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10 side hustle ideas ???? for teens, from home, u0026 not scams lmao

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Information 10 side hustle ideas ???? for teens, from home, u0026 not scams lmao

Title :  10 side hustle ideas ???? for teens, from home, u0026 not scams lmao
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Frames 10 side hustle ideas ???? for teens, from home, u0026 not scams lmao

Description 10 side hustle ideas ???? for teens, from home, u0026 not scams lmao

Comments 10 side hustle ideas ???? for teens, from home, u0026 not scams lmao

Comment from : macoybb

you have to be atleast 18 for some of these jobs so more like for adults
Comment from : Adi

Nalani Belvin
I actually decided to go with the homemade crafts and am in the process of making rubber band bracelets (if it goes well, i might extend to other types of jewlery)
Comment from : Nalani Belvin

Comment from : style_by_eugy

Cheesys Budgeting Life
As for not stalking a delivery guy😂
Comment from : Cheesys Budgeting Life

Nileena KD
Not related to the content of video But brDrop the skincare routine miss✨
Comment from : Nileena KD

The ad right before this video was for a “side hustle” scam I can’t 🥲
Comment from : sam

This was really useful thank you!
Comment from : África

Ugh don’t even-
I’m only 11 but I am ready 💀😩😭
Comment from : Ugh don’t even-

Vinod Kumar
Hlo njn malayalii pollii
Comment from : Vinod Kumar

Sugar Mamma
Some really great starting ideas here And of course the next stop would be sustainability of the business and some bts for the owners wellbeing, which I talk about here youtube/nBpDPU7E0OY xCC
Comment from : Sugar Mamma

Sofia Electra
I don’t need this, I’m an INTJ
Comment from : Sofia Electra

Hinata Uzumaki
I'm 13 trying to make MONEY😟
Comment from : Hinata Uzumaki

freezyy lazy:)
:) ×_×
Comment from : freezyy lazy:)

•I stole jimins jams•Min Y/N•
Me a broke army 😭💜 trying to buy mearch be like:brbtw I recommend u to collect same colour rubber band and make bracelet with it and sell it at ur school (I tried it and it worked!!)
Comment from : •I stole jimins jams•Min Y/N•

She sings Too even4u
Adorable💗brbrLove you quill🍾😗
Comment from : She sings Too even4u

rattus maximus
All I need is people to stop requiring me to be 18 😀 I can open a box now, I ain't gonna be doing it any better in two years
Comment from : rattus maximus

I'm under 13 😀
Comment from : ItsWitchy

Angel Mitchell
I quit my job last week and I've been a bit anxious because I haven't been making money so this was helpful! I know that sounds bad or something so I'm sorry for that
Comment from : Angel Mitchell

Nour Rizk
why do u look like zhc but girl version? i cant be the only one who thinks that
Comment from : Nour Rizk

Nouria Felder
I went on the transcribing Website and there is no place to sign up for being a transcriber Also they say they have professionals to do it so how would they just accept a teen
Comment from : Nouria Felder

Michelle Mitch
Very helpful Thanks for sharing new subs here 🙂
Comment from : Michelle Mitch

Kourty Case
🤩 thx 🤩
Comment from : Kourty Case

RL Playzone
congro❤️❤️for 1 M
Comment from : RL Playzone

nutty purrfessor
Rev actually doesn't let minors work as transcriptionists for them due to it not being legal or something :(
Comment from : nutty purrfessor

i need money tysm!!!
Comment from : 麥穎心Charlene

Yours Truly, Tara
I just start my channel too! Hope I’ll slowly grow my channel!
Comment from : Yours Truly, Tara

yourlocal1950s addict
I heard you get 1 dollar from 1 view, is this true? If not, how much do you get from views?
Comment from : yourlocal1950s addict

raba hossain
you're cute ;) btw, im new
Comment from : raba hossain

Comment from : aannalee

Maria Clara Veríssimo
I'm 13 old and I'm brazilian, i've been teaching english to my friends (receiving food and clothes lol) since I'm 11, i could say that i'm bigger (and better) than Kumon between my friends
Comment from : Maria Clara Veríssimo

Jepler Gaming
"Sell old clothes" brMe: I don't have many clothes and all of them is OLD 😭😭😭😭 poor me
Comment from : Jepler Gaming

I would like to be a babysitting, but how could I do this in Brazil?? There is someone who is Brazilian here?? I think its only me lol
Comment from : lihberry♥︎

None hires me for tuition due to age 😂😂
Comment from : Space

I know this video is old, but if anyone sees this comment, I recommend becoming a referee You make a decent amount of money- some of my soccer teammates made $100 each over the span of two days Start with recreational- in my area the refs make about $15 just for the 6/7 year olds You make more money the bigger the fields, or depending on if your centering or being an ar You can legally become a referee at 13, but some recreational groups might let you start early If you referee for actual teams that play year round, you’ll make a lot more money because they have more funding
Comment from : RoyxleKiwi

itzz_• mercy
New sub!😛
Comment from : itzz_• mercy

Light Yagami
5:05 I read it "sell your parents online 💀"
Comment from : Light Yagami

aissa boudiaf
Can i use mercari on algeria?
Comment from : aissa boudiaf

Her cheeks are cute😍
Comment from : kae_rie

Hasini Kavindya
Hey I stop spend money for skincareit helps me to save my money
Comment from : Hasini Kavindya

Fareena Hatim
I am a ESL Tutor on Preply and it's a really easy way to make some extra money You set your brown rate, schedule your own hours and get paid through PayPal or payoneer! Students are super nicebrand it's a great way to learn new cultures All from the comforts of your own home!!brHere's my affiliate link if you're interested: trackingpreplycom/SHLO
Comment from : Fareena Hatim

Advantage of being a teen that came from wealthy family , Build your own business without worrying about money , or not being scared to lose it if the business become failed brbrIm scared setting up my business , Its my money but it is not really my money It is a savings that my mother made for me Im still studying and a useless college student We are not rich so Im scared to use it 😂
Comment from : LMAO EVERYWHERE

Karri Li
If you make really nice notes, you can sell copies of them to your classmates, especially around finals season
Comment from : Karri Li

Serein Serene
sugar daddies?
Comment from : Serein Serene

Aya iart
✨for teens✨ me being 11🙂👍🏻
Comment from : Aya iart

I have invested my money in parrotswhen they breed I'll sell themhere in my country it's very common and it's very profitable in my countryhoping for the best
Comment from : DExTER GaMinG

"sell old items"brbrbCOVID/b brbrme: oh-
Comment from : minimumtreats

Regismary Kawaii girl
I am 11 so I am making future plans to do as I am always interested in business stuff
Comment from : Regismary Kawaii girl

I want to earn money so that i can buy some posters of anime characters or useless stuffy that my parents won't buy me😩
Comment from : Monmon

My Kosmos ♡
I think you are a cute chubby version of BLACKPINK Jennie 😍
Comment from : My Kosmos ♡

Magic Starlett
or a sugardaddy
Comment from : Magic Starlett

Learn Easy
You are so cute
Comment from : Learn Easy

I'm disappointedbrWhere is "rob a bank" or sum like that? 😤
Comment from : Stan GOT7 ASTRO ACE BLITZERS For A Better Life

Thx i need to be rich 🙂
Comment from : Nofe_claudia_

Naces is here ➶︎
Lol even though i'm still 12 almost a teen 😂
Comment from : Naces is here ➶︎

0:17 : middle schoolers too?
Comment from : Itz_Melody_Glow

Daniela Skye
i only join giveaways on twitter and it really helped me a lot
Comment from : Daniela Skye

Anna Marschand
I'm 11 and what I do to make money is when I fold laundry for my mother I check in my brothers pockets becuse he has a lot of money and I often can find cash A few days ago I found $20 in my brothers pockets It helps that I have 2 brothers so its easier to find moneybrI steal their cash but I technically didnt steal it, they just "Lost" their cash when it got left in their pockets and run through the wash
Comment from : Anna Marschand

1 Drug dealing
Comment from : im

I love her so much :)) <3
Comment from : Hoodjabi

Adelyn Brown
her videos and voice is so calming I love it :]
Comment from : Adelyn Brown

me, a language teacher with no degree to teach languages, kinda broke because the pay is awful, looking for more freelance jobs so I can pay for rent
Comment from : Anxiouscouchpotato

Ale’s Storytimes
I will definitely consider selling my own clothes/things 😁👍🏼
Comment from : Ale’s Storytimes

something stupid lol
here’s the problem: my mother doesn’t let me do anything i’m not even allowed outside in the backyard and yes, i’m in high school
Comment from : something stupid lol

Bethany Osuji
Who else got a money making ad😭😭
Comment from : Bethany Osuji

The worst ideas Noone In my country would be interested in art, photos, tutoring Ive tried selling clothes, but noone has ever bought from me To work at delivery you have to be 16 or over and drive around in unknown places This video is mostly meant for older teens and people in larger countries
Comment from : misjelly

jimins jams in jisoo dior bag
does Mercari app alow international coustumers
Comment from : jimins jams in jisoo dior bag

I earned more than my dad just by walking dogs moving the lawn washing cars gardening basically doing the chores It is unfortunate that I learnt that at 16 I was doing it for free for ten years
Comment from : LYNN

Finally something that I really needed
Comment from : alien

1,1m views, 11 months ans 1,1k comments 😭😭
Comment from : Tɪɴʏシ

Aracely Andres
I was literally stressing over this and I'm just a small teen but I need to pay my phone bill and invest in some things so this was very helpful thank you so much
Comment from : Aracely Andres

me who is getting paid 500$ for babysitting: More money
Comment from : Ginza_Animatex

hippie queen :D
thanks :Dbri’m starting a cosplay fund soon sooo
Comment from : hippie queen :D

"for teens" brme with 12 years: this maybe can help me having money while I can't work [happy]
Comment from : Connie

Leah Marie Muir
when ur rlly young and live in europe so u cant do anything to make money cuz of ‘child labor’ 🤨⁉️
Comment from : Leah Marie Muir

Rafidah Begum
how to make people notice that we provide babysitting service
Comment from : Rafidah Begum

Sasha Linden
Just told my dad about selling my art on the internet and he just told me off and took my motivation because according to him "you're a minor and can't do anything" so yeah, I don't know what to do anymore
Comment from : Sasha Linden

elizabeth ogunjobi
i make handmade cards!!!!!
Comment from : elizabeth ogunjobi

Sugar daddies
Comment from : Stanlord

Latte woman
idea for kids: make a collection of things (rubber balls, figurines, cards etc) and sell them at school based on their rarity and value (a normal card would be 1 dollar but a rare card would be about 5-6 dollars)
Comment from : Latte woman

This is what a 11 year old like me needs
Comment from : H I T I T H E R

Winter Night겨울밤
Literally 1 hour ago I was asking my mom if she had ideas to earn money and this appeared in my recommendations brSaved to watch in the morning because it's late
Comment from : Winter Night겨울밤

I used to babysit my little cousins (3 of them) and make $185 I think it was every two week Some stuff happened with my aunt though and I had to stop babysitting but I should start babysitting again pretty soon
Comment from : Sxft_Cloxds

Shereen Shaikh
I swear I'm doing this just to buy a BTS merch
Comment from : Shereen Shaikh

Comment from : 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐦𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐢☾︎

Comment from : 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐦𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐢☾︎

Amaze Facter
Me: mom can I go and do some local servicesbrMy mom: like whatbrMe: walk dogsbrMy mom: corona brMe: start a lemonade standbrMy mom: this is the uae you need a business permit for that, why are you so American all a suddenbrMe: babysitbrMy mom: don’t even start Your an only child you’ve never took care of someone I don’t even think you can handle the dogs
Comment from : Amaze Facter

aw dang it my mom gave my old and used clothes to my cousins, should've sold it
Comment from : meiri

Grace Pereira
What I can actually do but don't: brMake YouTube videosbrSell stock images/drawings/handmade stuff/ clothesbrTeach kids
Comment from : Grace Pereira

Tori Whitney
House sitting while people travel is a nice way to help your friends and earn a little money (Usually taking care of a pet such as cats, dogs, hamsters, etc)
Comment from : Tori Whitney

Kobra Kid
I went to gotranslate and rev and it seems as if you have to pay them?
Comment from : Kobra Kid

Sweet Cupcakes
Lol my futures hopeless, that's why not make money from now on soyk
Comment from : Sweet Cupcakes

Sapna Das
Thank you
Comment from : Sapna Das

aileniwey seaweed
i have a youtube channel that reached 1ksubs and more than 4k watch hours but adsense didn’t work and i couldn’t earn anything:((
Comment from : aileniwey seaweed

Tom Stevens
I just wondering if any of the things like mercari and redbubble cost any money to set up
Comment from : Tom Stevens

time to get money i wont need
Comment from : o

[As a teenager] what I'm thinking is that : I'm wasting time here on couch/sofa, so I need some work to do and earn money , guess what? I wanna help some people who don't have money to treat their children or family who are ill or need some help coz I'm here because I'm always been seeing in internet, parents crying and begging to lend them some money so that they can cure their children's illness or disease by proper treatment
Comment from : Smriti

kias_ vlog
I started making youtube videos , I like doing it thanks🤭🤍
Comment from : kias_ vlog

Would this get incorporated into federal taxes?
Comment from : Emilyyy

Comment from : Jnelvlmr_

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