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The making of the military highest award, the Medal of Honor

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Information The making of the military highest award, the Medal of Honor

Title :  The making of the military highest award, the Medal of Honor
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Frames The making of the military highest award, the Medal of Honor

Description The making of the military highest award, the Medal of Honor

Comments The making of the military highest award, the Medal of Honor

Ed Scmidt
I wonder if you have to pay to have medals engraved now, not the MOH Engraved (named) medals were most common in World War Two after that it was rarely done
Comment from : Ed Scmidt

Randy Valance
These meals are deceitful Toss them to the dirt!!! Throw them as far as you can!!
Comment from : Randy Valance

Stephen King
Thought u gotta die doin sumthin brave for ur family to recieve the medal for u
Comment from : Stephen King

Mark Dombek
It was disappointing that no process of the making of the medal was ever included and an actual skilled engraver may take pause at someone overseeing a computer operated machine being called an "engraver" brbrSince its creation in 1861, during the War Between the States (American Civil War), to date there have been 3,527 MoH awards -- with 40 being presented for actions in the 1861-1865 war brbrThe Victorian Cross has been awarded 1,358 times by the UK and Commonwealth, since its creation at the end of the Crimean War in 1856 Highest number of awards were in World War One Fewer than a dozen of the VC have been awarded for actions since World War Two (eg Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, Afghanistan)br(info from Wikipedia)
Comment from : Mark Dombek

Carlos Llanes
Comment from : Carlos Llanes

Kevin Walker
Scrap metal
Comment from : Kevin Walker

cc j
The highest german military award (Ehrenkreuz der Bundeswehr für Tapferkeit) is made of cheap metal from China brno joke
Comment from : cc j

Petek Çelebi
A deal is a deal 🇺🇸
Comment from : Petek Çelebi

Petek Çelebi
Comment from : Petek Çelebi

Robert Gary
From what I can tell that guy just engraved them When I was a kid I worked at a trophy shop and ran the same machine
Comment from : Robert Gary

Everyone Staff Sgt and up got a bronze star in Afghanistan and Iraq Look it up
Comment from : N∅∅B1337

Aaron E
What! honoring those who fought for our freedoms? You mean dmfp was wrong; they aren't "losers"?!
Comment from : Aaron E

I wouldn't exactly be proud to get the PH, or the POW medal
Comment from : armybeef68

Tiger Tiger
Beautiful but I wonder when the US will stop being at war
Comment from : Tiger Tiger

0:01 lmao I saw this guy in a Netflix series called “Medal of Honor”
Comment from : Psst

A Zone
Dude, the guy is just a tech making a few bucks an hour Any idiot can do that
Comment from : A Zone

Robert Harvey
Comment from : Robert Harvey

Robert Harvey
Comment from : Robert Harvey

Robert Harvey
William Harvey
Comment from : Robert Harvey

Jared Peacemaker
Well that line of purple is shrinking
Comment from : Jared Peacemaker

Daniel Serrano
old age pension
Comment from : Daniel Serrano

Bad Dog
Personal taste, I know But I prefer the 1862 ribbon, but it should have had stars on it so it looks like "old glory"
Comment from : Bad Dog

Holden Toodicks
I’m British, so I’ve got a question Why don’t Americans solider’s wear medals on their chest and opt for those little weird badges instead It’s just not the same as wearing medals 🎖 Just looks bad, and a little disrespectful to not wear the medals proudly on their chest
Comment from : Holden Toodicks

2:58 lol Right Now im third person who knows the combination
Comment from : Darecek

It means: Putting your capitalistic, military industrial complex war machine, above and beyond your own soul/spirit
Comment from : Dan

I'm more interested in how they made the ribbon
Comment from : acash93

I bet there are still cables
Comment from : shurethang

how did you know I was named "for display only"?
Comment from : SeagIe

Really you had to put that traitor in chief in this video? smh
Comment from : Fultonfalcons86

Dodge M
Rubbish news report All they did was show how medals are engraved, they showed nothing of how the actual medal is made or how the ribbons are made When someone says 'How it is made' that is what people are expecting to see Thumbed downed
Comment from : Dodge M

Mihad Alzayat
Lose your life, get a medalI’ll pass
Comment from : Mihad Alzayat

What happened to bronze star with Valour
Comment from : Case

Nouman Ahmad
Let me tell youI once found many of these medals of honour engrved with the vets names and their service criteria or whatever it was in their respected boxes like garbage sitting in a dustloaded shelf in a shopmedals were retrieved outta container in a foreign country (name undisclosed) alongside other scrap and shitI dunno how they ended up there but there were many of themMedals worth nothingIt is the men who count
Comment from : Nouman Ahmad

Kyle Nelson
Remember when news was wholesome And not political Wow
Comment from : Kyle Nelson

Matt Baker
This medals are the symbols & the reason why American can object & raised questions Victory comes with a price & the protectree will never know
Comment from : Matt Baker

Nobody Knows
bMade In China*/b
Comment from : Nobody Knows

Jonathan Almaraz
Gainesville TX!!!!!
Comment from : Jonathan Almaraz

They should get medals
Comment from : TaxInvasion

Happy John
2:58 Haha, now the cameraman knows the combo!brbr5:24 PMbr7/29/2020
Comment from : Happy John

Can we focus on Groberg for a second! American Hero!
Comment from : GatCat

Cason Woody
I kind of wish I hadn't clicked on this video I was expecting to see some sacred process of creating the nation's highest medal and instead what I got was some government employees sitting in what looks like a back room at the DMV using an automatic engraving machine that I bet I can get on Amazon
Comment from : Cason Woody

Teacher Tony Cars
youtube/GfrflrpjQ18brThank you
Comment from : Teacher Tony Cars

they need to do something to increase production to get the medals to soldiers quicker
Comment from : 1topfueldrag

Snarky, the Cat
0:01 The one where Ross gets the MOH
Comment from : Snarky, the Cat

My grandfather was a Medal of Honor recipient Sadly he died Memorial Day back in 01
Comment from : 889976889

My grandfather stormed Normandy Beach (Omaha) He was awarded the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star with a V I’ve never been able to find them but I need to get replacement medals Wonderful to see how they are made
Comment from : FFEMTB08

It's very good to know that the people that engrave these Medals take a great deal of pride in their work Thank you, CBS for sharing this video Video "Liked!"
Comment from : SouthTexasPrepper

KEVLAR1911A1 G21
Master craftsmen all Thank you
Comment from : KEVLAR1911A1 G21

John Brenner
They forgot to show President Obama saluting the Medal of Honor recipient He is the Commander in-Chief
Comment from : John Brenner

John Brenner
However gave thumbs down, needs to be kicked in the balls
Comment from : John Brenner

Video title is misleading similar to the words of a recruiter
Comment from : ForeverTS2

How to make a medal, buy $10,000 dremel, done
Comment from : FrEdDiE

Will Dwyer
Last time I checked America's longest war is the war on drugs
Comment from : Will Dwyer

Andy Mage
woah cpt sobel received the medal of honor
Comment from : Andy Mage

Medal of honor should cost a small fortune and be made of precious medals and diamonds It's the least we can do for our troops that earn that award
Comment from : N

Anti Bull
What is this? CBS reporting an accurate portrayal of something? Thats not biased against the president?? Oooh This is before they decided to be idiotic pre 2017
Comment from : Anti Bull

Comment from : Millmi

Joe Blow
Great video!! Too bad obama was in it!
Comment from : Joe Blow

Charles Dolling
Nothing to comfort a grieving family like a piece of ribbon amd scrap medal
Comment from : Charles Dolling

the tf
The nations highest award*
Comment from : the tf

Christ alive it's made the same way someone would get their bowling trophy etched xD How about a modicum of effort that makes at least a meagre attempt to reflect the sacrifice to obtain it?
Comment from : smeghead666

Joshua McHugh
You’re telling me while someone was receiving a medal of honour you were thinking, ‘I wonder who made that?’
Comment from : Joshua McHugh

Paul Christian
WTF? They didn't show anything about how the MoH was made
Comment from : Paul Christian

They engrave our nation's hardest earned medals on my wife's Cricut machine?
Comment from : HeavyMetalMechanic

God bless these men who Honor our Military
Comment from : hokeypokeyalso1

he is medal engraver ,not maker
Comment from : DUKE NUKEM

Gerald White
#Salute Worked with a few and interacted daily with them Good men and knowing what they did/do, I have a newfound respect for them
Comment from : Gerald White

otto toot
worthless piece of metal
Comment from : otto toot

Retro Guardian
They should have these presented to the address instead of mailing
Comment from : Retro Guardian

Brendan OReilly
It would be interesting to know where the metal for the MOH comes from - is it a special metal, like the Victoria Cross which comes from old cannon (captured during the Crimea War)
Comment from : Brendan OReilly

Heather Hastings
Oh my Godwhat is that?
Comment from : Heather Hastings

Skippy Andersen
3:11 Jesse Jackson got a part time gig
Comment from : Skippy Andersen

Let each one of us have a SERIOUS moment of silence for everyone who UNFORTUNATELY DID NOT or WILL NOT make it home !!!! 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Canada


Bill N
It is a shame that there is not a Medal of Honor memorial in Washington DC similar to the Vietnam Wall and the WWII memorial There should be one place where people can go to read up on the valor displayed by the people awarded this medal Now they are pushing a Desert Storm memorial site on the mall but that is not nearly as important as the accumulation of Medal of Honor winners not memorialized somewhere in our capital
Comment from : Bill N

RD Mountford
Such a shame these medals are so cheaply made no skill just die cast base metalToo bad
Comment from : RD Mountford

Expert Troll Shaman Elite
You can buy them at the local PX for $2
Comment from : Expert Troll Shaman Elite

Tom Woosley
am i the only one who see's those are inverted pentagrams?
Comment from : Tom Woosley

lloyd walters
The only shame there is the president, who puts it around his neck! God bless the service men and women, and thank you for no more Obama!
Comment from : lloyd walters

samuel canfield
5 white stars on a blue background
Comment from : samuel canfield

James George
My great uncle Charles George was in the korean war and he killed he was awarded the Medal Of Honor brMedal Of Honor brpurple heartbrNational Defense Medal
Comment from : James George

Jim Kelley
I wonder if this is where Forest Gump's Medal of Honor was made?
Comment from : Jim Kelley

James Kellogg
There's no substitute for courage, heroism, bravery and valor especially on the battlefield! Having met several veterans from WW II, Korea, Vietnam, the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars and the War in Afghanistan it is a true honor and privilege unlike any I've ever had before to personally thank the heroes whom have given so much so that we as Americans remain free!
Comment from : James Kellogg

richard west
The victoria cross is made from cannon captured at savastapol during the crimean war brDos anybody know what the medal of honour is made from
Comment from : richard west

Alva Nita Bell
The honor of honoring people who fought for it in saving lives All the brave people in fighting for our rights and freedom
Comment from : Alva Nita Bell

Alva Nita Bell
God bless the honor of honoring
Comment from : Alva Nita Bell

Terrence Milton
Medals should be worth millions
Comment from : Terrence Milton

Ryan Burke
Coast guardsman lol
Comment from : Ryan Burke

Paul Suprono
As an Army/Air Force veteran this post, made my day To be awarded the Medal of Honor how can one do, any better !
Comment from : Paul Suprono

Troy Crith ll
You know how i suppose to fear him dying naw suicide yeah
Comment from : Troy Crith ll

Troy Crith ll
We shot him we suck yes💜💜💜⭐
Comment from : Troy Crith ll

Alex K
Not even handmade
Comment from : Alex K

george smith
I get so tired of the comments about the MOH presented by Trump don't count, because he didn't serve or got a medical deferment I guess the two Clinton gave don't count or the many Obama gave don't either How many of all those mocking Trump for a medical deferment, wouldn't have done the same thing to avoid the Vietnam war, if they had the means too
Comment from : george smith

John Ford
Apollo 14, last mission to the moon, we rescue Apollo 14 , Jan 27, and 1971, that's the last mission to the moon, Apollo 14 attacked, not mention 3000 soldiers of the eleven armour cavalry, skin in cambodia, by aliens, during the invasion, found hanging in
Comment from : John Ford

Split Hoof
The most exclusive club in the world, and the costliest to joinbrMay the lord bless the warriors; they have paid the price for our admission to the show
Comment from : Split Hoof

Paul Jordan
Thank you for your service to our country
Comment from : Paul Jordan

mal big
Typical Americans, all show no substance
Comment from : mal big

Rolling thunder
Comment from : Rolling thunder

Made in PRC engraved in USA
Comment from : 22k203902

Lennard Fadlen
Award??? thats not an award its something you earn
Comment from : Lennard Fadlen

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