and in PCGS slabs to boot Camera shake and not allowing the camera to focus was a hard to watch issue
Comment from : bob lindstrom

Dr Herb
Many thanks! As a newbie to online collecting, this was great to learn What about all the "monster rainbow toning" of Morgans? Is this real toning?
Comment from : Dr Herb

The patina on the fake is the 1St giveawaysilver doesn't discolor like that It gets darker grey then black Someone varnished this fake with something to make it look old!
Comment from : cosbornejr1

Caino the Concerned Citizen
Excellent content!
Comment from : Caino the Concerned Citizen

Wiraphan Ray
i have 1776 is twenty D
Comment from : Wiraphan Ray

Facts Dont Matter
I'll never be duped with an 1893S ever! Thanks for sharing!!
Comment from : Facts Dont Matter

Great information But you need to put the camera on a tripod I had motion sickness by the end of the video :-)
Comment from : R KFALL

Edward j j
What's about the weight of the Coin -should be 267 g?
Comment from : Edward j j

Joshua Chambers
I’m your 1000th subscriber!!!
Comment from : Joshua Chambers

We should start exporting counterfeit pandas
Comment from : Fallschirmjaegermeister

Prepared Survivalist
What's dumb is that's a key date and high grade coin, so of course anyone buying it should do their due diligence and check the serial number and online report of that graded coin for any inconsistencies And not sure why they thought dying it in tea or whatever would make me t more believable Probably just to help distract from all the forgery identifiers
Comment from : Prepared Survivalist

Beautiful Morgan Dollar!
Comment from : TKA

Gator Sailor
Nice Chinese counterfeit, and a good video There is also a 'fake gallery' at VAMWorld for the 1893S Morgan, with even more info Some 1890's were used, with altered dates brbr wwwvamworldcom/1893-S20Fake20Gallery
Comment from : Gator Sailor

David Tilley
Did it stick to a magnet?
Comment from : David Tilley

First thing I noticed was the crack in the case
Comment from : theyuha

Brian Forbes
You need a camera holder
Comment from : Brian Forbes

Dusty Nonya
This is why I highly prefer error coins of the modern era They're made from much harder alloys which aren't nearly as easily damaged nor are they as profitable to "shave" corners off of Then there's the situation with how many of the American Coin Dies ended up in the hands of nefarious folksthis sort've thing happened well into the 40's (For anybody who doesn't know the story of Henning) and is also why the Chinese Counterfeiters are still making precisely stamped, double-strike Wheatback Cents to this day brbrSadlyvery few people know that the oldest of the grading services is barely 30 years old As someone who's been collecting coins for that long I'm a bit perturbed by how many people refuse to buy a "non-verified" coin, but will buy a PCGS slabbed coin sight-unseen Plastic and Paper are easily counterfeited in comparison to a coinas it doesn't require proprietary dies; much less in the same condition as X year during Y die stage
Comment from : Dusty Nonya

Azavion Henley
what number do I call to get one
Comment from : Azavion Henley

Comment from : coffeefish

Michael Trucking Gray
Alll i got was dizzy watching this
Comment from : Michael Trucking Gray

Clay Scott
You should give it to me I can sell it
Comment from : Clay Scott

Pete Deiler
Comment from : Pete Deiler

Lickity Split
I wonder what they make the fakes out of
Comment from : Lickity Split

The 100 Staight Gender Guy
Can you take out the coin and test it?
Comment from : The 100 Staight Gender Guy

Roger Damron
also have you ever seen a 1857 large cent??i also have that trying to google but not learning much on it
Comment from : Roger Damron

Roger Damron
i am not educated in this very well at all would you consider just looking at a few pics? when you can spare a moment
Comment from : Roger Damron

Roger Damron
HI I have watched numerous videos of yours i need help could i please send you pictures of an 1893 s morgan and also an 1899 they have been in my family very long time i live in a VERY rural area of WV and no where to check , they are not in cases and have been circulated a lot but is legible PLEASE if you have time i need your PROFESSIONAL opinion
Comment from : Roger Damron

Irving Tv
i have one its fake i bought it here in macau china Mop15brmorgan dollar
Comment from : Irving Tv

Lionel Ducote
Comment from : Lionel Ducote

So how was this coin made? Recently?
Comment from : Kef103

julio martinez
ihave 1 morgan 1885
Comment from : julio martinez

Nickel Hunter
the fake looks rusty
Comment from : Nickel Hunter

Protect and Build Your Business
For any PCGS coin, just use the pcgs website verify page or use the PCGS iPhone or Android app: PCGS Cert VerificationbrScan the bar code of the fake coin in the video and it shows that this is for a different coinbrFor really rare coins, PCGS often has photos of the real coin as well
Comment from : Protect and Build Your Business

Mike L
There is also a greater space between the 3 and the star next to it on the counterfeit
Comment from : Mike L

Silver Gator
wow, I would have never been able to figure that out I am getting ready to add a video of some of my morgans and I am a little worried now Great information, I subbed :)
Comment from : Silver Gator

can you cut out the background music, it is so annoying and sleepy
Comment from : BSD

Mike Wood
Great video Thank you for sharing your collection and knowledge
Comment from : Mike Wood

Teddy Giovanini
interesting also do you know by chance what the fake one is made out of like is it still silver and could be melted down at least or no
Comment from : Teddy Giovanini

John Doe
Fuck China,everything from China is fake
Comment from : John Doe

Berenice Carpio
que precio tienen un morgan dolar del año 1883 don ya que melo venden por eso nesecito saber
Comment from : Berenice Carpio

Great video thanks for sharing brbrThe biggest give away is the cracked case Never buy a coin that has a cracked case Easy decision
Comment from : Audrey

Carlos Rull
Thanks for the video I'm buying more slabbed Morgans now and it's scary to know there could be fake slabbed Morgans out there
Comment from : Carlos Rull

Ronel Sabordo
I have 1896 Morgan but its not silver its gold
Comment from : Ronel Sabordo

Luis Sauceda
what is the music? it's nice
Comment from : Luis Sauceda

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