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J.G. Wentworth Commercial - Viking Opera

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Information J.G. Wentworth Commercial - Viking Opera

Title :  J.G. Wentworth Commercial - Viking Opera
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Frames J.G. Wentworth Commercial - Viking Opera

Description J.G. Wentworth Commercial - Viking Opera

Comments J.G. Wentworth Commercial - Viking Opera

hcos ❤️
Who else came from "I have a mental illness and I need cats now"
Comment from : hcos ❤️

Rolling Thunder
Her "sing to me"brHim 0:01
Comment from : Rolling Thunder

When they sang “877-CashNow” I Felt that 😂
Comment from : TheBkeefe11

Bro there misleading ads in public
Comment from : JosephsStuff

Imagine watching game or something and this comes on for the first time
Comment from : nerfgoonie

Max W
Who else is here to show someone who has never seen it?!
Comment from : Max W

Sandra Caraballo
My cousin loves this song😂😂😂
Comment from : Sandra Caraballo

Bugzy Boy
if u came here from "me during commercial breaks in 2009"brclick the like button
Comment from : Bugzy Boy

MagicalBlossom 235
I remember when i thought the Wentworth word sounded Network back in 2013
Comment from : MagicalBlossom 235

Jacob Lauten
Lmfao I sing this song literally every fucking day, bravo folks 😂
Comment from : Jacob Lauten

This is a good commercial because the number pop up in my head randomly
Comment from : Breeze

Adventures In Disney 100
So nostalgic
Comment from : Adventures In Disney 100

In the parlance of today's youth, this song "slaps hard"
Comment from : Fadem12

PS1 102 Dalmations Toy Store soundin' song
Comment from : TechnoLogicPC

who ever made this is a marketing genius, I haven’t heard this in YEARS and i still remember this commercial
Comment from : HolaSoyAlejandro

Isabella Rajavich
0:48 It's Alex Trebek!
Comment from : Isabella Rajavich

how tf do i still remember the phone call and all 😂
Comment from : Phoenix

Hardest commercial series of all time
Comment from : HOODIE TIGER

hippo potamus
Its my money and I need it NOW!
Comment from : hippo potamus

Hands down this is THE most effective commercial I have ever seen! I haven't had cable TV for around 8 years and I still remember this song by heart! Kudos to whoever came up with this!
Comment from : Klatuk4u

Anthony Jaswinski
I keep asking myself why this ad is so insanely awesome I think it's just showing the angry viking freeze at the end
Comment from : Anthony Jaswinski

Marsellus Bloom
Yup that’s the 1
Comment from : Marsellus Bloom

Shlomo Ickovitz
Still bumping this absolute banger in 2022
Comment from : Shlomo Ickovitz

Comment from : biersch

ros hamilton
All of these rappers stand aside, we found the next generation
Comment from : ros hamilton

Robert Colenburg
Comment from : Robert Colenburg

Strawberry Lemonade
Take them to Broadway, they'll be a hit
Comment from : Strawberry Lemonade

They just don’t make commercials like they used to
Comment from : XF-84H

TV isn't TV without this Jingle
Comment from : B B

Steven Damavandi
I thought i remembered this
Comment from : Steven Damavandi

Everytime I watch this ad i always smell cheese and I have no idea why
Comment from : NickPeters67

Alexandria Silverstor
You looked this up 😭
Comment from : Alexandria Silverstor

Best fucking commercial ever
Comment from : ThatLinuxGuy

Beck Piekarski
I cannot believe how many people like this piece of crap
Comment from : Beck Piekarski

Noaahh Hoke
Bro this is a banger
Comment from : Noaahh Hoke

Viktor Toth
Whoever created this commercial is a Mad Men level (evil? ) genius
Comment from : Viktor Toth

Kevin Corcoran
They give you about 40 of your total amount of the structure settlement Lol
Comment from : Kevin Corcoran

Everyone please rise for our national anthem
Comment from : RetroTaco

Still don’t know what an annuity or a structured settlement is, but this commercial slaps
Comment from : DealerCamel

Lmao I can sing this shit from memory I remember watching this when I was like 5
Comment from : CiciAd2010

Derek Lloyd
The bar has officially been raised youtube/THc1X-kEX4E
Comment from : Derek Lloyd

Comment from : ururh

tommy shaw
I was on a greyhound about 10 years ago, got seated next to a hippiehe told me that I havent lived life until I dropped 3 hits of acid and put this commerical on repeat
Comment from : tommy shaw

Terry Alfred
I saw this commercial 2 days ago It's still stuck in my head 🤣😂
Comment from : Terry Alfred

Adam  Kazmi
‘brCool commercial 👍🏼
Comment from : Adam Kazmi

Michael Lulay
A core memory!
Comment from : Michael Lulay

Anna Williams
This lives shamelessly rent-free in my head
Comment from : Anna Williams

Eric A
Looks like Slippin’ Jimmy cranked out another legendary legal ad 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Eric A

Daniel Goss
I owe money to the mafia and I need cash now
Comment from : Daniel Goss

jay jay
One of the best commercials of all time!
Comment from : jay jay

Cynthia Gair
I've been TV-free for many years but recently (2022) started streaming cable news and got hooked on this commercial Imagine my thrill, finding it on youtube - available for my viewing (and singing along) pleasure 24-7! Imagine my surprised pleasure reading these comments, learning that so many others have been hooked on it for so many years! I'd say there's an unseen audience out there, ripe for a Gilbert & Sullivan revival
Comment from : Cynthia Gair

0:22 This Part Goes So Hard
Comment from : Lunixin_

Whoever wrote this deserves a Grammy 🏆 🥇 🏅 🏆
Comment from : Anthony

Jeremy Smith
I will forever have this phone number memorized, but will likely never have a structured settlement or annuity
Comment from : Jeremy Smith

My future child: Papa, sing me the song of your childhood brbrMe:
Comment from : Joker

scott abelli
I don t have a structured settlement now--but this commercial is the best ever wow
Comment from : scott abelli

Pandora Dogg
The conductor at the end was a bus driver in another JG Wentworth clip Gotta love these vikings How about combining them with the CapitalOne Vikings? "What's in your wallet? JG Wentworth!"
Comment from : Pandora Dogg

(Sings) 877 cash now
Comment from : TROTRO2075

Belac Howard
Miss this commercial 😭
Comment from : Belac Howard

WholeWheat KittyFeet
13 years later i text my boss this when hes late paying me
Comment from : WholeWheat KittyFeet

Todoroki Shoto👹🧧
This is my childhood lmao
Comment from : Todoroki Shoto👹🧧

Brad Smith
original is muucch better
Comment from : Brad Smith

The golden era of commercials and ads Now they don’t even tey
Comment from : ItsAustinNoah

Comment from : KadoodleOfNoodles

Courtney Henley
So annoyingly catchy I end up singing along!
Comment from : Courtney Henley

Not Impressed
Love this commercial!
Comment from : Not Impressed

Jordan Z
Just was signing this song in my dream Next level marketing
Comment from : Jordan Z

Rock Lee
the song of gen z
Comment from : Rock Lee

Naw this just popped up in my head
Comment from : j6g64

KarNage Gaming
Im smoking and this randomly just popped in my head💀
Comment from : KarNage Gaming

The newest one has all the singers as African Americans Why pander to any race Fuck sake lol
Comment from : Moon_Man

Josh Who
Best ad ever
Comment from : Josh Who

Everyone rise for our national anthem
Comment from : Pipp

Krispyana64 #RememberFlapjack
When I'm an old boomer sitting in a retirement home, this number and the Empire Flooring numbers are the only ones I'll remember how to dial
Comment from : Krispyana64 #RememberFlapjack

amazing sign my boobies
Comment from : senpaibreeze

Best ad ever
Comment from : 204rego

Ian Fortuna
If this were a YouTube ad the skip button wouldn’t be necessary
Comment from : Ian Fortuna

My_Cousin _Mose
I come back to listen to this every now and again GREAT commercial If I ever need cash now I'll call 877
Comment from : My_Cousin _Mose

Siegfried Armory
This is the most brilliant commercial of all time It's been like 10 years since I've seen it, I've never used this company's services, but I can literally recite everything anyone needs to know about this company and their phone number from memory
Comment from : Siegfried Armory

Mega Luigi Gaming
Imagin if this was a real stage performence Would you go to it or not?
Comment from : Mega Luigi Gaming

Call now!
Comment from : B

Okay, let’s now lock this one up in the vault and never let it see the light of day again
Comment from : FN-FAL_is_my_right_arm

They still play this
Comment from : XxShadow_Pasta_Boi_Was_HerexX

Team m bomb
Huh, no wonder why the vikings died out and the settlements at New Finland didn’t last, they were too busy doing whatever this is! 😀
Comment from : Team m bomb

I literally just seen this commercial 5 minutes ago I’m surprised that it still airs today It’s like the modern day equivalent to the 90s Zoobooks commercial
Comment from : BwanLegend

Tim Weissenborn
Comment from : Tim Weissenborn

Verse Buchanan
When you putting this shit on wax
Comment from : Verse Buchanan

Daniel Daniel
I Love that song!! Good advertising firm
Comment from : Daniel Daniel

If I had a penny every time I saw this commercial as a kid
Comment from : JadenOP

i like the part where they say 877 cash now
Comment from : monsterhunterjack

When you’re home from school watching zoey 101 and this commercial comes on
Comment from : BustaRhymes-RS4W

The Number Juan YouTuber
Comment from : The Number Juan YouTuber

Donna Russell
Comment from : Donna Russell

Will Ford
This absolutely slaps
Comment from : Will Ford

krynosis Dreamer
Ad space company:exists brJg Wentworth: I'll take it All of itbrbr8 year old me: "call jg Wentworth, 877 cash noowwwwwww"
Comment from : krynosis Dreamer

Winnie Quick
Had to come here after my mom purposely muted it on tv lol
Comment from : Winnie Quick

i think this subconsciously got me into acting
Comment from : scooter

Is the original J G Wentworth still alive?
Comment from : mizzhllywd

This is one of the greatest commercials ever created
Comment from : mikeycomicsinc

Aaliyah Rosado
Hey, I've seen this one before!
Comment from : Aaliyah Rosado

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