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Title :  How I Roll Coins Fast
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Comments How I Roll Coins Fast

Just a quick video showing the coin sorter I use and how I roll coins Let me know how you roll your coins? Do you use a sorter/roller or do you hand roll using flat rolls? If you do it by hand, are you faster than a machine? Is there a trick you use?
Comment from : RobFindsTreasure

Richard Earl Deary Jr
I use a Cassida C100 Coin Sorter Machine
Comment from : Richard Earl Deary Jr

Tom Lee
My bank will not take wrapped rolls
Comment from : Tom Lee

Comment from : arbilois

GA Silver Hunter
Hey Robyou still rolling coins or do you have an account that will let you take back bagged coins Looking into it at my local Wells Fargo, but the deal appears to be: $500 minimum monthly balance First $3000 in bagged coins is free to process then $4 per bag after that Seems easier and cheaper than hand rolling or using a machine like this one My last bank with a free coin machine is closing, so I am looking at alternatives
Comment from : GA Silver Hunter

Tricia Hardin
Will this machine use the free flat wrappers from the bank?
Comment from : Tricia Hardin

Southern Metal
The link for the coin roller doesn't work - Amazon doesn't carry that version any more
Comment from : Southern Metal

northy Land
penny's is a good way to store wealth at home, Most crooks are too lazy to steal boxes and boxes and boxes
Comment from : northy Land

Jose Perez
How Many Silver Quarter Do U Find In A $50000 Boxes?
Comment from : Jose Perez

Yasin Ali
Banks give paper rolls free
Comment from : Yasin Ali

Wolfs Westerns
sell the pennies to me, by volume
Comment from : Wolfs Westerns

Hey your Machine link is not available anymore
Comment from : Gamerkitty

Thx Man my great grandfather died recently and were in charge of cleaning up his house and he has a ton of coins so this will help I've seen the machine just not in action you've convinced me to get one really thank you
Comment from : Retro

BG Tech
My bank has a sorting machine and they let me use it for free because I’m a kid!! :)
Comment from : BG Tech

Mr Coin
My bank is the best! We have a coin mechanic that isn’t scammy it’s great!
Comment from : Mr Coin

I can buy weed!! Piggy banks save lives/
Comment from : Jenevieve

15 DurangoRT
I was just wondering how often the machine would jam?
Comment from : 15 DurangoRT

Ron Oliver
Man, just saved me a bunch of time and money saying you don't roll Pennies Only $300 per box of pennies at most Smart, thank you!
Comment from : Ron Oliver

Jeffrey Cardinale
Two years later and that machine is $132 on Amazon, lol
Comment from : Jeffrey Cardinale

Meanwhile, where I am in Australia, if I could get my hands on coin rolls I’d get them from one, then return them to Bendigo, put them through the coin counting machine and take the receipt to the desk and they deposit it straight into the bank
Comment from : FormulaFish15

Metal Bum
Hey do you have a machine that automatically rolls quarters? What would you recommend link? Something that costs under $100 that counts and rolls quarters into paper?
Comment from : Metal Bum

Glen Lynch
That how you roll, you asked???brYou did NOT sort coins, it's a SORTER that you failed to show It's NOT just a quarter counter brNow I got to find another video to SORT'S coins
Comment from : Glen Lynch

I literally have the same setup as you! I was watching this to see where you buy bull rolls lol
Comment from : ArchCraftGaming

Eh I'll stick to dumping in self serve coin machines at my local bank branches Don't think I'd be as interested if I had to hand roll them back up
Comment from : Halftime

Jack Vandergriff
I just went to the bank and they gave me hundreds
Comment from : Jack Vandergriff

Mr Allan
Do you have to pay a fee or extra cost to order coin boxes from the bank? If you do, how much is it?
Comment from : Mr Allan

Kelly Smith
I have noticed on Dimes that P mint is different thickness than D mint Same with pennies zinc and copper different thickness, does your machine account for that?
Comment from : Kelly Smith

You're an idiot, go to a bank and get the rollers
Comment from : akm960

Frogie Fish
Comment from : Frogie Fish

my luck me living in west virginia, if i get lucky enough for my bank to give me a box of change and i go to turn that box back in, they'll probably still have that box there when i come back a month later for a box of the same denomination and give me the box i already searched through, just resealed :( lol i really want to start coin hunting and collecting so bad but im so nervous to even ask my bank about the whole box of coins thing social anxiety sucks but my counselor has been telling me i need a hobby and ive always loved coins, i had old coins (some silver) id kept from about 15 years ago or so, but ive searched the house for them these past few days with no luck, but we've also been robbed several times in the past year so i think thats why i cant find them ;/
Comment from : Randeh

Grumpy Vet
I get free wrappers from US Bank and there's no charge to deposit it back into my account
Comment from : Grumpy Vet

Le Rose Williams
how did you collect $490 worth of quarters? Coin laundry or car wash owner
Comment from : Le Rose Williams

I roll as I go! It saves time!
Comment from : dpippitt2002

Thomas McLaurin
The coin machine is a must Otherwise, it's a waste of time
Comment from : Thomas McLaurin

why are you yelling
Comment from : Chloé

I got a better solution on how i roll coins Ill post a video
Comment from : Wreklessracr

Correy Adkins
If you shop on amazon you can do the amazon gift card from the coin star and no fee!
Comment from : Correy Adkins

Great video, but how do you do half dollars?
Comment from : iflyaaord

Nick Dolphin
I save tons of money from asking the bank when I pick up coins for some rolls, I also, when I get almost a my bucket that I usually will fill it’s not a very big bucket just a simple little bucket that could hold about a full box of pennies and turn in all the coins I have at once 🤷🏻‍♂️👍brbrEdit: I roll flats by hand
Comment from : Nick Dolphin

Christopher Simpson
Coin wrappers are free at most banks Although I understand wrapping the rolls is a lot of aggravation Sometimes I put my search coins in the self check out kiosk saves me on coinstar fees It does not take me that long at check out I am pretty fast
Comment from : Christopher Simpson

Do you mark the rolls so that the next person can tell that they have already been searched?
Comment from : R M

Bence 3217
Coin wrappers are free
Comment from : Bence 3217

If you go to the Coinstar machine and get an Amazon Gift Card then there’s no fee If you just want cash back then the machine charges you about 11 or 12 percent which is ridiculous! I’m always buying stuff from Amazon so that works out great for me I roll my quarters, nickels, and dimes too just like the guy in this video My pennies go to the Coinstar machine 👍
Comment from : Gearjammer

Konrad Rumph
I bought the 4 row automatic advancement and with flat wrappers I do it in about 35 minutes and I get the wrappers from the bank for free
Comment from : Konrad Rumph

Gabe Romero
18 cents per roll
Comment from : Gabe Romero

Joshua Taylor
I bought a 1 row for 3$ us was it worth it
Comment from : Joshua Taylor

Nightcore lover and Anime lover
I need this
Comment from : Nightcore lover and Anime lover

Aaron Rowe
I get the wrappers for free from my bank I use a plastic coin tube to measure a full roll quickly and I am able to wrap them by hand for free in the same amount of time as the machine!
Comment from : Aaron Rowe

Michelle Mills
Neat job! :)
Comment from : Michelle Mills

Past Expiry
In Canada, CoinStar charges us just over 11 That's right over ELEVEN PERCENT!!!!brbrbrvisit me at wwwPastExpirycom I need some traffic :(
Comment from : Past Expiry

WTC Finest
I only wrap quarters All the other loose change i add to my gas fill up Instead of just putting 3000 i ad some of my loose change to it
Comment from : WTC Finest

I roll coins up as I go It’s easier than having to go through a huge pile of money haha!
Comment from : dpippitt2002

Pratham Patel
Why do you have so much coins?
Comment from : Pratham Patel

He’s using the IMovie sample sounds! So classic
Comment from : isaacsfound

Anton Minnie
Comment from : Anton Minnie

I usually open one end of the bake roll carefully, search that roll, and then replace any I take out from it Then re roll in the original bank roll It takes more time but when it’s a hobby you enjoy it all
Comment from : Opie

Why do you roll this many coins what are you looking for just curious I have vending machine route I also like treasure!
Comment from : Motivational333

brian K
Why reroll them? I take all the loose coins back to the change machine at bank and it's free of charge as a member This looks like a pain in the ass
Comment from : brian K

Shannon Washington
I smell pennies!
Comment from : Shannon Washington

Klaud Lover
Why do u buy the coin things They're free at the bank
Comment from : Klaud Lover

David Quintero
You wanna save even more? guess what, banks give you the paper wrappers for FREE You just need to ask for it
Comment from : David Quintero

emil rivera
good advice man you inspired me
Comment from : emil rivera

Just to let you know you're paying about $055 cents a roll for the wrappers do the math buddy
Comment from : marc15668

jacob tater
Just ask for rolls at the banks and they give them to u for free
Comment from : jacob tater

Anton Hense
Where do you get all of your coins?! I’m dying to know
Comment from : Anton Hense

can you use flat wrapper too?
Comment from : CHINA TOWN

Missed Lethal
Before I bought a similar machine I just wrapped by hand and hoarded the pennies until I felt they were worth enough to dump in a coin star (They're not spendable unless they're rolled, so my options were either coinstar fee or bank fee for bringing in unrolled coins, or roll by hand which isn't even relatively worth $3 an hour, basically not worth the time) But the machine makes wrapping them significantly faster that pennies are actually worth my time, which is weird considering they're not even valuable enough to be worth minting
Comment from : Missed Lethal

I just peel up the rim on the loomis rolls and re use them it’s very easy
Comment from : Venny

Halston Robbins
Question: What do you do if the machine jams?
Comment from : Halston Robbins

Markkus Suzi
Please Rob make quater finds
Comment from : Markkus Suzi

My bank counts them at no cost gladly
Comment from : FireMelonGaming

Jim Whittaker
Rob, just open an account at a bank that has a coin machine So you can deposit your coins at no cost to you That's what i do
Comment from : Jim Whittaker

Need a dump bank with counter
Comment from : MrBallz

Benjamin Hackley
How much is that machine?
Comment from : Benjamin Hackley

Judith Youngquist
The best!!
Comment from : Judith Youngquist

Sheri-Lyn Klassen
If I buy through your link will you get any benefit from it?
Comment from : Sheri-Lyn Klassen

or you can just use the rolls they came in that is what i do, open the roll replace any that you find and put them back in the roll they came in, bam saves you even more, and im going to the bank anyway to get more coins also saw your channel from iggy cya
Comment from : Superneo123

Nice! I like that sorter!
Comment from : moosesox

svenska spelaren, kubaren
How do you roll your half's
Comment from : svenska spelaren, kubaren

Fat_Als Gaming
I thank God everyday that my bank has a coin counter and does not charge me
Comment from : Fat_Als Gaming

I was always curious about how you rolled yours with the volume of boxes you do Thanks for the video!
Comment from : ExcellentAlex432

Numismatic Picker
I just use a bank that has a coin counter You don't have to be a member either
Comment from : Numismatic Picker

Everyone always shows the unboxing and unrolling but your the first I've seen reroll haha Cool I dump everything in coinstar from pennies to half dollars Not the smartest or cheapest but only because it's the easiest cuase apparently I'm the laziest haha Thanks for showing me just how lazy I am Haha I'm kidding but not really👍 Thanks buddy and happy hunting my friend
Comment from : JESUSisCHRIST 1

You have a great system going! I'm lucky, my local credit union has a coin counting machine that is free for members to use My father is a member and he lets me use his bank card to deposit the money into his account and then withdraw the money! No rolling necessary!
Comment from : sdanbewa

I just put my quarters in $2 stacks simple and easy
Comment from : eLem3nT

Elite Gaming
I know what you should do if you get 5k at the end of may do a giveaway but if not keep it for your collection say in your next video what you think and if you want say me aswell?
Comment from : Elite Gaming

Yoooo Wanted to let you know ouside of the my friend gave me yesterday Today i bfound/b my first buffalo nickel 1928!
Comment from : DANCERcow

Armando from the Vault
I'm so lucky I look at the coin then take coins to the bank and there isn't any charge for using the coin counter
Comment from : Armando from the Vault

Kyle 218
My bank has a free of charge change counter Rob you telling me out all the banks you visit none of them have a free counter for members???
Comment from : Kyle 218

christina F
Nice set up Thanks for sharing
Comment from : christina F

Roger Dodger Coin Roll Hunter
I liked this video Thanks for the demonstration Do you find that this machine jams often? I still roll by hand Drag
Comment from : Roger Dodger Coin Roll Hunter

Nickel Nation Coins & More
Very cool that you can exchange like that You seem to have a good set up Me I still can't get any bank to order halves
Comment from : Nickel Nation Coins & More

Rob another thing is that you can open the end of a roll, then pour it in like those crimped ends ones With your method that’s about 2 cents per roll I was thinking about buying that machine but $100 some for the reviews was not good
Comment from : Cointelligence

Iggy Reserve
Nice and informative I didn’t know it was that cheap I don’t do huge volume like you so I still do it by hand but I would do the same thing as you if I was doing several boxes a week Did you see my last PM I sent you? Thank you
Comment from : Iggy Reserve

Elite Gaming
Thank for the tip rob really appreciate it
Comment from : Elite Gaming

Who lives in Arizona
Comment from : TOXIC GOD

Eli Potruch
Thanks so much for the quick tip It will come in handy for when I am rolling my coins
Comment from : Eli Potruch

Comment from : Catchablfoil

N&F random
What is your dream pennie?
Comment from : N&F random

Jeffrey Davis
Lmao! You jamming out in your car!😂 and very informative video I just get the free wrappers and count them out in increments of 10s and put them in small stacks But I should really invest in that machine!!
Comment from : Jeffrey Davis

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