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Most Valuable UK One Penny : Make you Rich

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Title :  Most Valuable UK One Penny : Make you Rich
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Description Most Valuable UK One Penny : Make you Rich

Comments Most Valuable UK One Penny : Make you Rich

Elizabeth Currie
Hi how are you doing I have three old pennies 1936 Got 1903 , 1900 , 1904 , 1905 , 1906 , 1907 , 1908 And loads of different dates 🐝🦋❤🎄
Comment from : Elizabeth Currie

Yana bin usep 10
One penny aku punya
Comment from : Yana bin usep 10

Layton Henson
I have a very clean Victoria 1901 George V 1936 clean as heck George vi 1952 also clean as heck and the 1967 penny from queen Elizabeth II it's proudly displayed on my shelf in a picture
Comment from : Layton Henson

,,tnx your vedio i hve that coins yr 1936
Comment from : r

Joewie Roces
I have one penny 1936
Comment from : Joewie Roces

Kundan Kumar
1946ka penny ha
Comment from : Kundan Kumar

hang khach
Qua viet nam lay hang nay Minh bao ve va Cho ban tien 50 Phan tram hoa hong
Comment from : hang khach

Aubrian Kgafane
Comment from : Aubrian Kgafane

coins collectioner pritam
I have all his coins sir please 🙏 help me to sell them my WhatsApp number is+23059779001, and I have one penny 1928
Comment from : coins collectioner pritam

Bam Soep
Saya punya 4coins one penny/Georgivs V=1909,1935,1936=2 coins
Comment from : Bam Soep

German Tagudin
i have that 1936 penny WhatsApp me +639958344888 if you want to buy it
Comment from : German Tagudin

سعد ندة
يوجد عندي عمالت قديمه اجنبيه بريطانيا جورج البيع 009647813708924 واحد ٦١ قطع نقديه قديمه
Comment from : سعد ندة

Parekh Anil
Have a British copper penny 1 rs 1903 to 1921 100 years old what the value of coin
Comment from : Parekh Anil

Ali Rolex
i have this
Comment from : Ali Rolex

Virender Birdee
I have one penny 1921 tell me the value of this coin
Comment from : Virender Birdee

Eiad Swms
Comment from : Eiad Swms

Hello, I'm new to bitcoin trading And have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong
Comment from : KIMBERLY ANN

Peyo Azhar
Comment from : Peyo Azhar

Randy Besueno
How can I sell it
Comment from : Randy Besueno

Randy Besueno
We are here in philippinesbrWe have so many coins like that
Comment from : Randy Besueno

Juan benito Correa
Tengo moneda one penny 1929 rey Gorgevis v O freca
Comment from : Juan benito Correa

Намазбек Чоймонкулов
Здравствуйте уважаемые у меня есть монета VICTORIA ONE CENT 1900 года сохранности среднем состояние
Comment from : Намазбек Чоймонкулов

Mithu Kumar
One penny 1965 rsp
Comment from : Mithu Kumar

Ibrahim Shaikh
Sem coin mare pas he 9772762450
Comment from : Ibrahim Shaikh

pak Desi Tarka
Hello sir how are youbrInformation this coin please help me actual price tell me this is real gold coin 1899 UK
Comment from : pak Desi Tarka

Clementines Coins
dont be fooled by this video, the only penny on that list even remotely valuable is the 1933 penny the rest of them are worth less than 10 pence in XF condition
Comment from : Clementines Coins

Gul  F  Majeed
It was alleged that only 7 was made of 1933 British penny experimental and for copper brass 1933 was made so distinguishing between copper brass and the 7 with the silver mixed brass and and copper metallic to grade a higher value as a silver coin to give as poor Mouse to enable away for purity of paupers of the Poor and Puritans in other words the devaluation was about to take place before the Second World War so if you add up 4 and 7 you'll get Eleven from Heavenly coins for Erection of Foundation of buildings election of Churchill and the church Lord Chancellori all so have three Abraham Lincoln 1943 wheat penny's made from copper not fake or copy's or any alteration
Comment from : Gul F Majeed

Gul Majeed
The last I heard it has gone for £140,000 the British 1933 penny made out of copper just like the one in the Royal Mint in England is also made out of copper only as I will prove in a week's time the difference between copper British penny 1933 As I am waiting for other disciples of the coin British 1933 penny one will be marked as a copy Amazon is supposed to deliver that and waiting for another two British 1933 penny's once I have gathered all the sheep of coins and you will see the Justice of Jesus the poor blind Mouse over house of the church of crisis in 1933 the beginning of the Second World War
Comment from : Gul Majeed

Kalpana Hati
I have this coin
Comment from : Kalpana Hati

Gul Majeed
Actually 4 special once were made British penny 1933 a wide range of mixture brass silver copper experimental and 7 was made out of just copper & brass no silver mixed and further 6 copies were made out of copper no brass
Comment from : Gul Majeed

Ranjit Singh
I'm ranjeet singh my phone number is 9769115766 I have 1936 ,one penny I want to sell it Please contact me
Comment from : Ranjit Singh

Stephen Weafer
How is the lighthouse missing from some of these coins
Comment from : Stephen Weafer

احمد محمود
I am from Egypt Own ONE PENNY in 1920 How to appreciate your price and how to sell it
Comment from : احمد محمود

Sunil Paramar, i have many old coines and notes
I have penny , 1941 australia
Comment from : Sunil Paramar, i have many old coines and notes

Ali Rolex
holl i have ol this
Comment from : Ali Rolex

varteey idrisa
I have British coin georgivs of 1916 one Penny if your interest with it 0655012325 what's app no
Comment from : varteey idrisa

قناة بنك العملات القديمه والنادرة
ممكن اسعار العملات القديمه؟؟؟؟brbrمع التقدير
Comment from : قناة بنك العملات القديمه والنادرة

Sunil Banerjee
I have a one penny 1944 Great Britain coin How much is its price? My mo no 8617740841
Comment from : Sunil Banerjee

isagani guilang
I have one coinbr1936
Comment from : isagani guilang

Sonia Brant
I have King George V 1919, 1923, 1933, and 1936 one piece each King George V Half Penny 1911, One Penny Queen Victoria 1899 and Twenty Pence Queen Elizabeth11 1982 would like to sell it if someone is interested
Comment from : Sonia Brant

Bandara Herath
Comment from : Bandara Herath

Ibreik Elmester
Comment from : Ibreik Elmester

I have 1944
Comment from : Tcha

Vợ Việt Chồng Italia
U have 1 one penny 1936
Comment from : Vợ Việt Chồng Italia

sevinc sanivar
I have it all
Comment from : sevinc sanivar

Mohamed Suhair
I have 1919 penny coin what's the value in 2021
Comment from : Mohamed Suhair

Francis Brewu
I have all the date 19 14 - 1963 - 19 67
Comment from : Francis Brewu

Beraud ndao
I have two 1 penny 1936 to sale 221776428425 watsap
Comment from : Beraud ndao

Kailash Shukla
I have some foren coine we want SEL it my whatsap no 919870488859 new delhi india
Comment from : Kailash Shukla

Walid Elabed
I have it all make me rich this is my fone number is 07828314688 thanx
Comment from : Walid Elabed

viki wadgaonkar
Old coins Mughal, British indian, 10paise, 5paise, 20 paise, 1/2 rupees, 1rupees, 2rupees, 5rupees, brFir sealbrbrMy whatsapp n 9325222201
Comment from : viki wadgaonkar

Sanjeewani Niluka Niluka
I have a 1new penny with queen Elizabeth 1971&2new pence with queen Elizabeth 1975 what's the value rate I sell it please contact me
Comment from : Sanjeewani Niluka Niluka

carlos oliveira
Comment from : carlos oliveira

Maria Alba Menezes
Vendo as 2
Comment from : Maria Alba Menezes

Maria Alba Menezes
Eu tenho destas moedas 1 de 1906 e de 1911
Comment from : Maria Alba Menezes

haboosh Daood
Comment from : haboosh Daood

Nevil Fernando
I have a one from this penny how an I sell
Comment from : Nevil Fernando

hemali desai
I have a 1929 penny Can you please tell me its value
Comment from : hemali desai

I have two coins pl contact 8608930699
Comment from : SUBBARAO VC

Would good to know the value of these coins
Comment from : Robin

Jhonson Bumanglag
Hi can u help me i have a 0ne penny coin 1912
Comment from : Jhonson Bumanglag

صالح حسين ابوزريعه السمالوسي ابوزريعه السمالوسي
عندي نفس العملاء br٠١٢٨٠٢٠٨٨٧٤
Comment from : صالح حسين ابوزريعه السمالوسي ابوزريعه السمالوسي

German Tagudin
i have 1936 2pcs who want to buy it? WhatsApp me +9283386555
Comment from : German Tagudin

Tanya Abraham
I have a 1944 one penny
Comment from : Tanya Abraham

sevinc sanivar
I hava this coin 1936 and 1937
Comment from : sevinc sanivar

Charmaine Moaña
1928,one penny
Comment from : Charmaine Moaña

edwin price
i have a 1897 and 1899 one penny
Comment from : edwin price

Diolinda Chicuembane
I have One penny 1933
Comment from : Diolinda Chicuembane

German Tagudin
I have 1897,1902,1903,1907,1908,1909,1910,1912,1913,1912,1913,1918,1919,1920,1935,1937,1939,1961 One Penny and Half Penny 1941,1958,1963,1964,1965,1966,1967
Comment from : German Tagudin

raaz Royals
I have this coin 1896
Comment from : raaz Royals

Mr bucanon
I have a one penny from 1867
Comment from : Mr bucanon

Girish Gulati
I have 1929 pennybrHow much will I get if I sellbrCall on 9371005535
Comment from : Girish Gulati

youtube/Cmxhf6x2V5c brbrMy coin collection video on my channel Sri Lanka coins
Comment from : Pinoyceylon

I have 1940 one penny how much it's worth
Comment from : speed30031

Sylvie Charette
I have o e 1938
Comment from : Sylvie Charette

Claire Gal
What the 1914 worth anyone first world war too
Comment from : Claire Gal

Sarjito Lim
i have penny coin 1907,1913,1944brwho want buy ,can whatsapp my no +628127781811
Comment from : Sarjito Lim

M Quezada
I have one 1936 George v 1 penny anyone know how much it’s worth in very good condition
Comment from : M Quezada

Joven Eramil
I have one penny 1918
Comment from : Joven Eramil

Yagnesh Vyas
I have one penny coins, intrested buyers can contact me on +918369659685
Comment from : Yagnesh Vyas

Emiliano Vaz
1936l have this coin to sell
Comment from : Emiliano Vaz

karua issa Nyange nyange
I have the Arabic coin, my contact what sup no +255679832155
Comment from : karua issa Nyange nyange

Cm Ort
I have, contact 0060123320445
Comment from : Cm Ort

Randy Gordon
I have a 1901 now yes
Comment from : Randy Gordon

hector fernando
I have this queen Victoria coin 1900 good condition ,pl: call Italy 3278253580
Comment from : hector fernando

Paul Fillingham
The 1933 penny is very rare as only 7 were minted They were placed in time capsules under buildings so forget trying to find one The others although looking in very good condition are not rare at all, also if they have been cleaned (which looks possible) they will have lost any value they had anyway
Comment from : Paul Fillingham

Jarryd Anderson
This is nonsense,to the guy who made this video,answer the questions where can they sell it
Comment from : Jarryd Anderson

Felex Moreno
I have that 1922 penny large where can I sell that sir/mam
Comment from : Felex Moreno

Ed Whalen
Sailen post values to help all of us out here,help sell some coins,to many bills ya know!
Comment from : Ed Whalen

I have a 1901 penny and a 1936 penny + more 💰💲💸
Comment from : SP4RK

jalale,sylhet jalale,sylhet
1939 uk coin for you
Comment from : jalale,sylhet jalale,sylhet

robin traina
I have a 1913 one
Comment from : robin traina

jeison navarrte
1935 $$
Comment from : jeison navarrte

sony fan
I have this currency of 1930 one penny
Comment from : sony fan

Mohamed Ilyas Chauhan
I have Rare UK one penny, (1) 6 coins of George V 6 (2) 2 coins Queen Elizabeth-II and (3) 4 coins of George VI Also 3 defective coins If you are interested , please let me know so I can send copies of the PENNIES I would like to know your offers for each coin Contact me on my email address [email protected] and [email protected] My what's app No is 00919537136202
Comment from : Mohamed Ilyas Chauhan

Ali Hussain
I have this coin cantact me 9990487862
Comment from : Ali Hussain

GREAT video!!!
Comment from : GERALD SUMMERS

Lucio Savio Correa
eu tenho 1911 penny LUCIo mococa sp BRASIL 019989055210
Comment from : Lucio Savio Correa

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